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All About Enneagram 7 Personality types – The Enthusiast

All About Enneagram 7 Personality types – The Enthusiast

Updated on Nov 18, 2022 | Published on Nov 12, 2021

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Enneagram 7 Personality Type 7 - The Enthusiast

Key Takeaways

  • Enneagram 7s are exuberant, fast-paced, and spontaneous. There is love of life in their eyes.
  • They put their energy into enjoying and experiencing life to the fullest.
  • They are upbeat, charming, and prefer to maintain a privileged position.
  • Enneagram 7s can do everything to avoid frustrations, constraints, and limitations. Hates being trapped in suffering and pain.
  • They love to imagine many fascinating possibilities for the future.

Do you think life is a full spectrum of diverse possibilities and you need to experience them with sustained attention? Are you energetic and upbeat? Have you been frustrated with constraints and limitations? 

Do you prefer to remain active and agile always without a tint of laziness around? If the answers to these questions are yes, you could be an enneagram 7.

You’re an extrovert who is outgoing, exuberant, tolerant and lives life to the fullest. Your high spirit and spontaneous nature make you versatile and resourceful.

You live with your whims and wishes and prefer to keep things easy and graceful. Your desire to experience everything that life has to offer makes you seek new experiences every now and then. 

Sevens are busybodies and prefer to remain spontaneous always. You do not want to miss out on anything. Thus, you remain in a state of excitement and fun, so that you never feel sidetracked.

Above all, your wide-eyed, energetic nature sets you on the go. You can visualize light amidst darkness and that makes you the most active and optimistic enneagram personality type.

Let us know more about you.

Enneagram 7 Personality Infographics

Enneagram 7 - Definition, Signs & Famous Persons with Enneagram 7
Enneagram 7 – Definition, Signs & Famous Persons with Enneagram 7
Enneagram 7 - Strengths, Blind Spots & Hobbies
Enneagram 7 – Strengths, Blind Spots & Hobbies

Enneagram 7 – meaning and personality description

People with enneagram 7 are fun-loving, versatile, and easy-going. More than anything, they hate being missed out in the crowd and prefer to stay tuned with everything going around. Sevens seek novelty and excitement. For them, cool and happy living without tensions and agonies should be the rule of life.

From the outside, sevens are extroverts. Their high spirit, happy-go-lucky attitude, and zest for life make them outgoing and playful. These individuals prefer to stay content and satisfied. Their basic need is to feel happy and avoid pain.

Enneagram 7s are nicknamed enthusiasts because they prefer new experiences and may feel bored if asked to do the same stuff every day.

They need to explore the world with their wide-eyed outlook. They prefer to look and feel relaxed always even during tough times.

Enneagram 7s are the ones who would set realistic goals that can be achieved with spontaneity and liveliness. These individuals are curious and approach life with adventure.

If you know any enneagram 7, you must have felt their positive vibes. They emanate optimism with their sparkling eyes.

Sevens also radiate a lot of energy. This energy comes from the child-like nature that helps them to dust worries and fear and face hurdles with hope and easiness.

They love to experience life with the hope to keep worries at bay. Sevens can operate at various levels at the same time. They are multi-talented and can work on several projects at the same time. Their devotion towards their work is just unmatched.

Enneagram type 7s are thoughtful, imaginative, and always on the go. They are free souls who never prefer to get stuck in hopelessness. Somehow they make their way through adversities and soars high up in the sky.

Sevens are flexible and keep their options open. They can adapt very well to change, challenges, and adversities. These individuals are driven by optimism, and as such, they prefer to focus their energy on doing things that make them happy and serene.

They are into exploring new dominions and territories that may help them grow into better beings.

Enneagram 7 – The Enthusiast
Enneagram 7 – The Enthusiast

What can you expect if you are an enneagram 7?

If you are an enneagram 7, you must be like this – 

Being an enneagram 7 means that you are curious and enthusiastic about everything that you may come across. You would prefer new experiences rather than indulging in the same old monotonous stuff.

People will know you as a passionate and energetic person who can keep up with new changes and challenges and knows how to accomplish life goals. You may not be an intellectual nerd, yet you generate incredible ideas that can make grand success stories.

You are a quick learner and your agile and active mind can switch between ideas too soon. This helps in brainstorming about diverse things at the same time. Being an enneagram 7, you have a creative nudge. You can also probe deep inside a topic to know more about it.

Your innate talent to absorb information and synthesize them coherently helps you achieve extraordinary things. On the other hand, you are also endowed with manual skills. 

Your hand-eye coordination is excellent and keeps you stay present in your immediate surroundings. You have the ability to notice minute changes and figure out tiny details very easily.

Sevens are highly good at communication, so are you. You are a good communicator who can be clear and inspiring each time you get into any debates and discussions.

Being an enneagram 7, you will suffer from FOMO and would prefer to remain in sync with what’s happening around you. For you, life has many good things to offer and you are just out there to grab everything that comes round the corner.

You will always have a very high opinion of yourself. There will be a tendency to downplay the weaknesses and vice. You will always shy away from negative states of mind. 

Being an enneagram 7, you have a fear of missing out on an amazing experience and getting stuck in a situation. To avoid this, you will explore new experiences that will make you feel the happiness and subtle pleasures of life always.

Enneagram 7 personality traits (Adjectives that describes you)

Being an enneagram 7, you will display these personality traits quite often.

  • Playfulness
  • Inventiveness
  • High energy
  • Being enjoyable and upbeat
  • Optimism
  • Love of life
  • Good imagination
  • Easygoing and relaxed
  • Open-minded
  • Enthusiastic
  • Fast-paced
  • Analytical problem solvers
  • Never see the dark side of life
  • Stays strong amidst adversities
  • High-spirited
  • Practical-minded
  • Bestowed with rich imaginations

Enneagram 7 – thinking pattern

Enneagram 7s have active minds. Being multitalented, they may work on different projects at the same time. These individuals are imaginative, curious, as well as creative. This helps them to connect the dots easily.

They devote their energy to doing something productive. Having diverse interests, they may pick up projects that interest them and lead them to fruition.

