Key Takeaways

  • DiSC D personality is a dominant type and such individuals like being in control.
  • DiSC D styles like to take charge, are direct in their communication, and result-oriented.
  • Some of the careers best suited for this type include Chief Executive Officer, Entrepreneur, Project Manager, and Lawyer.
  • The two variations of D personality include Di and DC styles.

A DiSC D personality is characterized by traits of dominance. People with this personality style tend to oscillate between nothing and everything. They are direct in their communication, decisive, and confident.

Moreover, they have their eyes on the end goal and work toward it relentlessly. They view challenges as an opportunity to grow.

Most importantly, they desire to be in control of things. They feel comfortable taking charge and making changes they deem necessary.

On the flip side, they come across as arrogant and aggressive. They also expect immediate results. These traits make others view them as egotistic. 

DiSC D Personality Infographic

DiSC D Personality  DiSC Profile D Personality - The Captain
DiSC D Personality – DiSC Profile D Personality – The Captain

DiSC D Personality

Traits such as competitive, assertive, strong-willed, decisive, and independent describe a DiSC D personality. They can also be demanding, impatient, and blunt. 

The type D personality is one of the four DiSC styles, according to the DISC model proposed by Dr. William Marston. This personality profile is the rarest of the four dimensions.

Individuals with this style are highly competitive and results-oriented. They tend to become impatient and expect to see immediate results.

Therefore, they are likely to move fast, engage in risky situations, and try getting things done as soon as possible.

A DiSC D personality enjoys change, novelty, and challenges. They are no-nonsense individuals who do not concern themselves with social activities. Also, they tend to come across as blunt and even aggressive. 

These individuals are strong-willed, decisive, and reliable in that they get things done. They also know how to take charge and drive projects, specifically during times of high stress.

Also, they enjoy working independently, with no guidance or supervision.

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What Is the D in DiSC Personality Test?

The D in DiSC personality represents traits of ‘Dominance.’ Individuals with high D personality traits focus on controlling their environment.

They also strive toward surpassing their competitors to accomplish their goals.

Competition, achievement, and success drive D-style personalities. They are direct, demanding, determined, action-oriented, results-driven, and enjoy challenges.

Adding to that, they value competency, execution, tangible results, and autonomy.

On the flip side, they come across as cynical and doubtful of others. They also fear coming across as vulnerable or feeling exploited.

Moreover, they go overboard with their need for achievement and this can result in win-lose situations. 

During conflicts, they confront the problem. However, they are vengeful in that they try to even the score.

Overall, they can try to improve themselves by cultivating patience and empathy.

D Personality Traits DiSC

Below is a comprehensive account of the traits that characterize this DiSC profile. Knowing this will help you gain a better understanding of this personality. 

1. DiSC D personalities are direct in their communication

Individuals with a D-style personality are direct and say exactly what they think. They state their opinions as facts.

They do not hesitate to speak what is on their mind. This trait allows them to settle conflicts effortlessly, making them outstanding problem-solvers. 

Specifically, they are unafraid to face issues. They believe that confronting a problem is better than avoiding them because the latter only leads to things getting worse.

On the flip side, their straightforwardness can come in the way of forming relationships. They are seen as aggressive, blunt, and sometimes even rude.

2. They are results-oriented 

People with this DiSC profile are highly competitive and place an emphasis on achieving results. When they feel stressed or under pressure, they have the need to get things done even more. 

Moreover, they like asking the “what” questions, such as “What is the bottom line?” or “What benefits do I receive from this?” 

They are excellent at maintaining an unwavering focus on the big picture. They are also adept at multi-tasking.

However, sometimes, they tend to bite more than they can chew. This behavior ends up hindering their career advancement.

3. They enjoy being in charge

A DiSC D personality loves working independently. They also enjoy power, authority, and taking charge of projects or situations.

They have a desire to stay in control. In fact, one of their biggest fears is losing command over their surroundings. 

A DiSC D personality is always willing to take ownership of major projects. They prefer working without any supervision.

