ESFJ workplace habits involve organized work, detailed panning, and building up of cohesive teams. These individuals are hardworking and systematic as far as their work is concerned.

As far as delegating tasks matter, they prefer timely submission of their work assignments and avoid making last minute rush.

In workplaces, their colleagues and teammates know them as ‘helping buddies’. ESFJs are warm and kind and this quality makes them true altruists wherever they go. 

They work with a mission and a purpose that is aligned with their sense of duty and strong ethical values.

ESFJ workplace

When we are talking about the work habits of an ESFJ personality type, one thing that comes to the forefront is their excellent organization and communication skills.

ESFJs are the masterminds behind any organization’s core success stories. They are the team players who believe in doing rather than only talking about ideas. Thus, accomplishing team goals becomes easy and effortless.

In workplaces, ESFJs show warmth and compassion in managing teams. They prefer harmony and offer a safe space for others to share their ideas and opinions freely. As such team members feel accepted.

ESFJs can motivate others to get things done. Being an outspoken and socially dynamic personality, ESFJs can win over various challenging situations easily because of their tact and presence of mind.

People with ESFJ personality type are good at establishing authority on their teammates because of their good leadership abilities. They have a positive work outlook that motivates others to work well.

ESFJs also know how to use the human resource in the best possible way. For this, they like to create psychologically safe workplaces where all the team members can share and support each other’s individual ideas and opinions.

In this way, conflicts and work politics are minimized and everyone works in close collaboration with each other. These individuals follow the rules of the office strictly and expect the same from others.

As far as their job is concerned, they are no-nonsense types and remain loyal to the authority. Usually they are comfortable in any role they’re assigned to, but perform best in leadership roles. 

ESFJs are the most genuine, and organized Myers Briggs personality type you would find in a workplace setup.

Now let us get into the details of how ESFJs function as colleagues, subordinates, and managers in a workplace setup.

1. ESFJ as a colleague

If you have ever come across the most helpful person in the office, it has to be an ESFJ. As colleagues, ESFJs are helping buddies. They are warm-heated, helpful, and full of life. This makes them impact the lives of other co-workers in positive ways.

Consul personalities, As the ESFJ is ideally known as may feel stuck if they are asked to delegate tasks on their own. They are excellent team players because of their humble and friendly nature. Shyness is not in their cards and as such they believe in teamwork.

They prefer to work in groups and like group discussions on various work-related topics. Since they are very humble, others seek advice from them related to personal and professional problems. 

ESFJs support team building because they believe that no organization can thrive in healthy ways without the support of all the members working towards a common vision.

Being a supportive colleague, ESFJs put the needs of others before their own. They are selfless and that makes them the most loved and sought after person in the organization.

Sometimes you may find an ESFJ giving practical solutions to their teammates. This becomes possible because of their practical and reality-oriented mindset.

ESFJs never like to squabble and fight with other teammates. They refrain from blame games and backbiting sprees at all costs. Thus, they earn the respect and regard of all others in the organization.

2. ESFJ as a subordinate

ESFJ subordinates are loyal and faithful. So, they will abide by the rules of the organization no matter how comfortable it may be.

They are hardworking employees which every supervisor or manager would like to have in his or her team.

You will find them accomplishing the given task with utmost accuracy and precision. ESFJs love routine work. Thus, they never mind doing the same work for a long time. Monotony never takes away their zeal to accomplish tasks on time.

They are highly punctual and methodical in their work. Messy stuff is not for them. They prefer structured work spaces with well-defined rules of work.

An ESFJ subordinate has a greater sense of duty. They never leave tasks half-done rather finish before time. In the organization, they are liked for their organizational skills.

Their well-organized nature allows them no mistakes. Sometimes, they do things so perfectly that others look up to them for practical suggestions and advice related to their individual tasks.

They are trustworthy and reliable, patient and peaceful types. This makes them popular amongst all the workers in the organization.

ESFJs respect traditions and conventions. They show regard to the authority they work for. These individuals are resistant to change, and may not prefer learning new things every now and then in the organization.

They are not against innovation and creative working styles but may take a longer time to adjust to such new styles that are totally a mismatch to their personality type.

They thrive well in work structures that give them stability and security.

3. ESFJ as a manager

ESFJ managers are able leaders. Their leadership style is based on proper organization, order, and planning. They dislike unsystematic work, thus team mates need to be careful while working with them in a group.

