DiSC Profile D Personality is a person who is decisive and prefers to be in control under all circumstances. They are straightforward communicators and never shy away from taking risks that can lead to personal growth.

These individuals are hardcore professionals and tend to give more importance to professionalism than personal feelings. Most DiSC D people take charge easily and excel in their careers because of their excellent leadership qualities.

DiSC Profile D Personality – Type Description

People with DiSC profile D are confident and assertive. They are result-oriented types and put effort and hard work into whatever they choose to do in life.

A DiSC D Personality type is a person of dominance and decisiveness. They will either have all or nothing in their professional life. Their nature inclined more towards taking action instead of only thinking and talking about ideas. A person with DiSC D traits will always have an end goal in mind. They will never sit back unless their goal is accomplished in the best ways.

These individuals are relentless action-takers and never compromise on dedication and hard work. If you are a DiSC D type, you’ll always strive for excellence. You will always have leadership qualities that can guide others in the team to put their best foot forward while working together towards a goal.

People with a DiSC D profile take challenges in their stride. They are fearless risk-takers and consider challenges as opportunities for innovation and personal growth. They also desire to control others and the situation in general. Taking a leadership role is a key trait that these individuals possess.

Sometimes they may appear emotionally distant and aggressive, arrogant and heartless to others in their personal and professional life. DiSC D types are also able communicators. They hate small talk and prefer to remain straightforward and direct in their sayings and advice. 

People with a DiSC D profile never take a submissive role in an organization. They are dominant and upfront in whatever they think, feel, and act upon in their daily life.

As they are highly competitive and strong-willed, they never stay behind others. They will write success stories that others talk about and look at with awe and surprise. In their urge to achieve things in life, they may tend to become impatient at times. They want immediate results and never like to experience delays in decision-making.

DiSC D profile people are known for their prompt decision making, risk-taking behaviors. They would love to move very fast in their life, and restraints delays. They cannot wait for things to happen instead create things happening as per their preferences, choices, and timeline.

How to Identify DiSC D people?

They love new experiences and change and feel bored if asked to do the same things over and over again. New challenges and innovations are their first love and they never shy away from taking risks that others may not even think of.

DiSC D people are known for their result-oriented mindset. The D style prefers to work independently and can single-handedly drive projects. These individuals are intelligent and vibrant. They know the art of making things happen. Therefore, success also comes easily to them.

They will surely surpass their competitors in all walks of life. Being a dominant type, they will overpower others easily and lead wherever they go. Type Ds in DISC profiles are known for their demanding nature and high levels of work competency. They want to know the bottom line before starting a project. This means they have clarity about why and how they will bring success into their lives.

Sometimes, they tend to doubt others’ abilities because they think they know the best. In this way, DiSC D personality types may not have very healthy and humble relationships in their workplaces. Their need for achievement is so high that they can hurt others also in their journey to success and excellence.

They cannot understand subtle human emotions and deal with things in a direct, affectless way. They may go overboard when it comes to achieving results in the right ways that others consider them brutal, arrogant, and absolutely heartless.

The D type fears losing control and thereby strives for all possible ways to be in the lead. They wish not to give up and fail and prefer to remain bold and brave always. Summing Up, they are guided by traits of dominance, autonomy, and success. 

DiSC Type D – Their Key Attributes

The behavior style of these individuals is guided by certain personality traits and attributes. Some of the key attributes Of DiSC D people are highlighted here – 

  • Independent and autonomous
  • Competitive
  • Result-oriented
  • Assertive
  • High in confidence
  • Lack of humility and gratitude
  • Aggressive and demanding
  • Never compromises
  • Accepts change but in their own sweet ways
  • Excellent multi-tasking abilities
  • Impatient and controlling
  • Never gives space to others
  • Direct communicators
  • Has excellent risk-taking abilities
  • Ardent leaders
  • Strong-willed
  •  Bold and courageous

What Does DiSC Profile Ds Hate?

