Enneagram 1 careers are many and diverse. People with enneagram type 1 preferences choose occupations that are related to either public service or social reformation programs. These individuals choose career options that can bring a positive impact on society. 

Enneagram 1s are keen to maintain high standards in workplaces. Their strong sense of right and wrong helps them to choose career paths that are meant to meet their basic desire for accuracy, precision, and perfection. 

Most often, enneagram type 1s become honest police officers, politicians, or retail representatives so that they get the chance to bring fairness and justice to the community they live in.

Their career paths define their perfectionist tendencies. They would love to see affairs and a just society and always remain conscious about the needs of others. As social justice and equality are dear to them, they choose career roles that allow them to serve the community directly.

Enneagram 1 careers

Enneagram 1s have the necessary skills and expertise to take up any job role that they fit into. These individuals are efficient, organized, and energetic as well. They will definitely do well in job roles that emphasize moral values and ethical work culture.

Type Ones fear failure. They ensure to match their skills and expertise with the job description of a particular job so that success can come naturally to them with little effort and dedication.

Enneagram 1s will do well in job roles that ensure clear-cut communication so that they know what the company expects from them. These people prefer to stay prepared all the time so that mistakes never happen and they can keep up with their high work standards.  

The basic desire of an enneagram 1 is to live a righteous life based on truth and integrity. They are the torchbearers of positive social change on equality and justice. You may always find enneagram One enjoying the job role of a military officer, law enforcement person, etc. in such challenging roles, they try to educate the masses on the best ways of righteous living.

They will always choose careers where the working environment feels fair and just. There should be no inauthenticity, cheating, or malicious practices around, otherwise, type 1s will never be able to thrive in such situations.

They will do well in work setups where small details are taken care of and they do not need to strain themselves with too many subtle details about every small thing. Enneagram 1s will always remain eager to contribute something great to the work they are assigned. 

For Type 1s, value-added jobs are far more enriching and satisfying than those career paths that ensure big bank balances, lucrative increments, bonuses, and much more. They will choose career roles that fit with their type description in all possible ways.

15 Career Options to Decide Upon

Enneagram 1s may take a little long time to choose the right career option for them. They will pay attention to small details of the job role and will ensure that they fit in perfectly with the given job description. 

Some of the best job choices that enneagram 1s would find comfortable and rewarding are described briefly in this section.

1. Police officer

Enneagram 1s are suitable for jobs that are meant to bring discipline, law, and order in society. Thus, career opportunities in police service and law enforcement agencies are a good fit for them. Type Ones are high in their sense of morality and justice. 

Thus, they will shine in career paths that are meant to build up better communities, and bring a sense of order and discipline to the community. As police officers, they will delegate their assigned tasks successfully. These individuals will remain responsible for public service. 

They will be able to take up the job of law enforcement in various social situations as and when necessary. As police personnel, Enneagram 1s will shine like a star. Their dedication and focus on community building will help them to do this job successfully.

2. Teacher/educator

Enneagram 1s are very rational-minded. They will approach problems logically and therefore they are good at resolving the issues of young generations in some best ways. Being educators, they will be able to teach concepts that are relevant in today’s world.

Enneagram 1s believe in discipline and they will nurture young minds with values and discipline. They can also help students become more organized with their learning strategies and methodology. Students will be taught to enhance their key skills and overcome their shortcomings in the best possible way.

Teaching is a good career choice for them because it enables them to stay connected to young talents and helps them learn concepts as clearly as possible. The job role is rewarding as it gives the type 1s an opportunity to become more patient and compassionate with small children. They will also get a chance to guide others in ways that are socially relevant and acceptable.

3. Spiritual leader/priest

At times, Enneagram 1s will choose offbeat career options for themselves. They may become spiritual gurus and leaders and take upon the responsibility to teach values and best life skills to the general public who lack awareness about these topics. As a spiritual leaders, Type 1s will get the chance to inspire others through their words of motivation and inspiration.

Type Ones have a strong sense of purpose in life. This gets reflected in their career choices as well. Reformers would be delighted to take up jobs that can help them achieve the objective of serving and helping others in building a fair and just society.

4. Business executives / CEO

Enneagram 1s are detail-oriented and prefer to improve themselves and others every moment. They are a good fit for managerial positions that demand looking after systems and people together. These individuals have exceptional leadership qualities. Their communication style is affirmative, straightforward, and assertive. Thus, they shine as CEOs of business firms.

They are good at organizing resources in the best ways. Moreover, they will be quite good at managing human resources, inspiring them to put their best efforts into improving the annual turnover of the organization. Being good leaders, they will inspire people, lead and guide them to follow all the business ethics, and win praise for themselves and the company together.

5. Investment banker

This is another great career opportunity for enneagram 1s. They have good organizational and planning abilities, so they will do well in financial job roles where they will have to develop strategies for financial planning, asset management, and wealth accumulation for the company.

Enneagram Ones will bring positive financial planning for their clients. They will chalk out the best available deal for their clients so that benefits can pour in from all ends. Any type of financial career is a good choice for Ones; such as treasurer, financial planner, financial analyst, etc.

