Enneagram type 3 relationships and compatibility are based on mutually giving relationships. These individuals are devoted to the relationship role they play in their lives. They approach relationships on a serious note and strive to support their partners in all possible ways. 

In relationships, enneagram 3s prefer genuine care and authentic love. They may take time to fall in love but once they are in the relationship, type 3s will remain committed forever. They are encouraging partners and would support the professional endeavor of their partners wholeheartedly.

Enneagram 3s will be compatible with those who share their interests and likings. For them, relationships are a genuine bonding of eternal love and togetherness.

Enneagram Type 3 relationships and compatibility

The “Achiever,” is the name given to an ambitious and tenacious Enneagram Three personality type

Threes are committed spouses who work hard to succeed for their families and create a successful and happy life together. 

Enneagram 3s have a heart-trained nature that makes them sensitive to other people’s emotions but can make it difficult for them to comprehend their own as they struggle with expressing themselves. 

They thus require partners who will genuinely understand their requirements and provide them with ongoing care.

Enneagram Threes on the other hand usually have features in common with the types of enneagram personalities. Therein lies one of the main drawbacks as well as one of the main attractions.

As a result, the state of each person’s health and their tendencies toward dominance play a particularly important role in these sorts of relationships. 

The 9 other enneagram types and Threes have a common ambition to achieve achievement and greatness, make the most of their opportunities and themselves, and represent the union well. Both of them work very hard and are always looking for ways to improve their lot in life and share these benefits with their family and friends.

What kinds of people are most suitable for Enneagram Type 3? The fact is that any type may coexist harmoniously with a Three, provided that both partners are committed to a deep level of understanding and cooperation.

Given that the Enneagram system is so tuned in to our limits, triggers, and traps, knowing your Enneagram type can help you better grasp how to compassionately govern your behavior and deal with individuals of different sorts. 

Your love relationship’s inner workings are revealed via an Enneagram compatibility study, and a path for change is suggested.

In an excellent mental state, a type three couple tends to be highly supportive of one another and the other’s interests and occupation. They are pleased with their spouse’s future success and good name. 

But they want to remain at least average or at par with their spouse. If three couples begin to compare themselves to one another, problems may arise in the relationship.

An unhealthily competitive and one-upmanship-oriented relationship might damage the pride and goodwill they have felt for one another. 

Even when their vocations are different, two threes may begin comparing their respective performance, wages, professional reputations, and chances for advancement.

Enneagram 3 as a romantic partner

Threes are dedicated and serious spouses even if they are not normally emotional individuals. They significantly increase the connection’s logical understanding and thinking. Even though you may occasionally think they are pretentious and haughty with their spouses, they are not at all the touchy-feely kind. 

They are giving to their partners when their partners are in need.  In their eyes, the definition of love is constant support for the partners.

It’s possible that an enneagram 3 individual won’t go on many superfluous dates in their romantic relationship with their partners. Even giving regular gifts or presents seems impossible for them. 

Types 3s are constantly curious about how their partners feel about them. They also worry about their reputation in society. They will quickly find a home in the hearts of partners who affirm and value them. 

Enneagram 3s are straightforward and honest in relationships. They enjoy direct communication and detest acting. The type 3 personality is upfront about their expectations from the outset of a relationship. 

They never withhold information from their partners, and they also hold them to the same standards of dedication and openness. This kind of connection fosters loyalty, integrity, and honesty.

Enneagram 3 as a parent

Enneagram type 3 parents are worried about their kids’ great academic accomplishments and success. They have high expectations for their kids since they are the goal-focused sort. These kids are deliberately instructed to pursue their goals starting at a young age. 

They are instructed to work hard and always do quality work. Because they were never trained to experience failure, the kids felt scared and uncomfortable when they didn’t succeed in their activities. 

Star charts and other rewards are used by Enneagram type 3 parents to encourage and drive their children to succeed and take on the world. Because they are aware that their competitive parents would never excuse their faults, these kids are frequently perfectionists. 

Type 3 parents could feel emotionally burdened if they realize that their children aren’t performing to expectations. Parents with Type Three children can urge their children to realize their greatest potential, accomplish goals and never want them to experience failure. 

The children are given access to many educational options. The majority of these young people excel in several interests and areas and have a wide range of abilities. Threes can motivate their children. They urge them to develop into responsible, mature individuals.

Enneagram 3 as a friend

Being an enneagram 3, you like forming friendships with those with similar beliefs and life goals. Friends are priceless in life, and those in the enneagram three heartily agree with this adage. They are devoted, helpful, and supportive friends. 

Threes talk to their close friends about their life’s goals. They enjoy spending time with their friends and having encouraging conversations on various subjects, including politics, sports, current events, social issues, love and romance, dating, etc. 

Threes favor praise and affirmation from their friends. They want credit and acclaim for their noble actions. Threes stay out of fights in friendships. They quickly consent to their friends’ requests since they don’t want to lose them. 

Threes love to share in life’s little pleasures with their buddies. An enneagram 3’s ideal downtime can include everything from eating well, having informal conversations, and having serious discussions, to having a game night.

Type threes flourish in relationships that are more supportive and less critical. If their peers publicly shame them for their errors, these people, who are too concerned with their appearance, could have poor self-esteem and their level of mental health functioning can deteriorate. 