Similarly, they enjoy when given the autonomy and power to make changes and decisions. 

4. Individuals with high D traits tend to be impatient 

High D behavior styles always want to move quickly. They expect overnight changes and immediate gratification. Therefore, they are also likely to engage in and enjoy taking risks. 

They desire challenges and novelty. So, they can become impatient and domineering because of their need to act quickly and do things their way.  

5. A DiSC D style comes across as self-absorbed

A DiSC D profile is so focused on achieving the goals that they can come across as self-absorbed. Many people view them as individuals concerned solely with their personal growth. 

They find it challenging to stay humble and this tendency makes them come across as arrogant.

Most importantly, they possess a “My way or highway” attitude. So, people may view them as insensitive and inconsiderate toward others’ feelings and concerns. 

DiSC Analysis D Personality

In addition to understanding the personality traits of a DiSC profile, it is imperative you have a detailed analysis. This in-depth understanding will help you function better as a person with high D traits.

1. Goals

The major goal of a DiSC D personality involves striving toward personal and unique accomplishments. They focus on attaining bottom-line results. So, they always have their eyes on the big picture.

Additionally, they enjoy independence and love exploring novel ideas and opportunities. They aim to achieve control over their environment.

2. Challenges

A D DiSC profile finds it challenging to exercise patience because they desire immediate gratification. They also find it difficult to take their time to explain the details of an idea or project. 

The same is true for when they need to listen to someone else. They do not allow people the time to go over their ideas thoroughly.

Further, they struggle with displaying compassion and sensitivity toward others’ emotions. 

3. Contributions

Individuals with this personality style are outstanding leaders. They mainly think about the bottom line and end results. Also, they have the ability to lead an entire group in the same direction. 

Moreover, D-style people have high regard for deadlines and make sure their team adheres to a prescribed schedule.

They are also willing to make changes to the status quo. This is more so if it means taking a step closer to the accomplishment of their goals.

4. Sources of Stress

The primary source of stress for a DiSC D type stems from paying attention to other people. Specifically, they find it taxing to concern themselves with others’ needs and concerns. 

Similarly, they cannot provide exclusive support to their teammates. They also experience frustration if they must build teamwork and cooperation between various people. 

They also experience stress when they feel like they have little control over their tasks. When people disregard or fail to appreciate their ideas, they get agitated.

Owing to their impatience, when others take too much time to work on their tasks, they get frustrated.

They are averse to structure, and predictability is needed to come across as dependable or trustworthy. So, it makes it stressful for them to build long-term trust with others.

Additionally, they dislike following up and checking in with people facing challenges. They find it stressful to take the time to understand how people feel about a major change in the organization.

Likewise, they get frustrated when their subordinates need a lot of guidance.

5. Motivations

New challenges drive a DiSC D personality profile. Establishing goals, working toward them, and witnessing the bottom-line results also motivate them. They also love hosting and participating in competitive events. 

They dislike routine, structure, and mundane tasks. So, they love changing it up between work and play. Providing a work environment that promotes this flexibility is beneficial in motivating a DiSC D type.

Further, taking sole ownership over important and large projects motivates them. They also feel energized when people appreciate their work through verbal recognition or incentives.

Feeling a sense of power and authority invigorates a high D personality type. This is particularly true for taking risks and making decisions. So, they enjoy arriving at conclusions on behalf of others. 

Along those lines, they like offering goal-focused guidance to people instead of going over details. They prefer being efficient while communicating.

So, giving precise and concise instructions motivates them over-elaborate explanations.

6. Fears

DiSC D personalities desire control of their situations. So, their greatest fear is being exploited or losing a sense of command over their surroundings.

When they feel like they are losing control, their reaction is likely to be volatile and erratic.

Moreover, they fear being seen as a vulnerable individual. They always wish to come across as a domineering, powerful person. 

7. Communication Style

DiSC D personality types are likely to dominate a conversation. Therefore, their communication style is typically unidirectional. The tone they take in most conversations is typically loud and authoritative. 

