Key Takeaways

  • Enneagram 1s are conscientious, responsible, and have a clear idea of what they want to achieve in life.
  • They are keen to make things right and cannot tolerate imperfections.
  • Their core strengths are hard work and perseverance. Being driven by values, they are practical-minded as well.
  • Most Enneagram 1s follow social rules and conventions without questioning.
  • Enneagram Ones hate laziness, unfair deals, and dishonesty.

Are you the one who avoids mistakes at all costs? Do you feel uncomfortable if someone tries to challenge your ethical judgments? 

Do you become resentful and impatient if things do not move perfectly as desired? Think for a while and know more about an Enneagram 1 personality type. You could be one of them.

Type one people are perfectionists and the ultimate reformers of society. They remain bothered with right and wrong, justice and injustice, truth and falsehood.

Always gets busy with what should be corrected and seems to be of place. These individuals display integrity and set high standards for themselves, often ignoring their personal needs and natural desires.

Others may perceive them as overly detailed, judgmental, critical, limiting, or even close-minded. Ones are also self-controlled and highly responsible people.

They are fair, just, and prefer to follow rules without questioning. They will do everything to maintain social norms. 

Being a keeper of high standards, they seldom make mistakes and put a lot of energy and effort into accomplishing their life goals.

In this article, we will sum up all the important facets of their unique personality.

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Enneagram 1 Personality Infographics

Enneagram 1 – Definition, Signs & Famous Persons with Enneagram 1
Enneagram 1 – Definition, Signs & Famous Persons with Enneagram 1
Enneagram 1 – Strengths, Weaknesses & Hobbies
Enneagram 1 – Strengths, Weaknesses & Hobbies

Enneagram 1– Meaning and Personality Description

People with an enneagram 1 personality are morally inclined and prefer perfection and self-discipline. They are conscientious and detail-oriented, never break rules, follow social conventions, and set high-performance standards for themselves. Always remains honest with their moral code of conduct.

Ones are often described as “neat freaks” and as inflexible types. In act what enneagram 1s rigidly adhere to and judge as right or wrong depends on the content of their internal standards which can vary greatly.

Thus, for example, if one holds the standard that being flexible is the right way to be and maintaining neatness and order is a waste of time, then that person will not be particularly neat and will be judgemental about the inflexibility of others.

Most ones hold on to their concept of right and wrong based on their inner beliefs and what they consider to be right.

So, you can say that enneagram one are stubborn and resist change that goes beyond their set beliefs.

Enneagram 1s are nicknamed reformers because of their constant need to fulfill a mission of justice and righteousness.

One always feels that something higher is calling them. They have high standard bars that others may find very harsh and unachievable.

These individuals are practical and goal-oriented. They are determined to achieve their goals by pushing off the hurdles and hardships at all costs.

As they are rational and objective in their outlook towards life, they are less emotional and more logical. They prefer to spend a lot of time thinking about the various consequences of their actions.

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Enneagram 1 – The Perfectionist
Enneagram 1 – The Perfectionist

What can you expect if you are an enneagram 1

If you are an enneagram 1, you could be like this – 

Being an enneagram 1, you will live your life based on a set of moral rules and principles. You are self-controlled, practical, honest, and fiercely hardworking.

You possess the wrong notion that you’re always right. This makes you a self-critical person if you fall short of your moral standards. Your inner critic is always watching you.

It is regulating your thoughts, feelings, and deeds equally well so that you do not make wrongs that can malign your sense of integrity and honesty.

Since you cannot accept imperfection, you’ll strive to attain things in their best possible form. To some extent, you are non-compromising and stubborn.

You are not the one to change with time. Rather you’ll love to follow the age-old rules and norms without questioning their feasibility.

Being a type one, you believe in black and white thinking. For you, there is no middle way. You prefer to talk straight and abide by what you believe to be true.

Enneagram 1s prefers to make things right. Thus, you will strive towards this goal by ignoring your needs and desires. You will suppress them if they are not good.

Personality traits of enneagram 1

The dominant personality traits that describe your overall nature is enumerated below:

  • Conscientious
  • Responsible
  • Improvement-oriented
  • Consistent
  • Self-controlled
  • Precise
  • High standards set for oneself and others
  • Detail-oriented
  • Clear perspectives about life
  • Caring
  • Critical
  • Inflexible
  • Obedient
  • Opinionated

If you want to know more about the type description of enneagram 1 personalities, you may click the link given here.

Enneagram 1– thinking pattern

Ones believe that everything around them is imperfect and they need to correct them by any means. Their inner critic tells them to be on a mission of correction and reformation.

Everything should be good and right, even themselves; otherwise, the world will look imperfect. Enneagram 1s have a strong sense of morality. They think that if things are not right, then it’s not worth it.

Their self-dialogue tells them to remain conscientious, no matter what happens around them that can try and tell them to move away from their path of righteousness.

People with enneagram type 1 personalities are always bothered about whether they are doing things right. Their rule book is strict and never leaves room for mistakes. 

Enneagram 1–Feeling pattern

Enneagram Ones may feel a lot of frustration and anger though they never express their negative emotions openly. They keep it private and appear resentful at times.

