A DiSC personality Di type is driven by enthusiasm and taking initiative, according to the DiSC model. They are focused on career and personality growth.

So, they are action-oriented, sociable, creative, inquisitive, and possess adequate leadership qualities. 

However, they have no inclination toward details and analyses. They are also averse to structure and slow-paced environments.

Sometimes, their dominant personality can make them come across as self-absorbed and focused only on personal development. 

If this personality profile intrigues you, continue reading to find out everything about them!

DiSC Personality Di Infographic

DiSC Personality Di - Di DiSC Assessment Personality - The Initiator
DiSC Personality Di – Di DiSC Assessment Personality – The Initiator

DiSC Personality Di Profile

Traits of enthusiasm, quick thinking, and excellence characterize the Di DiSC personality or the ‘Initiator’. They are also results-oriented and focused on taking action.

Based on the DiSC model, the DiSC personality Di type is a combination of D (dominance) and i (influence) traits. Psychologist William Moulton Marston postulated this model in his book The Emotions of Normal People.

The DiSC personality type is assertive, persuasive, and action-oriented. This behavioral style is also enthusiastic and loves taking initiative. Therefore, they are also known as the ‘Initiator.’ 

Owing to their traits of dominance and influence, they are inquisitive, driven, and charismatic, with an entrepreneurial mindset. They also enjoy having a sense of independence or power.

However, they fear losing their autonomy or authority. Therefore, they are likely to channel their energy toward influencing others.

There is also a chance that they turn impatient, exploitative, intimidating, and even defiant. 

Further, their sources of motivation include challenges, novel projects, and risky situations. On the other hand, they dislike structure and monotonous activities. 

Di DiSC Assessment Personality

A certain set of characteristics characterizes this DiSC profile. Here is a detailed account of these personality traits. 

1. DiSC personality Di type has good decision-making skills

This personality profile has exceptional decision-making skills. They are quick on their feet and assertive whenever necessary. 

Also, they are firm in their decisions in that they are unlikely to change their mind after deciding on something.

Even when faced with limited information, they are quick to take action. Further, this type addresses issues as and when they arise.

However, sometimes their tendency to act fast can create problems. Specifically, they may end up rushing the tasks.

In the process, they also push others to speed through the projects, when clearly these individuals need more time. 

Therefore, they end up carrying out activities with a sense of urgency. This behavior puts too much unnecessary pressure on others. 

2. They are excellent motivators

As a leader, a Di personality is adept at providing verbal affirmations and encouragement. They motivate others to push harder, do more, and be better. 

Also, they constantly enthusiastically emphasize the big picture. Doing so fosters a sense of direction in every teammate. 

Further, when interpersonal issues arise, they insist on working through them. This trait makes them approachable and desirable people to work with. It also reflects their problem-solving abilities.

On the flip side, when they use humor as a means of motivation, it can backfire. Their sarcastic comments are not well-received by some. So, they run the risk of creating interpersonal issues. 

3. They enjoy having a sense of authority

A Di personality profile enjoys power and control over their projects. They desire responsibility, independence, and authority more than tangible results.

As leaders, they are effective at delegating responsibility to elaborate tasks.

At the same time, they are likely to over-delegate the duty to follow through on details. If people question their authority or try to restrict their autonomy, they react aggressively. 

Given their proclivity to pay attention to detail, it can become challenging for their direct reports.

They expect their teammates and subordinates to be as detail-oriented as them. This high standard can make people doubt their leadership qualities. 

Moreover, their enthusiasm to take responsibility can end up in a chaotic mess. It often leads to the pursuit of too many opportunities at the same time.

This tendency causes underperformance or subpar results, which can thwart their progress at work.  

4. A DiSC Di personality dislikes structure

A Di profile dislikes structure, including following strict rules and procedures. They prefer thinking on their feet and going with the flow. 

Sometimes, this trait can obstruct them from producing high-quality results. For instance, they might not provide an adequate structure for individuals who need such a level of organization.

Consequently, they will end up performing less optimally. 

DiSC Di Personality Type Careers

Considering the personality traits of this DiSC type, here is a list of career paths in which they are likely to flourish. 

  1. Account Executive
  2. Business Executive
  3. Chief Executive Officer
  4. Director of Talent Acquisition
  5. Entrepreneur
  6. Founder
  7. Journalist
  8. Marketing Director
  9. Marketing Manager
  10. Product Manager
  11. Public Speaker
  12. Recruiter
  13. Sales Director
  14. Sales Representative

DiSC Personality Di Test

If you would like to know whether you are a Di type, you need to take a DiSC personality test.