A person with an ESFJ personality type is humble and always maintains a harmonious relationship with everyone in the group. They are typical extroverts and prefer to keep the team active and agile.

These individuals have a command over their team members though in a humble and friendly way. They have the ability to inspire and motivate team members towards accomplishing new challenges.

Consul personalities have good interpersonal skills. They become efficient leaders because they know how to bring the best out of their teammates.

ESFJs always remain aware of their designation in the workplace. For this, they maintain an aura of professionalism with them. They are conflict aversive and maintain peace around them.

You will never find them getting into pointless arguments with anyone. They are quite straightforward in their workplace communication and expect the same from all the teammates.

An ESFJ leader is understanding and supportive. They will be the first one to notice if any team member is not feeling in usual ways. At times, their sensitive nature makes them extend help to those who need guidance and suggestions.

These individuals can motivate others to give their best to the organization. An ESFJ leader can involve all the group members in doing interesting activities together. In this way, the work team feels united and relaxed.

Each member of the team is given due recognition for the effort they are putting in the overall growth of the organization. Workplace bullying is much less in such cohesive teams and the credit goes to the ESFJ manager.

In trying times, ESFJ managers support their team members whole-heartedly. This increases their popularity and improves their social esteem in the workplace.

ESFJ personality type and workplace communication

ESFJs are humble people so they like to communicate in a warm and friendly tone with others. In workplaces they prefer to maintain a cordial relationship with everyone.

They prefer straight talk and not wishy-washy communication. These individuals do not like to discuss long term abstract plans. 

Being a judging personality type, they prefer short term goals that are concrete and have a proper planning associated with it. 

When trying to communicate a message to an ESFJ, make sure that you are straightforward and clear cut. They dislike vague information and so you need to back up your ideas with valid data and information that already exists somewhere in the books.

If you are trying to convey a long term plan to an ESFJ, make sure to break them into small parts. They follow the step-by-step procedures much better than big lengthy plans.

Being a sensing feeling type, ESFJs like personal touch in their professional relationship. So make sure that you start with some easy going questions before jumping on to the straight business talks.

While making any business discussions, ESFJs love to hear real life examples of the procedures to be used to accomplish the goal. They also want to know the real success stories of people who have used similar strategies to achieve the end result.

Thus, ESFJs enjoy discussions that are clear, well-planned, and rational. As far as their work ethics are concerned, they like workplaces where communication style is assertive and firm, compassionate and honest.

Having a meeting with ESFJ personality type – What it looks like

A meeting with an ESFJ means you need to start talking to them in a kind and agreeable tone. Since they dislike showy people, avoid being flamboyant and pretentious. Be genuine and authentic in front of them.

Ask them relevant questions related to the work. You need to be precise and straightforward as well. In business meetings, ESFJs prefer face to face interaction with proper eye-contact and humble gestures. 

Since ESFJs are good team leaders, they will call for many small team meetings to discuss the future course of action related to their job. They provide ample opportunities to the other party to share their opinions and concerns related to the matter.

Thus, in meetings, they like detailed discussion of the business plan. There should be no ambiguity or loopholes in the plan otherwise ESFJs may outright reject it.

Being a systematic and well-organized personality type, ESFJs prefer business agendas in place so that they know what to expect from the meeting.

ESFJ personality type and conflict resolution in the workplace

ESFJ personality type is sensitive and gentle. Thus, they avoid conflicts at all costs. No matter what the circumstance is, they prefer to stay calm and poised as much as possible. So you can say that their working environment is devoid of daily squabbling and freaky quarrels.

If they get stuck in tense conversations, they make sure to remain quiet and later on, move away from the situation. By no means have they lost patience and peace of mind.

ESFJs never get caught in the heat of the moment. If they do not like anything taking rounds in the office, they prefer to stay away from conflicting situations.

They handle conflicts with logic and empathy. ESFJs never get into unnecessary fights with team members. They prefer giving equal rights to all those working with them on the common goal

To Sum Up

The ESFJ personality type is always willing to help and support others in times of need. They are super team players who believe in taking actions and accomplishing the task on time.

The consul personality type is always efficient and productive in workplaces. They enjoy work that is planned and structured well in advance.

ESFJs also respect the authority they work with and usually prefer a no-nonsense attitude from all the team workers they work with. They always approach their work with a sense of purpose and responsibility.