Enneagram 3 compatibility with other enneagram types

ENNEAGRAM THREE WITH ENNEAGRAM ONEThe combination of Enneagram One and Three combines the precision and detail of a One with the endearing splendor of a Three. This is a great pairing because the One provides the specifics, while the Three provides the big-picture perspective and the actualization of their shared ambitions. 
In terms of both goals and a finished relationship that is both useful and of the highest caliber, it is truly a lovely process of ongoing polishing. 
The Three encourages the One to take calculated chances, keep in mind that growing requires failure, which is not only acceptable but also necessary, and that having fun is important even in trying circumstances. The Three are similarly reminded by One of love and values as they grow older.
ENNEAGRAM THREE WITH ENNEAGRAM TWOThe well-known pairing of Type Threes and Type Twos makes waves in society by presenting the world with their lovely smiles and hearts. 
This is a partnership that can take on difficult tasks, become highly specialized, and go for their common goals. When it comes to showmanship, the Three might occasionally outdo the Two, especially when kids are around, but they never intended to surpass the Two.
This pair is happy to show the world their vibrant demonstration of unadulterated love. They must have strong communication skills because it can be quite upsetting for one of them to feel left behind (often the Two).
ENNEAGRAM THREE WITH ENNEAGRAM THREETogether, Type Threes concentrate on realizing their aspirations and achieving their personal and shared goals. These personalities—the ideal “power couple”—often get along fairly well, especially when they seek to uncover their shared advantages and benefit from one another’s brilliance. 
They are a mutually giving and caring pair who are unlikely to feel betrayed until one of them neglects to routinely congratulate the other, which is a need that Threes places a great deal of value on. 
Threes want honesty and safety in their relationships; thus, they must work through their problems together. To guide this powerful coupling, communication support is frequently required.
ENNEAGRAM THREE WITH ENNEAGRAM FOURThe Four’s romance and mysticism mix with the Three’s certainty and daring to create a connection that never fails to enchant and inspire one another. There is a mutual appeal and affection between this pair. 
When they remember to give each other the attention they want, this couple won’t turn away from one another. The Three will fight valiantly for the Four even when the Four are hesitant to fight for themselves. This is how they build trust. The Three can shake the Four out of their gloomy moods with their wit, humor, and playful antics, while the Four may remind the Three to take their time and appreciate life.
ENNEAGRAM THREE WITH ENNEAGRAM FIVEBoth Type Threes and Type Fives have the creativity and focus needed to achieve both their short- and long-term objectives. The Three infuses the partnership with passion, while the Five is charmed by the Three’s ability to accomplish goals. 
The expertise and research skills of the Five are highly regarded by the Three. Additionally, there is frequently a shared interest in trivia, games, a balanced style, and a comfortable, fashionable, and original house.
This couple’s knowledge and grandeur are evident to the world when they’re at their finest, and it’s something others want to be around.
ENNEAGRAM THREE WITH ENNEAGRAM SIXHigh achievers who value honesty and truth are more likely to be Type Threes alongside Type Sixes. They put in a lot of effort not just for themselves but also for each other’s acceptance. Together, they genuinely relish forging new routes. Although they normally approach concerns of expressing love, both in the outside world and at home, from a very practical perspective, this pair is highly sensitive, even if this won’t always be apparent.
When both individuals in this relationship experience safety, unconditional love, and the conviction that they are capable of achieving anything together, they radiate beauty in society.
ENNEAGRAM THREE WITH ENNEAGRAM SEVENSevens and Threes are pretty comparable to one another. Both are upbeat, self-assured, and socially sociable. The endless energy of one spouse is advantageous to the other. 
They are very motivated when they work together. Together, they go on travels and put forth a lot of effort to live happy lives. Often, a lifetime is spent in this constellation. 
After establishing secure boundaries, each partner can rely on the other to genuinely love them and understand that they are both doing their work. They communicate effectively but this may take some time due to prior skepticism, damage, or attachment wounds, but the work will be worthwhile. This fun-loving duo has a variety of talents that they may use to transform the world.
ENNEAGRAM THREE WITH ENNEAGRAM EIGHTA Type Three and Type Eight marriage may create a magnificent cocoon of defense and healing. The Eight sincerely care for the Three, and they should be treated well and allowed to share their gifts with everyone. 
The Three will also do extra effort to make the Eight feel powerful and respected. Because of their shared love and respect for one another, the Three selflessly serve the Eight. 
They experience greater importance, respect, and protection than before. The Eight, in contrast, hand, demonstrates unheard-of levels of sensitivity and compassion.
It’s a joy to witness this dynamic couple’s momentum build as they spread their gifts of righteousness across their steadfast neighborhood.
ENNEAGRAM THREE WITH ENNEAGRAM NINEEnneagram Type Threes and Type Nines have a remarkable capacity for delving deeply into passion projects as well as an appreciation for culture and fashion. They both have a sensible, grounded desire for enjoyment and rest. 
The Nine seeks tranquility and wants to go slowly, but the Three is frequently troubleshooting and concentrating on finding rapid solutions to issues. As a result, this pair balances each other out. 
However, once they get going, the duo can work hard and effectively while producing a lot of high-quality results. The Nine require a little bit of play and entertainment in their job, whereas the Three enjoy the rush of finishing a task for its own sake.
Enneagram 3 compatibility chart

To Sum Up 

It can be concluded by mentioning that Enneagram type 3 has trouble accepting real closeness. They worry that if someone finds out their real face, their perfect image will be tarnished. Despite their triumphs, threes are plagued by an ongoing worry of failing. The Enneagram type 3 occasionally conflates his aspirations with social norms.

If they find someone who respects their inner principles, threes may be understanding and inspiring companions. But the challenge is to first get through the Type 3 Enneagram’s mental fortification. Even though this is a challenging task, it is not that difficult for them.