A DiSC iS personality has high levels of influential and steady personality traits, according to the DiSC theory.

This DiSC behavioral type is accepting, collaborative, team-spirited, warm, patient, and cheerful. With that said, they fear disapproval and are averse to conflict.

Their goal revolves around building and maintaining close relationships. Therefore, they are well-liked and make excellent teammates.

Read on to learn about DiSC iS personality as regards their traits, best career paths, and much more!

DiSC iS Personality Infographic

DiSC iS Personality | DiSC iS Personality Assessment - The Harmonizer
DiSC iS Personality – DiSC iS Personality Assessment – The Harmonizer

DiSC iS Personality

The DiSC iS personality is characterized by traits of warmth, sociability, confidence, friendliness, and empathy. They are always ready to help others.

A DiSC iS personality type is a combination of i (influence) and S (steadiness) traits. People with this personality profile are commonly known as ‘the Harmonizer.’

These individuals are inclined toward people-related matters. They are warm, friendly, and empathetic. So, they are always willing to listen to people’s needs and concerns. 

In social settings, their influential and steady behavior styles enable them to adapt quickly to various situations. For instance, they can be outgoing and persuasive.

At the same time, they can quickly take on a more receptive role whenever necessary. 

During conflicts, they tend to seek emotional support and mull over broken relationships. Because of their people-oriented nature, sometimes they go to unusual lengths to please others.

An iS type can increase effectiveness by confronting their problems head-on. Also, they can work on acknowledging other people’s flaws. They always look at people through an optimistic lens.

This trait can delude their reality, causing them to feel exploited, eventually.

What is a DiSC iS Profile?

By now, you must have an overview of what this personality profile is like. Following is a list of personality traits that characterize a DiSC iS a personality.

1. A DiSC iS personality is excellent at relating to people

Firstly, iS personalities are among the most approachable, welcoming, and friendly ones can encounter at work. They are empathetic and always approach issues from an emotional standpoint.

They are gregarious people, so they adapt well to social settings. An iS personality type feels comfortable even around strangers. In general, they place significant emphasis on building personal relationships.

They tend to emanate persuasive and charismatic energy. However, their trait of steadiness enables them to be more open and relaxed whenever necessary.

They quickly become less actively involved and more passively receptive to others’ emotions and ideas.

Sometimes, this trait has repercussions. While staying focused on establishing relationships, they run the chance of avoiding important tasks. 

2. They help people improve themselves 

An iS personality outshines other DiSC personalities in motivating others to become better. They encourage them to step out of their comfort zones. Even when people get nervous, they are the first to offer verbal affirmations. 

Moreover, they spread positive and welcoming energy wherever they go. In group settings, their use of casual, affable language makes them very approachable.

This congeniality urges people to listen to an iS type and aids in their personality growth. 

Also, even while providing feedback, they do so with a touch of optimism. They never criticize people. Instead, they adopt a compassionate approach.

Therefore, people truly consider what they have to say and even act on their suggestions.

3. They are intuitive

On most occasions, an iS type sticks to their intuitive feelings. Sometimes, this tendency can backfire.

Specifically, where adequate structure and planning are required, following their gut feelings can be counterintuitive. 

It is important for people to be realistic, particularly in professional settings. While evaluating problems, iS types can overestimate the success. Therefore, they fail to assess issues pragmatically.

4. They can be people pleasers

This DiSC profile can struggle with drawing the line between helping people and pleasing them.

Sometimes, when they need to assert themselves, they cannot do so. They do so because of fear of disapproval or embarrassment.

When people resist or argue with them, they end up trying to appease them. Therefore, they need to learn to communicate more effectively. 

They also lose objectivity owing to becoming too involved with others. This trait also hinders effective problem-solving.

Their emotional, personal, and people-pleasing approach makes them incapable of assessing the situation rationally. 

What is DiSC iS Personality Assessment?

If you would like to know which, you can do so by taking a DiSC assessment. There are various free DiSC assessments available online.

However, Everything DiSC is a registered trademark of John Wiley & Sons and is an authentic assessment tool.

This DiSC personality test will reveal your profile based on the DiSC model. This model was created by psychologist William Moulton Marston

iS DiSC Personality Test

Based on the DiSC personality test, there are specific strengths and weaknesses of a DiSC iS personality.


