Enneagram type 1 relationships and compatibility is based on mutual loyalty, trust, and lifelong commitment. If you have fallen for an enneagram 1, it is obvious that you are in a relationship with a principled, methodical, and trustworthy partner. People with type 1 preferences are extremely loyal. Their dedication to building a morally strong bonding with their partners is just unmatched.

These individuals are sensible and practical partners. You may find that your home is in perfect order, and the bills are paid on time. In relationships, Type 1s are highly dependable. You can give them any work and it will be done on time and in perfect order.

Their love life will not be without hassles. These individuals will always try to get their practical details right and they may ignore the emotional component badly. This will result in troubles and conflicts in the relationship and might call for a proper resolution as soon as possible. 

Let’s dive deep into the details of their relationships right away in the following sections of the article.

Enneagram Type 1 Relationships and Compatibility

Enneagram Ones will love to remain just and ethical in all aspects of their daily life and relationships will be no different from this rule. These individuals are loyal partners, helpful friends, and principled parents as always. 

In relationships, their carry a serious demeanor and will shoulder the responsibilities pretty well. They demand perfection from their spouse or partner, friends, and children as always. Falling short of certain expected standards is not allowed in the relationship. 

Enneagram 1s are loyal and committed and believe in the individual growth of their partners just like them. Enneagram type 1s also believes that relationships are to be nurtured and cared for. There is always a chance for making improvements as partners so that love life can become immensely satisfying.

As they are industrious, they will expect their partners to contribute an equal share in the relationship so that it can be nurtured thoroughly. For enneagram 1, relationships demand time and the bonding can become beautiful if partners know how to support each other during trying times.

Enneagram 1s will hold tightly to their set beliefs and principles. They will never allow mistakes to occur and even if it makes a peep into the relationship, it needs to be rectified on the spot. Their perfectionist tendencies never allow them to accept things in the bonding that are unethical or fall short of expected standards. 

In relationships, they prefer the following things.

  • Organization, hard work, and efficiency from themselves and their partners.
  • Aware of each other’s needs and preferences.
  • They will value fairness, loyalty, and integrity to be maintained always in the relationship.
  • Type 1s will pair well with enneagram type 2 and enneagram type 7 because of their shared interests and common personality traits.

Enneagram type 1 as a romantic partner

Type 1s are perfectionists and this tendency is also portrayed in their relationship pattern. People with type 1 preferences will try to become the best version of themselves as partners. They will take the bonding seriously and will not allow anything else to jeopardize it even in subtle ways. 

Type 1s are supportive partners. They will ensure a quality relationship that is full of trust and honesty. They will help their partners grow individually in the bonding, allowing them the needed space whenever needed. Enneagram 1s will set off time to spend time with their partners. They will not allow others to offer suggestions on how to develop pleasant conjugal bonding.

Enneagram 1s believes in mutually giving relationships. They want to feel loved, accepted and praised in the relationship. If type 1 has seriously fallen in love with someone, they will always try to devote time to the relationship. Their partners will become a priority for them in a very short time.

Falling in love will take time for a type 1. They seek compatible partners who will possess some of the shared interests and preferences so that life can become beautiful and peaceful as time passes by. 

Sometimes, these type 1 partners may expect much more from their partners. Their high standards will feel like a barrier to relationship growth. They may try to override the partner, offering them suggestions and delivering opinions that are not required. Their partners may start to feel caged in subtle ways. In this way, type 1s can also become too interfering at times.

As they live and die by ethics, type 1s will expect the same from their partners. Rifts and clashes may occur if type 1s become too critical in the relationship. These people may annoy their partners in no time with their ethical sermons and high-end ethical practices that feel too tight at times.

They will not allow any mistakes to get into the relationship. This can bring small problems into the bonding every now and then. In relationships, they may feel that they will have to carry the load of the bonding, but in reality, this is not the case. 

Enneagram 1s can tax them mentally if they fall short of their ethical standards. Leaving no room for making mistakes means that type 1s will remain emotionally overwhelmed all the time.

Type 1s also wish that their partners should speak a few good words about them, and praise their perfectionist tendencies. So, if you’re in a relationship with enneagram type 1, it is evident that these individuals will feel lonely if their partners do not shower affection often.

