ENTJ Myers Briggs is one of the 16 personality types elaborated in Myers Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) personality test. People with ENTJ traits are confident and assertive, lack emotional skills, and prefer to live life with big dreams and SMART goals to achieve.

ENTJs are thoughtful and organized. They prefer to plan ahead of where they are now. Being an intuitive personality type, ENTJs prefer to think about future possibilities that can earn them the social respect and recognition that they have wished for.

They prefer to focus on abstract ideas and work with stuff that does not require facts and detailing to work with. These individuals are the dreamers who are passionate about the ideas that come to their minds.  

Let us learn more about them here…

ENTJ Myers Briggs – Who They Are?

ENTJ personalities are social and outgoing. They love to foresee future possibilities that can help them achieve big goals in life. Less affectionate and caring, ENTJs may appear cold and stubborn at times. They are analytical and logical thinkers who just believe in accomplishing goals as perfectly as possible.

The ENTJ personality type is energetic and outgoing. They are goal-directed and believe in consistency and hard work. 

ENTJs are organized freaks and cannot tolerate messy things around them. People with ENTJ traits are fair and just. They value time and hate losing out on important stuff due to lack of time. ENTJs are emotionally controlled and act logically in their daily life.

These individuals are smart, intelligent, and ambitious. They outshine others because of their consistent hard work and ability to take up challenges gleefully.

People with ENTJ preferences are intuitive in nature. This means they prefer to seek future opportunities that allow for more success professionally and socially. 

Being an extrovert, ENTJs are outgoing, talkative, and prefer to make many friends. They are charismatic and their appearance and outfit is always neat and commanding.

ENTJs are also ruthlessly determined. As such, they may lose the human touch that is needed to build secure relationships in personal and professional lives. 

Others may find them too arrogant and haughty to deal with. In one way, ENTJs lose their gentle and humble side to an ambitious demeanor that many others may not like in reality.

ENTJs love to dream huge and make things happen as they have wished for. If they fall short of the high standard that they have set for themselves, they feel irritated and start to abuse others by pinpointing their incompetence or complain about the situation that led to their failure.

These people never accept their mistakes and tend to be critical towards others. Socially, they are less popular because of their commanding nature. The ENTJ personality type can become a successful entrepreneur because of their innate ability to manage people and systems single-handedly.

ENTJs are driven by strong willpower. They can organize and plan business proposals at its best. These individuals are sharp thinkers. They can analyze well and as such their business proposals are always innovative and precise. They hate to sit back unless the goal is reached.

ENTJs are relentless and determined. They are the pioneers of team-building due to their excellent leadership qualities. They are the ones who will bring out the best from the team. Their decision making is always logical and they never fall prey to any sort of emotional drama in the workplace.

ENTJ Type Description

The ENTJ personality type is made up of four separate preferences that we will explain in detail. They are goal-directed and competent individuals who are less emotional in nature. 

Their analytical skills are unmatched with anyone else. They believe in making things happen, no matter what hassles may come on its way. 

The abbreviation ENTJ means the following:

1. Extroverted (E)

ENTJs are extroverts. This means that they derive their mental energy from social interaction and intermingling with diverse groups of people. They have good communication ability. Moreover, they are a bundle of energy who never procrastinates. 

ENTJs are outgoing and steadfast. Their enthusiasm and energy is contagious and others are attracted to them because of this. 

People with ENTJ preferences are social butterflies. They are always busy with others and feel lonely when they are required to do things alone. ENTJs are friendly but little commanding at times. This can make them unpopular in settings that require emotional intelligence and humility.

2. Intuitive (N)

Being strong with intuition means that ENTJs can plan much ahead of their times. They can see future possibilities of an event and can decide their next course of action. 

These individuals are imaginative and full of ideas that they would love to turn into reality. ENTJs gut feeling can infer meaning from unrelated events and turn it into a meaningful whole.

People with ENTJ preferences are abstract thinkers who are inspired with new ideas, imaginations, and possibilities. 

They prefer to see the overall picture and not waste time finding the details. Being an intuitive type, ENTJs prefer to test things before it can be recognized as good. They love to put things into trials and see if it works well, so that their future goals don’t perish without being realized.

3. Thinking (T)

ENTJs use thinking as a tool to make decisions in their daily life. They prefer to use logic and analysis before arriving at a decision. People with ENTJ preferences are quick to find inconsistencies in people and systems. 

