Enneagram Type 5s are those who tend to flourish when they can spend sufficient time with themselves. They require private time to think, process, and focus on what seems important to them. The enneagram type five wings and subtypes refer to various dimensions that exist in this personality but remain hidden. If you are not sure of your Enneagram type, a free personality test can give the right result.

They always keep things simple and do not keep too many obligations. Hence, it allows them to stay free. These people love their independence. The basic fear of Fives is dealing with emotions. Hence, they always try to keep them aside.

Fives lead a minimalistic lifestyle. They are happy with the basic things in life. If we look at enneagram 5 from the point of view of Myers Briggs, they relate to the mix of INTP and INTJ personality types.

Enneagram Type Five Wings and Subtypes

Enneagram type five wings and subtypes add new dimensions to the personality. They stay hidden under the features of the primary enneagram type but are equally responsible for making up all the dynamics of all these individuals.

Wings in a personality provide something extra to individuals. They let people adopt different perspectives to better understand how the real world operates and hence develop a better understanding of the world. These wings talk of the two adjacent personality types. They lie on either side of the primary Enneagram type.

They can have a positive influence on the core Enneagram 5 personality and the challenges that this combination brings with itself. Thus, these things make most of the opportunities that come their way. They can even help them overcome hurdles to fulfill their objectives in life.

Enneagram 5 subtypes point toward the instinctual tendencies that make up the personality type. It refers to the combined effect of an individual’s primary enneagram number and their instincts. Instincts are the primal forces based on one’s body and remain a part of the system. These instinctive tendencies happen to be unconscious forces that help determine a person’s specific manner of how to think, feeling, and acting.

It is now time to discuss the enneagram type five wings and subtypes in detail –

Enneagram Type 5 Wings

The two adjacent personality types that lie on both sides of the Enneagram 5 personality basic type refer to the wings of the Enneagram Type 5 personality. It is known as basic because people possess various complexities that inject different shades into their lives. Therefore, if one considers only the features of Enneagram 5’s core type, it is not possible to represent the overall personality. Hence, wings come to the rescue and explain several aspects of this personality.

The wings allow people with this personality type to know different dimensions that they possess, but unfortunately, they do not pay due attention to them. If one lines up all the nine Enneagram types inside one circle, its wings will be the two numbers on either side. Hence, for the enneagram type 5, their wings are 5w4 and 5w6. They supplement, counter, and develop a flexible side of the core enneagram type.

Some people claim that wings happen to be the second side of an individual’s core enneagram type. They will possess several qualities of the adjacent types within their personality.

Enneagram 5w4 characteristics

An individual having a 5w4 enneagram wing tends to identify themselves primarily with type fives. They can even carry some subtle qualities of type four.

People with Enneagram 5 personality type are critical thinkers who love to lead their everyday life with complete freedom. Their curiosity makes them look for knowledge. Once they accumulate the same, fives become curious to know more. It makes them develop connections between themes that lie underneath and the mysteries existing inside the Universe.

They are the most introverted among all Enneagram types. An Enneagram 5 gains a lot of energy, when they focus on gaining information and expanding their knowledge. These individuals have no fascination with building or maintaining relationships.

  • 4w5 manages to add passion and emotion within their minds, which are normally analytical but remain detached from the rest.
  • This wing type of enneagram fives is far more independent than all those who carry wing six in their personality. Sometimes, they even become more eccentric and tend to stay in tune with their imaginative capabilities.
  • Fives are quite like Fours. Both these types opt to withdraw themselves from the world. While Fives analyze everything from the safe space inside their minds, Fours focus on exploring their emotional world.
  • People with the 4w5 personality type always remain on the lookout for something inside them that enables them to cope with the actual world.
  • As the approaches of enneagram 4 and 5 personalities are separate from others, 4w5s use their head and heart to make decisions. Therefore, both logic and emotions matter a lot to these individuals.
  • These people are not too bothered about the data that drives science. Rather, they will prefer to mix them up with their imagination and intuition.
  • 4w5s become a lot more secluded in nature. They can manage to spend most of their time doing impractical things. They stimulate their brains and imagination but do not produce favorable results.