Enneagram 7s are forward thinkers. They prefer to act upon their ideas rather than only thinking about them. Sevens are bestowed with vitality and enthusiasm. Thus, they are quick to learn new things. Their thought processes blend quick thinking and mental stimulation.

They would hate to be limited or constricted in some way. Thus they prefer to keep their options open and remain flexible to the ideas and opinions of others.

Enneagram 7s have structured thought patterns though they appear unsystematic, relaxed, and easygoing from the outside. 

Whenever they come across an idea, they will process it quickly and move into the details of it. Thus, they are good both at seeing the big picture as well as the nitty-gritty of concepts and systems they might be working on.

Enneagram 7 –Feeling pattern

It may seem that enneagram 7s only experiences positive emotions. They are always happy and prefer to live in fun and merriment. For them, life is to be led with happiness always, no matter whatever issue may happen in life.

These individuals avoid being anxious and depressed by being active and remaining on the go. Typically hope never deserts them and they try to avoid the gloomy situation at all cost

Enneagram 7s are exuberant and never take life seriously. For them, a last ray of hope always exists everywhere. They feel that a silver lining always exists in between hope and despair and they just hold onto that in times of distress.

Others see sevens as always full of life. In times of boredom and stress, enneagram 7s look for fresh possibilities. They never lose heart and try out till the end. 

However, enneagram 7s may become angry and frustrated if someone questions their abilities. As they are confident and assertive to some extent, they hate being questioned.

Their instant reaction in such a situation is to find out ways to remain happy and joyful. They would hate to be in a state of gloom for long.

Enneagram 7– Action pattern

Enneagram sevens can act fast on anything. They love variety and can pursue many tasks at the same time. These individuals live their life with a definite purpose but one thing that may appear problematic is their too exciting nature. 

Sometimes they may lose focus and end up messing things badly. They may leave tasks midway and start off with a new job. Enneagram 7s can multitask but they struggle with many plans put in place at the same time.

They may feel confused about which one to kick start and accomplish in reality. Sevens are wired to see only the positive things in life. 

To some extent, this mindset helps someone to grow but if they are too much into it, they may fail to see the other side of the coin that is dark and bleak.

As sevens dislike sitting idle, you may find them constantly moving and seeking out new opportunities. They are mentally restless, to be found in juggling tasks every now and then.

12 Signs of being an Enneagram 7

Being an enneagram seven, you are the most energetic, relaxed, and enthusiastic enneagram type 7. Your quick wit, humor, and childlike self make you popular in social circles. Your positive vibes radiate hope and happiness wherever you may go.

Some of the telltale signs that you’re an enneagram 7 could be:

1. You look planned and organized

Though you’re spontaneous and easygoing, you will always have a standard plan for everything. However, the plan will keep on changing from time to time. This happens because of your mental restlessness. 

At a first meeting, people may think you are all set to go for your future projects but when it comes to doing it in reality, they may find you doing something else. It means that you are extremely fickle-minded as far as your plans are concerned.

You’re more interested in carving a happy future than cherishing the happiness that exists here and now.

2. FOMO stays with you forever

Enneagram 7s prefers to stay tuned to events and happenings going around them. You will hate to see your friends catching up with something exciting and you are not a part of it. 

You fear missing out on happy moments, good food, fun, and enjoyment in life. Maybe your bucket list has so many exciting things but you’re unable to experience them. 

Enneagram 7s may suffer from extreme anxiety of being left out and not invited for things going on around them. They just wish to be a part of everything. When it doesn’t happen in reality, they may tend to behave oddly.

You may fear losing vitality and not doing things that you have wished for.

3. You may dislike limited resources

Being an enneagram 7, you do not like limited resources for yourself. You would prefer to have diverse opportunities where you can have endless choices to choose from. Thus, you may feel depressed if resources are scarce in some way.

Feelings of happiness come to you naturally when you see abundant possibilities to explore and work upon. 

4. You enjoy variety

Enneagram 7s have a tendency to feel bored quite often. They may feel stuck and confined if there is a dearth of creative activities and opportunities to work on. These individuals love variety in life. Boredom agonizes them deeply and as such, they wish to avoid them fully.

Anything new and exciting will catch your attention pretty early. Whether it’s music, socializing, dining, traveling, you would love to explore all the new things around the corner. Your list will go on till you are satisfied for the time being that you have tasted everything on the plate.

5. Enneagram 7s avoid conflict

As you thrive in happiness, you will do anything to avoid conflicts and disagreements. You would prefer to live happily and radiate hope to all those living with you in the same space. 

When things get negative, you may walk out of the room because it makes you feel jittery and restless. You cannot accept conflicts at all as it robs your positive bent of mind.

Being an enneagram 7, you will always try your best to avoid negative people and situations altogether as facing and resolving conflicts is not your strong suit.

6. They hate the idea of being trapped in a situation

The idea of being trapped in a negative or toxic situation such as an unhealthy workspace, or unpleasant relationships may make you feel extremely anxious and emotional. You may feel overwhelmed and claustrophobic.

In such a circumstance, You may shy away from commitments and may not like to take up responsibilities. You may just put your hands off from everything and prefer to live an isolated life.

7. You will become the life of the party

Enneagram 7s are extroverts and they live a vibrant social life. Their energy levels are always on the higher side. This makes you the most sought-after person in the room. At a party, people will get attracted to you because of your radiance and optimism.

Sevens prefer to talk and mingle with just everyone. They can make friends easily. Your preference for fun, frolic, and enjoyment sets the mood of the party.

8. Sevens have many hobbies

People with enneagram 7 personalities have many hobbies. This is because they show interest in all sorts of new and creative activities. Moreover, their extroverted qualities make them do adventure sports, hiking, mountaineering, etc. They are also good at creative tasks such as origami, painting, etc.

9. Enneagram 7s learn things the hard way

These people learn things through trial and error. This means they use their life experiences to delve deep into certain things and understand them better. 

10. You’re spontaneous and free-willed

Sevens are lively, relaxed, and spontaneous. They will always look for things that can make them happy and joyful. These people seek adventure. They are curious to know almost anything and everything. This makes them jump into various life situations without good thought.

11. Sevens may suffer from burnout

People with enneagram type 7 may suffer from burnout under conditions of extreme stress and anxiety. 