ENTJs love to delve deeper into the details of a situation and analyze it to the core. They are deeply thoughtful and love to ponder over known and unknown facts. 

These individuals are task-oriented and think a lot about how to accomplish the task on time. They are good at developing strategies that can help them achieve the desired goal effortlessly. Being a thinker, ENTJs are fiercely tactful and never get swayed by the emotional drama of others.

4. Judging (J)

Judging is a functional preference that makes an ENTJ approach life in a planned and structured way. These individuals prefer a consistent routine to work with. Armed with organization ability, ENTJs can make things work in a definite pattern or order. 

They are quick to accept challenges because they believe in their ability to make workable strategies to reach the goal.  These people are self-disciplined and hate to do things in a messed up manner. They prefer routine that allows them to know beforehand what to expect from a situation.

ENTJs prefer clarity in decision making. They never do things hurriedly and as such the chances of vital decisions going wrong can never happen to them in reality.

The personality profile of an ENTJ

ENTJs are one of the rare extroverts described in Myers Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI). They are outgoing, intuitive, thoughtful, and organized. 

These individuals are mostly non-conforming and prefer to do things as per their wishes and whims. They are not the ones to adjust much in a given situation. People with ENTJ personality types are confident, assertive, and charismatic.

They are goal-directed and believe in fulfilling their dreams with determination and hard work. Given the chance to interact in the group, they will be the loudest voice ever. On some occasions, they may talk too much and never allow others to put forth their individual opinions. 

ENTJs are not patient listeners. They are impulsive and are eager to justify their opinions as the best one. This stubbornness makes them socially unpopular. Clashes with colleagues and classmates can also take place because of this bull-headed behavior.

They are objective thinkers and are passionate about pursuing big goals in life. They never wish to taste failure. Setbacks can make them feel insecure about their abilities and they may wish to look inside themselves so as to understand their innate weaknesses.

They will never own their mistakes instead try to scapegoat others from time to time. ENTJs are a perfect blend of objectivity and rationality. They are non-compromising in most situations. ENTJs are least interested in understanding emotions and sensitivity as long as they are able to realize the big dreams in life.

The chief personality traits that make up your personality type 

ENTJs are born with certain traits that make them unique and none like other types. These are enduring qualities of an ENTJ that remains more or less stable throughout life. 

  • Idealists
  • Logical and analytical
  • Stubborn
  • Goal-directed
  • Command over language
  • Peoples’ skills are excellent
  • Competitive
  • Focused
  • High intrinsic motivation
  • Less emotionally expressive
  • Sociable and talkative
  • Limitless energy
  • Good leadership skills
  • Carries a charm that is contagious
  • Commanding tone
  • Socially dynamic
  • Haughty and arrogant sometimes
  • Stick to routine
  • Organized freaks

How common are ENTJs?

ENTJs are not to be found in the general population. They are rare and only 2% of people have this personality type. Men comprise only 3% of the population while women are only 2%. ENTJs are least found types and this makes them unique. 

The ENTJ type loves to take charge of the situation they are in. Being a traditional leader, they are arrogant and commanding. 

People who work with them may find them outwardly friendly but not easily approachable. ENTJs prefer to carry an aura that is distinct and unmatched. They never live life as a commoner rather aims to touch the sky no matter where they are or what job they may be doing.

Due to their fierce ambition, they never allow others to override them or become more powerful than them. They hate to do things that most others will do, instead preferring to choose the challenging path that most others will never walk upon.

The ENTJ personality type hates to be micromanaged. They will always act like a boss.

What ENTJs Delight?

There are so many things and situations that we like in our daily lives. ENTJs also have some likes and dislikes that make them exclusive and separate them from others. Some of the things that they delight are as follows:

  • ENTJs love to stay organized and planned in their daily lives.
  • They love to dream and idealize out of these world scenarios.
  • ENTJs would love to inspire others and delegate tasks in the right way.
  • They prefer routine and are comfortable with mundane tasks that appear the same every day.
  • People with ENTJ preferences love deep conversations that allow them to ponder, think about abstract ideas.
  • They prefer to perform on their own and hate being told what needs to be done.
  • An ENTJ is an able leader. Thus, they delight in doing tasks where they are required to manage people and situations.
  • They like people who are devoted and dedicated towards their assigned task.
  • THE ENTJ type loves to have positive interpersonal connections with others.
  • They love the spotlight and always desire to get noticed and praised for who they are.
  • ENTJs would love to make the world a wonderful place for everyone
  • They envision an ideal future that is beautiful and devoid of problems.
  • ENTJs like action plans that are logical. 
  • They would prefer to meet deadlines on time.
  • Armed with courage, these individuals are not scared to take up challenges. Instead, they like to take up new work that is completely unknown. They will work hard to learn, deliver, and accomplish goals as expected.

