DiSC D personality traits refer to those subtle qualities and attributes of the ‘dominance’ style that sets them apart from others. These traits define their innate nature, their behavior style, and their interaction with others.

People with this personality type are focused on their work. They have poor work-life balance and tend to ignore their feelings. Maybe this makes them appear less humble and considerate to others.

DiSC D Personality Traits

In DiSC D personalities, ‘D’ represents dominance. It means these individuals are determined and driven by competence, results, and success. While discussing their personality traits, it is important to discuss their overall behavior style here.

People with DiSC D style are action-oriented by nature. They believe in executing the plans and strategies in such a manner that they can fetch great results over the course of time. These individuals are fiercely talented and hardworking. They are strong-willed and determined when it comes to goal accomplishment. 

Procrastination never touches them and they’re always ready to give their best performance in a situation.  They prefer to stay competent and want concrete results. The D-style person is direct and authoritative and as such lacks empathy and consideration. Their outspoken nature makes them find faults with just anyone. They’re skeptical and question others’ abilities to a great extent.

They are commanding leaders and others may find them arrogant and brutal at times. This hampers their social quotient to a certain extent. DiSC D types are ambitious and quick decision-makers. 

They will always make a conscious effort to face challenges and try out new things. These individuals are controlling by nature, so they may not behave flexibly with others. They prefer being in charge and delegating their ideas in the best ways.

Moreover, D-style people are often misunderstood for their too-commanding nature. But they also have feelings. It’s just that they are less expressive and cannot verbalize their softer side to others. 

In case you earn their respect, you may find them extra kind and helpful as well. DiSC D types are ready to put all effort and no-nonsense into their everyday life. Believing in excellence, they strive harder each moment to deliver the best results. 

Let’s discuss in detail some of the salient traits that make them achievers in life.

Direct communication style

The D-style personality type prefers straight talk. They speak to the point and never use double meanings in their speech. They follow a direct and clear-cut communication style. Their opinions are always stated as facts and hardly call for others’ opinions. 

People with this personality type have a dominating communication style where they try to exert pressure and control over others’ speech. These individuals are also fast-paced and prefer to discuss the agenda as quickly as possible. The D style prefers to take charge in any communication.

Prompt decision maker

DiSC D personalities are quick decision-makers. They think and act upon agendas as fast as possible. Sometimes this hurried style of decision-making can even be faulty though they never admit that they could be wrong. 

They prefer to execute their plans on time without any sort of delay. Being impatient, they will call for others to act upon an idea as fast as they can; so that the bottom line is reached early. These individuals are keen to save time and increase productivity, therefore they make sure that they think quickly and act upon an idea promptly.

Enjoys being in charge

The D style in the DiSC profile is known for its controlling nature. They are dominating, bold, and prefer to take charge wherever they are. People with this type of behavior pattern are overachievers. They are driven by a passion to work hard, face challenges and execute tough plans in their daily life. 

The D style looks for new opportunities to stay ahead of others. In this way, they control others subtly and still remain in the spotlight. After all, they love power and authority as attractive aspects of themselves.

Fears being challenged for their ideas

The dominating nature of D is just a veil that covers their insecure and vulnerable ‘self’. Deep within, these individuals fear being challenged for their ideas and actions. They do not like questioning and cannot handle feedback. 

At times, they tend to take criticism too personally and may start to feel like a failure. When others try to dominate their social space, they may become rebellious and abusive. Their shadow ‘self’ of a non-compromising and inconsiderate being starts peeping from somewhere deep inside. 

People with DiSC D type are scared of losing their social image. They want to dominate the social space and in case things seem to loosen a bit, they feel uncomfortable and fearful. They will never allow others to challenge their position and social recognition.

Lacks emotional intelligence

People with DiSC D traits are emotionally cold and distant. They lack empathy and fail to understand the feelings of others. In a nutshell, their emotional intelligence is not well developed. Since they have low emotional intelligence, they behave in insensitive ways. 

They are oblivious to how others would feel in the face of their straight talk. Sometimes, they may have emotional outbursts and appear too harsh and rude.


As DiSC D people are highly competitive, they put a lot of emphasis on results and accomplishments. They focus on the big picture. These individuals are keen to see the outcome and not the process. For this, they will use excellent problem-solving strategies and innovative methods, so that nothing goes wrong while executing their plans. 

Impatient and impulsive

They lack patience and want to achieve their goals instantly. People with this personality types are quite aggressive while responding to challenges and setbacks. They make sure that things are done on time and in perfect ways so that nothing comes in between them and the success that they wish to taste in their life.

DiSC D people are impulsive as well. In their quest to accomplish goals quickly, they may decide in haste and end up in a mess. They want immediate gratification that keeps them on their toes always, making them fast-paced and impulsive in nature.


A DiSC D type is concerned about their personal growth and others may find them too self-absorbed in nature. People with this type are not interested to know how others in the team are working. They will focus on the end result and their own success stories only. 

Staying humble is a challenging task for them and they find it extremely hard to accept others’ points of view. Being self-absorbed, they put emphasis on what they think and feel to be right. Most often, they have their own ways of doing things and that may not be liked by others.


DiSC D people are highly opinionated. They are quick to judge others’ ways of thinking and action plans. They are highly critical and tend to blame others if things do not work out as per the set plan. People with this personality style are overconfident and therefore possess an inflated sense of ‘self’. 

They think highly about themselves and may see others as inferior or less competent than them. Most importantly, they will trust their preconceived ideas as the ultimate ones and adhere to what they think is right and logical.

Quick with problem-solving

DiSC D types are intelligent, smart, and prefer to find out the best solutions to problems. They see problems as challenges of life that need to be sorted out in the best possible ways. D-style people also consider these problems as new learning opportunities that can bring growth to their life.

Caught in competition

People with DiSC D personality types are caught in competition. They have a competitive mindset that always keeps them ahead of others. These individuals believe that competition is a learning tool that enables them to remain fast-paced and achieve the desired results as per their abilities and talents. 

Poor listening abilities

People with DiSC D personality style have a poor ability to listen and comprehend others’ sayings and opinions. They have the habit of multitasking while a conversation is going on; or may not give importance to what others have to say on a certain issue. 

Sometimes, they may find it mundane to listen to people who are not as competitive as they are. D-style people are arrogant and opinionated. This means they are less flexible too. This habitual tendency can hamper their professional and personal relationships to a great extent.

Inspirational Risk-takers

DiSC types with D personality styles are risk-takers and they can inspire feeble-hearted people as well. They are capable of setting exemplary action plans that can motivate other team members to put forth their best foot forward and achieve things in the finest way. 

These individuals never limit themselves to just one thing. They will stretch their arms far and wide, experiment and innovate at every point and achieve the best results in life.

They can also weigh the top during crisis moments because of their ability to take challenges as pathways for more growth and success. 

Summing Up From ‘ThePleasantPersonality’

A DiSC profile D enjoys authority and competency. They are incredibly hard-working and prefer to take charge of projects they are working on or situations they are supposed to handle. 

One of their biggest fears is failure and loss of control over situations that are important for their personal growth. When given the autonomy to delegate tasks independently, be sure to see them outshine others easily.