ENTJ famous people carry a charisma wherever they go. They are well-known for their versatile nature and confident communication style. People with ENTJ personalities are in love with the spotlight. They can take up any challenges that can give them the self-worth that they desire.

ENTJs are known for their command and confidence. Being an extrovert, they love to talk and socialize with large groups of people. These individuals are graceful and know how to carry themselves in the best possible way on the public front. 

ENTJs are drawn to acting and performing arts. They feel energized while they are in the group setting. These individuals are ambitious and if they set their head and heart into something, they will accomplish the goal without any delay.

Most ENTJ celebrities’ are actors, writers, musicians, scientists, and world leaders. We will list down the names in the next sections for your better knowhow.

ENTJ Famous People

ENTJs are fiercely ambitious and know how to achieve big things in life. Having an intuitive mind means that they are long term thinkers. They think about various future possibilities that can give them immense success in their professional lives.

ENTJs are masters of hard work and dedication. They prefer to dream big and choose the path of struggles and challenges to reach their goals. People with an ENTJ personality type are restless and they believe that a competitive mindset is necessary to reach goals, otherwise they feel frustrated and annoyed with themselves.

They set high standards for themselves and never want to settle down with anything less than excellence. ENTJs are cold and appear less emotional when it comes to exchanging feelings with others. Sometimes this drawback makes them a little unpopular in public scenarios.

As ENTJs never shy away from the public eye, they prefer to take up acting as a preferred career choice. Moreover, their excellent communication style and leadership qualities also help them enter into politics and become renowned world leaders.

Some of the ENTJ famous people are established writers. ENTJs are organized, planned, and systematic. Thus, producing a writing piece with utmost clarity is nothing difficult for them. ENTJs are known for their command over language and vivid articulation style.

ENTJ famous people are fiercely ambitious and goal-directed. Whatever effort they put into the process has to be organized and methodical, otherwise they will feel extremely annoyed and bitter.

A List of 50 ENTJ Famous people

Some of the iconic famous personalities having an ENTJ personality type are listed in the section here. These well-known personalities have attracted the public with their performances and public presence. 

  1. Sandra Oh, actress
  2. Simon Cowell, 
  3. Jamie Foxx, actor
  4. Peter Sellers, English actor
  5. Penn Jillette, American magician
  6. Sheryl Sandberg, business person, philanthropist
  7. George Bernard Shaw, author
  8. Steve martin, American actor
  9. Lita Ford, guitarist from Great Britain
  10. Paul Anka, Canadian singer
  11. Billy Joel, American singer-songwriter
  12. Adam Levine, song-writer
  13. Steve Vai, American guitarist, composer
  14. Steve Miller, American singer, guitarist 
  15. David Geffen, Producer
  16. Gene Simmons, American singer and song-writer
  17. Joe Biden, American President
  18. Ronald Reagan, former President of the U.S
  19. Julius Caesar, Roman general and statesman
  20. Richard Nixon, former President of the U.S.
  21. Winston Churchill, Prime Minister and statesman of U.K.
  22. Elizabeth I, Queen of England and Ireland
  23. Aung San Suu Kyi, Nobel Peace Prize laureate and politician
  24. Dick Cheney, former Vice president of the U.S.
  25. Al Gore, former Vice president of the U.S.
  26. Jeb Bush, U.S politician and Governor of Florida
  27. Bernie Sanders, U.S. politician and junior senator
  28. Nancy Pelosi, American Politician
  29. Alexander Hamilton, American Statesman and politician
  30. Joseph Stalin, Soviet political leader
  31. George Clooney, actor and producer
  32. Salma Hayek, actress
  33. Matt Demon, actor
  34. David Letterman, actor and entertainer
  35. Ryne Sandberg, professional Basketball player
  36. Boomer Esiason, Football player
  37. Greg Maddux, basketball player
  38. Warren Buffet, Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway
  39. Jack Welch, Chairman and CEO of General Electric
  40. Vince Lombardi, national Football coach
  41. Jennifer Batten, American guitarist 
  42. Till Lindemann, German singer-songwriter
  43. Ice-T, American rapper, songwriter 
  44. Huey Lewis, American singer
  45. Mae West, American actress
  46. Kara Dioguardi, American songwriter 
  47. Billy Joel, American singer
  48. Chad Kroeger, Canadian singer and song-witer
  49. Roy Ashen, American producer and stage performer
  50. Patrick Stewart, British actor 

To Sum Up

ENTJ famous personalities and public figures carry an air of authority with them. They are strategists with a logical mind and a confident outlook. ENTJs are decisive and action-oriented. They prefer to live life with purpose. 

People with this personality type are controlling at times and appear emotionless to others. Maybe it is their assertive and overly confident nature that could interfere with their ability to feel and express feelings easily. 

ESTJ famous people are successful business persons and political figures. They have captivated the general public with their open communication style and self-assured nature. 

From this post, you will learn the names and designation of the ESTJ celebrities who have created a deep-seated impression in the society.

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