Famous persons with Enneagram 7 are those individuals who use their enthusiasm, playful approach, and logic to experience everything that life has to offer. Their basic desire is to avoid suffering and apathy. Enneagram Sevens at unhealthy levels can lack focus. Sevens always remain on the lookout for fresh and scintillating experiences.

Therefore, they focus on doing a constant activity. These people stay busy entertaining optimistic views of the world. They have a never-ending curiosity for gathering new information along with experiences. Even when these individuals are tired after a hard day’s work, the minds of Enneagram Sevens keep brimming with new ideas they can explore.

These people are excellent storytellers who can charm others through their oratory skills. They always see the positive side of every aspect of life. Enneagram 7s look at this world as a playground, considering themselves to be the children enjoying it.

50 Famous Persons with Enneagram 7

The famous persons with enneagram seven personality types include celebrities from different walks of life. They possess traits that help make up these individuals. These stars use their curious nature to make full use of life’s opportunities that come their way.

Enneagram 7s are Enthusiasts. While at the healthy level, these individuals show their enthusiasm for life with a focus on almost anything that captures their attention. They are always curious and optimistic and carry a deep sense of adventure for exploring various facets of life. When you see someone with personality type Seven, they will keep their anticipation levels high for all the good things they are ready to experience. Their basic fear lies in getting stuck and not making any progress in life.

Even though Sevens belong to the Thinking Center, it does not become apparent at once, as they are practical in their approach. Moreover, they engage themselves in a variety of projects at a time. Their manner of thinking is anticipatory.

They can easily foresee different events of the future. Sevens also develop ideas on the go, special favor going to those activities which help stimulate their minds. When these enneagrams are at their average levels, they keep looking to achieve the next high in their life.

Later on in this article, there is a compilation of an extensive list of celebrities with enneagram seven personality types. One cannot say these people are intellectuals by any stretch of the imagination. Still, they often turn out to be intelligent. They are well-read, which helps them to possess in-depth knowledge. These individuals have the ability to speak out in times of need. These individuals possess the great gift of brainstorming ideas and synthesizing information.

It is time to compile a comprehensive list of 50 famous people with enneagram seven personality types. The list can give you a better picture of who these people are –

  1. Jim Carrey, Canadian Actor
  2. Tom Holland, British Actor
  3. Robin Williams, American Actor
  4. Cameron Diaz, American Actress
  5. Doja Cat, American Singer & Songwriter
  6. Miley Cyrus, American Singer & Songwriter
  7. Elton John, British Singer
  8. Britney Spears, American Singer
  9. Katy Perry, American Singer & Songwriter
  10. Robert Downey Jr., American Actor
  11. Elizabeth Taylor, Former British-American Actress
  12. Freddie Mercury, Former British Singer & Songwriter
  13. Tyler, the Creator, American Rapper & Singer
  14. Alexa Demie, American Actress
  15. Jack Nicholson, American Actor
  16. Stephen Colbert, American Comedian
  17. Ted Danson, American Actor
  18. Andy Samberg, American Comedian
  19. Adam Levine, American Singer
  20. Ryan Reynolds, Canadian-American Actor
  21. Jennifer Lawrence, American Actress
  22. Carrie Fisher, American Actress
  23. Ricky Gervais, English Comedian
  24. Brad Pitt, American Actor
  25. Jack Black, American Actor
  26. J Hope, South-Korean Rapper
  27. Victoria de Angelis, an Italian Musician
  28. Dominic Harrison, a British Actor
  29. Kesha, American Singer & Songwriter
  30. Jason Momoa, American Actor
  31. James Franco, American Actor
  32. Robert Sheehan, an Irish Actor
  33. John F. Kennedy, Former U.S. President
  34. Thomas Jefferson, 3rd U.S. President
  35. Voltaire, a Former French Philosopher
  36. David Chalmers, Australian Philosopher
  37. Amelia Earhart, Former American Aviator
  38. Michel Foucault, a Former French Philosopher
  39. Clóvis de Barros Filho, Brazilian Professor
  40. Denis Diderot, Former French Philosopher
  41. Usain Bolt, Jamaican Runner
  42. Steven Spielberg, American Director
  43. Ronaldinho Gaucho, Former Brazilian Footballer
  44. Gerard Pique, Former Spanish Footballer
  45. Thomas Muller, German Footballer
  46. Paul Pogba, French Footballer
  47. Rayssa Leal, Brazilian Skateboarder
  48. Alexa Bliss, American Wrestler
  49. Ric Flair, American Wrestler
  50. Oscar Wilde, a Former Irish Poet


The extensive list of 50 famous persons with Enneagram 7 contains celebrities from different walks of life. People recognize most of them very well through their work. There are others people do not manage to identify.

Even then, they are in no way less proficient compared to well-known celebrities. These famous personalities have made a name for themselves. They have done this through their impressive performances in their respective professions.

All these celebrities look to explore life’s possibilities with full force. They never let any opportunity go by from their grasp. Their adventurous nature gives them an edge over others while analyzing all angles of any aspect of life.

These individuals will only show their interest in something. They must be attractive, and that will instantly grab the attention of an Enneagram Type 7.