Enneagram Type 7s are expressive individuals who love connecting with others and engaging themselves in sharing their creative ideas. It enables them to develop a deeper level of understanding about various aspects of life. They possess versatility and optimism and can act spontaneously. Enneagram 7 workplace habits talk of how people with this personality type behave when they play their role as a colleague, a subordinate, and a manager.

The ideal workplace for an Enneagram 7 personality type is where they can explore new ideas regularly. This person will want to do something other than similar tasks in their workplace. They will prefer it if their boss assigns them new work every day.

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Enneagram 7 Workplace Habits

Enneagram 7 workplace habits refer to how professionals with this personality type undertake their responsibilities as colleagues, subordinates, and managers. It mentions how they enjoy taking up different jobs and fulfilling duties using their creative ideas.

People with enneagram 7 personality typing are practical and playful and tend to be high-spirited. Even though they have several strengths and weaknesses in their personality, their core desire is to experience stimulation, engagement, and satisfaction in life. They have their eyes fixed on the goal and might go to any extent to seek joy and excitement from undertaking new experiences. Simultaneously, they can become exhausted and suffer from distraction by being active at all times. These people even have problems with impulsiveness and impatience.

Sevens never allow their enthusiasm to die down. They possess the relentless curiosity to gather new information and enjoy new experiences that help them lead their life to their fullest. These people do not give any respite to their minds from nurturing new ideas now and then. Their sense of positivity is such that they always prefer seeing their glass as half full rather than treating it as half empty.

When we talk of professional setups, enneagram 7s enjoy working in typical environments that help fulfill their requirements. These individuals would prefer if their managers allot new responsibilities each day than make them do repetitive tasks. Thus, they do not wholly concentrate on the task at hand. It will be fascinating if their colleagues spend quality time with them outside the workplace.

While playing their role as a colleague, an Enneagram 7 personality type individual will contribute positively toward the growth of their team and the organization. They will make themselves an indispensable part of the organizational framework. When they work as a subordinate, they love to do so independently. They do not prefer their seniors telling them what to do.

Finally, they can get an opportunity to lead or manage a team. It is even though an enneagram seven will not prefer to work in that position. Still, they will try to remove hierarchies and create good rapport among all the employees.

It is now time to discuss in detail how an enneagram 7 handles different responsibilities in the workplace –

Enneagram 7 as a colleague

When an Enneagram 7 personality type individual works as a colleague, they always try to bring forth a sense of joy amongst their team members. They will do everything possible to make others feel that a Seven is an indispensable part of the team. These individuals adopt a positive mentality toward all the roles and responsibilities they must undertake for fulfilling organizational objectives.

Gradually, they become an indispensable part of the organization. There is always a tendency among these colleagues to make their presence felt among their co-workers. They do so by showing their urge to communicate and offer inputs to ensure that the work takes place in the desired manner. Due to their proactive nature, people in an organization can feel their absence when the enneagram seven professionals is not around.

These individuals are always brimming with new ideas. Hence, they keep suggesting new ways for allowing their colleagues to carry out their roles and help achieve the organization’s demands. Their co-workers must implement some of those ideas. Hence, it will give an enneagram seven the desired respect. Doing so would even help to strengthen the relationship between an Enneagram 7 colleague and their peers.

It would encourage Sevens to become even more active while contributing toward the organization’s growth. He will ensure that their colleagues become better by being with them. They will not only make their colleagues feel at ease in an organization but also ensure that the work becomes enjoyable.

Enneagram 7 as a subordinate

If an Enneagram 7 works as a subordinate, he will always like to carry out responsibilities using his knowledge and understanding. They will not enjoy it if their seniors instruct them regarding what to do. It happens because Sevens are swift in their thought process among all other Enneagram Types. Thus, it enables them to handle multiple projects at a time.

Sevens are always ready to implement their ideas for the proper execution of work. Hence, they receive appreciation from seniors for their rational approach while carrying out responsibilities. These individuals know how to formulate all possible ways to solve even the most complex issue. An enneagram 7 prefers complete independence to work as they want.

As a subordinate, an individual with an enneagram seven personality type will ideally prefer it if their boss assigns them new responsibilities to work on every day. They will manage to quench their thirst for fresh experiences in professional circuits. Otherwise, it will not take much time for these subordinates to suffer from boredom. Moreover, subordinate seven will enjoy working under a manager with faith in their abilities.

Apart from these, enneagram seven subordinates will look forward to receiving creative ideas from their direct reports. Nothing will motivate them more than this. These individuals need to work across organizations where they will carry out their responsibilities according to their preferred pattern.

Enneagram 7 as a manager

In an ideal scenario, an enneagram seven professional will not like to serve as a manager for the long term. The reason being these individuals have the requisite efficiency to offer new ideas. Still, they do not perform well while managing operations within an environment.