Most often these feelings of resentment are directed towards others because they may see them as unproductive, insincere, unethical, and not as per expectations.

Enneagram type 1s are self-critical and feel unworthy of themselves if they fall short of the high standard they have set for themselves. 

On the other hand, they do not like others to criticize them and feel antagonistic from within.

They may not find it easy to accept disappointments and failures in life. In the face of such a situation, enneagram ones may either become too assertive and aggressive or may repress and resist their angry responses.

Enneagram 1– Action pattern

As far as their actions are concerned, they are tuned towards inner workings. They are disciplined, ethical, and put a lot of effort into organizing and planning their future goals.

Ones are the typical no-nonsense personalities and prefer high-quality work. They never compromise on their values and prefer to act on structured protocols and systematic work environments.

10 Signs of being an Enneagram 1

Enneagram 1s are highly moral and disciplined individuals. They prefer integrity and honesty above anything. 

These people thrive on moral codes of conduct and are organized and systematic in everything they might be doing.

If you are an enneagram type 1, you’ll prefer detail and pay attention to the nitty-gritty of everything. You are naturally tuned to rules and procedures and will follow them thoroughly.

Some of the telltale signs of being an enneagram 1 is –

1. You have set a very high standard for yourself

Enneagram 1s prefers quality and never settles for anything less than being the best in everything. They are quality-oriented and never compromise on what they think to be right.

As you’re a perfectionist, you will prefer to accomplish your tasks on time and without errors. Probably you will not give yourself any room to make errors. For you, things need to be done well and perfectly.

2. You tend to repress anger and resentments

You believe in keeping up with your integrity and moral code. Thus, you may feel that expressing anger openly may malign your ethical code of conduct and you just cannot do it.

You tend to repress your feelings of anger and hold on to it continuously without exploding.

Sometimes, these bottled-up tensions and negative feelings may lead to clenched fists, grinding teeth, and a general irritable mood.

However, at times your bad mood and irritation may leak out in the form of verbal abuse, critical remarks, and bad mouth.

3. You never wish to look and feel bad and evil in front of others

You always act well and right because underlying everything lies your inherent need to feel worthy and avoid being defective.

Mistakes are not for you because the moment you commit one, you’ll wrap up in negativity and start feeling less worthy and competent than others.

You prefer to maintain an image that is pure, morally strong, correct, and socially acceptable.

4. You are grounded in reality

Ones often take pride in their objectivity and pragmatic outlook towards life. They prefer to look into real-life experiences to decide upon the important matters of life.

You will never decide on haste. Your emotions will take a backseat when it comes to the decision-making process.

Ones tend to use logic and rationality and they are practical-minded and remain grounded in reality. Their realistic worldview is based on facts and not emotions.

5. You tend to introspect a lot in times of stress

In the face of stress, enneagram 1s may withdraw and show similar signs of enneagram 4. They may become quiet and isolated. 

On the other hand, they may get absorbed in their own thoughts and may not want to be with others. Maybe they are trying to relate with someone who can really understand them as they are.

6. Others can always depend on you

Being an enneagram 1, others may rely on you wholeheartedly because you are a dependable person. They can lean on you for help and guidance whenever needed.

You are the one who will live by words and commitments. For you, trust and honesty come first and people can count on you in trying times.

7. Your inner critic is quite powerful

There is an ethical voice in you that always prompts you about what is right and what is wrong. Your inner critic acts as a parent and guides your life’s path in various ways. 

It will criticize you when you fail to meet the standards that you have set for yourself. 

Dealing with this inner critic is difficult for you because it keeps on saying negative things and never allows you to feel worthy and good enough about yourself.

8. You are sensitive to judgements and evaluations

Ones are sensitive to criticism. They never like others to tell them what needs to be done. Moreover, they are assertive and confident. 

When others try to put them down, they may feel emotionally overwhelmed and restless. These individuals cannot take things easily. 

Being a serious personality type, they tend to take things personally and may become overly emotional.

9. Detailing is your trump card

Enneagram 1s are detail-oriented and focused. Their attentive nature makes them see through things very minutely. They can easily notice things that others may not attend to or even ignore at times.

This detailed nature makes Enneagram One scan through everything meticulously. They leave no room for any mistakes. As such they are organized, systematic, and planned.

10. You have a belief that everything has its right place

People with an enneagram 1 personality think that the world needs rectification and everything can be changed and altered to bring it in its best form.

Thus, they are on a mission to improve the world in a desired and ethical manner, as if the world needs to go through a cleansing and healing process.

They want to do things perfectly and bring order and planning around them. These individuals have set high standards and can push themselves all the time to accomplish the best things in life. 

As if, there is a higher moral calling that always tells them what needs to be done and what not.

To know more about the signs of an enneagram 1 or the key personality traits that they possess, you can click the given link.

Enneagram Type 1 motivations

The core motivations of a particular type refer to the fine-drawn driving forces that inspire and rewire you to behave in specific ways. 

Your core motivations are intrinsic forces that determine why you think, feel, and act the way you do. It also decides the characteristic features of your primary Enneagram type.

The enneagram model not only shows the surface-level traits but goes deeper into the detailed underlying mechanisms that carve your innate personality structure.

