Every person in this world showcases different features in their behavior as they deal with various challenges in their life. It applies to people with Enneagram 4 personality. There are healthy and unhealthy behavior patterns of Enneagram 4 that help form their personality. Are you aware of your Enneagram personality type? If not, take one of the most popular online personality tests, the Riso-Hudson enneagram type indicator for the same.

Enneagram 4s are shy, reserved, sensitive, and fully aware of themselves. If we relate enneagram type 4 individuals with one of the Myers and Briggs types, then their traits are in line with INFJs. This Myers Briggs type feels for others, which is in line with the traits of healthy Enneagram 4. Healthy Fours pay heed to their feelings, emotions, purposes, contradictions, and conflicts.

On the other hand, when an enneagram 4 fails to develop its unique identity, they start suffering from low self-esteem and a tremendous level of self-criticism. These things convert them into unhealthy fours. Unhealthy 4s can become contemplative of various situations. When the situation becomes extreme, they might lose their hold on reality.

Healthy and Unhealthy Behavior Patterns of Enneagram 4

The healthy and unhealthy behavior patterns of enneagram 4 talk about contrasting characteristics in their personality. They usually appear during favorable and unfavorable times of life. These changes take place from having various perspectives of different scenarios in life.

The Enneagram model portrays healthy and unhealthy levels of how the nine types play their roles from time to time.  It depicts that one’s primary Enneagram type will showcase different levels of functioning. There are both healthy and unhealthy behavior patterns of enneagram 4 while help in making up their personality.

A healthy Enneagram will proceed toward personal growth and development. Their demeanor will be in line with the primary one. It signifies that one has fully integrated themselves with their core Enneagram number.

Once Enneagram 4 moves in the path of growth, they begin to portray characteristics that are present among people with Enneagram 1 personality type. In this stage of their life, Fours start embracing values, order, and impartiality. They will decide how they wish to feel in a particular situation. Fours will do things that hold personal significance in their life. These people will not let their strong feelings overwhelm them.

When there is disintegration, Enneagram Type 4s could display behavioral traits of Enneagram Type 2s. They try reaching out to others to find a proper connection. Moreover, these individuals could seem to be overly attentive and needy.

It is time to discuss the characteristics of healthy, unhealthy, and average Enneagram 4s in detail.

Healthy Enneagram 4s

Healthy Enneagram Fours connect to the world using their innovation and creativity. They can shift their outlook toward undertaking the process that will enable them to grow and develop.

Fours always create works of art that provoke others to think and break stereotypes regarding their perceptions about this field. Hence, they can alter people’s perspectives to make way for the greater good of the community. They use new information. Then they merge it with previous knowledge. This combination allows them to develop a fresh outlook for generating insight into how art should look like.

Significant shifts in styles of art and fashion eras have come through over the years. It has happened primarily because of the Individualists’ ability to think outside the box. It becomes easier for them to do so. This is due to their potential to rework previous experiences and implement them into their brand-new works of art.

Healthy Fours are aware of their emotions. These people undergo change and transformation. It takes place while accepting themselves for who they are before emerging as a butterfly that carries wings to soar higher.

Signs of healthy enneagram 4

Following are the signs of a healthy enneagram 4 –

  • Healthy 4s are fully aware of and focus on their deficiencies and differences.
  • They accept themselves for who they are with complete honesty. It makes them take note of their feelings, motives, and emotional conflicts.
  • Healthy Enneagram 4s are sensitive people who make creativity an integral part of their lives. These people adopt an unconventional approach to undertake all their responsibilities.
  • They can develop a deep connection with their emotions. It makes them sensitive toward others’ feelings as well.
  • These people love going against the norm. They like adopting new ways of thinking to try new things.
  • Healthy enneagram 4s always remain on the lookout for authenticity and distinction. They are the two main features that make up their personality.
  • People who belong to this enneagram type create new ideas inside their minds. They implement them in their works of art. Thus, it enables others to rethink conventions and traditions.
  • All those who fall under the category of healthy enneagram four are fully aware of the areas that can result in their growth. They tend to concentrate on those areas and put in the necessary effort to achieve requisite development.
  • These fours take some time to reflect on the positive features of life.
  • They undertake breathing exercises. These exercises help them land in a better position to process overwhelming scenarios.
  • Healthy fours even realize that people can make them get through problematic situations. Thus, they must reach out to them to develop deeper connections.