Their active and restless mind seeks new experiences and tends to suppress negative emotions always. This means they are not expressive and lack the authenticity to feel their true emotions.

They may try to distract themselves from the source of stress by hurting others who are close to them. There will be extremes of emotions and irritability in the way you think and feel about these disturbing issues in your life.

Sevens who shy away from their fears and anxieties are emotionally overwhelmed and frustrated. It causes burnout where they need to go through an emotional cleansing process to vent out their negativity and feel at ease with themselves.

12. Others expect you to be an entertainer always

Enneagram sevens are exuberant and full of life. Their charm and sense of humor make them attracted to others. However, in stressful situations, sevens can be forced to turn negatives into positives. Their friends prefer to see the brighter side of them. 

This adds pressure and sevens may crumble and start feeling overwhelmed. They may find that their friends and close ones are there with them only in good times. This causes anxiety and they may distance themselves from negativity altogether.

Enneagram 7 core motivations

The core motivations of your enneagram type 7 show the way you view, perceive, and interpret the world around you. These are subtle driving forces of your personality type that actually carves yourself’. You become the way you are.

You are wired to think, feel, and behave in certain ways because of your core motivations. It decides the traits that your enneagram number has.

The Enneagram model of personality development doesn’t only show the surface-level traits, rather it goes deeper into the dynamics or underlying mechanisms that determine your innate nature.

The core motivation of your particular type tells you the ‘why’ of your behavior and cognitive patterns.

The core motivations of enneagram 7 are divided into

  • Core desires or basic desire
  • Core fears or basic fears

The core desires and core fears go together because you do or desire to possess something only because you wish to avoid something else.

The core desires of enneagram 7s are:

  • Sevens desires happiness and pleasures of life.
  • They wish to experience everything that life has in store.
  • You may want a free and unrestrained life.
  • People with enneagram 7 personality types are seekers of new things.
  • They wish to avoid monotony and beat boredom anyhow.
  • Sevens are contented and satisfied, though for a short while.
  • They will do everything to avoid FOMO.
  • They harbor a wish to avoid pain and get pleasure.
  • These people also desire to have a lot of changes in life.
  • Sevens desire to be on the move.
  • They have an intrinsic need to remain flexible and open-minded always.

The core fears of enneagram 7s are:

  • Fear of missing out
  • Losing excitement in life
  • Getting stuck in one particular thing without hope of having any growth going further
  • Limited resources and opportunities to explore and work with.
  • Uninspiring lifestyle that appears boring and monotonous

Core values of enneagram 7

The core values of life are the guiding principles that wire our thoughts and feelings and make us do things that help us to accomplish life goals easily. In one way, it helps us to govern our life’s path in desirable ways. 

People with enneagram 7 are guided by their need to feel happy and enthusiastic always. The core values that govern all their actions are energy, enthusiasm, spontaneity, and hope.

These people know the art of living a good and satisfying life. As they seek variety and shy away from boredom, they wish to live with pleasure and joy and just forgo worries and pain.

Enneagram 7s are guided by optimism. They prefer not to get stuck in despair even during trying times. This attitude helps them overcome all the problems and misfortunes of their life.

  • Your liveliness is an endless source of fuel that helps you stay strong and feel joyous always.
  • Flexibility and open-minded attitude helps you listen to others and remain open to see the other side of the coin.
  • You may seek novelty and variety always.
  • Being an enneagram 7, you prefer hands-on experiences.
  • Your non-judgmental attitude makes you see the goodness in others. It improves your level of tolerance as well.
  • People with enneagram 7 as their primary personality type are guided by faith and hope.
  • They can see beauty in everything. Even the ugliest situations of life can give them a glimpse of optimism to stay strong and keep going.
  • Enneagram 7s prefer constant stimulation, otherwise they may feel left out and feel extremely uneasy about it.
  • These individuals forgo limitations and barriers and move towards a path of growth and progress without a boundary wall.

Healthy and unhealthy behavior patterns of enneagram 7

The enneagram personality typing shows nine interconnected types that possess both healthy and unhealthy behavior patterns. Whether a person manifests healthy behavior or an unhealthy one depends upon their psychological state of mind and the life situation they are in.

This means that these enneagram types are malleable and can alter their level of functioning according to changing circumstances. 

When they are moving towards growth, an enneagram 7 manifests behavioral traits like enneagram 5 and may become research-oriented, curious, and easygoing. 

In times of disintegration, the stress arrow may show some unhealthy patterns and an enneagram 7 may show the direction of traits towards an enneagram 1.

Let’s get into further discussion on the healthy, unhealthy, and average enneagram types.

Healthy enneagram 7

At healthy levels, 7s are optimistic and take life as it happens. For them, there is always something good lying around the corner. They never want to miss out on the opportunities that life gives them. 

These jovial people are fun-loving and you will feel good to be with them. They try their best to avoid pain and seek pleasure as much as possible.

When sevens are healthy, they may join the dots between their interests and expertise. It is likely that they would be inquisitive and creative to build up a good future for themselves.

Healthy enneagram 7s are happy and joyful. These positive feelings are manifested outside and they can light up many gloomy hearts instantly. They emanate positive vibes that are infectious and contaminated

Signs of healthy 7

  • Can understand things in-depth
  • The healthy 7 is grateful for all the things life has offered them. They are less complaining and more adjustable.
  • They are joyous and happy
  • Healthy enneagram 7s are energetic and never sit idle. You may find them working day-night on something until it’s done.
  • They are vivacious, cheerful, and peace-loving.
  • Healthy sevens are multi-talented. They prefer to indulge in many activities.
  • They are imaginative and have a creative bent of mind.
  • People with healthy enneagram 7 are cheerful, gregarious, and have vibrant social lives. Others get attracted towards their charm and glamour.

Unhealthy enneagram 7 

The unhealthy enneagram 7 disintegrates in the direction of enneagram type 1. These people have an intrinsic need to escape from pain and seek pleasure. 

They may become cynical and critical of what’s going on around them. Sevens may suddenly start feeling irritable and stuck. They may show severe signs of FOMO and may feel isolated at times.

The unhealthy sevens go through emotional highs and lows because they may feel confined and unable to move ahead. As if, life has come to a halt and they will never be able to experience anything new and innovative now.