The core motivations of enneagram 1s can be categorized into two groups:

  • Core fears or basic fears
  • Core desires or basic desires

In most situations, the core desires go simultaneously with the core fears because you want something in your life just to avoid something unpleasant and unfavorable.

The core desires are – 

  • They always prefer to be right always.
  • Being correct and remaining responsible for their actions is their first choice.
  • They are morally strong and prefer to live life with high ethical standards.
  • One seldom makes mistakes and is always accurate.
  • They would love to live by their values and never compromise on what they think to be right.

The core or basic fears of enneagram 1s are –

  • They have fear of being inaccurate
  • Fear of being immoral and failing to keep up their ethical standards.
  • Ones fear to lose out on their objective evaluation of right and wrong.
  • They dislike being corrupt in some way.
  • They do not like the ill-intentions of others.

Core values of enneagram 1

Values are the moral standards that help you to align your behavior and actions according to some norms that you believe to be right. These principles are extremely necessary when you are carving a life of your choice. 

Enneagram type 1s are ethically driven and have a very strong set of morals that guides their behavior and actions. 

These individuals are perfectionists and want to bring change and reformation of their immediate social structure.

Type ones are guided by the values of integrity, honesty, responsibility, and righteousness. They are the followers of correct things only and want to avoid making mistakes under any circumstances.

  • Enneagram 1s are guided by a strong need to improve every aspect of their own and others’ lives.
  • They are the people who are known for bringing desirable community changes that aimed at some greater good of all.
  • They remain responsible for their own actions.
  • Type ones value honest and righteous living. They will walk an extra mile to do things perfectly, just as the way it should be done.
  • Loyalty and justice shapes their lie’s path in desirable ways.
  • They never compromise on their core values and strictly follow them in their daily life.
  • Enneagram ones live in integrity.
  • They are steadfast and dutiful. They can put a lot of effort into realizing the goal they have set for themselves.

If you are interested to learn more about the core values and motivations of enneagram type 1, you can refer to the link given here.

Healthy and unhealthy behavior patterns of enneagram 1

The enneagram model shows distinct levels of healthy behavior patterns for all the nine personality types described under its genre.

The model shows the interconnectedness of the nine types which means that a particular type may show the behavioral traits of some other personality type on the basis of changing situations.

An Enneagram 1 is an honest, loyal, conscientious, organized, and highly judgmental person. He/she always prefers to do the right thing and never moves away from their moral code of conduct.

When enneagram 1s move towards the direction of personal growth and integration, they may show behavioral traits of Enneagram 7. 

The overly judgmental one can become spontaneous, pleasure-seeking, happy, and easygoing like the Epicures, (Enneagram 7).

However, during times of stress, enneagram 1s can disintegrate and the stress arrow directs towards Enneagram 4. 

The systematic and methodical one may long to fulfill their personal desires just like the Romantics (Enneagram 4). They will become more moody, erratic, and irrational.

Now let’s discuss the characteristics of healthy, average, and unhealthy ones in detail.

Healthy enneagram 1s

The healthy ones prefer social justice and integrity. They see abundant opportunities to improve themselves and the world around them. 

It’s likely that the healthy one is tolerant and adaptable. They can easily accept the diversity of human beings and look forward to bringing desirable changes in the overall community living.

The healthy perfectionist is morally strong and hates to be incorrect. They maintain a high standard of perfection for themselves, though sometimes slips into self-criticism, resentments, and impatience.

Characteristics of healthy enneagram 1s

  • Wise, morally strong, and discerning.
  • Healthy ones are truthful, fiercely loyal, and believes in doing the right things at the right time
  • They have strong convictions and personal beliefs.
  • Morally just and values time.
  • The healthy enneagram 1s are logical, objective, and purposeful.

Unhealthy enneagram 1s

The unhealthy enneagram 1 is nitpicky and critical. They may judge their own and others’ actions fiercely. Being brutally honest, they never compromise on what they think to be right.

However, they may never leave room for making errors or going wrong in their actions, otherwise, they may fall into a negative spiral of emotions that leads to self-blaming tendencies.

Sometimes, they may overtly show their anger by rage outbursts, if they find their set beliefs and principles under attack.

Characteristics of unhealthy enneagram 1

  • The unhealthy one is critical, dogmatic, orthodox, and inflexible.
  • They believe that they are always right and others are wrong.
  • Evaluates others fiercely and tries to rationalize and justify their own actions.
  • Obsessed with incorrect and imperfect things.
  • They can even punish and condemn others openly, if they find them doing wrong and unjust things.

Average enneagram 1s

When enneagram type ones behave on an average mode, they are highly organized, planned, and serious types.

Absolutely a no-nonsense personality, they believe in the essence of morality. Usually possess strong values that guide them towards a rightful action.

The average one is a rigid person who works hard to attain goals successfully. In doing so, they neglect their emotional needs as well.

Characteristics of average enneagram 1s

The average one appears like this –

  • Always dissatisfied with themselves and others, as if everything going around is on the wrong track.
  • Remains bothered about how things should be.
  • Crusaders and reformers of change and righteousness.
  • Scared to make mistakes.
  • Everything should sync with their moral ideals. Nothing should be out of place.
  • Well-organized and systematic.
  • Planned and rational.

