The strengths and weaknesses of Enneagram 1 refer to those fundamental attributes that either add a positive image to the type or tarnish their type in subtle ways. These qualities define their type description in lucid ways. 

Enneagram 1s are the change makers in society. They are on a mission to improve everything. These individuals are passionate about the job they are doing and will show ethics and moral values at each and every step in life. 

Their weakness lies in their too perfectionist tendencies that put additional pressure on their insecure, and fragile self-image. Enneagram Ones are bothered about making mistakes and can be really critical of themselves if things don’t turn up as per their expectations.

In this post, we will summarize all the strengths and weaknesses of this perfectionist type along with the personality growth plan that they can use to make themselves mature and easygoing by nature.

Strengths and Weakness of Enneagram 1

The strengths and weaknesses of a personality type refer to those fine-drawn fundamental aspects of their innate nature that makes up their overall type. All 9 enneagram types have their own set of strengths and blind spots that gives the ultimate flavor to their innate nature. 

Enneagram 1 personality types are known as reformers because they are driven by a need to change the world they live in. in particular, they become the change they wish to see around them. 

Being a reformer, they possess values that are of high esteem. Their greatest strength lies in their ability to bring justice and equality for all. 

Enneagram Ones are determined not to make mistakes. They will overcome adversity at all costs. They enjoy staying organized and planned in all situations in life. Enneagram ones seek wisdom and wish to stay updated with new information and knowledge.

They are self-aware and know the world only in black and white. For them, values are important and it is meant to be followed at all costs. These individuals are determined workers and hold very high standards of work. Enneagram Ones will always advocate the rights of others and that’s the reason they are responsible for bringing positive changes to society.

Although they have much strength, they also possess blind spots that tarnish their type to a large extent. Their primary weakness is their too perfectionist tendencies. Due to this, they become critical of themselves and others too easily. Sometimes, they fail to accept circumstances that are out of control. They may try to correct people for no reason. 

In this way, they become too nitpicky and antagonistic toward people and this makes them socially unpopular. Enneagram Ones are impatient and desire on-the-spot results. They demand perfection at all costs and thereby put a lot of pressure on their own and others’ mental health.

They tend to stick to rules and methods, perfection, and obligation all the time. Thus, if anything falls short of their expected high standards, they will eventually show extreme anger and annoyance. They are not the ones to handle this frustration for long and resort to impulsive actions after a point of time.

At work, in relationships, and in day-to-day life, they try to remain perfect all the time. Nothing can go wrong with their behavior; otherwise, their inner critic is watching them thoroughly as always. This fundamental weakness puts a lot of emotional pressure on them and turns them into critical worrywarts forever.

10 Strengths of Enneagram 1

Each and every person in this world has personality strengths that make them unique beings. Type Ones are no different. They use these strengths to improve their lives in the best possible way and to enhance their skills further so that success in life comes effortlessly. 

Enneagram 1s has a number of key qualities that act as strengths. These qualities are the strong points that need to be nurtured every now and then to develop their core ‘self’ in the finest ways. The 10 strengths are as follows:

1. They defend others’ rights

Type Ones are advocates of truth, justice, and fair dealings with everyone. They will protect the rights of others and will always voice their concern in society if they see anything wrong taking rounds around them. 

These individuals live with values and will try to fight for others’ rights because they wish to see a fair and equal society. Their strong sense of right and wrong tells them to remain fair with everyone. They dream of a better world where there is no discrimination and injustice and everyone’s rights and privileges are protected and secured. 

2. Dedicated and hardworking people

Enneagram 3s are extremely devoted and hardworking. This personality strength helps them achieve numerous successes that many others can’t even think of. They won’t mind moving out of their comfort zone and running the extra mile to achieve their deepest desires and plans. 

These individuals can take a lot more work than others because they’re focused and tenacious. They will put a lot of effort into their side while pursuing a goal. Attaining perfection and excellence is their primary motive and they will put all the extra effort needed to achieve the same.

3. Driven by values

For an enneagram type 1, values are dearer than anything else in life. These individuals are motivated to walk along the path of righteousness. They do not allow even a small mistake to spoil their quality of work. Enneagram Ones prefer a life lived with strong principles and ideology. 

Sometimes, they overdo the values that they possess and appear extremely harsh and rude to others. You may find them refining their values every now and then so that they never fall short of their expected standards and live life with a sense of purpose and meaning.

4. Community connection is quite close

Enneagram Ones feel that they are destined to bring a positive change in society. They prefer to work for the upliftment of all in the community. Thus, you may find them tackling social issues, and trying to bring justice and equality in society. 