6. Software designer

Type 1s are logical and rational in their approach to problem-solving. They are good at designing programs, implementing plans, organizing software, etc. These abilities may help them shine in software designing and development jobs. 

They have strong analytical abilities and are usually good at science and mathematics. Thus, they will find it easy to develop software that can change people’s lives in diverse ways. 

Any sort of career role in computer science will be a good fit for type Ones. They can take up the career roles of a network administrator or webmaster. Computer-related jobs are interesting and provide a sense of purpose that Enneagram Ones desire the most in their daily life.

7. Lawyers and Judges

Enneagram 1s are idealists who hold values and principles of utmost importance in their lives.  Thus, jobs in legal services such as lawyers and judges are always a good career choice for them. People with Type 1 preferences are honest, principled, and hold justice above anything else in their day-to-day life. 

They will become able judges because of their strong sense of integrity and honesty. For them, a sense of right and wrong is always present and it guides them in desirable ways. Being lawyers, they will prove the truth in front of a greater community and will give justice and equality their rightful place in society.

8. Professors in higher educational institutions

Enneagram 1s are intelligent, smart, and good academicians. So, they can easily blend with the job role of a teacher in a college or university. They are driven by values and would love to impart the best knowledge to the young generations.

These individuals are conceptual learners, so they’ll be able to resolve the problems of the learner in easy ways. They will rain the young minds flawlessly and help them grow into able adults for the community.

9. Social activist

Type Ones can become excellent social activists because they think it is their sole responsibility to impact people’s lives in positive ways. They will fight for a social cause that can bring justice and social equality. As social activists, they will get the opportunity to work for the weaker and poorer sections of the community. 

As they are practical-minded, they know the next plan of action for social reformation and can teach the same to others as well. This career role will be rewarding for an enneagram type 1 because of the need to impact others’ lives in significant ways.

10. Environmentalist

Being a reformer, enneagram type 1s are keen to bring positive changes in the immediate environment they live in. This career role gives them a chance to connect with nature, understand the human errors that are leading to the deterioration of the environment, etc. 

Type Ones are nature lovers and prefer to make the world a beautiful place for mankind. They will always try to do something for environmental change and education of the masses for better handling of environmental resources.

11. Private detectives

Enneagram-type Ones are obsessed with truth and righteousness. They will spend their time digging for the truth and making things crystal clear in front of others. As detectives, they will do well in their jobs and can even bring the crime rates down. 

Being a private investigators, they will find the truth and bring positive changes in society. In this way, they will establish the wrongdoing and make it come out for legal action.

12. Accountants

Enneagram 1s will prefer job roles that require them to play with figures and facts. Type Ones will do well in accounting jobs that are routine and systematic. They won’t mind calculating numbers and creating accounting spreadsheets for the organization they are working with.

Enneagram 1s are detail-oriented and have great memory power, so dealing with numbers is always an easy task for them. 

13. Doctors or health care professionals

Enneagram Ones are highly attentive and will excel in careers that demand observation, analysis, precision, and prompt decision-making. Type Ones are also interested in improving the lives of others, so taking care of people’s needs comes naturally to them. 

As doctors, they will contribute to the making of healthy and disease-free societies. They will try to educate the masses on healthy habits for food and lifestyle so that communicable diseases, viral infections, and deaths can be lowered in society as much as possible.

14. Human Resource Consultant

As already mentioned, enneagram 1s have good leadership ability. They can manage teams and individuals as well as is needed for the growth of the company. Being human resource consultants, they can help job seekers find their best-fit career roles.

15. Technical writer

Enneagram 1s are organized and meticulous in their work approach. Thus, they can become good technical writers that require the person to articulate facts in a concise, precise, and systematic way. In the technical writing profile, they will get a chance to enhance their skills of creation and manifestation. 

They will also get the opportunity to write about facts that can bring good social change. Sometimes, Ones also can take up the role of a content creator or journalist. They will raise social issues with their writing and bring awareness to the masses regarding important issues that call for change and reformation.

Enneagram 1 Careers to avoid

There are some career options that are not a very good fit for an enneagram 1. They may either struggle a lot in such roles or may find it dissatisfying. Some of them are given below:

  • Receptionist
  • Sales representatives
  • Administrative jobs
  • Customer care executives
  • Sports coach
  • Psychologist
  • Curator

To Sum Up

To end, it is clear that the right career choice for an enneagram 1 would be a job role that ensures them to maintain social rights and justice thoroughly. They would love to choose a career path that is purposeful and satisfying. 

Type Ones are quite serious about their job role. They are self-disciplined and dependable people and their managers can actually give them a lot of responsibilities to take care of. These individuals will thrive in careers that are in tune with their basic desire for truth and righteousness. 

Nothing can upset their sense of values and they would consciously avoid those career roles that can give them only money and no mental satisfaction. Their incredibly high standards of work make them choose tough career paths and not easy and mundane ones.