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DiSC Di Personality at Work

In this section, you will gain insights into the workplace preferences of a DiSC personality Di type.

You will understand their likes and dislikes as regards the tasks assigned, their co-workers. Also, you will get to know what stresses them and what motivates them.

1. Nature of Work

Work environments that encourage the production of immediate results suit a Di personality type very well. They flourish in places where making tangible progress is given plenty of importance. 

Because a Di style personality is leadership-oriented, they enjoy directing and supervising others.

They feel energized when they are assigned tasks that involve taking charge. Because a Di type is focused on their career, they are willing to undertake any task to be successful.

Their drive for achievement enables them to perform any task that others find stressful.

Given their ability to think on their feet, they can adapt to situations effortlessly. Therefore, they perform exceptionally well in job positions that fast-paced environments.

They are continually looking for opportunities that will aid in career advancement. So, a competitive work atmosphere suits them well.

Their satisfaction increases when assigned control and authority over their tasks and responsibilities.

2. Nature of Co-workers

A Di personality profile works well with open-minded people. They appreciate novel thinking. So, they enjoy working with people who complement this trait. 

Additionally, they love it when their teammates are honest and communicate openly. If they have a different opinion or idea, a Di style will encourage them to open up.

This personality expects truthfulness even if it leads to an uncomfortable situation.

Further, Di personalities get along well with people who do not doubt their authority. They like co-workers who allow them to take charge of a task or project. 

Working with this personality profile is advantageous for individuals who are structured and detail-oriented. Di profiles will push such people to think fast and outside of the box while making decisions.

On the other hand, they may hit roadblocks in professional relationships because of certain tendencies. 

For instance, a DiSC type Di is likely to disregard rules and procedures. Similarly, in their attempt to be logical and objective, they may make a decision that negatively affects a colleague. 

Also, they may fail to take into account the other party’s emotions while providing feedback. Undoubtedly, these traits can create interpersonal problems. 

Finally, suppose a Di personality is required to work with other D-styles. Then, they must discuss ways to avoid power struggles.

They must develop strategies to maintain balance and harmony while working together.

3. Sources of Stress

The primary source of stress for a Di personality stems from structured environments. They dislike doing jobs that come with consistency and predictability. They experience stress when their subordinates require patience and consistent supervision.

Also, they are likely to feel annoyed when their supervisor expects them to follow stringent procedures.

Similarly, requesting them to promote team spirit and cooperation among their subordinates frustrates them.

Because of their love for fast-paced work, they dislike being assigned tasks that require taking time. For instance, they feel stressed out when asked to build trust and relationships with clients slowly. 

Further, they experience agitation when asked to deal with emotions. Specifically, they dislike checking in on people’s feelings regarding an important organizational decision.

Moreover, activities that entail analysis irritate them. Asking them to provide an elaborate report with detailed analyses causes distress.

Likewise, they also dislike analyzing every aspect of a major decision. 

4. Incentives

Recognition and success primarily motivated diSC personality Di types. Such a need for accomplishment is not only applicable to their professional lives but also their personal ones. 

Moreover, stagnation frustrates them. So, they feel energized by challenging tasks and situations.

They achieve maximum satisfaction from setting ambitious goals. After doing so, they work steadily toward achieving these objectives.

Another similar source of motivation involves taking risks. With that said, they are calculative and do not take unnecessary chances.

Whenever presented with an opportunity to engage in something bordering on dangerous, they grab it with both hands.

Further, they feel driven by tasks that require them to motivate others. Their ability to assert themselves and persuade others enables them to make people work harder.

Any task that involves leading a group is right up their alley. 

Along those lines, they enjoy activities that involve creating new connections. Their traits of influence are utilized during social situations where they have to win people over.

Similarly, they love presenting novel ideas to a large gathering.  

Their dislike for analysis can be used as a motivator. In other words, when assigned the responsibility for delegating data-oriented work to others, they are easily enthused. 

Because of their love for intellectual stimulation, they feel invigorated by enthusiastic debates with their colleagues. 

Concluding Thoughts from ThePleasantPersonality

A DiSC personality Di type is an enthusiastic initiator with impressive leadership qualities.

Nevertheless, as with other personalities, this type has scope for improvement. Here are a few things this profile can do to perform better in their professional and personal lives. 

First, they must learn to be more patient while listening to others’ ideas. Second, they should refrain from rushing others to complete projects or over-delegating responsibilities. 

Finally, incorporating some predictability into their routine can be beneficial while building professional relationships.

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