These people face difficulties in making decisions, which also let them suffer from immense pain and disappointment. It is always significant for a leader to make logical decisions and act promptly. Employees look up to their managers for advice and guidance. Therefore, if they fail to live up to their expectations, it will hamper the smooth operations of an organization.

When an enneagram seven acts as a leader or manager, they depict their fun and exciting nature. These managers attract employees and rub their energy and optimism on them. They work energetically. It is natural for an enneagram seven manager to start working on a project. Every individual loves interacting with them. They form teams that show enthusiasm about the project right from the beginning. Their innovation arises from their ability to use cumulative knowledge of different topics to achieve the bigger goal.

A manager with this enneagram personality type carries out all their duties with a smiling face and happiness in the heart. This belief allows the team to look at the brighter side of their professional life, even when things do not go as per plan. It enables the enneagram seven managers to instill positivity within the office culture.

Enneagram 7 Communication Style in the Workplace

Enneagram type 7 professionals pay attention to the positives in life. It is applicable for both personal and professional circuits. They have an upbeat style of communication. It is also engaging, informal, and stimulating. Sevens enjoy nurturing various ideas inside their minds. Hence, enneagram sevens try to stimulate others’ minds while communicating. These people engage themselves in animated discussions and do so in a rapid manner.

Professionals with enneagram seven personality types often resort to storytelling. It helps them to develop better connections with others. These connections enable sevens to undertake their responsibilities in a hassle-free way. They tend to interrupt others. It is a unique manner of offering support by following a unique communication style. Sevens break down their whole communication process into smaller categories. Thus, they make things easier for others to handle. Therefore, it becomes convenient for subordinates, colleagues, and managers to understand whatever they try to convey.

Enneagram 7s face challenges in their communication when they require following through and focusing on the detail. On top of this, their preference to start things like ideas or projects can cause a lot of frustration among others. It is particularly applicable for those who are methodical in their approach or prefer going deeper inside different aspects. An enneagram seven will seem as if they are unfocused to those team members. These professionals must watch out for signs where they might overwhelm others with possibilities.

If a colleague happens to be of the Enneagram Seven personality type, one must embrace the energy that their unconstrained curiosity possesses. They must look for various ways to channel it so that it serves the group. There is a tendency among Sevens to move away from those carrying negative emotions.

How Does an Enneagram 7 Manage Business Meetings?

When someone with an enneagram seven personality type is part of a professional setup, they will be an asset to the organization. These people are conceptual innovators. They achieve excellence in developing new visions and fresh ideas and offering new solutions to problems. Every organization looks forward to having a candidate of this type. Even when things do not proceed according to plan in a company, an enneagram seven would always find a silver lining and not succumb to negative feelings.

They will connect their wide range of ideas well and formulate strategies for resolving issues within an organization. When they attend meetings, either as a leader or while acting as a subordinate, they will want concrete discussions to take place swiftly and interestingly. These professionals want to see progress through new deals and acquisitions rather than stagnancy.

An enneagram seven will want quick decisions from the board members regarding funds for purchasing materials and equipment. Once that is complete, they would love to formulate a strategy for using them to execute their plans to perfection. They love discussing several projects simultaneously and hence indulge in lengthy meetings. This professional will not like it if someone takes too much in dealing with one project. Then, they might call it off and hold the same sometime later.

Conflict Resolution of Enneagram 7 in Workplaces

Enneagram 7 personality type professionals are the ones who always put a lot of effort to avoid conflict with any of their colleagues if their thought patterns do not match. They remain optimistic even under grave circumstances. These individuals possess the unique ability to adopt alternative options for resolving conflict. Sevens fear carrying out all those interactions that might harm their image.

An enneagram seven personality type individual faces difficulty with restrictions. Hence, they will always want to work with complete freedom and avoid interference at any level. Due to their lack of patience in going through details, these people always consider the big picture. Thus, they make sure to remove employees’ arguments regarding the nitty-gritty of the process that will result in the fulfillment of objectives.

Sevens use their positive energy whenever they face any conflict. They emphasized the favorable experiences and all those good things in the environment. These people overlook their pain and suffering and keep a positive mindset while trying to resolve the conflict.


Enneagram Type 7 professionals always feel the need for stimulation, engaging with others to share ideas and get satisfaction while carrying out their responsibilities. They prefer working independently. Hence, these people become disgusted if anyone interferes in their thought process.

While there are people who love doing the same kind of task over and over again, it is not the case with an enneagram seven. They love taking up challenges and hate boredom. Thus, these people look forward to working on different responsibilities each day.

Whether an enneagram 7 acts as a colleague, a subordinate, or a manager, they will always prefer using their ideas to carry out duties on their own. They will enjoy being with people who use their suggestions and connect with them at a personal level.