The famous persons with enneagram 1 are the people known for their strong sense of right and wrong. They are perfectionists as far as their regular work is concerned. They hate making mistakes and will do things in the perfect way. These individuals can become excellent world leaders because of their confident communication style.

Many of these celebrity people have left their mark in the social sphere. We all know them because of their professionalism and perfection. Enneagram 1s are keen to achieve their desired success. For them, personal growth is an important part of being a famous person. They will continually strive for perfection, otherwise feel low about themselves. 

Sometimes, these famous people have contributed so much to the community that they are always applauded with grace and respect for their contribution to society.

In this post, we will refer to the names of 50 famous personalities with enneagram type 1 who have pushed their personal boundaries far and wide and have achieved the tough goals in life.

Famous Persons with Enneagram 1

A person with enneagram type 1 personality is motivated by right and wrong. They desire success and excellence in all walks of life. Their greatest fear is failure and probably this fear motivates them to work harder and achieve the success meant for them.

These famous celebrities are smart, assertive, and intelligent. Driven by great values, they refrain from making silly errors in life, so that they appear extra special in the social sphere. Their basic desire is to remain virtuous and maintain integrity wherever they get themselves in. 

Professionally, these individuals will dread making mistakes and being criticized for the same. They prefer to remain strong and morally ties always, otherwise they may feel insecure and alone deep within.

Many famous personalities with enneagram type 1 are advocates of social justice and change. They are the community builders who believe in rational thinking and objective decision making. People with type 1 personalities are critical and judgemental if they see others around them falling short of their moral code of behavior.

The perfectionists prefer open communication. Thus, you will always find these famous people open-minded and have clarity in thinking and decision making. 

Following rules and schedules are important for an enneagram 1. Therefore, they also expect the same organized behavior from others. These celebrities are socially present, versatile, and have shown to the world their varied qualities and high-held values. 

As far as their values and ethical judgements are concerned, enneagram 1s are non-compromising. They prefer to stay bold when others try to dismiss their values as unnecessary or too rigid. 

Enneagram 1s are not overbearing on others. It is just that they are obsessed with the concept of right and wrong. Nothing can take away their strong sense of values. As such they become eminent social workers as well who have sacrificed their personal needs for the greater good of humanity. 

A list of 50 famous persons with Enneagram 1

In this section, we have compiled the names of 50 famous persons with enneagram 1. These famous people are tireless performers in their field of expertise. They are the advocates of justice and fair deal. These people are less emotional and more rational in their outlook towards life. 

Ones have broken free from prejudice and biases. They are not the ones to take sides in their professional setups. Instead they would always look forward to a positive change that can be beneficial for them and others as well. 

For an enneagram type 1 famous person, they shape their and others’ life around them. They will make wise choices and remain responsible for the choices made. These people are the masterminds of transformation that can build progressive societies. 

Some of the famous enneagram Ones such as Nelson Mandela, Noam Chomsky are those who have not rested in their lives unless they have done something to build better communities where justice, equality, freedom, and fairness exists in all its darkest corners.

Let’s learn the names of the other enneagram 1 famous personalities right here, right now –

  1. Eleanor Roosevelt
  2. Nelson Mandela
  3. Noam Chomky
  4. Emma Watson 
  5. Plato
  6. Matt Damon
  7. Morgan Freeman
  8. Scott Joplin
  9. Joe Hishashi
  10. Ralph vaughan Williams
  11. Immanual Kant
  12. Sam Harris
  13. Peter Singer
  14. John Rawls
  15. Zhu Xi
  16. Marcus Aurelius
  17. Baruch Spinoza
  18. Hilary Hahn
  19. Alexander Borodin
  20. Johann Christian Bach
  21. Gal Gadot
  22. Venus williams
  23. Martina Hingis
  24. Ayrton Senna
  25. Jordan Spieth
  26. Rory Mcllroy
  27. Arsene Wenger
  28. Fernando Alonso
  29. Daniel Dae Kim
  30. Julie Andrews
  31. Elizabeth Warren
  32. Michelle Obama
  33. C.S.Lewis
  34. Steve Jobs
  35. Al Gore
  36. Margaret Thatcher
  37. Mahatma Gandhi
  38. Celine Dion
  39. Natalie Portman
  40. Tom Steyer
  41. Angela Lansbury
  42. Angela Merkel
  43. Andrew Yang
  44. Tina Fey
  45. Martha Stewart
  46. Bill Moyers
  47. Helen Hunt
  48. Jane Fonda
  49. Confucius
  50. Sir Thomas More

To Sum Up

The famous personalities with enneagram 1s are the people of high intellect and values. Most of the names mentioned above are either renowned politicians, or social activists who have left an impression in social spheres. The actors and actresses with enneagram type 1s are marvelous artists and have played protagonist’s roles highlighting their leadership abilities.

These famous enneagram 1s are full of values and wisdom. They are detail-oriented and prefer to dive deep into the matter they are working with. This makes them perfect and precise in their work also.

We have also mentioned the names of several social activists and reformers who have inspired the common man with their wisdom and righteous advice for a happy and peaceful living.

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