The Strengths and weakness of Enneagram 3 shows that they are highly ambitious, goal-driven individuals. As far as success is concerned, they are non-compromising and will prefer to attain success at all costs. Enneagram 3s are compelling communicators. They will always remain charming because of their extrovert qualities.

Threes are strong-headed, passionate, and have magical leadership abilities. Their assertive communication style and ability to form cohesive groups in workplaces gives them the desired achievements that they have wished for.

As far as their weaknesses are concerned, they are too stubborn at times. They hold their social status on a high end note. This can make them appear haughty and ruthless to others. For threes, money, educational qualification, career, social position are all too important.

In this article, we will discuss their good and ugly sides in detail. 

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Strengths and Weakness of Enneagram 3

According to the Enneagram Personality test, Enneagram type 3s are characterized by their motivation to stand out and be renowned for their accomplishments. Threes come to seem as self-assured, ambitious, and goal-oriented to others. They lack confidence in their inherent value and turn to their achievements for approval. Threes are frequently highly image-focused; they value having a positive reputation.

Successful people tend to prefer finer things in life. To meet their objectives and high standards, they can produce enormous amounts of output. 

  • They aim to excel and be the best so that their discoveries and works are remembered and valued. Achievers are usually well-dressed, and intelligent, and they consistently reach their goals. Others respect their performance and passion, which may motivate them to take action. 
  • Achievers often remain busy and active by scheduling a full calendar of events and business meetings. Achievers are often self-assured, enthusiastic, and modest role models who motivate others. A “workaholic,” this type can be highly productive.

Threes’ Biggest Fear:

  • Being overlooked or a failure. To deal with this fear of failure, people seek opportunities to succeed and convince themselves they are worthwhile.
  • Fundamental Drive: Type Threes are driven by a need for admiration and attention. They work hard to achieve great success and make a difference so they won’t feel useless hence that can be stressful.

Each person has unique strengths and weaknesses, and frequently, those traits that come naturally to us may be ascribed to our personality types. While everyone can learn and enhance their talents, certain things are more likely to come easier than others. 

Knowing where these skills originate might also help you identify the jobs and interests; you’ll be most attracted to. While it’s crucial to identify where our inherent abilities and skills will make us happy, it’s equally crucial to discover how to develop our areas of weakness.

The 11 Key Strengths of Enneagram 3s

Mentioned below are some merits of the Threes which are important to consider:

1. Dependability

Threes are charismatic because of their self-assurance and dependable character. People hold them and look up to them as a very enriching person. Their core motivation is that they could thereby influence many people because of their dependable character and others feel a need to be close to them always. 

You being a Type 3s are outgoing, and you have zeal for life and to help others. Others like to be near you due to your unique charm and ability to be relied on.

2. Safety-oriented

Threes desire to have successful lives, whatever their family, society, and social circle define that success. You may desire success that entails having a large income, a stately home, a brand-new, pricey automobile, and other status symbols. 

Others cherish ideas, and for them, success means standing out in the academic or scientific communities. Success in other spheres might include achieving notoriety as a politician, actress, model, writer, or another public person.

3. Responsible

Enneagram 3 people are adaptable and open-minded and responsible. You are impulsive and favor following the most recent advancements in learning and growth. You are never afraid to pick up useful information from others. Keeping yourself informed is a strategy to build competence and self-worth. 

Additionally, you are adaptable and receptive to other people’s viewpoints. You can carry the opinions of others that align with their values and worldviews. 

Individuals with type 3 personalities are open to challenging their own beliefs and are interested in those of others. These people attempt to internalize all the wonderful principles and information they have received from others rather than becoming furious when they are incorrect.

4. Loyal

One of those essential characteristics of Enneagram 3 personality is loyalty, and it is believed to be undervalued in today’s world. Loyalty, like responsibility, perseverance, and honesty, is a fundamental and foundational component of character, so it should come as no surprise that we endeavor that you being a three can go to any extent to be loyal to their friends, family, and intimate relations.

5. Courageous

Enneagram 3 individuals are high-flying, refined, and careful about appearance. Hence you are the masters of hard labor and hard play. Whether it be in the workplace, the farm, the house, or the sky, you put your blood, sweat, and tears into every challenge they encounter as you are super courageous. 

If this drive is coupled with a positive growth philosophy, threes may genuinely emerge as a force to be reckoned with.

6. Intuitive

The innate masculinity of type Threes is one of their traits which is an important trait. Since more than two-thirds of males self-identify as T types, the intuitive preference instantly comes to mind.

Thinkers are more inclined to compete and act in their own best interests than feelers. Research has also connected the propensity for you being a three to success-oriented behavior.

7. Diligent

Enneagram 3 people are productive and diligent. They will work tirelessly to see that things are accomplished. You are a goal-oriented person who never puts off achieving their objectives. 

Your capacity to effectively utilize their personal resources to complete the allocated duties on time is simply unparalleled. So, the Enneagram threes are renowned for their intense attention and vision. Until it’s finished, they never stop working on it.

 8. Creative

Type 3s on the Enneagram model is creative. You frequently have a wide range of interests because you strive for excellence. You like fresh information and stay current on advancements and new advances. 

Hence these folks are extremely active and favor doing something to thoughts and constructions above idealizing them. Type three seldom becomes fatigued. They are cognitively sharp and physically active. You are the one that enjoys being mobile and using your abilities to help others.

9. Ambitious

Enneagram 3s are highly ambitious and goal-oriented, They have no desire to lead routine lives. For them, success may lead to acclaim, social standing, and the accolades they truly deserve. 

