The hobbies of enneagram 7 are those activities or enjoyable endeavors they undertake during their leisure hours to attain relaxation. These activities help refresh their minds. They can gain a lot of energy after resuming their daily responsibilities. Do you know your enneagram type? If not, then take the online personality test for the same.

People with enneagram 7 personality types are extroverted, versatile, optimistic, and spontaneous. They are highly spirited and practical and intend to enjoy life in whatever way possible. These people possess numerous talents, but they often tend to misuse them.

Sevens always look to undertake new and enthralling experiences. Hence, they will love carrying out new activities in their free time. They include trying out new food items, playing adventure sports, and experiencing unique sights to savor.

The following article will discuss several activities that Enneagram 7s engage themselves in during leisure hours –

12 Hobbies of Enneagram 7

The hobbies of an enneagram 7 refer to all those activities or interests that let them explore the world and its dimensions. They use their enthusiasm to look for something better in life.

An enneagram 7 is a fun-loving, rational, and future-oriented individual. Their need for constant mental stimulation makes them concentrate on the next enthralling experience that will lead to an exciting future. Individuals with this personality type are not without blind spots. It becomes difficult for them to make commitments whenever things become tricky and accept their mistakes. Hence, they face problems in avoiding pain.

The hobbies of Enneagram 7 will help people gain more clarity regarding their personalities. If you are not sure of your enneagram type, take the personality test to know the same. It will enable you to relate easily with the hobbies based on your enneagram type. Let us explore them below in detail –

1. Yoga

People with enneagram seven personality types are enthusiasts. They have the habit of constantly seeking new ideas inside their mind. Once the ideas mature, they start implementing them to make plans for the time ahead.

It is where a mindful hobby like yoga helps them slow down their pace and reconnect with their inner-self. These people do not like feeling bogged down or anyone putting limits on them. They try to stay away from these negative feelings.

Hence, they will love the free-flowing movement that yoga provides. Moreover, Sevens will enjoy doing this activity at their own pace. Irrespective of whether this individual attends a class, gets hold of a video or practices their poses, an enneagram seven will feel a good sense of balance. They will even find a good enough reason to stay grounded after some Sun salutations.

2. Reading

Reading is also one of the favorite hobbies for an Enneagram 7, just like it is for several others. It serves the purpose of developing their personality. When someone carries love toward reading books and magazines, it becomes almost like an addiction for that individual. The Enneagram Seven personality type can engage in this activity during any stage of their life. Most importantly, they can do so with very little investment.

They can garner numerous benefits from this hobby. Reading can enrich their knowledge of various topics across the world. Hence, they become much more aware of things happening around them. An Enneagram 7 can take up any subject or topic of their choice and start reading regularly.

It could increase their capacity to think and attain new concepts. They could even allow their minds to interpret images. Moreover, the functioning of their brain becomes far more intense. It remains active in understanding various concepts with more clarity.

3. Acting

Acting can be a perfect hobby for someone with Enneagram 7 personality type. There are a whole lot of opportunities that can open for those who want to pursue it for fun. One need not worry whether they can convert it into a career and earn enough out of the same.

Some people often need to gain the requisite skills to pursue it as a career. Hence, the most suitable thing for them would be to take it up to have fun and spend time learning the tricks of the trade.

Acting needs an individual to have a sense of imagination, physical expression, display of both positive and negative emotions, and speech clarity with vocal projection. Enneagram 7s have all these within them. Hence, they become the perfect candidates for treating it as their ideal hobby.

4. Photography

Another ideal hobby for an Enneagram 7 would be photography. It can help them capture memories for a lifetime. The more these individuals click different pictures, they would allow trying out various angles to get the exact image.

Photography can act as the perfect source of comfort. It happens when someone does it all by themselves. Therefore, when an enneagram 7 hangs out with friends, they can click a few photos. Thus, they can enjoy as well as explore the creative side of their personality.

Apart from these benefits, there are other advantages as well. It can make Sevens express themselves in unique ways. They can even get in touch with several people. It can even allow them to get insights on various picturesque items, which might be the perfect element for photography.

5. Cooking

If someone remains on the lookout for a creative hobby just like an Enneagram 7 does, do not look any further than cooking. One can create their favorite dishes. They can even make slight changes to well-known recipes, and mix their preferred cuisines to prepare something new.

