Enneagram 3 careers thrive on new opportunities and responsibilities given to them by their hierarchy managers. These individuals are ambitious, adaptable, and goal-driven. They prefer job roles that are competitive, allowing them to take on new responsibilities and learn about various things that can enhance their skill set at the workplace.

Enneagram 3s are known as achievers. Thus, it is obvious that they will take up career roles that allow them to constantly set new goals and achieve them successfully. They are not the kind of people to sit back and wait for an opportunity. Rather, they will be energized and motivated to face challenges in workplaces that help them to grow professionally.

In this article, we will discuss their major career endeavors in an elaborate manner.

Enneagram 3 Career Choices

The Riso-Hudson Test Indicator or the RHETI is one of the most common personality tests available today. This test classifies human beings into nine different personality types, called the Enneagram personality types. This is why many people also call the RHETI as the Enneagram test.

Each of the nine different Enneagram personality types has its own unique personality traits. Each type has a strong motivation in their life and a strong basic fear. This fear and motivation control the behavior of each of the 9 Enneagram personality types in different aspects of life. This includes what they like, what they do not like, their hobbies, and even career options.

In this article, we will talk about some common career choices for individuals with the Enneagram type 3 personalities. Keep reading to find out what these choices can be.

Enneagram type 3s tend to be very success oriented. They are good at setting goals for themselves and then working hard to achieve their goals. They crave validation from others. They always wish that others appreciate them for whatever work they do. So, while making career choices for Enneagram 3s, the opportunity to get other people’s validation becomes an important factor.

Enneagram 3s are also quite proactive individuals. They hate sitting idle and doing nothing. For this reason, they want to be in fast-paced work environments.

So, what are some good Enneagram type 3 careers? Let us find out below.

1. Real estate agent

The role of a real estate agent can be a good fit for an Enneagram type 3. In this job, an Enneagram 3 individual can set his or her own goals. They can set their own target in terms of the number of houses they sell, or their sales figures. Once they reach their goals, it makes them feel successful. It also motivates them to work harder and make more sales.

Enneagram 3s are also friendly, proactive, and outgoing. They are good at talking with people. This makes them well-adapted to being successful in selling their pitch to potential clients. This quality increases their success rate in this kind of job.

2. Lawyer

The job of a lawyer or advocate is also one where an Enneagram 3 can achieve success. Enneagram 3s often have an altruistic side to them. They want to help others. This is truer for healthy Enneagram type 3s. They want to become role models for other people. Being a lawyer, they get the opportunity to help others. 

They can fight for their clients and help them get justice. They would also get the validation of others, as their clients would help them and thank them. For these reasons, a lawyer’s job is quite appealing to an Enneagram type 3 individual.

3. Investigative journalist

Enneagram 3s often love freelance work. They are quite goal-oriented individuals. So, they love to set goals for themselves and then strive to achieve these goals. Being an investigative journalist offers them this kind of freedom. 

They will get the opportunity to help others, as they crave while uncovering the truth. Enneagram 3s are also proactive people. This kind of job will always keep them on their toes, which is appealing to an Enneagram 3.

4. Motivational speaker

As we said before, healthy Enneagram 3 individuals love to be role models for others. They want to inspire and motivate other people. One way to do that is by being a motivational speaker. Enneagram 3s have a natural ability to understand others. Most Enneagram 3s, especially healthy types, are kind and compassionate. 

At the same time, they are good at talking with other people. They have a natural ability to make others like them with relative ease.  

Thus, they can become a motivational speaker and inspire large groups of people. Since Enneagram 3s love to set goals, they can thus set big goals for all of their followers. Thus, they can inspire other people to be better versions of their own selves.

5. Salesperson

Enneagram 3s have some great qualities that would help them succeed as a salesperson. They are good at talking with people. They can convince their sales pitch to potential clients with ease. Being a salesman, Enneagram 3s would also set their own goals. They can work towards these goals at their own pace. 

This gives them the independent working environment that they want. Enneagram 3s also hate sitting idle. They always want to keep working. Being a salesperson allows them to always be active in a job that they like doing.

6. Teacher

Enneagram 3s wants to inspire others. They have an innate desire to be role models. They hope that other people will look up to them and strive to be like them. What better way is there to achieve that than by being a teacher? Enneagram 3s are friendly and amicable. They seem to have their way with people. 

They have a natural talent to make others like them. For this reason, Enneagram 3s as teachers can easily become the teacher that students like. They are also good at explaining their thoughts to others. 

So, they can explain complicated concepts with ease. Thus, Enneagram 3s can become good teachers.

7. Actor

Many Enneagram 3s have a flamboyant side to them. They like to show off their talent and want others to praise them for it. For Enneagram 3s who are talented in acting, doing it on a professional level can be rewarding. 

They will also get the admiration and adoration of people, which will motivate them to do better. Many famous actors like Tom Cruise, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Will Smith are Enneagram 3 type individuals.

8. Singer or musician

Just like acting, Enneagram 3s can build their own niche in the field of music as well. By being successful musicians, not only do they get the love and admiration of others, but they also get the opportunity to interact with lots of people.

Many best-selling musicians have an Enneagram type 3 personality. Some of these names include Elvis Presley, Madonna, Beyoncé, and Lady Gaga.

9. Accountant

Many Enneagram 3s love working with data and numbers. A great field where they can do this is accountancy. Enneagram 3s are very dedicated to their work. Sometimes, they get so focused on finishing a task that they ignore their personal life and forget to take a break. 

For this reason, they can excel in doing critical tasks like balancing account sheets. They are responsible workers, and they hate making mistakes. So, their supervisors can give them the responsibility of managing crucial tasks with severe financial implications.

10. Investment banker

The job of an investment banker has many requirements that match an Enneagram type 3’s skill set. Many Enneagram 3s love working with numbers and data. They are achievement-oriented individuals who give strong priority to getting their job done. 

An investment banker’s job is of utmost importance as other people’s financials depend on it. Enneagram 3s are also good at interacting with other people. They have the ability to influence others with ease. So, they can give good advice to their clients. 

Enneagram 3s also have the ability to look at the bigger picture. So, they can be a good judge of the financial market and offer sound advice to their clients.

Enneagram 3 Careers to Avoid

As we have seen till now, Enneagram 3 individuals have some unique traits which make them perfect for certain careers. But these same traits also make them unsuitable for certain other career options.

Enneagram 3s hate slow-moving careers. They hate if others boss them around and do not appreciate them. They also hate working in such an environment where they would not get an opportunity to interact with lots of people.

Thus, some career options that Enneagram 3s should consciously avoid include:

  • Nurse or caregiver
  • Writer
  • Engineer
  • Construction worker
  • Artist or painter
  • Electrician
  • Zookeeper
  • Human resource manager
  • Office clerk
  • Secretary
  • Receptionist
  • Cook or chef
  • Doctor

To Sum Up 

In this article, we have discussed some common career choices for individuals with the Enneagram type 3 personality. They want to work in fast-paced environments where they can set their own goals and work towards achieving them, such as a real estate agent, investment banker, etc. 

They also want to inspire others and get their appraisal, which they can get by being a motivational speaker, teacher, etc. If you are an Enneagram type 3 who has to make a choice about your career, we hope this article can be of help to you.