As they dream of building a fair and just society, they will fight for the equal rights of all. Enneagram 1s are good communicators. They are smart and can make their opinions pass across community leaders quite easily. 

These individuals are also fearless, and assertive, and they know their job the best. They are close to community people and will always try to improve the life and lives of many by bringing justice and equality for all. Type Ones are destined to bring social change that can help everyone in society.

5. Practical attitude

Enneagram 1s are practical-minded and know what the need of the hour is. They are rational, and reality-oriented and prefer not to build unrealistic castles in the air without putting reality checks in life. Their passion and ambition are well-grounded and they will always put the effort into realizing a goal. 

They will find practical ways to resolve their life’s problems. Type Ones believe that all kinds of problems can be resolved if a person remains grounded in reality.

Thus, they will prefer to deal with what is present here and now. They trust their ideas fully but will use those ideas in practical ways to reach their life goals.

6. Self-disciplined

This is one of the key strengths that allows them to live a righteous life and that too with perfection. Type Ones are self-disciplined. Their inner self is bold, assertive, and dominating. They will successfully lead themselves in life. 

Enneagram Ones have the ability to channel their strengths in the right manner, making them do what they’re supposed to be doing in life. They have clarity of thought and understanding and this makes them walk along the path of discipline and authority. People with enneagram 1 preference know what they need and they regulate their actions in the desired direction only.

7. Organized

Enneagram Ones are organized, methodical, and meticulous as always. Their steps are measured and planned much ahead of doing something in life. The path of life is well-chosen, planned, and put in perfect order all the time. 

These individuals would hate to act in a disorganized manner. They love to be perfect all the time and as such remain prepared to face the challenges that they might have to face in their day-to-day life. Type One is naturally neat and punctual, systematic and orderly in each and every aspect of life.

8. Always harbor hope

Enneagram 1s are optimistic souls. They dream of a better world for mankind. These individuals never lose hope and know that good and bad times are a part and parcel of life. Challenges in life will come and go.

But they are to stay strong amidst the entire storm and achieve things with determination and perseverance. Being hopeful helps them to resolve their life’s problems easily. They never give up on the needed effort.

9. Reliable

Enneagram 1s are highly dependable and trustworthy. You can give them any work and be rest assured that it will be done with utmost perfection and that too on time. Enneagram Ones are reliable people because their nature is driven by high ideals and values. 

These individuals can be trusted blindly. You can always expect them to do the right thing. Being a reliable person, their actions and words will always align. They never lie and hold their values tightly in the face of challenges and temptations. 

10. Risk takers

Enneagram 1s are brave and courageous. They are fearless and ready to take risks in life. These individuals believe that where there is no risk, there is no gain. People with type 1 traits are ready to face all sorts of challenges and adversities because their self-belief is very strong. 

They know that they have the ability to fight all sorts of adversities in the finest way possible. Eventually, they will take up risks that others may not even dare to embark upon in their life.

7 weaknesses of enneagram 1

Enneagram 1s have their share of small and big weaknesses that show up from time to time. Let’s learn more about these weaknesses right here.

1. Unrealistic expectations of themselves and others

The life of an enneagram 1 is not easy. They always feel the urgent need to stay ethical, honest, and perfect. In this way, they tend to set unrealistic expectations that are far from achievable. Ones will be harsh on themselves if they fall short of their standards. 

Their inner critic berates them hardly much more than anyone else would do. They are their worst critics. This constant feeling of imperfection creates an insecurity of failure and puts a lot of pressure on their mental health. 

This is a major personality weakness of enneagram 1 that they need to overcome; otherwise, they will forever remain under the mental pressure of proving their self-worth to themselves. At times, this perfectionist tendency is carried forward to others as well. 

They will expect people to do things as per their ideology and would get busy finding others’ faults whenever getting a chance to do so. All these can also impact their personal and professional relationships over a period of time.

2. Never feels good enough

This weakness can impact their daily lives to a great extent. Due to an overachieving spree, type 1s are never happy with themselves. They expect much more than what can actually be achieved in reality.

Type Ones always feel less deep inside and try to get validation from external sources about their worth.

The Enneagram 1s are unforgiving of mistakes, even if it is a nominal one. Their self-judgment can lead to emotional pain, insecurity, intolerance, and jealousy also.

3. Taking too much responsibility

Enneagram 1s are dependable and reliable. This is no doubt a big strength that they possess. However, they tend to take too much responsibility on their shoulders and may appear as a scapegoat in many situations. 