What do ENTJs hate?

ENTJs are bold and beautiful. They are a rare combination of beauty and brains. Let us find what can irritate an ENTJ easily. ENTJs are not bothered with presentations, office meetings, and confrontations in workplaces because they know that they can handle it well. But there are certain things that annoy them the most.

  • If they see others lacking ambitions and life goals, they may hate and become overly critical of others.
  • ENTJs hate the laidback attitude. They don’t like people who cannot manage time the way it should have been done.
  • ENTJs would be on the edge if you expect them to deal with sensitive people. They are the poorest in terms of emotional regulation and maturity of their own feelings and others’.
  • ENTJs hate bad leadership styles.
  • They hate a sluggish person who makes careless mistakes and never does anything to rectify the issue.
  • ENTJs hate changes and sudden surprises. They prefer to stay informed and cannot be expected to deal with last minute changes.
  • The ENTJ type hates to waste their precious time.
  • Slowness and a lazy attitude can annoy them in no time.
  • They hate to see their decisions not getting approved, or someone is trying to dismiss their opinions.
  • ENTJs cannot accept whining, or a complaining cry that seems to be irrelevant. They are professionals who believe in moving ahead without experiencing much emotional drama.
  • ENTJs prefer to feel accepted in the social circle they belong to. Thus, if they are socially ignored, or not given their due respect, they may become annoyed quickly.
  • They hate being caged and trapped in a situation, especially an emotional one where they are clueless about what to do and how to help the other person suffering in agony.

ENTJ learning style

We all learn in different ways. Some of us prefer to learn in structured setups while others may find it easy to learn in flexible, easygoing surroundings. Some of us prefer rote learning, and there are many who prefer to learn through practical examples and real-life learning. 

ENTJs learn best when the information is presented theoretically in an organized manner. They cannot learn in situations that are too flexible and they do not know what to do next in line.

They are especially receptive to new learning when the flow of information is logical and is carried out in a systematic manner.  These individuals will always keep an eye on future possibilities. They are eager to know whether their effort can help them accomplish the big goals that they have envisioned for themselves.

Their typical learning style looks like this –

  • ENTJs love to learn in routine settings where they know the learning content well.
  • They prefer to work with others and collaborate in group activities.
  • Sometimes, they may be the loud voice in the class telling everyone what needs to be done. 
  • The commander’s personality never shies away from taking the class responsibility given to them. 
  • They learn best through abstract ideas and imaginations. 
  • ENTJs learn best through debates, discussions, and arguments.
  • They thrive well in learning environments that allow them to share their ideas openly and work towards the goal.
  • ENTJs are able leaders. Thus, they perform well in group settings where they can inspire others to develop their best potential.
  • They can be skeptical of the authority figures and can find faults in the system if things do not seem to work out as per their ideology.
  • As they are stimulated by abstract imaginations, they prefer to create novel things out of their ideas that can earn them huge praise from other students or co-workers.
  • Being a logical person, ENTJs are focused and decisive. They prefer to take the lead in a class and make themselves heard by all.
  • Academically, ENTJs are bright and pursue higher learning much more than any other Myers Briggs extroverts. They are self-directed learners who have the maximum percentage of college retention in higher studies.

To Sum Up

To take a final call, it is important to note that ENTJs are independent contributors, although you may see them doing quite well in a group setting. People with ENTJ preferences are accomplished and successful in various aspects of life.

They are self-directed and focused. Their level of devotion to their work is captivating. These individuals live life with their own terms and are skeptical about sudden changes in their routine functioning.

 They are not the ones to embrace changes and prefer to do things in a routine manner. Having a competitive nature, ENTJs would love to push their boundaries harder to fit themselves near to perfection.