This feeling puts them on the edge and they may start blaming the system they live in. At this stage, they may seem to lose control over reality and find themselves living in a fantasy world that is perpetual and lacks grounding.

Signs of unhealthy enneagram 7s

  • The unhealthy seven is impulsive and irritable
  • Makes a desperate attempt to remove pain and suffering from their life and feel happy.
  • They may feel uncontrolled in their behavior.
  • Makes a hasty decision.
  • They suffer from emotional highs and lows.
  • Suffers from poor self-esteem
  • They may get addicted to all sorts of unhealthy behaviors such as drinking, smoking, gambling, etc.

Average enneagram 7

The average enneagram 7 is action-oriented and seeks new opportunities to work on. They keep their options open and seek the next ‘high’. These people keep themselves busy by doing activities that they love.

They channelize their energy in various fun-loving activities. Enthusiasts can do anything to maximize happiness and pleasure in their life. 

Gloom and sadness are not for them. In times of distress, they may avoid the disturbing situation completely by engaging themselves in movies, reading, and exercise.

Signs of average enneagram 7s

  • They may appear confused and may not know what they really want.
  • The average seven is uninhibited and unrestrained.
  • Constant mental stimulation is needed.
  • Flamboyant and cheerful.
  • Witty and imaginative.
  • The average 7 thinks only for themselves.
  • They may appear insensitive, demanding, and pushy.
  • Sevens are greedy and overly materialistic.
  • The average seven never feel that they have enough. They always want more pleasure without doing much.
  • They focus on positive thoughts and keep away from negative people and experiences.

Enneagram type 7 wings

In the beginning, let us understand what ‘wings’ actually mean. The ‘wings’ are the amplification or enhancement of one’s primary enneagram personality type.

Therefore, it means that your unique personality type, signifying a particular numerical type, can actually relate to two other personality types in the enneagram symbol. 

The nine Enneagram types described in the model have two wings that are placed directly on either side of your primary Enneagram type. 

The main enneagram type dominates your overall behavior and functioning. The wings either add or contradict certain important aspects of the main type. 

You can say that wings are the second side of your main personality type. It determines the dynamic nature of personality.

For enneagram 7, wings are 7w8 and 7w6, because both enneagram 6 and enneagram 8 fall on either side of the enthusiasts. 

Enneagram 6 and 7 form the head triad and enneagram 8 belongs to the gut triad.

Enneagram 7 wing 6 characteristics

The enneagram 7 wing 6 possesses all the qualities of type 7 and shares a few traits with type 6. As enneagram 7 wing 6 are part of the head triad, so they are more logical and use their thought processes quite diligently before deciding on anything.

Seven with a six-wing want a happy life. They are always on the go and prefer excitement and enthusiasm. People with these personality types are outgoing and want to experience everything that comes their way. 

  • 7 wing 6 suffers from FOMO. They never want to miss out on new experiences and prefer to stay in tune with everything happening around them.
  • They will have a tendency to justify the actions of others because they hate getting into conflicts.
  • This wing of enneagram 7s values happiness and prefers to live a hopeful life.
  • They want to avoid pain and seek pleasure.
  • These people are thoughtful
  • 7 wing 6 are sensitive and caring towards the needs of others.
  • They have a tendency to second guess on everything
  • Under stressful circumstances, these typed people may find it difficult to stay strong and focused.

Enneagram 7 wing 8 characteristics

People with these personality types are energetic, proactive, and tough. They are mentally tenacious than the other seven types. 

The 7 wing 8 has an innate fear of being deprived of opportunities. These individuals are independent and prefer to live life with their own terms and conditions. Actually, they hate being controlled.

7 wing 8s have a tendency to rationalize their ill feelings. They prefer to thrive in happiness and joy and feel stuck in unfavorable and tense life situations. 

Moreover, these people always seek good things in life and never settle down with minor things, and always look forward to having more enriching experiences.

Sevens love to mingle with known and unknown people and usually have a wide social circle.

  • These sevens can stay calm amidst adversities.
  • Sevens with an eight wing are assertive and confident.
  • They have good communication skills and can make their opinions move across the group.
  • Seven wing eights are opportunists. They are open-minded and always try to grab the best offer available.
  • 7 wing 8s are always lively, charming, and high on energy.
  • They are impatient and impulsive.
  • This type also has difficulty in following rules and plans.
  • They focus too much on their careers, often turning out to be a workaholic.
  • These individuals prefer things to the point things.

Enneagram type 7 subtypes

In the enneagram system of personality typology, we have three subtypes for all nine personality types. The subtypes refer to your main or core enneagram type and the instincts.

Instincts are innate tendencies. They are the primal forces that make you think, act, and behave in certain ways. These are body-based and unconscious forces that guide our behavior and make us act in certain ways.

The three instinctual subtypes of enneagram 7s are:

Self-preservation (SP)

This subtype of enneagram type 7s are practical, well-balanced, happy, and knows what they want. These individuals are flexible and prefer to keep their options open.

The SP (self-preservation) seven is talkative, social, cheerful, friendly, calm, and composed. They are pleasure-seeking and prefer to keep their agonies and tensions at bay.

Social (SO)

The social sevens are helpful and empathetic. They hide their impulsive tendencies and channelize their energy into doing something good and productive for the community. These sevens are joyful and radiate hope and well-being for others they meet and live with.

As they are generous, they have an ability to understand the needs and wants of others. Sometimes the social seven may go out of their way to help and support others. 

They always look forward to creating a better world for themselves and others.

Sexual or One-to-one (SX)

The sexual subtype of enneagram 7s is romantics and idealists. They are energetic and passionate lovers. They prefer to live in a fantasy world away from reality as if seeing life through colored glass. Happiness and optimism rule their life. There is no sadness and despair around them.

The one-to-one sevens are sure that life is always about positive living. They see goodness in almost everything and in everyone

These sevens want an energetic world with a lot of opportunities to explore and work on.

They dislike boring relationships and prefer to add some spice to them to keep going for a long time.

Enneagram type 7 relationships

We have discussed several aspects of the Enneagram 7 personality type and developed a fair understanding of what this personality offers to society. 