They desire efficient communication, so they tend to be blunt while conversing and avoid small talk at all costs.

A DiSC D personality’s conversation involves discussing the big picture briefly and focusing on solutions to problems. They also dislike repetition.

Further, they are not very receptive. In other words, while stating their opinions, they do so in a matter-of-fact manner. It does not allow room for discussion. 

Also, this personality style is likely to question others’ opinions and challenge them. They are inquisitive to know how a particular idea affects them.

Align those lines, they are curious to know the bottom line of things. 

8. Ideal Work Environment

A high D personality style thrives in work environments that are dynamic and challenging. They dislike routine and structure.

Therefore, they enjoy fast-paced environments that encourage them to make decisions quickly and work fast toward their goals. 

Moreover, a workplace that promotes focusing on the big picture is an ideal space for this type to work in. 

Along with this, they like working with people who are calm, thoughtful, and support their methods of getting things done.

With that said, while working with other D-styles, they must find a way to balance power and authority.

A DiSC D style will flourish in organizations that allow them to take charge. They work well when given the freedom to make decisions for themselves. They prefer working independently, with little to no supervision. 

Further, companies that offer new opportunities and scope for development are a great place to work for this DiSC style.

They also perform to their best level when provided with recognition and awards. 

9. Leadership Style

As leaders, they are commanding, determined, pioneering, and walk with their heads held high.

They are exceptionally focused and driven by results, success, and the big picture. So, they might view others as means to an end.

Their sense of authority is rooted in fear, prestige, and distance. These individuals handle crises outstandingly well because they are ready to take charge of any situation.

They are comfortable with a dynamic environment. 

DiSC Profile D Personality

Now that you know how a DiSC D personality operates in a workplace, you will get a better grip on their strengths, weaknesses, and growth areas. 


This DiSC personality is an autocratic manager. They build environments that foster growth for everyone in the team. Despite coming across as intimidating, these individuals are typically optimistic. 

During times of crisis, they do not hesitate to rise to the occasion. They take charge, provide guidance, and push the team toward their goals. 

Also, they are direct in their communication. They make firm decisions, stay focused on their aims, and witness tangible results. 

Even when there is a high workload or stress, they prove their resilience. Their performance does not dip. 

They view such situations as challenges or favorable opportunities. Because they are always on the lookout for new chances, they will push through the stress. 


The biggest weakness of a person with high D personality traits is their tendency to overstep authority. They love being in charge, but they are likely to go overboard with the same. 

Along those lines, while disagreeing, they become argumentative. They are unwilling to listen to the other person’s viewpoint.

These individuals are stubborn and try to push their opinions across without giving the other party a chance to speak.

Another problem with this style is that they refuse to carry out repetitive tasks even when necessary.

They are also likely to ignore the details of important situations. Similarly, they are unwilling to follow a structure or routine of any kind. 

Adding to that, they tend to fixate on success and achievement. So, they try to do too much at once and expect immediate results. 

Growth Areas

A DiSC D personality must work on their listening skills. People often see them as those that always speak but never lend an ear.

Therefore, this personality profile must learn to listen actively and pay attention to others’ ideas and needs.

Further, this personality must work toward group consensus instead of deciding everything on their own. While communicating, D personalities must explain the reasons for their ideas and decisions. 

Most individuals with this style seem controlling and domineering. Therefore, they need to learn ways to modify their body language so they seem more approachable.

They must take the initiative to become more warm, welcoming, and friendly.

They are also socially withdrawn because of their preoccupation with success. Working toward building healthy relationships can be a growth area.

Learning to be attentive to others’ feelings, wants, and views can be the first step. 

DiSC D Personality Type Careers

Based on everything mentioned thus far, here is a list of the best career paths for this DiSC profile.

  1. Chief Executive Officer
  2. Director 
  3. Entrepreneur
  4. Floor Supervisor 
  5. Founder
  6. Lawyer 
  7. Operations Manager
  8. Police Officer
  9. Project Manager
  10. Sports Coach

DiSC Personality Test D

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Working with DiSC D Personality

Because this DiSC profile is not as commonly found as the other ones, you are unlikely to work directly with them.

