Enneagram 1 workplace habits include their need to get everything correct and in perfect order. They’re undoubtedly dedicated employees and prefer to do things with precision and accuracy. Type ones would love to see everything in black and white. They are not the ones to compromise on values and ethics even if it is a dire necessity in the workplace. 

In offices, they will uphold values that are exemplary. Hardworking and devoted to their job also make them appear too career-oriented at times. They would fear making mistakes at work as failures are not easy to handle.

People with enneagram type 1 preferences are rigid and narrow-minded at times. At workplaces, they may appear a little bossy at times. They may correct others’ and this attitude can hamper their workplace relationships with colleagues and superiors. Otherwise, they are the best employees an organization can have. 

Their loyalty and self-discipline get reflected in the kind of work they do in the office. In this elaborate post, we will highlight how these serious perfectionists play the various hierarchy roles assigned to them from time to time along with their communication style and conflict resolution strategies.

Enneagram 1 workplace habits

Their workplace habits include perfection, dedication, efficiency, and success. Enneagram type 1s will never compromise on the quality of work that they would be doing. They will never settle for low-quality work; rather get to the utmost perfection level all the time. 

In workplaces, enneagram 1s need a purpose to work for. Maybe this is the reason that they choose careers such as politics, law enforcement, social services, etc. These individuals will work for a meaning to fulfill.  Being an organized freak, type 1s will ensure that everything is in perfect shape in their office. They will not like messy work styles and expect the same level of meticulous behavior from all team members.

In workplaces, Enneagram is introverted and prefers to concentrate on their work and career goals as much as possible. Socially, they will interact with co-workers only when needed. They prefer serious conversations that can help everyone grow together in the organization. These individuals do not prefer gossip and small talk while a serious discussion is taking rounds at the table.

Armed with a good vocabulary and communication style, type 1s will make themselves very clear in the workplace. Others will easily come to know about their expectations at work. People with type 3 preferences are engaging with team members. They have excellent leadership abilities and this allows them to motivate the team members to contribute at their best levels in the workplace.

For an enneagram 1, mistakes are not beautiful at all. Their high work standards never allow them to make mistakes. These individuals will try to rectify the mistakes as soon as possible so that they need not compromise on their perfectionist tendencies.

People with enneagram type 1 preferences are the star performers in workplaces. Their strong sense of dedication and high-held values makes them everyone’s favorite in the office. They have lofty ambitions and goals to work for, so they will never fall short of the efforts needed to accomplish such big goals.

At workplaces, they are an asset to the organization. Enneagram Ones are always seeking an upward trajectory as far as their career is concerned. In work settings, they will not settle for anything even a little less than their abilities and worth.

Enneagram 1 as colleagues

As colleagues, enneagram 1s are highly dedicated and authentic. They are always driven by ideals and values and prefer to accomplish the assigned tasks on time. Types 1s are helpful colleagues. They won’t mind sharing the workload of other team members and act as dependable peers in the workplace. 

People with type 1 preferences are self-disciplined. They will do their job with utmost precision and efficiency. Sometimes they may react critically to the laid-back attitude of a colleague because they desire the same level of efficiency and work commitment from everyone in the organization. 

An enneagram type 1 colleague will pursue only what is right in the workplace. Their high ethical standards never allow them to do wrong things. Even if their team members teach them wrongdoings, type 1s will never try to execute those wrongdoings in their daily life.

As colleagues, they will listen to the opinions of their team members but the chances are high that the last call will be taken by them. Enneagram type 1s is efficient and seeks meaning in their work. Therefore, you will never see them wasting time discussing trivial matters other than serious discussions related to their work alone.

It is important for an enneagram 1 colleague to build a good rapport with everyone in the team. They shouldn’t behave as someone out of this world type. Social interaction doesn’t come easily to Type Ones. These individuals will always have a high opinion about their work and efficiency levels. They may openly criticize others in the workplace and appear unpopular and arrogant in certain ways. But these actions can make them feel lonely as well.

Enneagram type 1s should learn to give space to teammates and respect their style of work also, so that cold war and conflicts can be kept aside from their daily working environments. 

As colleagues, type 1s should learn to become more cooperative and considerate in nature; much more than what they actually display currently in their workplace.

Enneagram 1 as subordinates

As subordinates, they will try to remain efficient and up-to-date with their work. They will never give anyone a chance to anyone to lodge complaints against them. Type Ones are organized and meticulous with their work. They will listen to their hierarchy managers fully. They will love to see perfection all around them.

As subordinates, they will prefer to do the right things, no matter what others think about them. As they are detail-oriented, they will pay attention to everything that needs to be seen and done in a situation. Their tenacity is high and they can take up challenges very often. In the face of work stress, they will try to keep up with their high work standards and may behave too harshly with themselves.

These subordinates will seldom commit mistakes and they are always praised for their efficient work. Enneagram 1 subordinates will act as lenders of last resort when it comes to delegating a tough task that other team members have failed to accomplish.  

As subordinates, they would love to learn more work and prefer to remain updated with the smallest details. These individuals will seek constant improvement so that their level of perfection could be maintained anyhow. 