It is now time to see how they maintain and deal with different kinds of relationships –

As a partner or spouse

Enneagram 7 personality type people are intense and spontaneous by nature. They love freedom, have an open mind, and are always on the lookout for exploring exciting challenges. Due to this reason, they want a partner to help create a balance.

 An Enneagram 7 needs to have a reliable partner. There has to be mutual trust that can help them stay committed in a relationship for a length of time. Type Sevens gives immense value to excitement and freedom of expression in a relationship. 

They want their partners to not make them feel trapped. Moreover, it is necessary for people of this personality type to feel grounded. For Enneagram 7s, a good relationship will be the one that can make them feel present without stifling their free-flowing nature. 

They base their sexual instinct on intensity. As a partner or spouse, an Enneagram 7 can easily fall in intense love. They look for a partner with whom they can develop a deep and ultimate connection. 

Enneagram 7s tend to run away from discomfort. Their dislike for the stereotypical aspects of routine makes things difficult for them to stay committed to one person. As Sevens are idealistic, they constantly seek a perfect romance. 

These individuals encourage their spouses to dream big and look forward to new possibilities. The sense of personal freedom, which Enneagram 7s possess, turns out to be infectious for their partners. They are generous and hospitable.

Moreover, Type Sevens are also sensitive, thoughtful, and profoundly grateful for the relationship. In these situations, Enneagram Sevens do not just focus on themselves but also share their energy and resilience with their partners. They give great support to others’ dreams.

As a good friend

Enneagram 7s seek variety in their lives, and they are fun-loving. They crave genuine friendship mixed with a bit of excitement. They look for a friend who can join them in carrying out their spontaneous pursuits in life without attempting to put them under strict schedules and routines.

Life is nothing short of an adventure for these personality-type people. Therefore, they want to experience having a sense of adventure to the maximum. An Enneagram 7 wants someone with whom they can listen and share stories. 

These individuals want friends with whom they can engage in stimulating conversations and discuss several experiences. The Sevens do not want such people as friends, who are their carbon copies.

Their friends must strike the right balance in their lives. There are occasions when Enneagram 7s suppress potential trouble spots or issues.

It is where a friend can remind them that they need to address specific problems or difficulties. For instance, if an Enneagram 7 wishes to get the desired outcome for some time but constantly makes decisions that cause hindrance, a friend can help them rethink their strategy. 

Those who want to become friends of Enneagram 7s, they should make sure to be as direct in their approach as possible. This nature does not mean that they can openly criticize their friends.

In this respect, they should ensure not to lecture Enneagram Type 7 people. In addition to this, one should try to get out with them and engage in recreational activities. 

To forge a successful friendship with an Enneagram 7, individuals must acknowledge their skills and talents. They should also realize that these people tend to get overwhelmed while analyzing their feelings.

As a parent

Enneagram 7s, better known as Enthusiasts, is spontaneous and fun-loving. They have immense joy and love to create lasting memories.

When they play the role of a parent, these individuals light up their surroundings and always wish to create memorable, fun-filled adventures for their children.

They always wish to have good times. Moreover, their childish nature helps them to get in touch with their children at a deeper level. Enneagram 7 personality type parents bring to the relationship a sense of joy and fearlessness that their children can imbibe. 

On the other hand, the fast-paced nature of Sevens can easily overwhelm all those children, who are less adventurous and quieter.

Enneagram Type 7s enjoy taking risks. As they live their lives in grand style, they become eager to let their children attain new experiences that the world has to offer.

People of Enneagram 7 personality type view numerous possibilities along with innovation all around them. They expect their children to keep up with their pace.

As parents, they might overschedule activities and outings. Moreover, they might show minimum interest in quieter, stereotypical aspects linked with parenting.

Enneagram 7 compatibility with other types

Let us see how an Enneagram 7 personality type individual behaves when they pair up with nine Enneagram personality types.

The following compatibility chart would help us get a better idea of the extent of compatibility an Enneagram 7 has with other Enneagrams –

Enneagram TypesWhen Paired With 7

Enneagram 1

They form a terrific pair consisting of opposite characteristics. Each individual brings the best out of the other. Where on the one hand, Enneagram One helps out the Seven in realizing their full potential. On the other hand, the Seven reminds Type One that they should take breaks from their hard work.

When these two individuals remind each other of what they should do, it helps unlock numerous possibilities. They share the immense joy of displaying goodness as a couple and in the family. If they have differences in opinions and the individuals withdraw, rather than sharing what hurt them, they require help to resume communication.

Enneagram 2

Enneagram Type Seven with Type Two turns out to be a fun-loving, mesmerizing, and energetic couple. It is tough to slow them down due to age and time, which usually happens for other individuals. The Two’s lively and caring nature, mixed with Seven’s charm, and intelligence, help them become a dynamic couple.

They are always eager to help others. The love they share does not stay on the surface but makes its way onto others’ hearts. Both Two and Seven nurture one another, resulting in several wins in their relationship

Enneagram 3

When Enneagram Type Three pairs up with Enneagram Type Seven, they make for an exceptional couple due to their ambition, big dreams, and confidence level. This pair likes to spend a lot of time connecting and can communicate efficiently. It happens when they can get rid of their fear of vulnerability and exposure. 

As each individual nestles into safer boundaries, they can start developing the trust that they love one another deeply. Moreover, they would be satisfied to know that they are doing their work. It might take some time because of past attachment, injury, or skepticism. 

Enneagram 4

When Type Four pairs up with Type Seven, they tend to shine in their romantic relationship. They would have the natural tendency to withdraw from spending some personal time. It is even when they enjoy spending precious moments together.

Both these individuals are idealistic and eager to put their focus on potential with utmost joy and compassion. As Seven and Four Enneagram personality types have opposite characteristics, they make for a dynamic combination. 

They let each other feel important in their relationship. Moreover, they tend to prioritize their time for personal and spiritual growth.
Enneagram 5
When the Enneagram Type Five pairs up with an Enneagram Type Seven individual, the couple gives value to their independence to move around and discover new stuff. They are always ready to create and innovate. There lies a deep sense of comfort and respect for the various gifts that each individual possesses. 

Both these individuals feel the need to share their incredible gifts with the whole world. It is because the Seven are extroverts. They have some unique features, while the Five possess qualities that help grow relationships. 

