The personality traits of enneagram 9s show their calm and composed nature. People with type 9 preferences are always away from conflicts and disagreements. Throughout their lives, they prefer to maintain serenity within themselves and around themselves.

Type nines are also known for their optimistic, creative, and helpful nature. They are driven by the need to be settled inside out. Any sort of chaos irritates them a lot because they do not know the art of handling conflicts. These people prefer harmony and like to be valued and regarded for who they are. 

Type 9s are relaxed and easygoing personalities and always maintain a proper balance between head and heart. They are the master peacemakers and can even start people-pleasing to a great extent in order to create harmony around them.

Let’s learn more about their key traits in this think piece. 

Personality Traits of Enneagram 9

The RHETI or the Riso-Hudson Test Indicator is one of the most common personality tests available today. This test classifies the human personality into nine different types. Experts call these the Enneagram personality types.

The name “Enneagram” comes from the Greek language. The word “Ennea” refers to the number nine. The term “gramma” means something that is drawn or painted. 

The nine different Enneagram personality types have some sort of interconnection with each other. Experts can show this connection by drawing them like a map. This explains the reasoning behind the name Enneagram.

Each of the 9 Enneagram personality types has one basic fear and one strong motivation. This fear and motivation together control the personality traits of individuals belonging to one personality type. 

In this article, we will discuss some common personality traits of individuals having the Enneagram type 9 personality. Keep reading to find out what some of these traits are.

Other people often call Enneagram 9s “the peacemakers”. This is because type 9s always strive for peace and harmony in their environment.

An Enneagram 9-type individual’s basic fear is a fear of loss and separation. They are afraid of losing their loved ones and being separated from them. They are also afraid of losing some of their prized possessions or things they love.

Enneagram 9s have a basic desire to achieve internal stability. They tend to value their own peace of mind more than anything else. But in essence, Enneagram 9s crave peace and harmony in their surrounding environment as well. They believe that if they can create harmony among the people around them, they can achieve inner peace as well.

The 15 Traits in detail

Let us now talk about some common personality traits of Enneagram type 9s.

1. Carefree nature

Enneagram type 9s tend to be easy-going and carefree. They seem to have a relaxed attitude about almost everything in life. Even if things do not go according to their plan, they do not stress too much about it. Even if they get worried inside their head, they do not show it on the outside.

Enneagram 9 believes that it is useless to devote our time and energy to worrying about something that we cannot change. Instead, they would focus on changing whatever aspect they can. If they cannot, they will move on.

2. They’re comfort lovers

Enneagram type 9s are comfort-loving individuals. They love to be comfortable and relaxed at all times. Moreover, they are peaceful and avoidant by nature.

These individuals always tend to avoid conflicts and any other incidents that affect their mental peace and stability. 

As a matter of fact, type 9s hate conflicts so much that they get annoyed when someone is being passive-aggressive with them. If there is the slightest hint of a conflict, type 9s cannot rest unless they resolve it.

Enneagram 9s give strong importance to their own physical and mental health. For this reason, they would go to great lengths to preserve their own sense of comfort. This includes mental as well as physical comfort. 

Even in their daily lives, an Enneagram 9 gives more importance to comfort than anything else. For example, an Enneagram 9 would rather take a taxi to go to work than take a bus.

3. They are Caffeine lovers

Some people would not consider this a personality trait, as such. But almost all Enneagram type 9s love coffee. Type 9 cannot start their day unless they have a good cup of coffee in the morning. Coffee makes them energized and ready to take on the world.

4. Lazy fellows

Some might think lazy be a derogatory term. But most Enneagram 9s are slow movers. They tend to be a sloth and sluggish. They believe in working smart rather than working hard. For this reason, they always want to conserve energy and work as little as possible. They are very less energetic. 

As a matter of fact, in many places, including their work environment, Enneagram 9 only does the bare minimum. This often creates a negative impression on their supervisor. But an Enneagram 9 does not care about that unless it affects them in a negative way.

Type 9s maintain this kind of lazy attitude in the case of recreation as well. They hate physical activities. If they go somewhere on a vacation, they will prefer to sit and relax rather than go out and explore.

5. Shy and speaks less

Others may think type 9s are shy. This is true to some extent, but not in its entirety. In general, Enneagram 9s wants to maintain harmony with everyone. For this reason, they may even speak less in public for fear that it will lead to disagreements and conflicts with others. When meeting new people, type 9s appear shy and reserved. This is because they feel it is important to get to know someone better, before revealing their own opinions about something.

6. Good listeners

In any conversation, Enneagram type 9s tend to be excellent listeners. They talk less and listen more. For this reason, most others love to have deep conversations with type 9s. Type 9 individuals have a natural ability to understand other people’s needs. They are also good at conflict resolution. So, they can give good advice to others. 

Type 9s know the real importance of giving time and space to others. So, even if someone is explaining their problems to them, an Enneagram 9 would not give unsolicited advice. They wait for the other person to finish and listen to everything they say with great patience. 

After that, only if the other person wants, they will give their own valuable advice. Because of this kind of attitude, other people also feel comfortable opening up to an Enneagram type 9.

