Enneagram type 9 wings and subtypes refer to the other varied shades of their nature that resemble the other enneagram types. Nines are known for their commitment to preserving inner peace and harmony as well as to avoiding negative emotions. They are often polite, calm, and enjoyable to be around. 

If your “personality” is the mask you wear every day to protect yourself from the outside world, then our subtype is “the mask of our mask.” 

Your wing adds a distinctive touch to your uniqueness. One of the two types can act as a wing next to any of the nine Enneagram personality types. Wing type Eight (also known as Enneagram 9w8) or wing type One can thus be present in Nines (Enneagram 9w1).

Below is a description of each wing. You can examine the particular difficulties that result from this combination as well as how either wing may have a favorable effect on your dominant personality type.

Enneagram type 9 wings and subtypes 

Three fundamental innate urges reside in each of us as necessary, body-based primordial energies. These energies are fundamental to all human experiences. They are independent of personality and are responsible for our life tactics. They are frequently unconsciously directed, yet they have great power. 

These instincts are always present, but only one of them eventually becomes dominant, making it easier to access and employ than the others. A new character component is created when the dominating instinct combines with the fundamental Enneagram traits. From here, we get the concept of enneagram subtypes.

A personality with wings helps to spice things up and offers individuals new ways to view society. The two neighboring personality types are referred to as the wings of the main enneagram type.

They are located on either side of the main Enneagram type. They have a favorable impact on the core Enneagram 9 personality and the difficulties this combination poses. 

Therefore, these wings enable them to take full advantage of the chances that present themselves. They support people in overcoming obstacles and achieving their goals in life.

Enneagram 9 Subtypes discuss how their passion, when combined with the dominant wing, releases energy in many directions. Several fundamental reasons emerge when the mix occurs.

Enneagram type 9 wings

One challenging type-wing combination is Nines with an eight wing. The Nines, on the one hand, want to avoid confrontation at all costs and resolve conflicts, while the Eights, on the other hand, relish conflict like a cold glass of soda. It provides Nines with a rich collection of personality-supporting qualities. 

They tend to be more enthusiastic, self-assured, and sensible. The fact that their fury is directed towards achieving inner peace rather than asserting their dominance, as it is for Eights, is one factor that amply demonstrates that these people are still basically Nines. Like all Nines, they cherish peace and reconciliation following a disagreement.

The Nine Wing (or 9w8) has many characteristics of the traits of Enneagram Type Eight, making them wing 8. This type differs from other Nines in that it is independent, friendly, flexible, and typically more forceful and direct. Counselor, writer/editor, diplomat, and social worker are typical occupations.

The behavior of Nines with an eight wing might represent this conflict because both kinds are incompatible. They may exhibit high energy levels in one area of their lives while exhibiting carelessness and indolence in others. 

But when they’re in good health, these inconsistencies produce beautifully complex personalities that are unafraid to be dominant while still being kind and powerful while also being unexpectedly independent, and able to be laid back and sensitive when the occasion demands it.

Characteristics of Enneagram 9 Wing 8

An Enneagram type nine might have characteristics that contrast and compare one another since the eighth wing type determines this type. To avoid confrontation, nines frequently resolve disputes and agree with others even though they don’t feel that way inside. With the eight’s direction, a nine can be more aggressive due to their abrasiveness and tenacity.

  • Be apprehensive about separation and loss
  • Avoid interpersonal conflict and confrontation.
  • Be sociable and flexible.
  • Strive for harmony and tranquility in life 
  • Harmony between aggressiveness and passivity is difficult
  • Desire to stay out of challenging circumstances
  • Reducing concerns or emotional troubles
  • Being viewed as rude or obstinate
  • Ignore issues with routine
  • Helping and encouraging others
  • Having the confidence to speak up in formal contexts
  • Adjusting to new concepts or situations
  • Relating to people and leading them well
  • Recognizing many viewpoints in a scenario

The 9w1 personality type has many personality traits with the Type Ones. They are more ambitious and industrious than other Nines. Moreover, they are also hardworking, humble, and soft-spoken. This type of nine frequently works as a nurse, veterinarian, minister, or human resources manager.

Characteristics of Enneagram 9 Wing 1

Enneagram 9 wings 1 type has a strong sense of justice and is exceedingly critical and caustic. They tend to examine situations, distinguish right from wrong, and chart a whole new course that is superior to the one that is currently in place since they are rational individuals.

