Have you ever tried to know the hobbies of enneagram 1? Are you aware of their side hustles in their leisure time? If not, then this post is meant for you. Enneagram 1s are motivated to spend their free time wisely. Thus their hobbies include activities that are both joyful and a good learning experience for them. 

These individuals prefer hobbies that are purposeful, and enjoyable, and can give them peace of mind while they are not doing anything serious. 

They love to engage in a nature walk or do gardening, lawn cleaning, etc. These activities keep them in touch with nature. They love to decorate their homes as well during their leisure time.

In this post, we will briefly outline all those activities that enneagram 1s can do in their free time to feel good about themselves and the moment they are in.

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Hobbies of Enneagram 1

Enneagram 1s are bestowed with a strong moral sense. Thus, they prefer to utilize their free time as productively as possible. These individuals are naturally time-friendly and prefer to make use of their available time in the best possible way.

Apart from fun and enjoyment, Enneagram Ones are eager to engage in activities that can positively impact others’ lives in beautiful ways. When they are not doing anything serious, you may find them getting involved with a social service activity every weekend. Through these actions, they feel good about their self-worth. They also get a chance to meet diverse groups of people with varied needs, wants, and grievances to resolve. 

Being a perfectionist, type 1s will also accomplish their hobby activities as well as it should be done. They feel great when their time is invested in doing something worthy either for themselves or others. Enneagram 1s are always eager to join fundraising activities that can be beneficial for everyone in the community.

Enneagram 1 is the doer, so they will feel bored and uninspired if not doing anything in their spare time. These individuals will pick up a new hobby that can be both fun and exciting. They will take up a hobby that best suits their mental vibes in subtle ways.  

Hobbies of enneagram 1s include a lot of trial and error as well because they need a hobby to vibe with, otherwise, they may lose interest soon and leave the hobby halfway. 

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Enneagram 1s are very serious about what they do, how they do it, and whether their actions can also help others in even small ways. They will choose hobbies that resonate with their serious mentality. People with type 1 preferences enjoy perfecting their ideas and imaginations into making something great and awesome. Even if it’s a piece of art, they will do it neatly and perfectly. 

Being an organized type, they prefer hobbies that are systematic and can be done with minimum investment in terms of money or wealth. These individuals will use easy-to-use and easy-to-find things in creating a hobby in the best way.

For enneagram 1s, learning a new hobby like cooking, painting, or learning a new foreign language can be like nurturing their innate qualities and using them in the broader social framework. You can also find them using their newly learned art in teaching someone the basic life skills of cooking and drawing.

Type Ones are quick learners and they will soon turn their hobby into a passion for a lifetime. Some of the common and well-known hobbies of Enneagram Ones are as follows:

1. Volunteering

Enneagram Ones are virtuous and live life with values. Although they appear cold and less emotional outwardly, yet they prefer to bring social change that can benefit everyone. In their free time, They can volunteer for a social cause that can benefit a less fortunate section of society in finer ways. Volunteering activities can give them the mental pleasure of helping the needy and less privileged.

2. Fundraising

This hobby goes synonymously with volunteering and aiding the unprivileged in society. Enneagram Ones can inspire and motivate the general public and organizations to contribute wealth for the development of poor people or raise awareness for a social cause. They are able communicators who can make their point of view clearer and lucid through open and honest communication.

3. Tutoring and mentoring

As Type Ones are driven by values and justice, they have the ability to tutor others who may seem to deviate from life’s values. Mentoring and tutoring are one of enneagram type Ones favorite hobbies. Through this, they are able to bring the desired change in society. 

They may also engage themselves with weekend language teaching programs for adults, or life skill training for young adults. 

One is principled with a lot of focus and dedication. Armed with excellent verbal and written communication skills, they have the ability to teach others the best values and ethics in an easy-to-understand way.

4. Cooking

Enneagram Ones will enjoy cooking at any time. They are creative and curious, so learning a new recipe from a beginner’s cookbook is nothing uncommon for them.

They would love to spend their leisure hours learning recipes that can allure their own and others’ taste buds easily. Moreover, if this learning can earn them praise and recognition, then nothing like that for the type Ones.

5. Painting

Painting can be a best-fit hobby choice for an enneagram 1. They have subtle creativity that often goes unnoticed outwardly. When given a chance, Ones can create artistic masterpieces that are eye catchy, perfect, and immensely soothing.

Enneagram Ones will grow internally through their work of art. Moreover, this pastime can help them use their free time in ways that they would love to do again and again.

6. Gardening

Enneagram Ones are well-connected with nature. Therefore, they would prefer to do something that would help them get closer to the beauty and aesthetics of Nature. Gardening is a good hobby choice in this regard. 

They will prefer to use their free time learning about the various plant species, and how to take care of them in the best ways. One will enjoy seeing blooming flowers in their home garden. Nothing can give them more joy than seeing the beauty of nature all around them.

7. Playing board games

This is another hobby option for an Enneagram 1. They would love to spend quality time with friends and family members by playing board games. These games are based on planning and strategy, thus they would find it more enjoyable than anything else. 

Playing board games will also allow them to nurture their analytical mind when they are to plan for the next move on the board game. Type Ones can play board games whenever they are to bust the boredom surrounding them.

8. Chit-chats with friends and family

An evening well spent with friends and family is a favorite hobby that Ones would love to do in their free time. If they meet friends every weekend, then this can become a regular pastime for them as well. Enneagram Ones are only focused on success and accomplishment. 

They really need some time out from their daily routine so as to feel refreshed and energized all over again. Nothing can be more soothing than having heart-to-heart casual conversations with either a bunch of old pals or family members dear to them. Although they never prefer small talk and gossip, it is also needed at times to take them away from their overly serious daily routine.

9. Bird watching

As already mentioned, Enneagram Ones love nature and anything related to Mother Earth. So, you can also find them spending some quality time amidst nature by watching various species of birds here and there.

At the same time, they will also get a chance to know about the various species of birds, their flying habits, how they catch their prey, the ways of building nests, etc. This hobby is both enjoyable and a new learning experience for perfectionists.

10. Clay modeling

Apart from painting, Enneagram Ones also spend their leisure hours doing clay modeling and creating something new out of a clay lump. They will feel great when their creative talents will be challenged while creating clay models perfectly.

In this way, they will be able to use their free time productively and also can learn a new forgotten art in fun-loving ways.

To Sum Up

It is always good for perfectionists to come out of their heads and start enjoying something that is both fun-loving and interesting. Choosing a hobby that vibes with their personality traits are a tough job, not because they’re choosy but simply because they need real motivation to sustain in the hobby that they have chosen for themselves.

Type Ones are perfectionists and it’s no surprise that they may lose interest in their pastimes much more easily than others. If they find that they are unable to pursue their hobby as neatly as it should be done, they might also leave it halfway and start hunting for a new one.

They hate mistakes and imperfections and tend to see a hobby as a serious pursuit. Enneagram Ones need to relax and learn the art of taking things easy. Through regular hobby practice, they will be able to calm down and blow off their perfectionist tendencies to a large extent.