  1. They are strong communicators
  2. They understand people well
  3. An iS personality is empathetic and supportive
  4. They adapt to new settings easily
  5. iS personality profiles are generous with verbal encouragement
  6. They are open and receptive to people and experiences
  7. iS types are outgoing and approachable
  8. They are confident


  1. This DiSC personality style finds it challenging to address stressful or uncomfortable situations
  2. They struggle with giving people space
  3. Sometimes, they cannot maintain objectivity while solving problems
  4. An iS type finds it difficult to voice out their opinions for fear of conflict
  5. They struggle with setting and staying focused on long-term goals
  6. iS styles cannot direct or give orders to people 
  7. They tend to avoid confrontation and antagonism 
  8. A DiSC iS personality has a people-pleasing attitude 

Best Careers for DiSC iS Personality

Following is a list of the best career paths for a DiSC iS personality.

  1. Career Advisor
  2. Client Services Director
  3. Community Organizer
  4. Customer Support Representative
  5. Director of Partnerships
  6. Financial Advisor
  7. Guidance Counselor
  8. Mediator
  9. Sales Executive
  10. Social Worker
  11. Teacher
  12. Trainer 

DiSC iS Personality at Work

In this section, you will gain insights into the preferences of an iS personality profile.

1. Nature of Work

An iS type thrives in work environments that allow the establishment of personal connections. They find building long-term and meaningful relationships deeply satisfying.

So, workplaces that encourage collaboration and teamwork suit them very well.

They love working on tasks that involve closely working with people to brainstorm concepts and ideas.

The work atmosphere must welcome and promote competitive work. They dislike working in spaces that encourage competition.

Further, they are best suited for roles that involve socializing elements. They will flourish in jobs that require frequent interactions with large groups. 

2. Nature of Co-workers

iS DiSC personality types get along great with people who are emotionally vested in building relationships. 

They also like it when their team members approach issues with a positive attitude. Additionally, they enjoy working with individuals who are open to novel ideas.

They make excellent teammates for those who are socially withdrawn. Specifically, iS types help such people understand the importance of connecting with people. They also show meticulous and diligent people the benefits of pursuing novel ideas.

On the flip side, they may find it challenging to establish professional connections due to some tendencies.

For instance, they may hit a roadblock because of their struggles with assertiveness. This scenario is particularly true when carrying out the work of leaders.

Moreover, iS types tend to dislike working alone. Therefore, they may try to distract or overwhelm peers who enjoy working independently.

This behavior will tick them off. Also, while working with other i-styles, they must know how to stay focused on the task at hand. 

Additionally, they may face interpersonal problems because of their fear of conflict. They feel afraid that they may stir up disagreements.

So, they tend to avoid addressing major problems that need immediate attention. However, overlooking it becomes counterintuitive.  

3. Sources of Stress

The primary source of stress for an iS type is when they need to adopt a formal communication style. While talking to people, even in professional settings, they prefer to take a casual route. 

So, expecting iS personality styles to converse in a reserved manner irritates them. Moreover, their tendency to say “yes” to everything leaves them in a pickle.

They end up biting more than they can chew. It can also lead to a subpar performance in all projects.

As noted earlier, they strongly dislike structure. Therefore, they experience stress when they are required to monitor deadlines and follow stringent procedures. Similarly, they also find it frustrating to direct others to go by strict rules. 

Additionally, providing feedback in a critical sense stresses them out. They would rather approach such situations gently and not correct them to show them how it is done.

In other words, they believe compassion is the best way to help people improve and prosper.

Moreover, process-oriented work is an important source of stress. They dislike researching ways to improve the efficiency of processes. The same goes for navigating complicated systems, supervising, and assessing progress. 

Further, it frustrates them when their co-workers do not take the time to get to know them. They also get stressed out when their subordinates cause unnecessary conflict.  

4. Incentives

This DiSC type gets energized by tasks that require collaboration. Similarly, they love taking part in brainstorming sessions and group meetings. 

When it comes to disagreements, they prefer productive conflict. They tend to use diplomacy while resolving issues. Also, their approachability and natural openness enable problem-solving to take place smoothly. 

Along those lines, their empathetic nature makes them enjoy situations that involve the emotions of people. For instance, they ensure they are available to tend to the needs and concerns of others.

Similarly, they constantly check on people to make sure they are on the same page while working in groups. They also enjoy guiding people through challenging situations.

Also, talking about how a managerial decision will affect employees motivates them. 

Besides these motivators, learning from experienced individuals in the field, including colleagues, invigorates them.

Closing Thoughts from ThePleasantPersonality

A DiSC iS personality is a people-oriented profile. They are strong communicators and excellent at supportive, empathetic, and sociable roles.

An iS type is well-rounded in that they can adjust to situations rather easily.

However, they have trouble asserting themselves when required. They also fear conflict and disapproval. Therefore, they must improve their communication skills. 

Similarly, they can work on their time management skills, establish boundaries, and make fewer commitments. Doing these will allow an iS type to function more optimally and thrive wherever they go!

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