Type Ones should know their limits and stop taking the weight of everyone on themselves. This personality weakness needs to be eliminated otherwise they’ll suffer from stress and anxiety in much greater amounts over some time.

Enneagram Ones think that they need to be in charge always, thus they will try to correct themselves and others frequently. It lowers their tolerance level and makes them stubborn and critical. They will often struggle to say ‘no’ and would overwhelm them easily with unnecessary commitments.

4. They cannot accept the harsh realities

Type Ones will never realize that everything in life is not under control. They will try to do things perfectly, often correcting others even if it is not needed. These tendencies put a lot of pressure on their fragile self-worth. 

They need to accept the fact that there are so many things in life that will happen because it was meant to happen like that. No matter what they do, it won’t change. Some harsh realities are meant to be accepted for betterment and well-being.

5. Too serious nature

Enneagram 1s are too serious individuals. They will not do things just for the sake of doing it. Each and every endeavor that they take is well-measured and they are relentlessly hard-working at times.

This is a drawback in their personality type that puts additional pressure on their mental health. It is also difficult for them to enjoy the precious moments of life because they are just too serious for silly enjoyment.

6. Angry prone

Enneagram Ones are angry prone in times when their ideals do not meet reality. They may try to rectify the things going wrong all around, correcting ‘themselves’ and others whenever needed but if things do not work out as per their expected high standards, they feel annoyed and tend to externalize their anger and irritation on others. 

Either they will try abusing others, or they may also become obsessively self-critical, blaming themselves for whatever happened. If this continues for longer, their mental health worsens to a great extent.

7. Type Ones may feel guilty when relaxed

Enneagram Ones think that they are given the sole responsibility to perfect the world they live in. they always feel the need to remain responsible and reliable. Thus, if they relax and spend time doing something unusual, it makes them feel guilty.

Enneagram Ones may feel that relaxation is a waste of time and it may not be good for them. This makes them guilty and insecure also.

Enneagram 1 personality growth

Enneagram 1s should embark upon a path of personal growth and self-development so that they can enhance their skills and live wonderful lives. For this, they need to do certain alterations in their lifestyle and core behavior patterns that we are going to discuss here and now.

Enneagram Ones are obsessed with perfection and their growth plan or personality development program should aim at nurturing those habits that can help them develop a relaxed attitude toward life.

These individuals should learn to adapt themselves to change and accept things that are out of control. They should stop self-criticism and start to loosen up for more self-care and compassion.

1. Practice self-love and compassion

Enneagram 1s are too harsh on themselves. They never allow themselves the scope to make mistakes. If they commit an error, their inner voice calls out loudly and makes them feel critical about themselves. 

Thus, their personality growth plan should focus on developing self-care and self-compassion. They should learn to take things easy and make room for tiny mistakes that are not actually serious. Type Ones should embrace things that are not up to the mark. 

They need to realize that perfectionism is not brutal and they should give space to themselves and others for making errors and mistakes and learn from these mistakes while growing as a confident adult.

2. Accepting others without judging

Enneagram Ones should learn to accept others as they are. They should embrace the good and not-so qualities of others easily. They should stop their nitpicking tendencies and live in harmony with all. In this way, they can become better and more accepting individuals as well.

3. Develop flexibility

Type Ones should overcome their rigidity and stubbornness as much as possible. Being flexible means they will be able to accept change easily and also embrace the goodness of others.

They will be able to live their truths and moral compass in an easygoing manner. Flexibility allows for better adaptation and adjustment. It makes them humble and grateful as well.

4. Learn to develop a good work-life balance

Enneagram Ones should take frequent time-outs from their busy work schedules and concentrate on self-care. They should try to use their strengths in developing their skill sets and overcome their weaknesses.

Maintaining a balance between life and work will help them nurture relationships and hobbies that are also essential for overall personality growth.

To Sum Up

The discussion makes it clear that Enneagram Ones should not burn themselves with perfection and over-ambition. They need to slow down, relax, and start enjoying the moments of life. Being open about their needs will help them get the desired help from others.

It is important for Enneagram Ones to try and try much more than what they are probably doing to overcome their weaknesses. Then, only their strengths will bloom and they will feel happy about their self-worth. Otherwise, dissatisfaction will continue to bug them every now and then.

They should realize that perfection is not needed all the time. It’s good to give oneself some space for relaxation and self-care. 

After all, life is a journey meant to be undertaken with joy and inner peace of mind, not with over-expectations and unrealistic ambitions.