Enneagram type 9 motivations and core values are characterized by their desire to preserve a feeling of inner calm and harmony and to stay away from emotional upheaval. 

Typically, they are pleasant, composed, and pleasant to be around. Nines might be obstinate, but they seldom upset the apple cart. Even though they usually go along with things, if you push them too far, they’ll put up passive opposition since they don’t enjoy being in charge. 

The lives we select are increasingly influenced by motivation as we live in one of the most purpose-driven times ever. It’s the same for Enneagram 9 also.

Their goal is to identify and embrace a mission statement as a fundamental component of who they are. Their motivations and values are interconnected to give them enough courage to shape their lives as desired.

Enneagram type 9 motivations and core values

You have faint hope for a world that is warmer and more welcoming every day. You believe that the first stages toward social change are a listening ear, a helpful hand, and a genuine spiritual serenity. 

You are the one who randomly sends out handwritten postcards. Realizing that optimism and empathy are ingrained in you makes you feel at ease. When you comprehend the significance and interconnectedness of everything, as well as how each of us influences the other, you experience true joy. You’re driven to make both your own and other people’s lives better.

Enneagram 9s never take any action that would undermine their internal sense of efficacy and control. This is their main objective. These people are optimistic and creative, and they want things to go easily for them. 

To maintain inner peace, they prefer to reduce disputes, stay away from distressing circumstances, set big goals, and simplify issues as much as possible as their main motivation is to be peaceful and calm in all circumstances.

Their deepest worry involves fear of coming out as overly dependent and alienating others. They deal with this dread by caving into the expectations and goals of those around them; they are pleasant to fit in. Nines are driven by their yearning for harmony and tranquility in their surroundings and their aversion to confrontation and negative feelings. 

To understand type Nine’s main motivations, we need a quick view of their personality characteristics to have a good idea.

  • A cool, collected attitude
  • The capacity to easily diffuse disagreement
  • The presence of Zen
  • Moody and calming voice
  • A large number of acquaintances
  • Most individuals generally find them pleasant
  • Slow, fluid motions and gestures

Enneagram 9 motivations

The primary motive explains why particular people or personality types start, continue, and end an action or behavior for a limited period. Each of these two plays a particular part in determining how the personality dynamics of the enneagram 9 are structured. Technically speaking, these two components of desire and fear are linked and mutually exclusive.

Therefore, if you want to act in a given manner, it simply implies that you want to avoid acting differently. Why do you ignore it, then? Just because you feel uncomfortable with the behavior of others, you tend to ignore or escape from the situation.

What determines your enneagram type if characteristics don’t?

Is it your underlying motives? One of the nine main motives is maintaining serenity wherever they are. Your characteristics are a result of your main motivation. The enneagram delves deeper to explain why you are the way you are rather than stopping at the superficial traits like many personality tests.

The two primary categories of the enneagram’s core motives are core fears and core desires. Technically, these two are related or even interchangeable because wanting to be something means being afraid of not becoming it.

Enneagram Type 9 personality basic desire 

Living in Harmony and Peace is the primary motive of enneagram type 9s. Peacemakers who strive to lessen instability in their lives and advance peace are Enneagram Type 9s. 

To preserve equilibrium and soothe their conflict-averse brains is their inner goal. The main concern of 9s is losing touch with or being estranged from the people they care about. 

To further elaborate on those two definitions, nines wish to be at ease, harmonic, connected, unbothered, and at ease. Hence the Enneagram 9 Core Motivation is to be tranquil, stable, and social.

Other important motivators are:-

  • You constantly value peace more than anything else and desire to coexist peacefully with everyone.
  • Never wants to experience hardships or problems
  • and prefers an unhurried, easygoing, and undisturbed way of existence
  • Make yourself and your environment comfortable and balanced.
  • Being an enneagram nine, you yearn for a flawless world even when it is impractical.
  • You yearn to be told that you are significant and that someone else values your voice and thoughts.
  • Nines shy away from controversy.
  • They do not want to deal with uncomfortable feelings.

Enneagram Type 9 main fear 

Parting from Others / Feeling Lost Around Them

You’ll identify with most of the main fears (or all of them), which makes sense given that all of these basic fears are associated with outcomes that almost nobody would want. You only have one fundamental fear, even though you can relate to the majority or all of these concerns. In addition to those two examples, 9s also dread disagreement, tension, being left out, being neglected, and being isolated from others.