They are motivated by a desire to succeed and establish their value in this society. Self-driven Type 3s like you may use their own resources to complete even the most difficult jobs without second-guessing. 

They rarely settle for less since they are ambitious individuals who always want to get the most out of everything. Their deepest worry is that they are worthless. They will despise leading a commoner’s existence.

10. Open Minded

Enneagram 3 people are adaptable and open-minded. You are fine with change and understand people as who they are. You have that ability to view the world through people’s lenses. 

11. Role-Model

Social behavior characterizes Enneagram 3s. They are charismatic because of their self-assurance and boldness. People revere them and hold them in high regard. They could thereby influence numerous others in their immediate surroundings. 

You are extroverted, and your enthusiasm for life is inspiring. You can inspire others to develop their strongest traits and abilities. Others are drawn to you readily due to your contagious dynamic and vivacious demeanor.

The 9 Weakness of Enneagram Threes

Mentioned below are some demerits of the Threes which are important to consider:

1. Emphasis on oneself

You being the type Threes have the greatest expectations for their looks and are status conscious. The way others see your education, wealth, influence, social position, and work is vitally significant to you, in addition to how you perceive your physical appearance. This serves as both their fuel and fatal flaw. 

Although receiving praise from others isn’t always a negative thing, it might be problematic for an Enneagram 3 when it’s your sole source of pride and fear of losing touch with others.

2. Engaging in unhealthy competition

You may be extremely competitive, view every interaction as a competition, and even have the propensity to outdo others. You want confidence and encouragement from other people.

If this isn’t done, you begin to lose hope and quit working. So, if the once-motivated go-getter loses their motivation, is dissatisfied, and is more likely to have low self-esteem. 

3. Threes can have intense mood swings

As an Achiever, you may ultimately opt to lose your identity and go through significant emotional swings. Many Achievers assert that they now feel like an “empty shell” after spending years creating an idealized picture of themselves. 

This could lead to significant changes in their way of life, personal relationships, or work. At their worst, they viciously slander and harm others’ reputations for their benefit.

4. Impatient

You’ll continue to be focused on success and accomplishments, which will cause you to move quickly. You have difficulty taking breaks and prefer to do tasks quickly.

Since the enneagram three lack patience and are unable to wait to finish work quickly. They sometimes pay a high price for their impatience. They could commit several errors that they would never have considered.

5. Unable to accept defeat

If you are an enneagram type 3, you will never be able to tolerate failure. You are a goal-oriented individual who desires to experience success. 

Failure weakens and exposes your inner vulnerability. If you feel insecure and anxious, you might do your hardest to maintain your reputation intact and unharmed; if not, you might act normally.

6. Image-conscious

The enneagram 3 personality type is too preoccupied with their position and social standing. So you may have the misconception that successful individuals receive praise and admiration from society. 

You will thus make every effort to blend in with society. To maintain your status and social authority, you must succeed in all situations.

7. Owning up to their errors

You’re never prepared to acknowledge your errors. You feel inferior when you talk about things about yourself, therefore you would probably prefer to avoid doing so. You’ll probably ignore talks that focus on your flaws and shortcomings. 

This is clear in circumstances where criticism may be implied. Being three also means that you’ll never be good at taking criticism well.

8. They’re extremely busy and on the go

You desire to have successful lives, whatever their family, society, and social circle define that success. Success in some families entails having a large income, a stately home, a brand-new, pricey automobile, and other class indicators. 

Others cherish ideas, and for them, success means standing out in the academic or scientific communities. Hence for success you become too busy. So, enneagram type threes will make an effort to make a name for themselves in their family and community. They won’t be a “nobody,” either.

9. Reassurance seeking behavior

To thrive, you need to be given attention, support, and reassurance that they are valuable. Thus, threes are the kind that best exemplifies this requirement. You seek success less for the goods it will enable them to acquire (like Sevens) or for the strength and sense of independence it will bestow (like Eights). 

Without the increased attention and sense of achievement that success often provides, Threes believe that they are nothing and have no value. They crave success because they are terrified of vanishing into a pit of emptiness and worthlessness.

Personality Growth Tips for Enneagram 3s

Here are some useful tips you to enhance your personality and embrace life in a healthier way:

 1. Not to haste 

You may find it simple to become overly preoccupied and ignore what is in front of you or take the current moment for granted. Every so often, take a minute to unwind and enjoy the present. (Yes, shutting off your smartphone is part of this!)

2. To establish stronger connections with other individuals

You need to engage in active listening. Threes can miss occasions to interact more intimately with others because they are too preoccupied with how others view them. Threes can strengthen their relationships with others by practicing active listening.

3. Accept being vulnerable

 You being a Three, maybe vulnerable is letting other people see the real you and not just the version you wish them to see. Threes, however, develop when they discover how to accept vulnerability and adopt a behavior that is truer to who they are.

4. Reflect on thoughts and emotions

You being the type Threes have the propensity to put your self-image and personal achievements before your sentiments. You must give yourself time to consider your genuine emotions. You must be aware of whether your words reflect your sentiments.

5. Practice mindfulness

To advance personally, you must be more attentive, present, and practice mindfulness. Practicing yoga and meditation are mindfulness practices that can assist you in focusing on the present moment and slowing down. Numerous non-competitive games can also help you focus without thinking about your odds of winning.

To Sum Up 

The enneagram 3 personality type is self-assured, focused on their goals and lives their life with a purpose. They are capable leaders who can excel in challenging work environments. Furthermore, everything that these people do is done precisely and correctly. 

It could appear like they are always correct at times. They are excellent at everything, to put it simply. But occasionally the constant pressure to perform and excel can become exhausting. Threes need to be able to relax and be proud of their successes.