You can learn more about the healthy and unhealthy behavior patterns of enneagram 1 here.

Enneagram type one wings 

The enneagram wings refer to the numbers that are placed on either side of your core enneagram type. 

It means that each of the nine enneagram types has two adjacent personality types that reside on either side of the main type.

If you are an enneagram type 1 personality type, you will have enneagram 2 (1w2) and enneagram 9 (1w9) as your two adjacent wings.

Your personality dynamics identify mostly with your primary Enneagram type, yet you’ll possess certain traits of your wings as well.

At times, you may seem to swing, sway, or oscillate between the wings and your main Enneagram type depending upon the life situation you are in. 

Thus, it is said that wings are the second side of your primary enneagram number that adds a flavor to the main type. 

In certain ways, it either adds, complements or contradicts some of the traits of your primary type.

Enneagram 1 w 2 characteristics

If you are an enneagram type 1 with a 2 wing, you will identify with the personality traits of type one fully but also share some of the traits of type 2.

Type 1w2s are people with a strong sense of right and wrong. Their moral principles make them just and loyal. They are warm-hearted and empathic.

  • They are concerned about the needs of others.
  • Cannot handle criticisms well.
  • Highly judgmental and critical about those people who fall short of their values and integrity.
  • Social reformers who want to bring social change.
  • Always make ethical choices.
  • Highly principled and stick to what they think to be right.
  • Seeks the love and affection of loved ones.
  • Defends the weak and the submissive.
  • Emotionally sensitive and remains aware of the needs of oneself and others.
  • They can sacrifice their immediate needs for the greater good of others.
  • These individuals are assertive and stand up for what they believe to be right.

Enneagram type 1 w 9 characteristics

If you are an enneagram 1w9, you will primarily possess the characteristics of type 1. But you’ll also share some of the personality traits of enneagram 9.

Iw9s are intellectually sharp and rational. They are objective decision-makers who always prefer to remain correct.

Morally strong and introverted, these people are deep thinkers. They love to idealize known and unknown things, maybe much more than their enneagram 1w2 counterpart.

Most of the 1w9s are reserved, serious, and emotionally detached. They avoid getting into trouble and getting wronged in some way.

Their principal desire is to be ethical and just. They’re self-critical and perfectionists as well. As such, they never make ethically wrong choices in their life.

They wish to remain morally good and advocate for the needs and rights of others.

  • Enneagram 1w9s are rational thinkers.
  • They are morally strong and never compromise their sense of judgment by any means.
  • 1w9s will pursue the right things and avoid doing things that are conventionally immoral.
  • They are focused and attend to details.
  • They are nitpicky and can blame and criticize others easily.
  • Quick to criticize those who do not meet their expectations.

Enneagram type 1 subtypes

The Enneagram model of personality typology describes the three instinctual subtypes for all the nine personality types.

The subtypes are the primal body-based instinctual tendencies that determine your survival needs. It tells you how you’re typically ruled by your dominant instincts depending upon the varying circumstances in life. 

Thus, your subtype is formed by the combination of your primary enneagram number and your instincts.

These subtypes are unconscious and one of them typically dominates your overall personality type more than the other.

For enneagram type 1, the three subtypes are:

  • Self-preservation (SP) – Worry
  • Social (SO) – Non-adaptable
  • Sexual or one-to-one (SX) – Zeal

Self-preservation (SP)

This subtype of enneagram one is a worrywart who wants to do everything perfectly. They may become stressed out if things seem to go against their values.

The self-preserved Ones are critical and judgmental. Their inner critic is harsh and hard on them and never allows them to make mistakes.

They believe that the none of doing things right and bringing changes in what is not perfect lie on them. This makes them worry a lot if things go wrong in some way.

In the face of stress, the self-preserved Ones do not express their anger and disappointments, though deep down they may suffer from agony and resentment. Emotions are usually kept private and withdrawn.

Social (SO)

The social subtype of Enneagram One pays attention to what is right and what is not. They are morally aware and believe in integrity and honesty.

This subtype is self-controlled, socially conscientious, and has a deep sense of being right and wrong. Motivated by justice and righteousness, this subtype is a social role model for others to follow.

Sexual or One-to One (SX)

This subtype is impactful and intense as far as their moral conscience is concerned. They hold an idealistic view of this world. 

The sexual One sets clear-cut rules for the social behavior of their loved ones. They act as reformers for their near and dear ones.

Often they can be seen telling other people what needs to be done and what should be avoided.

To gather a detailed understanding of type 1 subtypes and wings, you can refer to this link.

Enneagram type 1 relationships

We all come across different people in our daily lives. Forging relationships and maintaining them is necessary for these individuals to make their lives fruitful. 

Let us see how individuals with Enneagram 1 personality type deal with various kinds of relationships in their day-to-day lives

An Enneagram 1 as a partner or spouse

An Enneagram 1 is not the most popular individual to date. These people hold themselves and others to very high standards and often think most people aren’t good enough for them. 

This attitude tends to leave them very lonely at the top. 

When Enneagram 1s get into relationships, they turn out to be committed and caring partners. These people are loyal and would help their partners in carrying out daily chores. 

