The famous persons with enneagram 9 are considered to be stars and celebrities. Thus are thought to be away from reality. Celebrities, however, are actual individuals like us who could experience the same hardships and might have similar interests. 

They may be experienced mediators and also the most peaceful individuals in a group of friends or co-stars.  They put a lot of effort into maintaining harmony in the background and thus are quite popular in groups. 

Along with the numbers eight and one, the Enneagram type nine celebrities make up the Enneagram’s “body-based” trio. They self-regulate and contain their rage and are fantastic negotiators and persuaders who can aid others in comprehending various viewpoints and thus have a great number of followers.

Let’s know who these famous personalities are in this post.

Famous persons with Enneagram 9

Enneagram type nines might be obstinate, but they seldom upset the apple cart. Even though they usually go along with things, if you push them too far, they’ll put up passive opposition since they don’t enjoy being in charge. 

Nines worry about appearing needy and turning off potential friends. They deal with this dread by caving into the expectations and goals of those around them; they are pleasant to fit in.

Nines are driven by their desire for harmony and tranquility in their surroundings, as well as by their desire to stay out of trouble and deal with uncomfortable feelings. Nines are accepting and encouraging people who want to live in harmony with their environment. 

Many of the things that other people overlook in their haste are enjoyed by them, such as connecting with nature, animals, imagination, and spirituality. 

These people have a talent for mending wounds, resolving disputes, and fostering an environment of kindness and acceptance. At unhealthy levels, Nines may become so preoccupied with harmony that they lose awareness of unpleasant feelings or circumstances. 

They may feel suppressed, confused, and careless. Nines are confident, innovative, creative, compassionate, and unpretentious when they’re at their best and thus these people are doted upon by others.

Ever wonder whether well-known public figures could fit your enneagram type? If you haven’t interacted with many of the different kinds in real life, one of the advantages of typing fictitious people or celebrities is that they may offer you a clear picture of how the types might express themselves. 

You may obtain a better understanding of the values and viewpoints of the various Enneagram types by knowing the famous persons with these types.

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A list of 50 famous persons with Enneagram 9 personality type 

People who are Type 9s tend to be motivated, curious, and peace-seeking. They often put the needs of others before their own and will go above and beyond to make sure that others in their immediate vicinity have everything they want or need. 

Actors of type 9 are outgoing and regularly portray heroic roles that might be seen as a dedication to global harmony and peace. 

In the world of music, global audiences may connect with the music that Type 9 musicians create and perform. Some people think enneagram type 9 thinkers are articulated and their sense of subtle creativity gets reflected in the field of literature as well.

In the area of sports and games type 9s are outgoing but yet quite laid back. They are known for being extremely accommodating to keeping peace in their immediate surroundings.

  1. Abraham Lincoln, Former US president
  2. Alicia Keys, a musician
  3. Anne Bogel, a reader, writer, and podcaster
  4. Audrey Hepburn an American actor
  5. Maddie Voge, a creative director
  6. Marie Kondo, a Japanese organizing consultant, author, and TV presenter
  7. Queen Elizabeth II, the British monarch 
  8. Walt Disney, an American animation film producer
  9. Amanda Sudano, an American singer-songwriter
  10. Audrey Assad, an American pop singer
  11. Lysa Terkeurst, an American speaker and author
  12. Seth Abrams, an American professor, attorney, author, political columnist, and poet
  13. J.K. Rowling, an Author
  14. Jane Austen, an Author
  15. Carl Jung, an Author, Psychoanalyst
  16. Carl Rogers, a Humanistic psychologist
  17. Scarlett Johansson, an American actress, and singer.
  18. Chadwick Boseman an American actor
  19. Keanu Reeves, a Canadian actor, producer, director, and musician.
  20. Kylie Jenner, an American model
  21. Megan Fox, an actor
  22. Brad Pitt, an actor
  23. Adam Driver, an actor
  24. Harrison Ford, an actor
  25. Dakota Johnson, an actor
  26. Bruce Willis, an actor
  27. Ryan Gosling, an actor
  28. Tobey Maguire, an actor
  29. Emily Blunt, an actor
  30. Liam Neeson. an actor
  31. Rihanna, a Barbadian singer, songwriter, actress, fashion designer, and businesswoman
  32. Billie Eilish, An American singer, and songwriter.
  33. Avril Lavigne, a Canadian singer, songwriter, and actress
  34. Jungkook (BTS), a singer & musician
  35. Snoop Dogg, a singer & musician
  36. Ringo Starr, a singer & musician
  37. Post Malone, a singer & musician
  38. Bob Marley, a singer & musician
  39. Aurora, a singer & musician
  40. Rose (BLACKPINK), a singer & musician 
  41. Selena Gomez, a singer & musician
  42. Swami Vivekananda, a philosopher
  43. Diogenes, a philosopher
  44. Epicurus, a philosopher
  45. Chuang Tzu a philosopher
  46. Lionel Messi, a sportsperson
  47. Naomi Osaka, a sportsperson
  48. Christian Eriksen, a sportsperson
  49. Giorgio Chiellini, a sportsperson
  50. Fernando Torres, a sportsperson

To Sum Up 

Celebrities from a variety of backgrounds may be found on the extensive list of Enneagram 9 notable people. These well-known celebrities have established their reputations. Because of how they behaved in their various occupations, they were able to succeed so well. 

Enneagram-type nines desire to get along with everyone, yet this can occasionally put them in the middle of disputes. They are skilled at listening to both sides of an argument and settling disputes.

 However, they don’t enjoy it when people have too many conflicts. These individuals are cooperative, take no hurtful action, and are sympathetic and hence are adored by their fans.

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