DiSC D personalities typically make up the senior levels of an organization. Here are a few tips to remember while working with this style.

1. Dos

As regards meetings, schedule one only when you deem it necessary. During such meetings, ensure that you keep it brief and concise, without any small talk or chatter.

D-styles prefer written means of communication or in-person ones. So, while emailing an individual with high D personality traits, ensure you get to the point quickly. It is best to use a formal, business-like approach. 

Keep it concise and avoid niceties like, “I hope this email finds you well.” Further, if you email a D-style frequently, try to use only the subject line for your message.

As a manager, providing feedback can get tricky. With DiSC D personalities, try to provide a straightforward, actionable one.

Place emphasis on the most important areas. Also, it is beneficial to talk about the impact of these actions on the bigger picture.

Further, D profiles desire recognition for their ideas and results. They do not concern themselves with how others view them as a person.

So, try not to draw attention to their personality and maintain your focus on their performance.

Among all DiSC profiles, this style is the easiest to delegate tasks. They simply wish to know what expectations you have regarding the outcome.

These individuals require little to no supervision, and if they need to know more, they will contact you.

Moreover, to get the best out of a D-style, provide them with authority and independence to make decisions.

They crave challenges, so delegate hard-to-crack projects and establish high expectations. At the same time, hold them accountable by using deadlines.

2. Don’ts

While working with a D personality, do not take a negative approach. Specifically, steer away from focusing on the problems, nuances, and things that did not go right.

Given that these individuals think about the end goal, they might perceive you as unfavorable. 

Further, avoid using timid verbal and nonverbal language around a DiSC D personality. Exude confidence while communicating with them.

Focus on the task at hand and refrain from trying to be sociable. 

Similarly, avoid repetition, beating around the bush, and small talk. Moreover, do not approach them with generalized statements unless you have substantial information to back your opinions. 

DiSC D Personality Variations

Everyone is a mix of the four dimensions, namely D, i, S, and C. Most individuals lean toward one or two profiles.

D DiSC types are most commonly associated with the i and C categories. Below is a summary of the two variants

1. Di Style

A Di personality is a blend of dominance and influence. So, individuals with this personal style are enthusiastic while remaining focused on results.

They are vocal about their ideas and influence people by being charming and daring. 

Traits such as inquisitiveness, restlessness, unpredictability, and rebelliousness characterize this style. They also possess an entrepreneurial mindset.

Their goals include being on the lookout for new opportunities and acting quickly.

Sometimes, they tend to be overly impatient, self-absorbed, and even manipulative. When conflicts arise, they try to address issues immediately. At the same time, they are likely to say regretful things.

As leaders, DiSC Di profiles are trailblazers, who are always looking to find new opportunities and go the extra mile. They are hustlers and aim to achieve results.

2. DC Style

DC styles are an amalgamation of dominance and conscientiousness. They are hardworking, strong-willed, and creative. DC profiles persuade others with their high standards and resolute nature.

They drive toward perfection and love taking initiative. However, they can be critical, brutally honest, overly sarcastic, and condescending. These individuals fear a failure to fulfill their high expectations.

While in conflict, they stand up for themselves. They hold their ground rather firmly and refuse to give in.

As leaders, DC styles are determined and do not refrain from holding their group accountable to high standards.

They are also unafraid to confront problems. They focus on improving established procedures and practices.

Overall, a DC style can improve themselves by being more warm and sensitive in their communication. 

Concluding Lines from ThePleasantPersonality

DiSC D personalities are a domineering and powerful group of people. They are strong-willed pioneers and are focused on achieving results.

A person with a DiSC D personality profile is ready to take charge of any situation.

They are also excellent at problem-solving because they love challenges. Moreover, they are quick at making decisions and always ready to meet their goals.

With that said, they can channel some of their attentional resources into building relationships. They can improve their listening skills and make others feel heard and seen.

Overall, they are task-oriented individuals who have a lot to contribute wherever they go!

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