When someone is foody, this hobby works even better. They will have the natural inclination toward trying out recipes and satisfying their taste buds.

As Sevens is always brimming with new ideas, they will enjoy trying out unique recipes in their leisure time. Hence, they will satisfy the hunger of various individuals. It will enable them to take a break from their monotonous life and add extra value.

6. Trying Out New Food Items

Enneagram 7s, in their quest to try something new, often try out new food items and treat the same as their attractive hobby. It helps to serve several purposes. They include eating healthy foods, adding a lot of nutrients to the diet, and introducing themselves to various cultures.

These people can go about shopping for new ingredients. For instance, their diet does not have protein or vegetables in it. Simultaneously, they might have become bored from having lean meat or leafy vegetables. In that situation, it can make them look for something else. It not only adds variety but also balances the diet out completely.

7. Engaging in social media

A person with Enneagram 7 personality type also tries spending their free time interacting with friends over social media channels. It helps them exchange a lot of information with one another, hence enriching their knowledge. They consider it one of the best ways to take their minds off the hustle and bustle of life.

Interacting with friends over various social media channels can help them gain different perspectives on several topics of interest. They get to see things from different angles. Hence, treating it as one of the hobbies of enneagram 7 can make these individuals gather a lot of insight.

8. Sporting Activities

Enneagram 7s love venturing out and trying their hands into various outdoor sporting activities. They include those which enable them to practice with a lot of fun, solve problems and give them a sense of freedom. All these must be without rules or environment putting constraints on them.

These individuals often indulge themselves in surfing or sailing. There are other types as well, which give them the adrenaline rush to enjoy. They include racing, roller coasters, skydiving, etc., which all seem extremely attractive to an Enneagram 7.

9. Traveling

Traveling to different places always seems to be an exciting proposition. It is more for those who always wish to experience life’s thrill and excitement, like an Enneagram 7. Therefore, these individuals often consider traveling as one of their favorite hobbies. They understand more about various cultures.

It allows them to visit places having breathtaking scenic beauties with landscapes, snow-capped mountains, etc. They can meet new people and get a deeper insight into their lifestyle. Sevens can exchange different kinds of information with them. All these help them enhance their knowledge. Hence, it turns out to be one of the most popular hobbies of enneagram 7

10. Interior Designing

Any artistic work tends to attract the attention of Enneagram 7s. Hence, they carry a high level of fascination with taking up interior design as their hobby. They show their art appreciation. The reason is that it is quite a vibrant field. It stimulates their mind toward trying out several artistic pursuits. Hence, an enneagram seven personality type individuals can spend their free time focusing on interior designs.

They can communicate with clients, understand their requirements, and ultimately deliver quality work to meet their expectations. Most importantly, these people can even take this up as a full-time career. It is a highly lucrative option for an Enneagram 7 to try out.

11. Podcasting

A podcast is a program available in digital format, which one can download from the internet. Nowadays, its popularity has attained such a level that every individual meets a favorite podcast that they listen to now and then. Even though this audio form has been around for more than ten years, people have just begun to notice it in the mainstream.

One can engage in podcasting and make it a hobby. It happens to be an ideal option for an Enneagram 7. Podcasting can make them better people, improve their ability to socialize, enhance their communication skills, and gain different perspectives about people’s points of view. It ensures that the individual will find their true purpose in life. They get to recognize how impactful their voice is and attract people toward them.

12. Stand-up Comedy

Enneagram 7 personality type individuals can engage themselves to do stand-up comedy performances in front of their friends and family members during their leisure time. In these short sessions, they will recite humorous stories in a fast-paced manner. They can even crack jokes or catchy one-liners to grab people’s attention.

They can even use several props like music, carrot top, or certain magic tricks to make their performances stand out. When Sevens have ample free time, they can do stand-up comedy shows across different places like comedy clubs, theaters, colleges, etc.

Final Words

In this article, we have discussed several hobbies of enneagram seven that ideally suit their personality traits of looking for variety and always focusing on getting something better in their life. Their extroverted nature prominently comes to light across different hobbies they keep exploring in their lifetime.

They try to do something that will improve their lives and the lives of all those around them. Hence, cooking, interior designing, traveling, podcasting, etc., are ideally suited hobbies for the enneagram seven personality types.