They would always prioritize their partners’ needs before anything else.

These individuals always care for their partners, but more often than not, people of this personality type do not show this explicitly. 

Enneagram 1s have strong emotions like anyone else, but they fail to express exactly how they are feeling, and they see it as a sign of weakness to show strong emotions.

Due to this reason, their partners might feel unappreciated and unloved. People of Enneagram 1 personality type are not highly passionate individuals. 

Moreover, type 1s neither lose their head to emotional stuff nor become outwardly sensual like other personality types.

These individuals express their love in subtle ways by offering help to partners when they are tired or picking some essential items from a grocery store. 

An Enneagram 1 as a friend

For anyone, who wants to be the friend of an Enneagram 1, must be trustworthy. These two are the critical components of forming a healthy relationship with Type 1

As a friend, this typical Enneagram personality would want to know that you meant what you say and say what you mean. 

That person needs to keep their word. Enneagram One brings time and effort into the relationship. They also turn out to be practical, helpful, and insightful.

An individual must acknowledge their efforts and take their share of the responsibilities. When you have an Enneagram One as your friend, they would always reach out and make an effort to let the friendship thrive. 

Then it would be equally important from the other person’s point of view to put in the same kind of effort and commitment. 

Ideally, they can take the initiative to check on them and see if they are okay, rather than wait for the Enneagram 1 person to call.

Enneagram 1s, as friends, always have the natural tendency to give advice. Others must show appreciation for the advice they give, rather than being hurtful if they do not need or want any advice or suggestion in a particular area.

An Enneagram 1 as a parent

When an Enneagram 1 acts as a parent, they would raise their children with a strong sense of personal responsibility alongside firm boundaries. 

They maintain consistency, show morality as well as truthfulness in dealing with their children.

Parents of this personality type expect their children to abide by their values, principles, and code of conduct. Enneagram 1 parents always strive for honor and excellence. 

They assist others in identifying errors and help them uphold justice. Enneagram Type 1 individuals always look to do what is right. It can cause trouble at some time or the other. 

These parents face difficulty in taking time out to relax. Due to this reason, they do not even play and enjoy themselves with their children.

This attitude of an Enneagram 1 parent can put undue pressure on children. Children could feel the burden of attaining perfection every single time. 

Moreover, they also tend to feel the need to be good to receive love and affection.

Since these parents have a firm belief in order and rules, sometimes they develop strict perspectives on various things. 

Enneagram 1 compatibility with other types

People of Enneagram 1 personality type react in different ways when they get into relationships with other Enneagrams. The different types of combinations further help reveal their character.

The following compatibility chart would give us a better idea as to how Enneagram 1s behave when they are moving from one relationship to another with other Enneagrams –

Enneagram TypesWhen Paired With 1
Enneagram 1
When Enneagram Type 1s pair up, they remain within the threshold of truth and goodness to finish their small and big missions. They focus on one thing, complete it, and then move on to their next project. 

This pair knows how to relax after a hard day’s work. They even resort to fun and frolic. Things can become even better if they can reduce the practice of judging one another and help get rid of their inner critics.

Enneagram 2

The pair of Enneagram 2 with 1 helps to bring out the best morals in each other and experience fun-filled moments together. 

This relationship possesses shared values, a whole lot of energy, and a lot of passion for improving the world.

When they are together, one and two have the potential to create an atmosphere that offers rest and replenishment in a beautiful setting. 
Enneagram 3
The relationship between Enneagram 3 and Enneagram 1 forms a beautiful pair. 

Type One lends the finer details, whereas Type Three gives the big picture and ways to execute each other’s dreams. 

Enneagram Three also helps the One to take healthy risks. They remind them of the fact that failure is not only acceptable but also the only way through which one can attain growth. 
Enneagram  4
The pair of Type One and Enneagram Type Four creates a stylish and incredibly tasteful couple, as both these individuals take pains to go through life by chalking out all the details carefully. 

There remains a passion, a deep commitment to ideals, and a connection between heart and body. Both appreciate aesthetics, functionality and enjoy the contributions they make to form and style. 
Enneagram 5
When Enneagram Type One combines with Enneagram Type Five, they turn out to be precise and hardworking. 

They give value to moderation and do not care for anything in excess.
The pair stays focused on their mutual objectives of sharing innovation and goodness with the world. 

They do not intend to share their private moments with anyone else. 
Enneagram 6
The pair of Enneagram One and Enneagram Six forms a great match involving a lot of fun. 

They are logical, carry out their duties and offer love to serve the interests of family and friends. 

Despite having all the safety plans, and order not only for themselves but also for their groups and people. 
Enneagram 7
Enneagram One and Enneagram 7 turn out to be a pair of opposites. Each individual brings the best out of the other. 

On the one hand where One helps Seven realize their full potential. On the other hand, the Seven reminds the One that they deserve to take breaks from their hard work.

Once the individuals give these reminders to each other, it opens up unlimited possibilities. 

The kind of joy they share turns out to be a terrific display of goodness, not only for the couple but also for the family.
Enneagram 8
When an Enneagram One pair up with an Enneagram Eight, it forms a highly energetic pair. 