As partners, they devote so much to the bonding that they will feel unloved if their partners show less love in return. Reminding them that they are doing their best will help to build more intimacy and companionship in the long run. 

Enneagram 1 as parents

Enneagram type 1s is the idealists’ parent. Thus, it is evident that they will consider parenting as a very serious job in their daily lives. These individuals are keen to teach values and good life skills to their younger generation. 

As parents, type 1s will always have high expectations from their children. They will rear disciplined kids at home who know the art of perfection to the fullest. People with type 1 preferences are the mentors for their kids. Their children are taught how to put in full effort to achieve big goals in life. Since they believe in having an organized and meticulous lifestyle, they expect the same thing from their partners. 

Enneagram Type 1s love to discipline their little ones in hard ways. Children are taught to serve the family in various ways. They are taught cleaning and helping the family members in the kitchen and garden as well. These children grow up as self-dependent adults with the ability to make decisions independently. 

Enneagram 1s will seldom allow their kids to make mistakes. They may show their annoyance openly and will try to correct the behavior of their children. Enneagram 1 parents are hard-core disciplinarians. They are loving and firm parents. People with enneagram type 1 preference will instill a sense of honesty and discipline in their tender minds from a very early age. Their children are taught to think in black and white only. 

It means the children also develop a stubborn mindset just like their parents. These parents will give less space to their kids and this can result in subtle confrontations between the parent and the child. Enneagram type 1 parents are fair and just. They rear well-mannered and disciplined kids who are ready to take up new challenges boldly. 

The children who are reared by an enneagram 1 parent are honest, devoted, and committed to their studies and other work endeavors. They are righteous and refrain from making any errors that could be an impediment to their personality growth. 

Type 1 parents are ethical and prefer to rear children who are genuine and morally strong. Moreover, these parents will love to meet each and every small need of their child. They are the real providers and nurturers of their little ones.

Enneagram 1 as friends

As friends, enneagram 1s are responsible, honest, and highly dedicated to the relationship of friendship. They are humble and stay grateful to their dear friends who have helped them in hard times. 

Enneagram 1s will offer good suggestions and strategies to resolve the problems in their friend’s life. They are extremely good at offering practical solutions in any circumstance.

An Enneagram 1 friend is a person of honesty and integrity. They will keep their words and promises thoroughly. These individuals are trustworthy and their friends can count on them in dire situations. As friends, type 1 is friendly and offers practical solutions to their dear friends whenever necessary. They are assertive in their communication style but carry a polite demeanor in friendly relationships. People with enneagram type 1 preferences are always ready to lend their helping hands. As such, others will find it easy to approach them in hard times. Type 1s never speak lies and these friends are always honest and faithful to the core. 

Their reliable nature sets them apart in the crowd as far as friendships are concerned. These individuals are bestowed with many good qualities that make them supportive friends.

A type 1 friend can lighten up the mood of their sad friends easily by cracking jokes or reminding them of some funny stories of the past. Although type 1s are serious, they will always contribute fully to developing the relationship. They’re friends for a lifetime. 

As friends, type 1s will prefer to work for a social cause. Their reformation tendencies help them do social service, and community service along with their friend’s gang. They would prefer to be loved and cared for by people who are close to them. Friendship is a close bond of togetherness for an enneagram 1.

If you have an enneagram 1 friend, try to boost their spirits by positively affirming their contributions. They would love this kind gesture of yours’ fully.

Enneagram 1 compatibility chart with 9 enneagram personality types

People with enneagram type 1 preferences will be compatible with partners who are organized, loyal, and righteous as always. The following compatibility chart shows the degree of match that an enneagram 1 will have in their real lives.

