A DiSC Si personality type is collaborative, liked by many, welcoming, and team-spirited. They are generous, compassionate, and people-oriented.

Additionally, they are averse to conflicts and become uncomfortable when facing aggression. 

DiSC Si Personality Infographic

DiSC Si Personality - DiSC Assessment Si Personality - The Counselor
DiSC Si Personality – DiSC Assessment Si Personality – The Counselor

DiSC Si Personality

An Si personality type is known as a Counselor or Collaborator. Personality traits such as supportiveness, team spirit, compassion, approachability, and empathy characterize Si types.

The DiSC Si personality is a mixture of S (steadiness) and i (influence) traits based on the DiSC model. People with a Si style are known as ‘Counselors’ or ‘Collaborators.’ 

They create a collaborative and joyous atmosphere while working in groups.

A person with DiSC type Si is supportive, team-spirited, compassionate, and approachable. They believe it is important to accept people as they are.

Additionally, a Si personality focuses on building trusting relationships. This individual shows empathy actively listens to people and ensures those around them feel heard.

They are also known for their stabilizing presence in conflictual situations.  

DiSC Assessment Si Personality

Drawing from the DiSC assessment, here are a few traits that characterize a Si personality.

1. A DiSC Si personality is a ‘people person’

A type Si personality is people-oriented. This individual desires to build and maintain long-term close relationships. Their predictable and loyal nature enables them to establish meaningful connections rather easily.

Moreover, they tend to be inclusive in social situations. They pay attention to people’s needs and concerns.

Also, they involve them in situations, particularly when making important decisions. They are approachable and open to others’ opinions at all times.

2. They are excellent at problem-solving

Given their people-oriented nature, it is not surprising that they are great resolvers of problems.

As a leader, they encourage people to focus on teamwork and cooperation. This practice allows them to motivate others to solve issues effortlessly. 

Additionally, in the face of disagreements, they maintain empathy and diplomacy. They allow everyone to speak their mind. Also, they approach people gently and in a non-confrontational manner. 

3. DiSC Si personality can become over-sensitive

Sometimes, they fail to realize when to hold back on their sensitive approach. To elaborate, they are unable to maintain assertiveness or be forceful when a situation calls for it. 

Moreover, they become uncomfortable while facing aggression and aggressive people. They find it difficult to separate their emotions in challenging circumstances. 

Along those lines, they also tend to struggle with the remaining objective to productive criticism.

Instead, they react emotionally or irrationally. Therefore, this trait can have repercussions in terms of career growth.

4. They dislike working independently

Unlike, say, DiSC CS personalities, Si styles do not like working alone. As noted earlier, a DiSC Si personality type is fond of people and relationships.

Asking them to work independently makes them feel uncomfortable.

This trait can be problematic in their leadership. To be specific, they feel uneasy when their subordinates resist close monitoring. 

Adding to that, they dislike it when their supervisor delegates independent work. Therefore, they may refuse to take initiative, which again can restrict their professional progress.

DiSC Si Personality Test

To find out if you are a DiSC Si personality, you must take a DiSC personality test. There are many free versions available online. However, Everything DiSC is the original DiSC assessment. DiSC and Everything DiSC are registered trademarks of John Wiley & Sons.

Best DiSC Si Personality Careers

Based on their strengths and weaknesses, the following careers suit this DiSC profile.

  1. Counselor
  2. Client Services Manager
  3. Customer Success and Support
  4. Director of Partnerships
  5. Executive Assistant
  6. Financial Advisor
  7. Human Resources Manager
  8. Ministry
  9. Professor
  10. Teacher
  11. Therapist

DiSC Si Personality at Work

Now that you know what a DiSC Si personality is like, here is a list of their preferences regarding their workplace.

1. Nature of Work

This DiSC personality type prefers work environments that foster the formation of close relationships.

They prefer a peaceful, collaborative, and welcoming atmosphere. Also, they like taking their time while getting to know people better. 

They enjoy working in environments that promote the healthy resolution of conflicts. Si types dislike unnecessary arguments and are not productive in emotionally charged situations.

Therefore, workplaces that encourage everyone to voice their opinions suit them well. 

All in all, they will fit in excellently in jobs where they can expect a frequent exchange of verbal affirmations. 

2. Nature of Co-workers

Si personality styles work well with people who are open to hearing others’ ideas. Being outgoing personalities, they get along with those who enjoy socializing. 

On top of that, they love helping career-driven and independent peers to understand the advantages of building meaningful relationships. 

Also, an Si style is not fond of conflicts. So, they like people who avoid starting fights for trivial reasons. With that said, in an attempt to evade arguments, this DiSC type creates problems for itself. 

Specifically, they hesitate to confront problems that need immediate attention. Therefore, this tendency may cause issues between them and their peers.

While interacting with other S-type personalities, they must learn to confront and resolve conflicts. 

Additionally, they are likely to keep teammates who are not a good fit for the job. Again, this stems from their aversion to uncomfortable situations. This behavior can also result in interpersonal issues. 

Sometimes, they find it challenging to communicate clearly and concisely. This trait can also cause problems in their professional relationships. 

3. Sources of Stress

Straightforward communication with no empathy stresses out this personality profile. They dislike it when people are too blunt with not only them but others as well.

Similarly, they are not fond of using a directive or forceful approach while helping others to improve.

When it comes to decision-making, they dislike taking into account too many factors. At the same time, having limited data also frustrates them.

They do not enjoy it when their boss delegates work that requires detailed processing and analysis of results. 

Also, they find it stressful to take sole ownership of projects and deadlines. In fact, they experience distress even when their subordinates seem too independent or detached. Overall, they detest working independently.

Another source of stress stems from people who question established rules and practices. 

4. Incentives

These personalities take great interest in establishing relationships. Therefore, Si types feel highly motivated when they are required to build lasting trust and loyalty. Their consistency and predictability allow them to do this quite adeptly.

Along those lines, another source of motivation stems from their boss taking their time to get to know them.

Additionally, when their colleagues maintain a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere, they produce high-quality results.

As regards their subordinates, a DiSC Si personality enjoys being asked for help. Specifically, they find it motivating to help their direct reports resolve problems.

Even with peers, they love shelling out advice as they work through their challenges.

Likewise, work that involves inquiring people about their emotions deeply interests them. This task is typically assigned to Si types when the organization is incorporating changes. It is no surprise that they excel at the same!

In general, any task that involves paying attention to people’s needs and concerns invigorates them. They find it more energizing when they have to solve issues with diplomacy and empathy.

Concluding Thoughts from ThePleasantPersonality

As you know by now, a DiSC Si personality is best known as a ‘Counselor.’ Individuals with this personal style are emotionally driven and people-oriented. They thrive in situations that foster collaboration and interpersonal harmony.

There are areas where an Si type can improve. For starters, learning to maintain calm and assert yourself when necessary will help.

Next, you must work on your tendency to react irrationally to criticism. Finally, embracing unpopular opinions can be beneficial. 

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