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These people approach life in a practical manner. They keep their spirits high in all situations. When they reach healthy levels or at their best, Enneagram 7s concentrate on using their talents toward fulfilling goals that matter.

They are lively and bold in pursuing their dreams in life. People with this personality type possess a cheerful determination to tackle several projects simultaneously, which would help them get what they want.

Enneagram Type 7 Motivations & Core Values

Several elements exist in this world, which allows Enneagram 7s to invest their time and energy in undertaking those activities that can help them attain some objectives in life. These elements or factors happen to be their core motivations. They help these individuals develop the desire to do something greater by surpassing their limits to fulfilling their goals.

These sources of motivation can allow Enneagram 7s to regulate their behavioral patterns. Hence, they ensure that all these individuals carry out those activities they won’t do under normal circumstances. There is more to this. They will maintain their usual standards and achieve their goals.

Enneagram number 7 personality type individuals are equipped with swift and agile minds, apart from having the ability to grasp and learn things fast. It holds the same from their potential to gather information and their potential to acquire new skills. These individuals always have perfect coordination between their minds and body. They also have the necessary agility.

Sevens are at their best when they can focus all their talents toward fulfilling those goals of great importance, transforming themselves to become appreciative, and experiencing joy and satisfaction. Their motivation comes from wanting to sustain their independence and happiness, avoid missing out on worthy experiences, keep themselves filled with excitement, and relieve themselves from pain.

Enneagram Type 7 Motivations

Core motivations are those driving forces existing within each of the nine enneagram personality types. They play a significant role in helping themselves get through the toughest of challenges and giving them the incentive to perform their responsibilities.

The Enneagram Type 7 Motivations point toward all those incentives that help them gain energy and restore their original personality. They tend to work very well whenever life tests them with stiff challenges. Sevens must go through behavioral changes and change their approach toward tackling responsibilities.

The core motivations of the enneagram consist of two parts –

  • Core Desires or Basic Desires
  • Core Fears or Basic Fears

These core desires and core fears manage to complement one another. People can also consider these aspects as one.

The core desires of Enneagram 7s are as follows –

  • Enneagram Sevens always desire to experience pleasure and happiness in life.
  • These people intend to go through different phases and unlock the secrets that life has in store for them.
  • People with the enneagram seven personality type want to lead independent lives free from all sorts of restrictions.
  • Sevens are always on the lookout for trying out new things in life.
  • There is a tendency among enneagram seven personality types to get rid of monotonous phases of their life. Hence, they keep turning their focus toward experiencing new stuff from time to time.
  • A Seven fills their life with contentment and satisfaction, even if they are for a temporary period.
  • They will do every possible thing to avoid the fear of missing out.
  • These individuals nurture their wish to get rid of pain at all costs and gain pleasure.
  • Sevens believe in change being the only constant in this world. Hence, they always desire to keep making dramatic changes in their life.
  • They have the inner hunger to stay flexible in their approach and keep an open mind. It helps them receive ideas and suggestions from others without any inhibition.

The core fears of Enneagram 7s are –

  • Enneagram 7s suffer from the basic fear of missing out on all the good things life offers.
  • They do not like losing out on the excitement in life.
  • As these individuals always like to be on the move. Hence, they hate getting stuck in one aspect without having the hope of experiencing personality growth and development.
  • People with Enneagram Seven personality types hate having limited opportunities and resources lying at their disposal to explore further.
  • These enneagram types do not prefer to lead boring lifestyles and do similar activities on a repetitive basis. It is one of the most significant blind spots, which makes them look for innovation.
  • Enneagram Sevens fear being controlled by authoritative people and their rules and regulations.

Enneagram Type 7 Core Values

In this segment of the article, enneagram type 7 motivations & core values, we will focus on the core values which guide these individuals in their path of life. The core values of one’s life refer to all those principles that help connect their thoughts and feelings. They make them do things that enable them to accomplish their goals in life with ease and comfort. In a way, these values allow us to set the path of our lives in desirable manners.

Enneagram 7s always receive guidance from their need to experience happiness and enthusiasm at all costs. The core values that guide all their actions are enthusiasm, energy, hope, and spontaneity. They are fully aware of how to lead a good life that ensures complete satisfaction.

Due to their need for variety and to get rid of boredom, they always wish to lead their life with utmost pleasure. These people make sure to let go of all their disappointments and worries. It enables them to maintain peace of mind and enjoy their lives to the fullest.

Optimism is what guides people with enneagram seven personality types. They always prefer not to suffer from despair even when the going gets tough. This approach helps them overcome all their issues and unfortunate circumstances in their life.

  • The liveliness of these individuals happens to be an endless source of energy that helps them remain strong and fill their lives with joy.
  • Their open-minded and flexible approach allows them to listen to others. They even remain open to seeing the flip side of life. It clearly shows that they do not shy away from confronting challenges.
  • These individuals always remain on the lookout for new things, which help add variety to their lives.
  • An enneagram seven always prefers to undertake hands-on experiences rather than going through theories. Practical work makes them understand things better.
  • Enneagram 7s never judge people. Hence, it allows them to see the goodness that exists in others. This non-judgmental nature improves their level of tolerance as well.
  • Faith and hope guide the lives of people with enneagram seven personality types. These two elements make them face challenges and overcome them with ease.
  • There is an incredible ability among these people to see the beauty and other good things in whatever they come across during their life.
  • People with enneagram seven personality types always prefer to stimulate their minds constantly. It will allow them to feel like they belong in the community. Otherwise, they will start feeling left out and suffer from uneasiness.
  • When adverse circumstances or negative emotions arise, people with different mentalities will become shaky while thinking of how to face and overcome them. Enneagram 7s keep their optimistic nature alive, which helps them to remain strong and move forward in the path of life. Hence, negative feelings never manage to disturb their flow of life.
  • These people adopt ways to overhaul barriers and limitations in their life. Hence, they can move toward the phase of growth and development without restrictions.

Final Words

In this article, we have had a detailed discussion on enneagram type 7 motivations & core values which help them lead their life well. Enneagram 7s know how to connect themselves between their expertise and different areas of interest. They are sensible in using their energy toward those activities, which help them attain something that is over and above their potential. Whatever experience these sevens go through, they tend to learn crucial lessons and express their gratitude for each phase of life.

An Enneagram 7 personality type individual knows how to keep a firm grip over their craze toward constantly experiencing new things. They use a lot of finesse to do so. Gradually, they become a source of inspiration for others to follow.

The positivity in their energy is infectious. It can easily rub off onto others. Hence, they can positively impact their mindset to see everything from the vision of optimism. Moreover, they are never short of enthusiasm. They show their curiosity toward keeping an open mind and learning new methods.