INFP famous people are reserved, thoughtful, and affectionate. They are the source of inspiration for many of us. These individuals possess rare qualities of head and heart. They are influencers in their own humble ways.

Most INFP celebrities are visionaries of the future. They are goal-directed, passionate about their work, and attain excellence in almost all walks of life.

If you know even one person with an INFP personality type, you must have noticed that they are day dreamers who can have innumerable ideas been created in seconds. 

Their mind is always busy thinking about abstract things that may or may not have any relationship with the real world. These famous people also have all the qualities of an INFP. They become thought leaders and get involved in soulful connections with fellow humans.

Let us know the names of a few of these famous personalities.

INFP Famous People

INFP famous people are inclined to connect with human emotions. They develop soulful relationships with their loved ones and can go to any extent to support people who are in need.

The celebrities with INFP characteristics are spontaneous, lively, yet maintain a quiet and reserved demeanor. They are private people with deep feelings. These famous personalities are caring and nurturing and have made their presence felt in several social spaces.

INFPs are known for their patience and inner softness.  These individuals are not easy to be found out because they keep a low social profile and are a rare personality type.

INFPs always wish to make this world a better and peaceful place for everyone. They are the silent messengers of optimism and peace.

INFPs prefer to live life with values and always try to fit in the best ways in the social structure. They prefer to live life with a definite purpose. INFPs never compromise on their values. They avoid doing mundane tasks that destroy their creative bent of mind.

All INFP famous people are focused and dedicated to their work life. They are serious and passionate, honest and dedicated towards their profession.

Some of the famous INFP personalities have influenced the lives of others by imparting them the art of purposeful living. Though they are individual contributors, they can also team up with others in doing tasks that are interesting and feed their creative endeavors.

The INFP is a famous person and you may know a few of them quite well. In this compilation, we will give you the names of INFP personality types. You may know some of them closely, even if not all.

A List of 50 INFP Famous People

INFP famous persons and celebrity public figures are not keen to see the details. They hate doing the same thing every day and look for change and transition in all aspects of life. These individuals are imaginative with strong intuition and find peace in various artistic expressions. 

They make eminent actors, renowned authors, professional artists and the list is endless. Let us know the names of 50 celebrities with INFP personalities.

  1. Audrey Hepburn, actress
  2. Jude Law, actor
  3. Fred Savage, American actor
  4. Tim Burton, American director
  5. Tom Hiddlestone, English actor
  6. Amy Tan, American writer
  7. Virgil, Roman poet
  8. J.R.R. Tolkien, English linguist and author
  9. William Shakespeare, Playwright
  10. Virginia Woolf, English author
  11. Kurt Cobain, musician
  12. Fiona Apple, American singer
  13. Tori Amos, singer
  14. Robert Smith, English singer and guitarist
  15. Peter singer, philosopher
  16. Andy Warhol, artist
  17. Vincent van Gogh, artist
  18. Augustine, roman philosopher
  19. Albert Camus, French Philosopher
  20. Bob Marley, musician, Jamaican singer and composer
  21. Isabel Briggs Myers, psychologist and founder of MBTI personality test
  22. John Kerry, U.S Secretary
  23. George R.R. martin, creator of ‘Game of thrones’
  24. Bill Patterson, cartoonist
  25. Joaquin Phoenix, social activist
  26. Victoria Pedretti, Actress
  27. C.S Lewis, author of ‘Chronicles Of Narnia’
  28. John Milton, poet
  29. Heath Ledger, actor
  30. Winona Rider, actor
  31. Nicolas Cage, actor
  32. Keanu reeves, actor
  33. David Bowie, singer
  34. John Lennon, singer
  35. Regina Spektor, American singer
  36. Jean Jacques Rousseau, philosopher
  37. John Green, author
  38. Emily Dickinson, poet
  39. Stephen Colbert, American comedian
  40. Mary Kate Olsen, actress
  41. Johnny Depp, actor
  42. Alicia Keys, actress
  43. Cindy Kimberley,
  44. George Orwell, author
  45. Bill Watterson, cartoonist
  46. A.A. Milne, English author
  47. Chris Martin, singer
  48. James Taylor, U.S singer
  49. Teller, American magician
  50. Richard Gere, American actor

To Sum Up

INFPs are relatively rare personality types. Therefore there are not many INFP famous people to be found easily. They are reserved and prefer to chase their dreams silently. 

These individuals are a rare find and you will not know them personally unless they wish to reveal their deepest secrets to the world. INFPs will always try to protect their self-identity no matter where they are placed in their professional lives. 

They would love to remain in a quiet state of existence amidst all the chaos going around them.

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