Just like any other personality types described in other personality models such as the 16 personality types and the Enneagram model, DiSC types also have their own preferences and dislikes.

There are certain finer things in life that DiSC Ds hate. Some of them are discussed in the pointers below:

  1. They hate lazy people
  2. Dislikes being told what to do
  3. Hates being turned down for their ideas and opinions
  4. They hate those who do not mean what they say
  5. DiSC D people hate sloppy people who lack ambition in life
  6. They hate if someone else tries to take away their efforts
  7. Hates being taken away from control of the situation
  8. They dislike ideas not turned into actions
  9. They never like to stay behind the scenes
  10. DiSC D people are not the ones to accept setbacks and failures easily
  11.  They cannot relate to those who never pick up their pace in life
  12. DiSC Ds cannot stand dishonesty, incompetence, and inefficiency
  13. Gets irritated and impatient in delayed circumstances
  14. Hates overbearing people as they cannot tolerate dominance upon themselves
  15. They hate people who are not direct in their sayings and actions
  16. Hates when their authority is challenged even in subtle ways
  17. They hate mundane tasks that lack risks and challenges

Shadow Side of DISC D

People who are high in DiSC ‘D’ are dominated by autonomy, confidence, and controlling traits. They are action-oriented and are driven by doing things in the best possible way. 

As such they appear arrogant, haughty, and heartless to many. They lack emotional intelligence and appear upfront and less caring. In reality, they also possess subtle emotions that others fail to recognize because of their too straightforward and dominating demeanor.

Some of their shadow traits include:

  • Impatient
  • Emotionally blunt
  • Distant socially
  • Appears rude
  • Cut-throat in their sayings
  • Lacks empathy
  • Compassion is low-end
  • Tends to force decisions on others
  • Prefers to see the big picture and never shows interest in details
  • Wants results and never compromises the success
  • Less persuasive and more authoritarian toward others
  • Prompt decisions even if it appears incorrect at the moment
  • To-the-point discussions and no turnarounds
  • Insensitive to the needs of others
  • Never leave room for mistakes and a second chance

Learning Style of DiSC Profile D Personality

Understanding the learning style of DiSC D personalities will enable us to understand the subtle behavioral ways of these dominant and powerful individuals. It will help us to know how they interact and communicate with the outside world. 

Moreover, learning is a continuous process, so knowing the learning style is all the more important in identifying how they can gather, assimilate, and use the different knowledge in their day-to-day life.

DiSC Profile D personalities learn better if the learning environment is competitive and energetic.

  • They prefer to learn challenging things that can test their intelligence and problem-solving abilities
  • Type Ds are logical-minded. So they excel in subjects where reasoning and analogy are present such as mathematics, physics
  • They learn well in competition and crisis
  • People with DiSC style D personality types follow an assertive communication style and they lead able teams.
  • They learn one-to-one in a better way than in groups
  • Their autonomous nature can downplay their team-building abilities while learning anything new
  • They learn  concrete and tangible things that have a purpose and relevance in today’s world
  • DiSC D personalities learn well in structured setups where rules are in place and what is expected of them is thoroughly streamlined.
  • They learn well when they are given the opportunity to experiment and innovate novel things
  • Monotony sets them in blue and they cannot learn the same thing all over again. Therefore, review and revision in learning are not for this type
  • As the d type lacks patience, they prefer fast-paced learning
  • They hate to spend too much time thinking and brainstorming unimportant stuff as they fear being lost in the maze
  • They may also challenge their trainer and teachers and try to show dominance as a part of their innate behavioral tendency
  • DiSC D profile people learn well through trial and error methods. They will not stop unless the best learning and assimilation of content occurred

Summing Up From ‘ThePleasantPersonality’

DiSC D personalities admire courage and competency. They are the winners of life but fail in their emotional intelligence at times. 

Their too-dominating nature is not everyone’s cup of tea and thus conflicts are evident in their personal and professional lives. They have a strong ego that fear being hurt and criticized and thus they veil their weaknesses with dominance and authority.