Enneagram 1 as managers

Being managers, Enneagram 1 will always appear bossy and assertive in the line of communication with their subordinate teammates. They will expect quality work from all and will hold a no-nonsense approach to work. These individuals have good leadership skills and they will manage the team and other resources in the most efficient way. 

They ensure punctuality at the workplace and expect their teammates to respect the deadline given. People with Enneagram type 1s are known for their value-oriented nature. They will ensure that each member of the team gets a chance to offer their opinions. Although they will be quite firm about their expectations, they will allow members to share their thoughts as well. 

Enneagram 1 managers are bold. They hold a future vision that is purposeful and can help all the members to go up the professional ladder. This is the reason type 1s never take mistakes easily. They would love to respect their perfectionist tendencies to the fullest. Type Ones are motivated by success and social status. They would love to earn the respect of others and ensure top-notch work quality.

These managers will also mentor their subordinates whenever possible about ethics and work culture in an organization. Enneagram Ones are able and proactive managers. Their opinions, insights, and values are an asset to the company.

Enneagram 1 workplace communication

Enneagram 1s are always busy getting things right. They prefer straight talk that is logical, carries less emotional sentiments, and is meant for the goal the team is working for. These individuals are precise and direct in conveying their message. They are exact and to the point in their communication style.

Enneagram Ones have good people skills. It means they are firm in conveying their message but never insult others’ feelings or dismiss their opinion in the process. As type 3s are always busy with results and achievements, their message is filled with task-related concepts. 

These individuals would love to communicate their newly-found ideas to the team. They will also seek insights from the team members in the process. Thus, whatever they are communicating will be exactly related to the project they are working on.

Enneagram 1s chooses an assertive communication style. They are logical, factual, and exact in their communication approach. They prefer a pragmatic speaking style that is serious and matters a lot in the discussion process. Sometimes, if others do not follow them, they may show an edge of impatience. Small and subtle constructive criticism may be directed towards the person or the team in general so that everyone can improvise their skills as much as possible.

The way they communicate their ideas, opinions, and thoughts is an absolutely no-nonsense approach. Type Ones may be heard saying ‘should’, ‘must’, ‘good’, ‘right’, and ‘wrong’; many times in their professional communication.

They never get into the personal stories that some of the team members may have to share with them. These individuals carry a serious demeanor and team members are entertained only to a small extent. 

Overall, Enneagram Ones like direct and purposeful communication that is interesting, insightful, and exact in nature.

How does Enneagram 1 manage business meetings?

Enneagram 1s prefers detailed business meetings where each detail of the matter will be communicated in an exact way. These individuals will prefer an agenda that is well-organized and exact. Their business meetings are usually very serious, methodical, and systematic in every way. 

As they are very responsible and hardworking individuals, they want their meetings to give them an overall picture of the project, what needs to be done, and how resources are to be managed to reach the end goal. 

They are motivated by what is perfect and ethical, and fears being wrong. These individuals will plan their meeting agenda much ahead of the exact time and date of its occurrence so that they are prepared for every small detail to be discussed with the team in the meeting. 

People with type 1 preferences will remain as perfect as possible in their discussions. They will communicate the project in detail to the team. In business meetings, no personal touch is found. Enneagram 1s will discuss only work-related matters and would prefer to maintain a serious, no-nonsense approach throughout the meeting. 

Conflict resolution of Enneagram 1 in workplaces

Conflicts and confrontations are a normal part of today’s business and industry. This is because people are supposed to deal with varying opinions and know-how. Our personality plays a very vital role in understanding how we would deal with the overwhelming emotions that come with these workplace conflicts.

People with type 1 preferences are bold, assertive, and extremely competent. In workplaces, they act firmly and approach everything in a serious manner. This nature is not liked by many others and confrontations become probable.

Enneagram 1s will always feel the need to stick to their values and beliefs that others may consider ‘too much’ to handle in real-life circumstances. Their work style is so serious that others might get upset too soon.

Enneagram 1s may get into conflicts because of the following reasons:

  • Too much reliance on honesty and ethics. Feels bad when their ethics are dismissed by others.
  • They believe that there is only one way of doing things, and may show inconsideration towards others’ opinions.
  • Tries to correct others all the time.
  •  Less forgiving in nature.
  • Dismisses others’ opinions in subtle ways. Not outright in their approach
  • Tends to see things in black and white. For enneagram type 1s, there is no middle way.

They can resolve conflicts in the following ways.

  • By becoming more flexible and easygoing in their approach
  • Consider diverse opinions and perspectives.
  • They should learn to give space to others.
  • Taking a structured problem-solving approach will help to resolve the conflict.
  • Using a non-judgmental approach to correct others if they are really wrong.
  • Type 1s should stop their nitpicking tendencies while resolving workplace conflicts.

To Sum Up

Regardless of what career path they choose, enneagram 1s will always nail it. They are the ones who earn promotions in work quite often, just because they show exemplary work performance. Their devotion to their work is unmatched and they are an asset to the organization. 

Type Ones are driven by values. They will show honesty and integrity at work. Their sense of responsibility and practical outlook towards life will help them earn all that they have cherished from their job.

At workplaces, they exhibit good leadership skills, and can equally get along well with office peers and subordinates. Becoming more flexible and open in workplaces may help them attain much more than what they are getting now from a workplace setup.