The couple is hospitable, family-oriented, vibrant, and loves to put all their energy into fitness, travel, and personal growth. 

They take every chance to change the world and make it better. The couple offers protection to the defenseless, serves the underserved, and ensures to take complete rest once they are through with their hard work. 
Enneagram 9
Enneagram Ones with Enneagram Nines brings to the relationship a lot of mutual love and respect. 
They also take great satisfaction to love others in the community. And that’s the reason they are eminent community builders. 

They even give generously to each other. Both these individuals put their complete attention on others, thereby giving minimum attention to their own needs. 

The glow they have towards one another in the relationship is that of grace and acceptance just the way they are. 

If you are eager to know more about enneagram 1 relationships and compatibility patterns, you can click this link.

Dating tips for enneagram 1

Enneagram Ones bring perfection in their romantic relationship just as they do for other aspects of their life. Type Ones are loyal and committed. They are morally strong and expect the same from their partners.

If you are dating an enneagram 1, you must realize the fact that you need to appreciate their overly critical remarks if you go morally wrong in some way.

Ones will never accept the wrongdoings of others easily. They will judge you in detail before connecting with you emotionally.

Since Ones are not the easy-going personality types to deal with, you will have to learn some tricks to fit into the ethical frame they have set for an ideal partner.

Some of the dating tips for you that might help you to relate with the perfectionists well are –

  • Remind them that they are innately good and help them overcome their self-criticizing and self-blaming tendencies. Deep down, Ones are insecure and needy. Being a partner, you are to shower a lot of affection and understanding to spice up the relationship.
  • As Ones are tidy, clean, and orderly, they prefer if you are systematic and organized as well.
  • They are fiercely honest and morally strong. Thus, you need to be fair, truthful, and honest in your dealings with them and others also.
  • Avoid their nitpicking tendencies and be polite with them. Accept their judgements initially and contradict them slowly explaining where they went wrong.
  • Ones are hard on themselves. Help them to resolve their inner conflicts so that they can come out of their harsh critical tendencies.
  • Help them realize that no one is perfect in this world and life cannot be lived in black and white. There are always other shades to it.
  • You can help your Enneagram One partner to embrace the tiny joys of life. Let them understand that it’s important to take time-out for recreation and leisure. Sometimes, going for a cup of coffee or a late night movie time is equally important and justifiable.
  • Help your partner to live in peace and harmony and not in perfection. 
  • Help them to quiet their harsh inner critic and make them realize the essence of a relaxed lifestyle.
  • Never expect them to rush with things as Ones are detail-oriented and take time to decide.
  • Since Ones are emotionally inexpressive and inhibited types, they might take time to open up and relate with you at deeper levels. Thus, you need to slow down and give them the needed freedom to explore and understand you slowly.
  • You need to honor their tendency to stick to rules and conventions. They just cannot live without following them.
  • For Ones, integrity is the ultimate call. Be the one with honesty and integrity. 
  • As Ones are punctual and respect time, you need to be really good at following time diligently if you’re looking at fostering long term connections with them.
  • Last but not the least, be who you are. They like authentic and rightful people.

Enneagram 1 workplace habits

So far, we have discussed Enneagram 1 personality type individuals maintain different relationships in their personal lives. 

Apart from this, with the help of a compatibility chart, we have seen how compatible they are when paired with other Enneagram types.

It is now time to see how these individuals behave when they play different roles in the workplace. Enneagram 1s base their work on their ethics and conscience. 

Their need to do things perfectly makes them ideal candidates to carry out tasks and meet any organization’s objectives.

Let us now discuss what an Enneagram 1 brings to the table while working at various positions at a workplace and develop a better understanding of this type –

As a colleague

An Enneagram 1 is a colleague sets high ethical standards for themselves. They are disciplined and particular in carrying out their tasks. 

It makes them critical of their teammates if they fail to show the commitment to living up to their expectations.

An Enneagram 1 colleague would be passionate about pursuing all those things that they perceive as right. They would also push their teammates to keep pressing hard for achieving the targets. 

Building a rapport with an Enneagram 1 colleague is extremely necessary for all those working alongside him.

As a subordinate

When Enneagram 1 works as a subordinate, they require a neat and clean office. They need perfection in their surrounding environment and look for a proper routine to thrive in a workplace.

These employees are detail-oriented and have immense tolerance for carrying out stressful work. Due to this reason, they turn out to be the go-to person for complicated tasks. 

Managers can always rely on Enneagram 1 subordinates to perform any task as per expectation.

This individual would face problems when an organization modifies rules. In case an Enneagram 1 subordinate breaks rules due to some reason, they would struggle with self-criticism. 

As a manager

Enneagram 1s are born leaders. Leading and managing come naturally to these individuals. They always get their job done and allow very little to no chance for any error. 

It is a great challenge for them to trust others to perform tasks by meeting their standards. Due to their trust issue, Enneagram 1 managers face difficulty in delegating work to subordinates. 

As they become a lot more aware of this trend, these managers start mentoring other individuals.

To know more about type 1 workplace habits, communication style, and conflict resoultion strategies, you can refer to this link.

