ESTP famous people are focused on social status and recognition from others. They have a natural inclination to get praise from others in the social circle. It actually feeds them with better self-image and fulfills their esteem needs.

Being an extrovert they always prefer the spotlight and crave attention and recognition both. They are also great in dealing with challenging situations that are unpredictable and exciting.

In this post, we will share a list of ESTP famous personalities who have left a mark in their professional arena.

ESTP Famous People

The ESTP personality type is a typical extrovert and they thrive well in the public spotlight.

They feel good when others praise them for the work they are doing. They are persuasive and can inspire others to participate in a social cause. 

ESTP famous people can become the face of a social event. You may see many ESTP famous people doing advertisements to promote a particular brand.

These individuals are good communicators, has excellent social skills. ESTPs are smart, charismatic, vibrant, and carry a positive demeanor wherever they go. T

These individuals are also great in negotiating and resolving conflicts just like any other ESTP personality.

This personality type has logical minds that believes only in factual data. They never rely on ambiguous and abstract ideologies because they are not good at seeing the big picture of an event.

There are many ESTP famous personalities who are artists, singers, entrepreneurs, sales people, etc. They are risk takers and believe in taking a bold action whenever they need to decide on something crucial in their life.

List of 50 ESTP famous people

If you are eager to know the names of ESTP famous people who may share this type with you, then the below mentioned list is for you.

  1. Ernest Hemmingway, author
  2. Dale Carnegie, author and motivational speaker
  3. Mike Tyson, Boxer
  4. Steve Nash, American point guard
  5. Jimmy Connors. American Tennis star
  6. Dan Marino, American quarter back
  7. Epicurus, Greek philosopher
  8. John Grisham, American author
  9. Nicolas Sarkozy –President of France
  10. Bernard Montgomery, U.K field Marshall
  11. Kid Rock, American songwriter and singer
  12. Angelina Jolie, Actress
  13. Samuel. L. Jackson, American actor
  14. Eddie Murphy, actor and comedian
  15. Sylvester Stallone, actor
  16. Megan Fox, American actress
  17. Bruce Willis, Actor
  18. Amy Winehouse, Musician
  19. Miley Cyrus, American songwriter
  20. Alfred Hitchcock, writer
  21. George. W. Bush, American President
  22. George. S. Patton, General In U.S Army
  23. Thomas Edison, Scientist
  24. Camilla Parker Bowles, British Duchess
  25. Harry Houdini, Hungarian-American artist
  26. Pablo Escobar, Wealthiest criminal in history
  27. Jeremy Clarkson, English broadcaster
  28. Madonna, singer
  29. Mila Kunis, actress 
  30. Amber Heard, actor
  31. Niall Horan, singer
  32. Joe Rogan, Podcaster
  33. Jason Mamoa, actor
  34. Jack Nicolson, actor
  35. Nicolas Sarkozy, France president
  36. Michael. J. Fox, social activist and philanthropist
  37. Meryl Streep, actress
  38. Bon Scott, Australian singer
  39. Douglas MacArthur, U.S General
  40. Jimmy Connors, Tennis player
  41. Dan Marino, American quarterback
  42. Steve Nash, American point guard
  43. Travis Tritt, singer
  44. Iggy pop, American pop star
  45. Fred Durst, American Rapper
  46. David Lee Roth, American vocalist
  47. Andrew Jackson, Former President of U.S
  48. Vanilla Ice, American Rapper
  49. Dave Mustaine, American musician
  50. Ben Affleck, American actor

To Sum Up

The ESTP famous people are ambitious and prefer to leave a mark wherever they go. Being a proactive type, they live life in actions only. You will never see them sitting and doing nothing productive.

Even the hobbies that they choose have to synchronize with their need for adventure and excitement. ESTPs are also born leaders. They prefer to see others following their guidance and suggestions.

They also love to be appreciated for the hard work they put in their work. Thus, most ESTP famous people love to earn accolades for their stage performances and showbiz concerts.

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