Unhealthy Enneagram 4

When enneagram 4 is unhealthy or not at its best, they could start showcasing behavioral patterns that are visible in enneagram 2. It might make them connect with others. Then, they can go ahead to express their needs and demands. They try to become helpful to others, apart from being generous. These people look for acceptance and support from all around.

Unhealthy enneagram fours feel that because of their connection with others, people will realize the kind of talent they possess in their personality. They think that it will help others see them for their uniqueness. Unfortunately, it does not always happen like that. When someone fails to live up to their level of expectations, they can become depressed and extremely moody.

These people would begin contemplating things that may not even occur in the real world. It tends to disrupt the naturally creative energies present inside this personality. Under extreme circumstances, they might shift away from reality. Then they can keep creating situations inside their minds, which may not even exist in real life.

Another common feature among unhealthy enneagram fours is their tendency to withdraw from difficult situations. Ideally, one must always face whatever life throws at them. Then, they should adopt ways for resolving problems. It can ensure smooth progress toward their goals. Moreover, they become obsessed with things they do not possess.

These unhealthy fours also focus a lot on their needs and requirements. They hardly bother about what people think or feel. When they face hardship, they tend to react quite strongly and emotionally.

Signs of unhealthy enneagram 4

An unhealthy enneagram four may carry the following characteristics in their personality –

  • An unhealthy enneagram 4 is always in desperate need of someone who rescues them if they face precarious situations.
  • These people suffer from the core fears of abandonment and loneliness.
  • They hate feeling misunderstood.
  • Four always feel people will not accept them for who they are. Hence, they will rebuke them for their search for uniqueness.
  • Unhealthy enneagram 4s constantly sense that they are not using their potential to good effect. Thus, they always strive toward putting in extra effort while carrying out their responsibilities.
  • An unhealthy enneagram four can decide to do something that will give them immense pleasure in their life.  Once they make up their mind, these individuals will not think twice before committing to it.
  • They undergo frequent mood swings. This habit makes them suffer in their personal and professional lives.
  • An unhealthy enneagram four tends to feel that no one can probably understand who they are. Moreover, these people also think that people do not know what they want from life.
  • These enneagram fours often go through negative feelings of hopelessness and depression. These things can make them resort to extreme measures which cause self-destruction.

Average Enneagram 4

Average enneagram 4s are special and unique individuals. They understand that they are not like others, who seem normal and superficial. These people devote most of their time to the world of fantasy to them. Fours can create a strong connection with the feelings that crop up in their dreams.

These enneagrams love creating a unique environment for themselves. They look at their niche as a shelter. It helps to generate and maintain intense personal feelings that they absorb over lengthy periods of time.

People with average enneagram four personality types invest significant time into daydreaming. They always stay on the lookout for their exact personality. These individuals in life can find themselves through intense feelings of passion. Average enneagram 4s base their whole identity on having a different attitude from others.

Signs of average enneagram 4

Let us now briefly talk about the signs of average enneagram 4. They are as follows –

  • An average enneagram four would always find ways to de-stress themselves. They do so by engaging in creative pursuits.
  • They will like to get in touch with like-minded people. It will enable them to receive support and inspiration during their life.
  • Average enneagram 4s carry emotional intensity and love to introspect. They remain on the lookout for authenticity. These people seek genuineness even at the cost of people’s feelings and patience.
  • They are self-absorbed and tend to express themselves artistically. They maintain their mood and use different inspirational sources to bring together various aspects of themselves with their identity.
  • Average enneagram fours might become quite sensitive to criticism. Still, they stay firm within themselves. It makes them actively look for appreciation.
  • They could take offense if people copy or try to relate to their experiences.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed healthy, unhealthy, and average enneagram 4s with the kinds of behavioral patterns they portray while leading their lives. Healthy enneagram fours understand who they are and what they want from their life. They create works of art that force others to alter their perceptions. These people love going against rules and conventions in their life.

Unhealthy enneagram fours showcase behavioral patterns that are opposite to healthy ones. They tend to suffer from the basic fear that people will leave them alone. Their frequent mood swings adversely impact their relationships across their personal and professional lives.

Finally, average enneagram 4s carry traits that carry a mix of both healthy and unhealthy enneagram 4s. While the healthy version of this personality will undertake creative pursuits in their life. On the other hand, unhealthy enneagram 4s will undergo phases of hopelessness as they feel no one understands them.