Enneagram type 1 motivation and core values are based on power, admiration, success, and wish fulfillment. Type ones will always create an image of confidence and pride. They are driven by success and accomplishment.

As far as their core values are concerned, type 1s is keen to improve all aspects of his or her life. They live by values and prefer to walk along the path of righteousness alone. Enneagram Ones are far away from cheating and unscrupulous actions because they are imbibed with ethics that always guides them in the right direction.

Ones will prefer to remain honorable and good in others’ eyes. They are morally just and fair and prefer to live a purposeful life. Enneagram 1s will choose the correct path. For them, everything in life needs to be done in the right way otherwise it becomes futile and pointless.

In this post, we will talk about the key motivations and core value system of this perfectionist personality type and see what it is that drives them to excellence and success so effortlessly.

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Enneagram Type 1 Motivations and Core Values

When we talk about core motivations of a particular enneagram type, we actually refer to those precise, fine-drawn qualities or stimulation and internal impetus that inspire their life and living in certain specific ways.

The motivations symbolize the intrinsic factors that determine why an Enneagram 1 thinks, feels, and acts in specific ways irrespective of the situation they are in. It also determines the key personality traits that make up their enneagram type.

All the 9 Enneagram types have motivations and core values that are individualistic to that type only. The model of enneagram explains the key motivations so that we know why the person behaves the way they do, the underlying mechanism if behavior becomes clearer with these concepts.

Enneagram Ones are always motivated to look efficient. They do not want to look weaker in anyways; otherwise they feel insecure and tend to question their self-worth.

Having high status and earning endless respect from others will always be in the heart of a Type One always. They want to feel fulfilled from within. The motivations of enneagram 1s relies upon their deep need to feel valued in life. They measure their self-worth with success and status, power and pride.

Enneagram ones are driven to take up actions that are in tune with their ethics and values. They prefer a consistent and organized lifestyle that has a focused goal to achieve. 

These individuals want to be the people of integrity, honesty, modesty, and justice.  They will put a lot of effort into living up to the high standards they have set for themselves.

Ones believe that values and motivations are the driving force to success in life. For Ones, success doesn’t mean materialistic gain only, instead it refers to an all-round growth of the person that defines personality development and progress.

The core values of enneagram ones are those moral principles that govern their entire life and living. For enneagram 1s, values are the foundations of healthy living. Thus, their key values are honesty, responsibility, and integrity. They prefer to see improvement in the lives of themselves and others. 

Ones believe that human beings are born with all goodness and every one of us has the power to shape our lives based on moral principles. They strive to remain truthful even in dire situations. 

This value oriented mindset always keeps them on an alert mode and stops them from making mistakes. In this way, they could live the life of a perfect person, flawless and unblemished as always.

Enneagram Type 1 Motivations

The core motivation of enneagram 1 is their desire to exert their authority and social presence. They will fight for social issues and can bring justice to those who might need it badly. Enneagram 1s are motivated to pursue their personal growth. They excel in their work because of their strong urge to become a successful person in life.

They will find the appropriate solution to problems and can bring fortune to those underachievers who might be struggling to get through small success in life. In a way, Enneagram Ones are passionate about fulfilling their goals.

They are driven to perfection because they have faith in their abilities. Their motivations include their strong urge to be right and improve upon things that seem to be imperfect. They will always remain tuned to their ideals and believe in fairness and justice.

They would hate to be condemned by anyone and act stubborn with their set of ideals.

Enneagram 1 motivations are broadly classified under two heads.

  • Core fears
  • Core desires

The core desires and core fears work hand in hand in the type 1 personality. They desire something in life just to nullify their basic fears. Therefore, it operates simultaneously.

Core desires

The core desires of type 1s are as follows:

  • Preference for righteousness under all circumstances.
  • Prefers to be correct and remains responsible for their actions and behavior
  • As enneagram 1s are morally sound, they prefer to live along the path of honesty and integrity.
  • Seldom falls into the trap of errors and mistakes. They have high moral standards.
  • Non-compromising with their ideals and set of beliefs.
  • Trustworthy in actions and words
  • Fairness and justice are dear to them. 
  • Hates hurting others or demeaning anyone based on biased attitudes

Core fears

The core fears are those insecurities that drive them to perfection. The lesser the fears operate, the more balanced their personality type will become in reality. Some of the basic fears of Enneagram Ones are as follows:

  • They have the fear of being incorrect and inaccurate.
  • Fear of failure to keep up with their moral standards.
  • Ones may also fear to lose their sense of objectivity while taking a call about right or wrong.
  • Corruption is awful for them.
  • Even the bad intentions of others are not liked by an enneagram 1
  • They fear to fall in their own eyes due to flawed or tarnished character traits.
  • Fear of making mistakes 
  • Fear of being judged by others as tarnished and not ‘good enough’.
  • They also fear of being socially misfit amongst morally sound people

Enneagram Type 1 Core Values

The core values of enneagram 1 refer to those subtle principles that make you the person you are. These ethical codes of conduct help a person to align their beliefs with their actions. 

The basic values for enneagram 1s are honesty, responsibility, change, reformation, and rightful living. They prefer to be accurate and just in life; feels disheartened and imperfect if they fall an inch from their ethical standards.

  • Enneagram 1s are eager to change their and others’ lives.
  • These individuals are keen to bring community changes and reformations for a greater good.
  • They are responsible beings and remain accountable for their words and actions.
  • Loyalty, integrity, and justice are their all-time favorites.
  • No compromises are made as far as following their core values is concerned.
  • Enneagram Ones are dutiful, live with integrity and righteousness even under stress and apathy.
  • Their core values also include strong organizational abilities. They have a planned life where thoughts, feelings, and actions are congruent with each other.
  • Moral compass is unmatched with none other.
  • They believe that there is always a better way to do things, thus trial and error is needed to attain perfection in life.
  • They are punctual and serious as far as their work commitments are concerned. Sometimes they may do things ahead of others. Their too responsible nature can strain them mentally and drain them out completely. Thus, they need to do proper self-care also so as to feel refreshed and charged up in their day to day life.

To Sum Up

The end note would be to say that Enneagram 1s are noble and discerning. They maintain high ethical standards of living that are definitely important for new changes in society. 

That’s the reason, Ones are known as the reformers and crusaders of change and transformation. They are motivated to bring along a fair society that can give equal opportunities to all. Moreover, their core values tell them to stay on the path of correctness and attain perfection as a real thing, not a myth only.