DiSC D personality type careers include jobs that are intense, enthusiastic, challenging, and productive. They are ambitious people and so routine, mundane jobs are a misfit for them.

As these individuals are focused and dedicated, they also operate well in start-up businesses and become accomplished entrepreneurs. Moreover, they enjoy taking risks and identifying the best steps that can take them closer to their goals.

DiSC D Personality Type Careers

DiSC style D is best suited to jobs that are challenging and innovative. They choose careers that are fast-paced and help them rise up the career ladder pretty fast. People with this work style are hardcore professionals who like leadership positions and positions of authority and power.

Their best-fit jobs are those that challenge them and help them to learn new things. These individuals are not suitable for routine desk jobs and may find these jobs boring and unproductive. They choose careers where they will remain in the position of authority and can dominate others easily.

The D style people like to see the bottom line of their projects. Therefore they choose careers that allow taking up small projects and accomplishing them hurriedly. A person who has a high D in their DiSC profile is assertive and to the point. They are good at understanding the big picture of a project and thus take up a role with a bigger vision. 

In careers where teamwork is involved, they tend to struggle a lot because of their rigid mindset. They cannot show empathy to others, so jobs like social work, and community development are not suitable for the ‘dominance’ style. Their impatient nature is annoying to others. At times, they may even forget the contribution of the team members in the decision-making process of the organization.

A D-style person chooses a career path that ensures dominance and influence. They love to oversee things from a leader’s perspective. For this reason, the best-fit careers for them are CEOs, project managers, police personnel, and Life coaches.

Some of the best-suited career options for DiSC D styles are mentioned and discussed below:

Chief Executive Officer

The CEO of a firm is responsible to ensure the smooth functioning of the organization. DiSC style D is an able administrator. They are a good fit for the CEO role because of their excellent leadership skills. These individuals can oversee the functioning of all the departments. They can motivate the tram to give their best to the organization.

The D-style person is an efficient employee. They have big visions that can be met easily because of their progressive mindset. The role of a CEO entails all the best opportunities that can be beneficial for career growth.


DiSC D-style people can choose to become an entrepreneur and run their own businesses. They can easily take risks and foresee future possibilities. This career is suitable for their commanding personality. 

As they prefer to lead others, they can hire people and make them work with proper direction and leadership.  To succeed they can collaborate with other startups and expand their business in different ways. Armed with good communication skills, style D can show their skills in marketing their products and services. In this way, they can run successful businesses in the best ways.


DiSC D types are good at negotiating and giving valuable suggestions to others. They prefer direct communication and make their opinions move across to others well. People with his work style are authoritative and can help their clients win over their opponents easily. They have the ability to plead the proceedings of the case assertively. Thereby, they can also become good defense lawyers also.

This job role can give them an opportunity to take risks and climb the professional ladder quickly. Being an attorney, DiSC D style people can explain legal issues to their clients in the best ways. 

Since they lack empathy and are quite straightforward types, style D can develop strategies on behalf of their clients and can drag the opponents easily. These individuals can become successful lawyers and stay ahead of others in their professional arena. 

Police Officer

The job role of a police officer fits well with the work style of a DiSC D personality. As they are aggressive and forceful they can delegate the role of a police officer confidently. Moreover, they’re highly dutiful and believe in taking action and facing challenges in life. 

All these qualities are must-haves as far as the job role of a police officer is concerned. The D-style person is also responsible for maintaining stability in workplaces. Thus, the role fits with their nature.

Stock Market Executive

In this role, D-style people can show their knowledge and expertise and can work closely with clients to ensure profits. Their risk-taking ability can help firms get through tough situations easily. 

They can use market knowledge to maximize profits for the clients. Most importantly, people with style D can analyze the big picture easily. They have a good idea of stocks and their future growth trends. All these qualities can help them succeed in the job role of a stock market executive.

Sports Manager

DiSC D-style people are highly competitive and they are known as the winners. They can easily fit themselves with the competitive and aggressive spirit that entails the job description of a sports manager. 

Since they have good leadership abilities they can easily manage sports teams, and players and help them grow in their respective careers. They can lead others, develop budgets, talk to stakeholders, and even do many supervisory tasks in the team that are necessary.

They will oversee that the training schedules are done properly, and the sports coach and team players zeal with each other well. As D-style people are enthusiastic and believe in action, they can outshine others in this job role.


Being in this job role, D-style people will be able to showcase their leadership and management abilities. They will be able to give direction to their teammates and see that the job is done perfectly. 

They are responsible for the timely finishing of deals and projects. D-style people are highly committed and they can ensure team participation in the finest ways. In this job role, they can earn recognition for being an important person in the organization. They can help team members set SMART goals and deliver the best results. 

Sales Executive

DiSC D people have excellent communication styles. They can choose to become sales executives and help companies have the best deals.

Armed with dedication and passion to achieve much more, they can help the organization make huge profits. They are good negotiators as well; thus they can always speak well with customers and improve the company’s annual sales. 

Political leaders

This is a good career opportunity for them because they are excellent public speakers. Their oratory skills are persuasive and they can put their message clearly in front of others. Moreover, DiSC D types are outgoing and outspoken. They have the ability to influence the masses through their cunning words and persuasion tactics.

Some of the other lucrative careers for them are:

  • Motivational speakers
  • Life coach
  • Career guidance expert
  • Private investigator
  • Military officer
  • Firefighters

Careers to Avoid

 Some of the careers that DiSC D personalities should consciously avoid are as follows:

  • Assistants
  • Technicians
  • Receptionists
  • Social worker
  • Counselors
  • Teacher
  • Child care executives
  • Nurse
  • Community workers
  • Office clerk
  • Architects
  • Construction Engineers
  • Banking professional

Summing Up from ‘ThePleasantPersonality’

DiSC D’s strengths lie in its assertive and ambitious nature. Therefore they choose careers that are fast-paced, challenging, and can give them their desired success.

People with this personality style are tireless workers, so their careers should give them the opportunity to learn something new every day. Otherwise, they may feel stuck and may not excel in the job they are working in.