Other important fears are: –

  • Nines want to continue being flexible and obedient. To maintain the happiness of others, they will always leave their comfort zone and interact with others.
  • Tolerant people work for peace. They like hearing from everyone. Furthermore, they do a good job of accepting individual variations. They have the power to unite individuals and communities.
  • Consistency serves as a guide for Enneagram nines. They like stability and order.
  • They constantly seek social support, safety, and protection.
  • Enneagram 9s are adamant about finding solutions to problems.
  • Peacemakers aspire to a peaceful world where everyone coexists in complete harmony and peace.

Enneagram 9 core values

There are certain ideals and subjects that each Enneagram type is particularly passionate about. These may seem like issues they are obsessed with, as less obvious behavioral rules, or just as topics they think about, whether consciously or subconsciously. The core values of each Enneagram 9 type are listed below. We’ll look at how to utilize them to type yourself or someone else afterward.

Type 9 fundamental principles

  • Peace
  • Comfort
  • Peace, harmony, and agreement
  • peace, serenity, and relaxation
  • courtesy and empathy
  • Perspectives
  • flexibility, consideration
  • Acceptance
  • Consistency and constancy
  • Safety

1. Harmony, kindness, and universal unification 

Whether they are around family, friends, or coworkers, Peacemakers try to be the glue that keeps the entire group together. They follow the principles of togetherness, benevolence, and humility. They play the role of organizers in the community who can instill calmness all around them. Enneagram 9s show their families, acquaintances, and coworkers their best wishes.

2. Nines want to continue being flexible and obedient

To maintain the happiness of others, they will always leave their comfort zone and interact with others.

3. Tolerant people work for peace 

They like hearing from everyone. Furthermore, they do a good job of accepting individual variations. They have the power to unite individuals and communities.

4. Consistency serves as a guide for Enneagram nines

They like stability and order and hence they are consistent in their approach.

5. They constantly seek social support, safety, and protection

Since they do not like to be left alone, they become pro-social in their approach and also like to be amongst people to gain social support.

6. Enneagram 9s are adamant about finding solutions to problems

They believe in their skilled problem-solving approach to fix the issues at hand and also try to figure out ways to deal with problems or conflicts which disrupt their harmony.

7. Peacemakers aspire to be a part of a peaceful world 

Enneagram 9s prefer to be in a world that is devoid of conflicts and confrontations. They prefer to be in a serene place where everyone coexists in complete harmony and peace. 

8. Reassurance

Recognizing a Peacemaker’s accomplishments and assuring them of their worth is the simplest method to win them over. Enneagram 9s seek acceptance and admiration. They are led by good feelings of acceptance and affection. They detest being overlooked or disregarded. This personality type seeks validation and affirmation from others.

9. Forgiveness is another enneagram 9s fundamental virtue

They would rather put past disputes and conflicts behind them and extend forgiveness. Nines never retain grudges since doing so disturbs them and takes away their inner tranquility. They believe in the power of forgiving and accepting others, and they gently share their pearls of knowledge and tranquility with others.

10. Feelings of harmony

The Nine’s ideal lifestyle combines outside comfort with a feeling of inner harmony, and they are happy to foster this environment via every part of their existence. The essential principle of inner equilibrium motivates Enneagram 9s. 

Nines know how to keep cool and controlled in hard moments. This inner balance calibrated with tranquility around them makes up their ideal existence.

When typing individuals, focusing on values is lovely since it highlights the good. It fosters a supportive environment when you ask others to share their passionate concerns. This works equally effectively in small talk or when speaking to strangers on subjects that can have a more negative connotation for them.

To Sum Up 

In conclusion, it can be claimed that people who are enneagram 9s are the most peaceful, contented, and stable people you will ever meet. They are well-liked individuals because of their calm demeanor. 

The road to healthy development is when the Nines have to accept and admit the problems in their lives and embrace who they are. They will have to improve their ability to handle the surrounding circumstances and people. This can be true when they accept who they are and their values in life and be motivated to venture into their true selves. 

Based on your enneagram, there is a primary motivation for each Enneagram number. This may be considered a “driving force” that pulls each number in a specific direction. 

Understanding our Enneagram number’s fundamental motive might help us arrange our lives in a way that will allow the individual to satisfy that motivation.