Enneagram typesCompatibility when paired with type 1
Enneagram 1When two enneagram-type Ones relate with each other, the relationship is based on righteousness and honesty. Both partners are organized, and ambitious, and know how to help each other grow together in the bonding. Both partners will work together to accomplish the couple’s goals. 
One drawback that can turn the relationship sour and bitter is their critical evaluation of each other. Enneagram 1s tend to judge one another in subtle ways. In the love life, these partners may appear less flexible at times and can kick-start nitpicking tendencies quite often.
Enneagram 2Enneagram 2 and enneagram 1 relationships will also be value-based. Both partners would enjoy happy moments together. Twos are caring and compassionate; while the type Ones are always righteous and honest. Therefore, both of them will bring good qualities into the relationship.
This relationship may not be an ideal match due to the stubborn and perfectionist nature of enneagram 1s. If they try to dominate the caring twos, the relationship can suffer from emotional imbalance. The enneagram 2 partners may feel overwhelmed and under the pressure of perfection as always. 
The relationship will work well when the enneagram 1 partner will loosen their grip on perfection and would give a flexible space in the relationship.
Enneagram 3Type 3s and Type 1s are highly compatible partners because both of them are practical-minded; with an ambitious outlook toward life. Both are hardworking and will do their share to develop the relationship. They will foresee future possibilities and will aim high for their life.
Type 3s cherish achievement and type 1s love perfection. They will create a real-world together based on mutual love and shared interests. Type 1s will see the subtle details and type 3s will see the future possibilities. 
This match will be long-term because they will enjoy each other’s company to the fullest. Type 3s will help the type Ones take up healthy risks in life for a better life.
Enneagram 4Type 1 and type 4 are stylish couples. Both partners have common interests and therefore they will live life happily. Both partners are detail-oriented and will make thoughtful choices in life. Type 4s is a passionate lover. They will bring passion and sensitivity into the bonding.
Both are aesthetic and value-oriented. They will make a loving pair because they are always ready to do things together. The union is charming.
Enneagram 5The compatibility of enneagram 5 and enneagram 1 may need effort from both sides to sustain well for a longer time. Both partners love moderation and nothing in excess. Both the partners are smart, and agile, and prefer structure and organization. 
Having a similar mindset helps the couple grow together in the bonding. Problems may arise if both partners and any one of them try to overburden the other person emotionally. They may not handle emotions well.
The pair will primarily focus on satisfying their personal objectives and the relationship and sharing their role as much as needed. Both partners will share private moments away from the outside world.
Enneagram 6The pairing of enneagram 1 and enneagram 6 will be a great one. Both partners will love to be in each other’s company. Both are logical, and dutiful, and love to create a healthy and happy home environment. 
Enneagram 1s and enneagram 6 would abide by the family rules. Both will support each other’s work commitments. Together they will take up new challenges and will overcome all sorts of family-related issues successfully.
Enneagram 7They have opposite personality traits. Type Ones are organized, disciplined, and planned in their words and action. Contrary to this, enneagram 7s are spontaneous, flexible, and easygoing. In this pairing, both partners will bring their opposite traits to build happy homes.
Enneagram 1s can help type seven realize their big goals in life. They will teach them consistency, hard work, and perfection. On the other side, type 7s will teach type 1s to live life to the fullest. They will teach them ways to relax and live an easygoing and flexible life.
Enneagram 8 Type 1s and type 8s are instinctual by nature. Both will advocate for their beliefs and opinions. They will try to take charge of the situation. In one way, both partners will be dominating and assertive, value-oriented, and communicative. They will not compromise on what they believe to be true for themselves. The pairing can be a compatible one only if both partners take up the responsibility of adapting and adjusting as needed.
Enneagram 9The pairing of enneagram 9 and enneagram 1 will be a great one. Type 9s is the peacemaker. They are humble and will bring a lot of happiness and peace of mind to the bonding. In this relationship, a perfect balance between idealism and spontaneity will be seen. 
Type 1s can learn from type nine the ways of happy and peaceful living. They will learn how to stay calm and composed in trying times. On the flip side, type 9s will learn the focus and goal orientation of type 1s which will help them realize life goals easily.
Type 9s are conflict-aversive. They will use tact and wit to resolve issues with their partners. This also means that there will be fewer conflicts in the relationship. They will be able to minimize and simplify relationship issues if any in the best-known ways.
Enneagram 1 compatibility chart

To Sum Up

From the discussion, we can infer that there is nothing known as a perfect match as far as intimacy and love are concerned. Any type of relationship demands adaptation and adjustment in subtle ways. Enneagram type 1s are known as the reformers. They are too serious types in almost all walks of life. But they prefer partners who will teach them the basic laws of happy living in easygoing ways. 

Type ones want stable and secure relationships. They never like casual dating and want to bond with someone deeply. These individuals will blend well with those personality types who are flexible and can adjust to their perfectionist tendencies without criticizing them openly.

They love a sense of purpose and meaning in their intimate relationships.