Enneagram  6

The pair of Enneagram Seven and Enneagram Six glow together with a whole lot of loyalty and laughter. The love that they share shines brightly all across the world. This couple yearns for being safe and looks to spend cozy times. 

They even look forward to having a number of exciting adventures. The planning and preparation of Type Six to go with the carefree and expansive nature of Seven helps to balance one another well. 
Enneagram 7
The Type Seven couple is always on the move. As they lead their life with an analytical mindset, this couple’s communication style has a touch of playful idealism. They always cook up the fun and exciting projects. Most importantly, the couple is ready to learn new things and grow together.

As long as they manage to unlock fascinating mysteries about one another and life, in general, the Sevens start to play around with their curious minds. This couple needs to communicate properly.  It would make sure that they do not miss one another’s physical and emotional needs amid activities.

Enneagram 8

When an Enneagram Type Eight pairs up with Type Seven, they develop intense energy and understanding. It comes from their dynamic and passionate nature. These individuals do a lot of analysis and tend to have anger within them during the initial stages of their relationship. Luckily, it does not last for long, with the reinstatement of fun, if they can resolve any issue and compromise.

The pair also tends to share an intense love for freedom and independence. They manage to move freely in the world apart from offering to keep things under check, along with the space that each individual requires. The couple can prosper in their relationship through the use of their intelligence and power.

Enneagram 9

This pair of Seven and Nine understands the importance of striking a balance between fun and rest. The couple makes for a fun-filled and playful combo. Enneagram Type 9 helps to get rid of Type Seven’s anxiety and makes sure to stay with them through their anxious moments. 

Both these individuals adopt a positive outlook as a whole. The enthusiastic Seven makes the usually dispassionate Nine feel championed.  It allows the Nine to unravel a whole lot of gifts they possess within themselves. Plus, it helps stabilize the Nine and lets the two individuals shine brightly across the world. 
Enneagram 7 compatibility chart

Dating tips for enneagram 7

Type sevens prefer space in their relationship. They want energetic and fun-loving partners who will be in tune with their enthusiastic nature and can also help them explore the beautiful things around them.

Sevens are known for being loving partners. In relationships, they appear superficial yet are helpful and compassionate towards their partners.

If you have an enneagram 7 partner, you will find that life is always beautiful and exciting. Sevens can see beauty even in ordinary things. Their optimistic worldview makes them see goodness in everything.

If you wish to connect with these people on a deeper level, you will have to learn some tricks to sync yourself with them. Let’s check out how you can date them the way they like.

  • To build rapport with an enneagram 7, you will have to appreciate their good work and optimistic ideas. They love to be appreciated for their endeavors.
  • Try to remain flexible with them. Never insist on doing something in the same way as you do. Appreciate their creativity.
  • Be a good listener to these enthusiastic folk. They prefer to be heard and understood deeply.
  • Enneagram 7s are adventurous. So, you will also have to try out doing new things to bust monotony in the relationship.
  • Never talk negatively with them. They may not like it.
  • Sevens are fiercely independent. Thus, it is advisable for you not to try to control or restrict them. They hate being stuck in one place.
  • Sevens are extroverts and talkative. Thus, listen to their stories and views patiently. Never show your impatience or reluctance in sharing and doing things that they love to do. 
  • Sevens avoid their responsibilities and escape from conflicts. You should not force them to commit unless they are mentally prepared. They hate being rushed to take up new responsibilities.
  • Help them to face their anxieties and negative feelings. This will make them understand the other shades of life as well. 
  • Join them in fun-filled activities and creative pursuits. They love shared responsibilities and shared learning. This is a great way to know them better.

Enneagram 7 workplace habits

Until now, we have discussed how an individual of an Enneagram 7 personality type maintains different kinds of relationships. Moreover, we have also seen how compatible they are when compared with other Enneagram types. 

It is time to see how this individual behaves and maintains when he has to carry out different responsibilities at a workplace. Enneagram 7s feel energized when they can explore new ideas at work. They remain upbeat as long as their boss allots them with new work every day.

People of this personality type would love it when their peers spend quality time with them outside the office. 

Let us now discuss and develop an understanding about this type and see how he performs at work while undertaking different responsibilities –

As a colleague

When an Enneagram 7 personality type person works as a colleague, he tends to bring a sense of joy to the table. In many ways, it turns out to be irreplaceable. 

They would make their presence felt. On the other hand, people can also feel the void when they are not around. One can expect an Enneagram 7 colleague to give out excellent ideas with high energy and passion. His peers must recognize those ideas and ensure to try a few of them out.

It would create a positive impact on the mind of an Enneagram 7 person. He could also offer encouragement and give better ideas to his peers. Enneagram 7 is an excellent co-worker, who makes working in an office real fun.

As a subordinate

As a subordinate, an Enneagram 7 does not like when his senior tells him what to do. It is because they happen to be one of the fastest thinkers among all the Enneagram types. Therefore, he can handle 2-3 different projects at a time.

They can conjure up all the possible ways through which they can carry out a task. These individuals require complete freedom to work independently. Ideally, it would be suitable for this Enneagram personality type to work under a manager who has complete trust in him.

For a subordinate of Enneagram 7 personality type to work in his desired manner, he should opt for those jobs where he will manage to do everything as per his schedule.

As a manager

Ideally, a person of Enneagram 7 personality type would not like to be in a managerial position for a very long time. It is so because these individuals are efficient while giving ideas but do not excel when they have to manage.

These individuals struggle to make decisions that result in a lot of pain and disappointment. It is a significant drawback for a manager. A company would always expect him to tackle employees of different personalities in an office.

Enneagram 7s also look to dissolve hierarchies and flatten them. They would prefer to create great camaraderie among their employees and create a fun-filled working environment.

Enneagram 7 career choices

People of Enneagram 7 personality type are enthusiasts as they always look for fresh and exciting experiences. As, Sevens are versatile, optimistic, extroverted, and spontaneous, they always try to get the most out of every situation. 

They always try to use various skills and qualities like optimism, goal orientation, socializing, adaptability, and problem-solving. Enneagram 7s are ideally suited to faced-paced environments that allow them to use their creativity and think big.