Enneagram 1 career choices

Enneagram 1 personality type people love doing things with perfection and maintaining high standards. They follow the rule book and pay attention to detail. These individuals have a solid grip over reality and possess a pragmatic value system. 

People of Enneagram 1 personality type would likely excel in those careers that require them to focus on minute details and find appropriate solutions to problems. 

Jobs that allow them to use their logic and rectify mistakes are ideally suited for the reformers. People of this personality type always want to do what is right.

Enneagram 1s feel energetic at work if others give them the freedom to express how they would carry out their tasks. They would love to see their boss valuing fairness and ethical actions. 

Let us now look at the career options that are ideally suited for people of this personality type and help them work as per their liking.

  • Lawyer
  • Doctor
  • Politician
  • Journalist
  • Judge
  • Social Worker

Further details of enneagram 1 careers are provided in an article with this link.

Core strengths of enneagram 1s

Every individual, irrespective of his personality type, possesses strengths to lead his life better.

No matter how tough life becomes, if people can focus on their strong points and avoid negative thoughts from cropping up in their minds, life can become happy and peaceful for them.

It is also applicable for Enneagram 1 personality type people. Let us now briefly discuss some of their core strengths

1. Advocate others’ rights

An Enneagram 1 person always strives to defend and protect the rights of others. They always dream of having an ideal world and fight for justice to fulfill their dreams.

These individuals take a cautious approach. They possess a strong sense of right and wrong.

Enneagram 1s intend to create a better world for everyone else and put in the requisite effort to make their dreams come true.

2. Hardworking 

Enneagram Type 1 people are extremely diligent and hardworking. They do not mind going that extra mile to achieve perfection in their work and fulfill the goals and objectives.

Attaining excellence is their prime motive, and they are ready to do anything to achieve the same.

3. Adopts practical approach

Individuals of Enneagram Type 1 personality adopt a rational and practical attitude. Their ambitions are high, as they wish to bring changes to the world.

Practical approaches help these people find appropriate solutions for all kinds of problems, hence making them confident to lead their lives happily.

Core pitfalls/blind spots of enneagram 1s

No individual in this world is perfect. Therefore, people are bound to have some weaknesses or blind spots in their personalities.

The same applies to Enneagram 1s as well. The blind spots turn out to be hurdles in one’s progress in life.

Hence, one needs to recognize their weaknesses and work on them. Only then can people turn those weaknesses into strengths for attaining success in personal and professional lives.

Following are some of the potential trouble spots or issues in this particular Enneagram personality type –

1. Aim to attain perfection

We all know that to err is human. Hence, no individual can achieve perfection in whatever they do, and most people accept this fact, except the Enneagram 1s.

Enneagram Type 1 people maintain high standards, but in their attempt to seek perfection, they put in extra effort and do not have sufficient time to relax. 

When things do not go as per their expectation, they get frustrated.

2. Problems in accepting the harsh realities of life

One can never avoid some harsh realities in life. People need to accept them and move ahead in pursuit of their dreams. Enneagram 1 personality type people fail in this regard.

They have serious problems understanding that certain things are beyond their control. Life would become better with acceptance of this reality. 

You can further study about the key strengths and weaknesses of enneagram type 1s in this link.

Stress triggers of Enneagram 1

Stress refers to the feelings and impulses of physical or emotional tension that let people become overwhelmed. It arises when we are unable to handle mental pressure. 

Every individual goes through periods of stress in their lifetime. The triggers that lead to stress differ from person to person.

It applies to all those people of Enneagram 1 personality type as well. They come under stress from facing certain typical situations in their lives.

Some of their stress triggers are as follows –

1. Having lazy people around them

Enneagram 1s always set high standards not only for themselves but also for others and prefer active people who can live up to their level of expectations.

If they come across lazy or undependable individuals, Enneagram 1s feel tense and come under a lot of stress.

2. Inaction towards achieving a goal

If Enneagram 1s set some goals, they would work extremely hard to achieve them. They expect the same from others while working in offices to achieve organizational objectives. 

When they see inaction and lack of urgency on others’ part under these circumstances, people of the Enneagram 1 personality type suffer from stress.

3. Feel ashamed over mistakes they have made

Enneagram 1 personality type individuals are particular about doing every job to perfection and leave almost no room for error.

Therefore, whenever they commit any mistake, they feel ashamed and come under a lot of stress.

How do they handle stress?

Stress is something that individuals should take seriously. It hampers the free flow of life and burdens people’s minds with unnecessary thoughts and apprehensions. 

Therefore, ideally, one must identify the reasons behind stress and find out different ways to relax.

People of different personalities have various means to divert their minds and stay calm. Those methods or strategies have them lead their lives peacefully. 

Similarly, Enneagram 1 personality type individuals also have specific ways to tackle stress and recover from these situations.

Let us now briefly discuss the techniques that these individuals adopt to come out of stress –

  • They can spend some quality time with their fun-loving friends or siblings and learn ways to nurture their inner child.
  • These individuals make schedules wherein they can just relax and reflect on what had gone wrong.
  • Enneagram 1s watch humorous shows or read comics to uplift their mood.
  • People of this personality type can take several planned breaks between works to avoid burnout.

To know more about the stress triggers of enneagram 1 nad their quick coping skills, you can click the link here.