7. Trustworthy and reliable

Enneagram Type 9s are very trustworthy individuals. Because they are reserved by nature, others find it quite easy to trust them. On their part, type 9s know how to value this trust. They are good listeners in any conversation. 

They are also good at keeping secrets. If someone gives a type 9 a responsibility to do a certain task, they will definitely get it done. Even if they cannot do it themselves, they will ask someone else to complete the task.

8. Calming presence

Enneagram type 9s have a gentle and calming presence around others. They are well-mannered individuals. They have calmed, soothing voices. 

Type 9s have the ability to calm others down when they are distraught. They are good at solving difficult problems in others’ lives. 

Because of their calm and composed demeanor, others find it easy to trust them. When someone else is facing a stressful situation, an Enneagram 9 can calm them down with relative ease.

9. Good mediators

Enneagram 9s are good at conflict resolution. As we have mentioned before, type 9s strive to achieve peace and harmony in their surroundings. If an Enneagram 9 sees other people fighting or having an argument, he or she has a strong desire to resolve it. 

They are also good at resolving conflicts. They have a natural talent to judge things from other people’s points of view. This makes them good conflict mediators. It is for this quality that other people often call type 9s as peacemakers.

10. Independent attitude

Most type 9s tend to be independent and autonomous by nature. They often seem to have their own independent point of view about everything. Even in their work environment, they prefer to be independent workers. 

They hate it when their supervisors micromanage them every step of the way. They prefer if someone just tells them what to do, and then they can work on it independently at their own pace.

11. Forgiving nature

Enneagram 9s are strong believers in the “forget and forgive” principle. They do not hold grudges or anger against anyone. Type 9 believes that every person can make mistakes. Mistakes are a part of what makes us human. 

For this reason, Enneagram 9s forgive others with ease. They believe that everyone deserves a second chance to make things right. For the same reason, if an Enneagram 9 individual makes a mistake, he or she also expects others to forgive them.

12. Agreeable

Type 9s tend to be very agreeable during conversations. Because of their easy-going nature, they can become friends with other people with relative ease. In reality, type 9s want to avoid conflicts at all costs. For this reason, they would often end up agreeing with other people’s opinions just for the sake of avoiding conflicts.

13. Empathetic

Empathy is another key character trait of a typical Enneagram type 9. These individuals always appear concerned for the well-being of others. They do not fake this concern; it is a genuine one. 

Type 9s believe that in order to achieve their own mental peace, they should help others achieve mental peace as well. 

For this reason, they develop a deep sense of concern for the people around them. Enneagram 9s have a natural talent to judge any situation from any other person’s point of view. They can put themselves in someone else’s shoes with relative ease. 

Because of this kind of nature, Enneagram 9’s friends and loved ones value them in their personal relationships.

14. Altruistic

It follows from the previous point that most Enneagram 9s have an altruistic side to them. Type 9s never miss up on an opportunity to help others. They believe that if they help the people around them, it can help them achieve inner peace. Many Enneagram 9s also donate to charities on a regular basis or sign up to be volunteers for charitable organizations.

15. Open-minded

Most Enneagram 9s are open-minded. This is another great quality to have for all human beings. Type 9s is never judgmental towards any person in any situation. 

Keeping an open mind allows them to assess any situation or incident from a neutral point of view. Type 9s can picture themselves being in another person’s shoes with quite ease. This also makes them good mediators in any difficult situation.

Enneagram 9s keep an open mind for other situations which do not involve people as well. For example, when solving a problem or working on a group project, type 9s is open to accepting suggestions from others. This also makes them good team players.

Healthy, unhealthy, and average Enneagram type 9s traits to reckon 

Before we wrap up this article, we must talk about healthy, unhealthy, and average type 9s in brief. Not all Enneagram type 9s have all these same character traits that we have discussed above. Healthy type 9s are more altruistic, friendly, and open-minded. 

They are autonomous and self-sufficient individuals. They know how to achieve inner peace on their own. At the far end of the spectrum is unhealthy type 9s. 

They seem repressed and defeated at all times. They are often underconfident. In extreme cases, they may become numb and depersonalized. Average enneagram type 9s lie between the healthy and unhealthy types. They hate conflicts so much that they end up becoming people pleasers. They are too agreeable with others, and never voice their own opinions. 

To Sum Up 

In this article, we have discussed some common personality traits of individuals with Enneagram type 9 personalities. Perhaps the most unique characteristic of type 9 is that they are peace lovers. They tend to have a laid-back attitude and are shy in conversations. They are quite agreeable with other people. 

The main reason for this is that they want to avoid conflicts with others. Type 9s strives to achieve peace and harmony. They are also good at conflict resolution. For this reason, others often call them “the peacemakers.”

Before concluding, we must remember one thing. Every person is unique in their own right. Even among Enneagram 9s, there are healthy, unhealthy, and average types. 

So, we cannot stereotype all type 9s according to these traits. But if you have a friend who has a type 9 personality, we hope this article will help you to know them better.