Type 7’s would likely excel in those careers that help them explore new ideas and possess a changing routine.

Let us now look at the career options suitable for individuals of this personality type that help them to attain their desired objectives:

  • Interior Designer
  • Travel Agent
  • Pilot
  • Personal Trainer
  • Event Planner
  • Blogger
  • Entrepreneur
  • Life Coach
  • Photographer

Core strengths of enneagram 7s

We all know that each individual, irrespective of his personality type, has strengths that allow him to lead his life better. Whether in personal and professional space, focusing on strengths can let people come out of tight situations and sail through their life.

The same thing is applicable for Enneagram 7 personality type people. Let us discuss some of the core strengths that help them lead better lives.

1. A whole lot of energy and optimism

Enneagram 7s possess a tremendous amount of energy. They are upbeat and optimistic about their life as a whole.

Due to this nature, they can even motivate their companions to see the positive sides of life and hence stay happy.

2. Ability to think promptly and creatively

Enneagram 7s has an active mind. It moves swiftly between ideas and connects them with ease. They give instant responses to stimulation. 

Hence, their thinking pattern involves the combination of prompt mental processing with a greater need for mental stimulation. It also allows these people to gather a breadth of knowledge across spectrums. 

This knowledge can lead to innovation and creativity as these individuals know abundance to connect and use it to good effect.

3. Can see numerous options

People of the Enneagram 7 personality type are open to exploring various possibilities. Hence, in case of any challenge, setback, or change, these individuals can adapt themselves accordingly. Their visionary nature allows them to anticipate and develop an exciting future.

 4. Manages to handle change in plans easily

Generally, any change or deviation in plan tends to cause trouble for many people, as their whole set-up has to change. It is not the case with a person of Enneagram 7 personality type.

Enneagram 7s are versatile and manage to cope up with deviations or changes in life quite easily. 

5. Adopts a practical approach to tackle life situations

When Enneagram 7s are at their best, they look to combine all their ideas practically and focus on being productive. 

Due to this reason, even if life throws up a challenge, these individuals are always ready to face them and make things happen in their favor.

Core pitfalls/blind spots of enneagram 7s

As human beings cannot be perfect, so there are bound to be some weaknesses. It is applicable for Enneagram 7 personality type people as well. The pitfalls act as hurdles in any individual’s path to success.

It is necessary to recognize one’s weaknesses, work on them, and convert those into strengths. Thus, people would be able to better their lives, both on the professional and personal fronts. 

Let us now briefly discuss some of the core pitfalls which people of this personality type possess –

1. Problems in committing to plans

People of Enneagram 7 personality type face trouble when they have to commit to plans made in advance.

These individuals are spontaneous and hence feel comfortable when something happens instantaneously.

2. Tend to get bored quite easily

Enneagram 7s are adventurous and always look for new experiences and thrills. Variety is their spice of life.

Therefore, if life does not bring a sense of excitement in their lives and things tend to meander along in the same old manner, individuals of this personality type would get bored very soon.

3. Deviates from the task at hand on certain occasions

Enneagram 7s always look for excitement and thrilling experiences, so they always fear missing all these due to some other work.

This fear of their excitement getting deprived leads them to avoid schedules and plans made beforehand. They would even struggle to focus on the task at hand, particularly if they feel that any work is not allowing them to engage in more thrilling and exciting experiences in life.

4. Makes impulsive decisions

One major weakness of a person of Enneagram 7 personality type is that their spontaneous nature and eagerness for experiencing thrill along with excitement can lead them to make impulsive decisions.

Now, more often than not, making rash or impulsive decisions can have dire consequences in the end. Hence, it is always preferable to think and make decisions logically.

Stress triggers of Enneagram 7

Stress refers to the feeling of being overwhelmed. It occurs when an individual is unable to deal with mental or emotional pressure.

Each person goes through stress and tension in their lifetime, but its triggers differ from one individual to another.

It is also applicable for Enneagram 7 personality type people. They come under stress from facing some typical situations in their lives. Following are their stress triggers –

1. When they are unable to explore new possibilities

Enneagram 7s are energetic and adventurous. They always look to explore new and exciting possibilities. They hate to remain stuck or lead a monotonous life.

When any situation demands them to stick to the same thing, be it a dead-end job or some emotional burden that has remained unexplored, these people come under stress.

2. Lack of sufficient personal freedom

People of Enneagram 7 personality type need to have the freedom to lead lives in their way. They can then make full use of their energy and enthusiasm.

For some reason, if their freedom gets stifled, these people feel immense pressure, resulting in a lot of stress.

3. Having to tackle too many responsibilities

People of the Enneagram 7 personality type are creative and possess the ability to think spontaneously. Both of these qualities help them to work efficiently.

The problem crops up when they have to handle excessive responsibilities. They can easily get stressed out because of this reason.

4. Managing the nitty-gritty of any job

Another significant stress trigger for those having Enneagram 7 personality type is when they need to take care of the finer details of any work.

These people come under a lot of stress when they have to manage the nitty-gritty and make decisions.

5. Lack of loyal friendship

Enneagram 7 personality type individuals look to make genuine friendships with those people who can be a part of their spontaneous pursuits. 

They want such individuals to be their friends, with whom Enneagram 7s can share stories and levels of excitement.

If they can’t get hold of loyal friends and come across people who only become friends for their benefit, it can lead Enneagram 7s to suffer from stress.

How do they handle stress?

Stress is never a good thing to take. It consumes an individual and makes him do stuff which he would not otherwise do. Hence, it is necessary to de-stress and stay relaxed. 

People of different personalities adopt different ways to tackle stress and come out of it to lead peaceful lives. Enneagram 7s also have specific ways to beat stress and stay calm. 

Let us briefly look at the techniques they adopt to de-stress –

  • Enneagram 7s look to keep their minds busy in some work or the other.
  • They can occupy their minds with future-oriented positive thoughts.
  • These individuals try to attend fun-filled events and become happy.
  • Traveling to a place of their choice also helps them get rid of tension.
  • Reading books also turns out to be a way through which Enneagram 7 personality type people can relax. 
  • They can also listen to something interesting and take their mind off the task at hand.
  • Enneagram 7s can also remain active without books and music.
  • These people can indulge in cleaning up their houses.
  • They can even do something practical, which seems to be grounding.
  • Turning off external noise can help them listen to their thoughts and work their way out.

