The hobbies of enneagram 9 are meant to give them harmony and balance. They prefer activities that are relaxing, engaging, and productive. Some of their favorite pastimes are reading spiritual books or practicing yoga and meditation which allows them to experience complete bliss and harmony. 

They prefer activities that are slow-paced, simple, and meant for pure happiness. Going for a long nature walk and becoming in tune with the serenity of nature is also their preferred pastime.

In today’s article, we will talk about some common hobbies for people belonging to the Enneagram 9 personality type.

Hobbies of Enneagram 9

The RHETI or the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator is one of the most common personality tests available today. This test divides people on the basis of their personality type, into nine different types. Experts call these the Enneagram personality types.

The name “Enneagram” comes from the Greek language. The word “Ennea” means the number nine. “Gramma” means something that is drawn.  

The nine different Enneagram personality types have some sort of interconnection with each other. This connection can be drawn and expressed through an illustration, much like a map. This explains why these personality types are called Enneagram personality types.

Each of the 9 Enneagram personality types has one strong fear and one basic motivation. This fear and motivation together control the characteristic traits of each individual belonging to that personality type. This includes what they love, what they hate, and even things they like to do as hobbies.

An Enneagram 9’s basic fear is a fear of loss. Some of them may be afraid of losing their material possessions. Some may be afraid of losing their loved ones. Their intrinsic motivation is a desire to achieve inner peace.

At their core, Enneagram type 9s are peace-loving individuals. So, it is quite natural that they love spending time in a peaceful and relaxed way.

With that being said, let us now see what some common hobbies for Enneagram 9s can be.

1. Gardening

Gardening can be one of the best hobbies for Enneagram type 9 individuals. Gardening is one of the slowest and most relaxing activities that one can think of. It matches the vibe of a typical Enneagram 9 in a perfect way.

Type 9s want to strive for peace and harmony. They want harmony within themselves as well as their surrounding environment. One great way to do this is through gardening. Trees and plants seem to have a natural calming effect on the brain and eyes. 

This can help type 9s relax and connect with their own inner self. Even if someone does not have access to a big garden space, they can grow small potted plants in their window or balcony. Seeing the joy of a plant grow can be therapeutic for any individual.

2. Yoga

Much like gardening, yoga can also be another great hobby. It can help individuals connect with their inner selves. Yoga is quite a mindful activity that can help type 9s slow down and relax. At the same time, it also has an added advantage. It helps individuals maintain their fitness level. 

Moreover, Enneagram type 9s love to be independent. At their core, they are free-spirited individuals. Doing yoga on their own can also help them do things at their own pace. In today’s world, one would not need to go to a yoga class or gym to learn yoga. They can watch videos on the internet and do things in their own way.

3. Meditation

Much like yoga, meditation techniques can also help to calm the body down. At the same time, it also helps individuals relax their minds. Most type 9s always seem to have a lot on their minds. In their workplace or in their daily lives, they are busy resolving conflicts between others. 

This may take a toll on their mental health. They may often become drained out by doing their “peacemaker” duties on a regular basis. Practicing a bit of meditation every day can help them put their mind at ease.

4. Bullet journaling

Enneagram type 9 loves to be on top of things. They prefer to become the best in whatever they are doing. They always love to keep things organized. On another quite different note, type 9s also have a hidden artistic side to them. A great hobby where these two different sides of them can blend in is bullet journaling. 

To explain in simple terms, bullet journaling is the next level of diary writing. A bullet journal includes schedules, to-do lists, and the like. It would also include any other thing that a regular diary would include. 

At the same time, it is artsy and pleasing to the eye. Type 9s who love arts and crafts would love to create their own bullet journal. At the same time, it would also help them keep track of their schedule and other things that they need to do. 

The best part is that one does not need to be an expert or a talented artist to do bullet journaling. Anyone can start it and do it in whichever way they want.

5. Listening to music

To be fair, every person loves listening to music. But the musical taste varies from person to person. In typical cases, most Enneagram 9s love listening to soft and soothing music. They like slow songs and music that have a calming effect. They hate listening to loud music or party songs. They prefer to play some calm music and just relax. 

Sometimes they can relate to the lyrics and enjoy the music even more. But that is not always necessary. A recent study by a team of American researchers has shown that listening to music releases a chemical called dopamine in the brain, which makes individuals happy. A typical Enneagram 9’s playlist would include soft, mellow pop or rock songs, or calming instrumentals.

6. Walking

Type 9s love to take walks in nature. They are nature lovers. So, they love spending time outdoors. But they do not like strenuous work or hard physical activities. Other tasks like hiking or running are not for Enneagram 9s.

Instead, they prefer to walk. They can walk at their own pace and not be bothered by anyone. At the same time, they can enjoy being outdoors and enjoy the natural beauty of their surroundings.

7. Photography

Photography can also be an interesting hobby for type 9s. To be honest, photography does not exactly fall in the comfort zone for type 9s. But at the same time, it is not too far from it. If type 9s do photography as a hobby, they do not need to be super skilled at it. They can just go outside and click photos of whatever they like. 

This would allow them to spend time outdoors, which is something that type 9s love. Moreover, today’s mobile phones have good camera quality. So, they would also not need to invest money to buy an expensive camera!

8. Painting

Enneagram type 9s often have a hidden artistic side to them. They can explore this side through painting. The quality of their artwork does not matter as long as they enjoy themselves. If they paint as a hobby, they would also not need to worry about working under deadlines. They can just paint things at their own pace.

9. Reading

Reading can be another great hobby for Enneagram type 9s. Depending on what kind of books one reads, it can help to calm and relax the mind. Type 9s also like to keep themselves informed and prepared all the time.

So, in their leisure time, they can read a wide range of books. This can help them increase their own knowledge about a wide variety of topics.

10. Volunteering for social work

Most Enneagram 9s are good at conflict resolution. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that they have a passion for resolving conflicts. They can put this passion and talent to use by volunteering for social work.

Getting an opportunity to work with underprivileged people and helping them solve their problems in life can also help type 9s achieve their own inner peace.

11. Visiting a pet club or animal shelter

Most type 9s tend to be animal lovers. In their free time, they can visit any pet club or animal shelter, and spend time with animals. They can also volunteer for various tasks at an animal shelter like dog walking. Spending time with animals is a great way to relax and unwind. It helps type 9s connect with their inner child and helps to keep them grounded.

12. Creative writing

Oftentimes, Enneagram 9s have many things to say. But in public settings, they hesitate to voice their opinions for fear of giving rise to conflicts. They can put their pent-up thoughts to words through creative writing. They may run their own blog on some website for a meager sum of money. Writing can be therapeutic for them and help them ease their mind.

13. Baking

Many type 9s can also try their hands at baking. They can try out new recipes or bake things according to existing recipes. Baking is an intricate skill that requires a lot of patience, which type 9s have in ample amounts. This is a hobby they can pick up with relative ease.

14. Cooking

Similar to baking, cooking is also a hobby that can interest type 9s. They can put on their thinking cap and create new, innovative recipes. They would not have to worry about pleasing anyone as long as they enjoy what they are cooking.

To Sum Up 

In this article, we have discussed some common hobbies for individuals with the Enneagram type 9 personality. They are peace-loving individuals who would love to spend time gardening, doing yoga, or meditation. 

There are a host of other hobbies that type 9s can pick up. If you are a type 9 looking to pick up a new hobby, you can decide whichever one your heart desires!