Enneagram 5w6 characteristics

Enneagram personality type 5 wing 6 usually recognizes themselves mainly with type 5. Apart from this, it also shares traits with enneagram type 6.

These people tend to be independent, logical, and practical in their behavior. They are far more cooperative than all the other five types. 5w6s carry an innate passion to use their wisdom for nurturing their problem-solving skills.

  • Enneagram 5w6s are the centers of intelligence. They use their intellect to dissect problems, solve problems by focusing on theories and have a fascination with technical subjects. They put their complete focus on dealing with practical matters of life.
  • These people tend to socialize more than enneagram types do.
  • Their problem lies when they must express their feelings. An enneagram 5w6 person does not feel comfortable doing it.
  • They observe everything that happens around them from close quarters. Even then, 5w6s do not look within themselves to check if they are taking the right decisions at the right time.
  • People with this enneagram 5w6 type possess the ability to analyze practical things they come across in their life. It makes sure that the world becomes easier for them to navigate and attain their destination easily.
  • They will become much more predictable and enable others to understand them better.
  • Enneagram 5w6s will develop the ability to attain consistency and work with diligence.
  • It carries Enneagram 6s safe approach to looking at the world along with the 5’s basic desire to keep themselves aloof from everyone and maintain their limited resources.

Enneagram 5 Subtypes

The nine types that make up the enneagram system carry three instinctual subtypes. These subtypes are the primal tendencies based on one’s body. They always tend to stay within them, assist in connecting to the core enneagram type and act cohesively.

It mainly determines how they manage to form their personality. Subtypes help individuals to get in touch with their core or basic enneagram personality type. The subtypes point toward a combination of one’s core type along with its instinct.

The instincts of Enneagram 5s are categorized as follows –

1. Self-preservation (SP) – Castle

2. Social (SO) – Totem

3. Sexual (SX) – Confidant

It is now time to discuss how Enneagram 5s are wired and keep their focus on these inherent tendencies.

Self-preservation (SP)

The self-preservation subtype of enneagram 5s takes care of itself both from physical and emotional angles. They do so by keeping themselves away from all those things that drain their energy levels and being self-dependent in meeting their requirements. This type also states that the introverted enneagram fives enjoy being alone and implement some coping strategies across different social situations, hence enabling them to sidetrack others.

They might ask several questions or go along with others in a deceptive manner. These enneagram five types are keen observers and do not indulge in communicating their thoughts with others. These enneagram five subtypes would describe how they feel more than expressing their emotions.

The self-preservation subtype may be conservative in their approach, like saving their resources for the future, reducing their requirements, yet taking good care of themselves.

Social (SO)

All those Enneagram 5s with Social Subtypes look to understand things from the highest level. They will not want to leave anything behind. These individuals will use their knowledge, philosophy, and theory as their driving forces for getting hold of what they need by getting clarity about the same. It also reflects that relationships work if someone is prepared to look at the bigger picture.

They love getting in touch with those who carry similar perspectives. The social subtype of enneagram 5 gives great value to people who know the kind of knowledge they wish to attain in their life. This enneagram’s five subtypes seek transparency by always being on the lookout for some of the greatest principles.

Sexual or one-to-one

The sexual or one-to-one subtype of enneagram five looks forward to making close connections. They enjoy being intimate with those individuals. It results in these people oscillating from one person to another. Still, they do not end their search for building ideal relationships. Some of the crucial values that sexual subtypes of enneagram 5 require in their relationships with others are being open in their thoughts, apart from developing trust and confidence.

These things would let them experience the security of contentment and the absence of separation. The title of Confidant given to this subtype points toward the nature of these close one-on-one relationships.

When these individuals open themselves to their emotional senses, they become intensely romantic. Some like artistically expressing their intensity, while others demand close contact with one another.


In this article, we have had a detailed discussion on how enneagram type five wings and subtypes play crucial roles in making up the complete personality of this individual. Wings offer something extra to this personality type. Hence, they enable them to develop various perspectives in life. The wings of Enneagram 5 are 5w4 and 5w6.

Subtypes refer to the primal tendencies that exist within the body. They link themselves to the core type and act cohesively. There are three subtypes of Enneagram 5. Those include Self-preservation Subtype (Castle), Social Subtype (Totem), and Sexual Subtype (Confidant).