Famous persons with enneagram 7

We have talked of different aspects related to Enneagram 7 personality type. There are famous personalities from various backgrounds whom we have adored over the years for their work. They all fall under Enneagram 7 type personality. They are as follows –

  • Elton John, English Singer
  • Miley Cyrus, American Singer, and Actress
  • John F. Kennedy, 35th U.S. President
  • Britney Spears, American Singer, Songwriter, and Dancer
  • Katy Perry, American Singer, and Songwriter
  • Jim Carrey, Canadian-American Actor
  • Robin Williams, American Actor and Comedian
  • Cameron Diaz, American Author, Producer, and Entrepreneur
  • Richard Branson, British Business Magnate
  • Steven Spielberg, American Film Director, Producer, and Screenwriter
  • Elizabeth Taylor, British-American Actress
  • Eddie Murphy, American Actor

What enneagram 7s hate?

There are many things, which Enneagram 7 personality types people hate in their personal and professional lives. Let us discuss them in brief –

  • Enneagram 7s hate when they do not have a sufficient amount of freedom in their life.
  • These individuals do not like all those who tend to cling on to others.
  • They would hate to be among people who are negative in their approach.
  • Enneagram 7 personality type people hate if they do not have enough time to do what they want.
  • They do not like to keep too many things half-finished.
  • Enneagram 7s hate the feeling of confinement in a relationship.
  • People of this personality type hate when there is a need to give extensive focus on finer details.
  • They hate when there is a complete lack of companionship.

Hobbies of enneagram 7

We have already discussed earlier that Enneagram 7s love to explore and enjoy new experiences.  Variety is their spice of life. Therefore, they are ready to do anything that helps them meet their objectives.

Following are some of their popular hobbies:

  • They will go ahead to learn a new language.
  • People of this personality type would try out new food items.
  • Enneagram 7s would not mind taking roller coaster rides in an amusement park.
  • Skydiving is also a popular hobby for these people.
  • Enneagram 7 personality type people love taking pictures of anything that attracts their attention.
  • They can even indulge in taking up projects of interior designing.

How rare are enneagram 7s?

Enneagram type 7s are not a rare one. They are found in 9% of the population. There are more women than men with this personality type. Women comprise 9% and men comprise 8% of the population.

Growth tips for enneagram 7s (How do you grow better)

Sevens are light-hearted and always prefer to stay happy and joyful. But in reality, it is not always possible. Happiness and sorrow, hope and despair, are ever-changing and can alter their shades with time and your immediate life situation.

Being an enneagram 7, you will always be on the move and experience everything that comes your way. This behavior makes you a restless and upbeat person. Your feat never stays in one place and you feel out of place from reality.

Sevens are not practical and convinced that there is happiness and excitement all around, more so because of their fun-loving and easygoing demeanor.

It is obvious that personality growth is not a magical thing happening at all. It takes effort and dedication to nurture your innate skills and strengths. It also takes courage to admit your blind spots and work on them. 

Personality growth involves a series of sustained steps that you can do to improvise yourself. Some of the tips that may help you are as follows:

Slow down

You need to slow down and stay present in your moments to experience what it looks and feels like. Since sevens are always doing something or the other, you are never in one place. Therefore, you need time to relax and unwind.

Acknowledge pain and suffering

Enneagram 7s need to realize that pain and suffering are the part and parcel of our daily living. They should understand this to grow into mature adults. Sometimes, it is worthy to see the darker side of life as well. 

Whenever you feel the need to escape or avoid the pain, question yourself about how you really felt about the pain.

Was it really bad or could it have been managed? What coping skills have you used to overcome the crisis? Your answers to these questions will give you a realistic view of the event.

Go deeper into your relationships

Being an enneagram 7, you are advised to go deeper into the relationships to know others well. You should face relationship struggles rather than avoid them. It is important to remove the underlying problems, if any, to live a healthy life.

Have some ‘me time’

You should take some time off from your everyday excitement and merriments, just to connect with yourself at a deeper level. You should get in touch with your authentic self.

It will help to know more about yourself. You will be able to remove your weak areas easily. The more self-aware you are, the better your growth process.

Try to become a good listener

Enneagram 7s are poor listeners. They are busy talking alone. They hardly listen to what others want to say. This is a blind spot that they need to rectify and improve.

Thus, sevens should learn to listen actively. They should not respond instantly. You should remember that there is no hard and fast rule to answer every question asked.

Learn to be organized and systematic

Enneagram 7s should learn to be organized and planned. They need to structure their work and schedules.

Since they are free souls, they may move from one work to another quite often. They may lose focus due to a lack of planning and end up messing things up unexpectedly.

Enneagram personality test

The Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator, popularly known as the RHETI version 2.5, is the widely used enneagram personality test. 

The test is an empirically tested method that is scientifically designed with 144 paired statements. The enneagram type indicator was developed by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson in 1993. The test is a forced-choice personality assessment tool that takes about 40 minutes to complete.

The test gives your core enneagram number that describes your innate nature and indicates the wings and subtypes. The test indicates your relative relationship with all the nine personality types.

If you are willing to know your core enneagram number, you may take the test here.

The video link shared below shows the signs of being an enneagram 7. Do check out.

Parting words from ‘ThePleasantPersonality’

To conclude, it’s worthy to say that enneagram 7s believe that ‘grass is always greener on the other side. Thus, they try to seek a lot of new experiences that may help them keep pace with their enthusiastic mindset.

These individuals never settle for less. Their vision is to accomplish everything that’s possible. This go-getter attitude makes them versatile and multitalented. 

Sevens are always hopeful of a better tomorrow. They are generally convinced that life has given them many opportunities to grow and shine. Thus, they need to put in their best efforts to make things the way they want.

Enneagram 7s make worthy goals that will give them a happy and joyous life. Their desire to feel entertained and remain energized helps them to walk smoothly along a path of self-discovery that is immensely satisfying and cheerful.

“When what we are is what we want to be, that’s happiness.”

Malcolm Forbes

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