Dreamers can perceive the big picture. They can reach judgments and choices quickly. They detest being forced to do anything; if something is bad, they will let others know. Most people like their company since they can maintain their composure and sense of humor. They are laid-back, happy, and affectionate. Usually, they are adept at calming others down verbally and physically.

  • Seek routine and ethical behavior
  • Fear loneliness and bad luck, but be upbeat and organized.
  • Don’t upset the tranquility or the equilibrium.
  • Make an effort to detach from your issues
  • Observing an issue from a variety of perspectives
  • Disregarding their requirements
  • Tendency to be extremely self-critical being seen as distant or aloof while under stress
  • Having trouble dealing with disagreement head-on 
  • Wanting to be of service to mankind
  • Inability to resolve disputes amicably and want to assist and better the lives of others
  • Dedicated and diligent work ethic
  • A strong sense of purpose and motivation
  • The capacity for objectivity

Enneagram type 9 subtypes

A subtype results when the biological need to survive collides with the emotional pattern that underpins our personality. It symbolizes the two highly different lenses through which we view the world and describes what occurs when those lenses cross.

There are three comparable subtypes, and each of them might seem significantly different from how that kind is typically pictured. When hunting, gathering, and preparing food, when making warm clothing and gathering supplies to get through the winter, and when using herbs to treat the ill and injured, cavemen employed their instincts for self-preservation.

When they concentrated on safety in numbers, they utilized their social instincts to make sure everyone had responsibilities that would help the clan endure and that no one would be left behind when they migrated to a new place. This would comprise ceremonies and communal exercises like singing and dancing.

The sexual impulse is employed for mating and bonding, as well as for developing intimate relationships and fending off competitors, both inside and outside of the tribe.

Each Nine subtype concentrates on a unique method of self-distraction (sloth) from their larger objective or purpose.

Self-Preservation 9

The Self-Preserved nine uses rituals and physical comfort more often than the other subtypes of enneagram 9. It might also mean starting their day with their daily routine of coffee, crosswords, and affirmations. This can include eating, watching television, and napping as well.

Compared to other Nines, they are more at ease being by themselves. They can appear a little more Eight-like since they are more irritated than other Nines. Usually, people engage in these activities as a way to relax or find comfort while also satisfying their cravings. 

They value solitude and peace, and when people cause them trouble or disrupt their sense of equilibrium, they may get agitated and unyielding.

Moral and social 9

One of the busiest Enneagram types, the Social Nine is prone to become a workaholic. They actively support the organizations they are a part of while diverting their attention by concentrating on them. They seem welcoming, amiable, and positive, yet they never express how stressed they genuinely are. 

They make great leaders and, because of their hard work, they may appear to be enneagram twos or threes. This warm and sociable nine actively engage in group activities. They will frequently act as a group facilitator or mediator. 

They ignore their problems, put on a pleasant front to not bother others, and make concessions to accommodate the requirements of the group. They find solace in belonging to a larger community or group of people. Working tirelessly to maintain the happiness of the people in their life, they run the danger of developing a job addiction and burying their stress or suffering.

Sexual 9

This subtype utilizes relationships to form close bonds with important people to enhance their feeling of identity and comfort. 

They may find it challenging to be alone and feel safer when linked with others. They tend to follow the preferences of others, even when doing so means putting aside their own goals and wants because they are resistant to paying attention to themselves, their interests, and their basic desires. 

By fusing with another individual, the Sexual Nine divert their attention and adopts others’ sentiments, outlooks, and viewpoints—often without recognizing them. 

Instead of being rooted in their sense of purpose, they find it in someone else. This Nine is the most emotional of all the subtypes of type 9 and is quiet and amicable.

To Sum Up 

This article has covered how the wings and subtypes of an Enneagram Type 9 individual contribute significantly to their overall personality. This personality type benefits from having wings since they can adopt new viewpoints on life. 

Enneagram type 9 has two wings: 9w1 and 9w8. Subtypes describe the body’s primordial inclinations. They interact with the fundamental type and behave cohesively. Enneagram 9 has three subtypes. These include the Sexual Subtype, Social Subtype, and Self-Preservation Subtype.

Lastly, we can sum up by saying Enneagram Nine, the Peacemaker is the kind that is most committed to pursuing both internal and outward peace for both oneself and others. They are frequently “spiritual searchers” with a strong desire to connect with the cosmos and other people. 

They strive to bring about harmony and peace in their world as well as to retain their peace of mind. Ironically, Nines along with their wings and subtypes are the center of the Instinctive Center and are the type that is maybe the most anchored in the physical world and their bodies.