Famous persons with enneagram 1

We have already discussed different aspects linked with Enneagram 1 personality type. There are several renowned personalities from different backgrounds and fields who possess this type of personality.

The famous people with Enneagram 9 personality type are as follows:

Are you eager to know the names of some more famous personalities with enneagram 1, you can click the link given here.

What enneagram 1s hate?

People are bound to hate certain things in their personal and professional lives. The same applies to Enneagram 1 personality type individuals as well. They are as follows –

  • Enneagram 1 people hate laziness, as they always look to stay active.
  • These individuals do not like irresponsible behavior.
  • They hate unfair practices.
  • People of the Enneagram 1 personality type take an honest approach in their lives. Hence, they hate dishonesty.
  • These people love being firm in their approach. Therefore, they do not like uncertain behavior from others.

Hobbies of enneagram 1

Every individual likes to spend their leisure hours indulging in some typical activities of their choice. The same applies to Enneagram 1s as well. 

They invest their time in those activities that can help them create a difference in others’ lives.

Following are some of the popular hobbies of Enneagram 1:

  • They love to spend their leisure time acting as volunteers.
  • Enneagram 1s also love to raise funds.
  • People of this personality type engage in tutoring and rectifying flaws.
  • Enneagram 1 personality type individuals also indulge in cooking their favorite items to serve guests.
  • They can even spend time learning new recipes from online sources. 

The detailed hobby choices of enneagram type 1s are given here.

How rare are Enneagram 1s?

Enneagram 1s are found in only 10% of the population. There is no difference as far as gender distribution of this type is concerned. This estimated value has been given by a research study conducted by

Growth tips for enneagram 1s (How do you grow better)

Personal growth refers to a continuous process of self-development that aims to develop your key skills and upgrade your areas of expertise. 

It also refers to improving your overall behavior responses, emotional expressions, communication style, relationships, and workplace habits.

When you try to grow better, you actually imbibe certain positive habits that are in tune with the society you belong to.

People with an enneagram 1 personality type are very serious about everything in life. Thus, their personal growth program should aim towards a more relaxed outlook.

One should be taught to be flexible and easygoing. They should learn to adapt themselves to changing circumstances, even if they do not like doing it.

Moreover, enneagram type 1s are critical and get antagonistic at times if their values are hard hit by someone. 

Some of the best growth tips that they may follow are: 

1. Practice Self-compassion

Type ones are hard and harsh on themselves. They never allow themselves to make mistakes of any kind and when they commit mistakes, their inner critic gets really harsh and abusive.

Thus, their self-growth regime should focus on developing self-compassion skills where they need to learn self-love strategies. 

Enneagram 1s should learn to take things easy and embrace things that are not at par with their set standards. 

2. Accept others as they are

It is important for Ones to understand that individual differences make others different from others. Thus, they should accept others as they are and not what they want them to be.

Ones are great partners, committed friends, and supportive colleagues yet they struggle to maintain a harmonious and loving relationship with others.

This happens because Enneagram 1s think that they are set out on a mission to rectify and change others. 

They detest imperfections and flaws and intend to be fiercely critical if others are not at par with their values and opinions. 

3. Stop being rigid

Ones are known for their psychological rigidity and inflexibility. They never compromise on their values and believe that they are always right and others are wrong and imperfect.

This tendency makes them critical and judgmental. Enneagram Ones should focus on maintaining a good balance and live their truths humbly.

Being flexible allows them to appreciate the goodness in others. They will be able to see others’ perspectives as well without getting stuck in one place.

4. Maintain a good work-life balance

Enneagram Ones should maintain a good work-life balance and take proper self-care as and when needed. Sometimes they should take time out of their busy schedules and spend time with their loved ones.

This allows them to be present in their moments and appreciate all the good things life has offered them.

Being present also helps them to connect with themselves and improves awareness and acceptance.

They should always take out time for relationships, self-care, health, and overall well-being.

Enneagram personality tests

The Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator, which is popularly known as the RHETI version 2.5, is a widely used enneagram personality test used globally for determining the primary enneagram type of a person.

This test is an empirical measure that is scientifically designed by thorough research and consists of 144 paired statements. The usual time for test completion takes around 40 minutes.

The RHETI enneagram indicator was created and developed by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson in 1993. The test gives a detailed analysis of the personality profile along with the wings and the relative relationship of a person

It also indicates the wings and relative relationship of the core enneagram type with all the nine personality types.

If you are eager to know your primary enneagram number, you may take the test here.

The video link shared below shows the signs and personality dynamics of an enneagram 1. Do check out.

Parting words from ‘ThePleasantPersonality’

Summing up, it can be said that Enneagram 1s are organized and dutiful, ethical and just, steadfast and tireless. They live their life with values and integrity.

Armed with perfection, these individuals prefer to live by their own set of standards that are high-end and full of excellence. They never compromise on their values and what they believe to be right.

They are out on a mission to perfect the imperfect world. But chasing perfection makes them harm themselves in the long run. Over a period of time, Ones may become more resentful and aggressive. 

They wish to make things better because they believe that nothing is good enough and needs to be reformed and amended as per rules and conventions.

“In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

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