A DiSC personality iD style is sociable, creative, optimistic, and charming. They are emotionally outspoken and have an approachable atmosphere surrounding them. These traits immediately draw people toward them.

At the same time, they struggle with structure and dislike tasks that involve detailed analyses. They also have a strong inclination toward adventure.

Therefore, they are likely to engage in risk-taking behaviors. 

If you would like to learn about DiSC iD type in detail, you are at the right place. So, keep reading!

DiSC Personality iD Infographic

DiSC Personality iD - DiSC Assessment iD Personality - The Optimist
DiSC Personality iD – DiSC Assessment iD Personality – The Optimist

DiSC Personality iD

This personality profile is outgoing, confident, approachable, and persuasive. On the other hand, they dislike structure and can have unrealistic expectations. 

Based on the DiSC model, an iD personality is known as the ‘Optimist,’ this profile is a combination of influential (i) and dominance (D) traits. They are optimistic, inspiring, and focused on their goals. 

Because of their traits of dominance, they are confident individuals. At the same time, their influential nature allows them to stay warm and approachable.

Further, they are creative and action-oriented. Their excellent communication skills make them highly persuasive. 

On the other hand, they tend to not follow a structure and can even change directions often. Moreover, they push the boundaries of their optimism to a point where they turn unrealistic.  

DiSC Assessment iD Personality

Here are a few personality traits that characterize a DiSC personality iD type. 

1. DiSC personality iD types are a team player

An iD personality is team-spirited and ensures to include everyone. Even while carrying out the work of leaders, iD styles involve all the members while making decisions.

They enjoy conducting brainstorming sessions and group discussions. 

Additionally, they bring about positivity and a touch of adventure to team activities. Further, they uplift and motivate people through the use of encouraging words. 

At the same time, they might end up creating an atmosphere that is too unstructured. They fail to realize that some people require a methodical system to thrive.

For such people, offering as much flexibility as an iD personality does can be counterproductive. 

2. iD personalities are people-oriented

Considering the previous trait, it is no surprise that an iD personality is people-oriented. They focus on building relationships. They place a high level of emphasis on establishing personal connections.

However, sometimes they struggle with drawing boundaries. For instance, in the process of gaining approval, they may choose to hold back on a valid argument.

Additionally, they do not realize how to limit the amount of time they spend on their interactions.

Therefore, this trait can be advantageous in terms of building a solid professional network. On the other hand, it can hinder their growth unless they learn to prioritize their work appropriately.

To improve their interpersonal skills, Agile EQ is a good place to start,

3. They are creative

A DiSC personality iD type is a creative thinker. While solving problems, they tend to trust their intuition and have an excellent ability to improvise.

Moreover, they challenge themselves to come up with novel solutions while working with difficult issues.  

Their innovative and sharp mind also enables them to look for growth opportunities rather swiftly.

With that said, they may end up biting way more than they can chew. Such behavior leads to underperformance, which can hinder their professional growth. 

This trait can also turn problematic when they start losing focus. In other words, they can get carried away with their need for novelty and innovation.

During this process, they may start losing sight of the actual task at hand.

4. They hate structure

An iD personality despises structure of any kind. They stay away from predictable routines. They are continually on the lookout for novel and exciting challenges. 

Therefore, it is no surprise that they tend to be risk-takers. Going in search of touch-and-go situations can be exhilarating in the short run.

However, when this personality profile fails to see the big picture, problems may arise. 

Best Careers for DiSC Personality iD

By now, you have a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of this DiSC profile. Here is a list of some of the best careers for an iD personality.

  1. Chief Marketing Officer
  2. Entrepreneur
  3. Founder
  4. Director of Talent Acquisition
  5. Marketing Director
  6. Marketing Manager
  7. Public Relations Director
  8. Public Relations Manager
  9. Recruiter 
  10. Sales Representative 

DiSC Style iD at Work

Having developed an idea of this personality profile, the following is a list of their preferences as regards their workplace. 

1. Nature of Work

This DiSC personality type prospers in work environments that allow them to use their social skills. They love meeting new people regularly. So, iD personalities thrive in workplaces that encourage and facilitate the same. 

Further, they prefer workplaces that allow flexibility. As noted earlier, they strongly oppose structure. So, an environment that fosters creativity will bring out their best performance.

2. Nature of Co-workers 

This DiSC profile gets along excellently well with people who lend an ear to their ideas. They like people who consider and value their opinions.

Additionally, they enjoy working with individuals who take the time to get to know them and build relationships. 

Members who are meticulous and reserved greatly benefit from working with iD types. iD personalities urge such individuals to think out of the box. They also encourage them to come up with novel solutions to problems.

However, while working with other i-styles, they must exercise caution. Specifically, they must hold each other responsible for maintaining tangible progress.

3. Sources of Stress

Firstly, an iD personality despises following routines and planned procedures. They dislike a structure of any kind. They also refrain from communicating through written means as it agitates them.

Further, unlike CS types, they experience frustration when assigned tasks that involve factual thinking. This is also true for considering every aspect of a major decision.

Similarly, assignments that entail thinking through various factors before making a decision stress them out.

Adding to that, they loathe analyzing and sustaining high-quality results. Spending too much time finding out the exact cause of an issue also frustrates them. 

4. Incentives

One strong motivator for an iD type involves tasks that require searching for new opportunities.

This activity incentivizes them further if not much guidance is involved. Also, exploring various ideas at the same time interests them. 

Tasks that energize them entail thinking quickly and discovering things. At the same time, they love delegating activities that require analytical thinking. 

Therefore, any novel, exploratory, intellectually stimulating, and curiosity-piquing activities intrigue iD personality types. Meanwhile, structured tasks do not motivate them.

Moreover, a sociable activity of any kind is a powerful motivator. Frequent interactions with a huge, inclusive crowd get them pumped up.

So do building new relationships. Adding to that, negotiating, brainstorming, and group meetings are also strong sources of incentives.

Similarly, they love offering verbal affirmations. Along with encouraging words, they enjoy sharing and listening to stories. 

DiSC Personality Test iD

To know if you are an iD type, you can do so by taking a DiSC test. Everything DiSC is an authentic DiSC assessment that will help you determine your personality profile. DiSC and Everything DiSC are registered trademarks of John Wiley & Sons.

A Final Word from ThePleasantPersonality

An iD type is primarily characterized by optimism. They are warm and welcoming individuals, who make excellent teammates.

Their creativity allows them to accomplish so much on an innovative and problem-solving front. 

However, their tendency to people-please and take on too much at once can obstruct their professional development. Therefore, iD personality styles need to learn a few things to flourish at their workplace!

Firstly, they must hold themselves accountable to a schedule while interacting with people. Secondly, they must try to take into account others’ ideas.

Thirdly, they can make an effort to become more realistic. Finally, they can try following a more structured routine.

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