Working with DiSC D personalities is both challenging and a learning experience to reckon with forever. These individuals are outgoing and assertive in workplaces. they can display exemplary skills that are not found in many. 

These individuals are aggressive in their teams and as leaders; they want others to comply and follow what is being said immediately. They hate delays in actions and decision-making. 

Working with DiSC D Personality

It is better to clearly state that working with a high-D person is not icing on the cake. People with dominance traits in their DiSC profile are controlling and assertive people in workplaces. Their motto in an organization is excellence in work and thereby fetching good results and the best goal accomplished ever. 

As we know that DiSC D personality styles are dominating and overbearing, they make sure that they control each one in the team single-handedly. 

In this way, D styles also are considered subtle power lovers. At times, the team members feel like leaving the assignment and moving on against their style D team leader.

In workplaces, style D wants to feel valued and appreciated for their skills. These individuals are highly confident of their abilities but they wish to know that they are ‘good enough’ from others on the team. They crave attention and want to be in the spotlight. 

DiSC D types are highly purposeful and their actions are always directed towards goal accomplishment. 

As they are driven by results, they will remain focused on the task and expect the same level of dedication and commitment from all others in the team. People with DiSC D personality profiles will feel great if others appreciate their contribution and acknowledge their role in fulfilling organizational goals. 

They would love to be praised publicly and feel great being in control. In workplaces, they shine like a star and rise to top leadership roles much sooner than others in the team. 

Their greatest drawback in the workplace is impatience and arrogance. When things do not turn out well, these individuals show impatience. They can offer only insensitivity to others. At times, they tend to force decisions that are not acceptable to others. In this way, their workplace relationships become unhealthy.

As they use authority and not persuasion to get things done, others see them as rude and harsh. 

DiSC style D can work in various job roles in the organization. Now we will discuss their working style as managers, subordinates, and colleagues.

DiSC style ‘D’ as managers

As managers, they are quite competent and comfortable. Being leaders, they will be able to bring the best ideas to the table. They’re innovative and creative and are great problem solvers. So their leadership qualities will always bring the best outcome to the team. 

Being managers, they will have direct communication with team members. They will motivate all others to put their best into the process of delivering the best result. They can provide both direction and leadership that is praiseworthy and can fetch good results. 

Style D personalities are autocratic leaders and they believe in leading the team strongly. They will always push teams to take decisions that are at par with their opinions and ideology.

As managers, they have big visions that are future-focused. They prefer to ignore details and nothing matters if team members can deliver the results that they want. These individuals do not like to get lost in the weeds and they want to point discussions only. In an organization, these leaders are straightforward to the point of being ruthless at times.  These managers may have more foes than friends in an organization. 

They may be powerful to accomplish the results but their emotional intelligence will always remain poor and underdeveloped. Unless they consciously choose to develop their softer side, they may have relationship issues continuing in workplaces forever.

DiSC style ‘D’ as subordinates

The role of a subordinate is overwhelming for a D-style person because of their direct and dominating nature. As they cannot take orders from others, this role is not best suited for them. 

If by chance they get into such a role where they are supposed to listen to others, they may feel highly uncomfortable and out of control. These individuals will always seek freedom and authority and thus a subordinate role is challenging for them.

As subordinates, they will be hard-working but will not be able to continue for long. They are not good at doing routine tasks as said by others. Moreover, they will never be on the same page as their hierarchy managers and will not be able to deliver their best output. 

The DiSC D style subordinate will not be able to follow directions as they are used to giving one. They will lack the ability to show flexibility and may be seen as arrogant employees by their managers.

These individuals will feel stuck in the role of a subordinate. They may compete with others for control and authority. Conflicts with the boss may take place. There could be relationship issues, and disagreements going on each day in the team. 

DiSC style ‘D’ as colleagues

As colleagues, they are not great. They are critical of others’ work styles and may not relate well with other teammates easily. These individuals will remain open to new ideas and suggestions if given in a friendly way. However if team members try to dominate their space, then style Ds will never listen to them. 

If others try to control their decision-making process without prior negotiations, they become impatient and may try to either move out completely from the team to some other role or stay back and showcase their autonomy as desired.

People with DiSC D style are intense and assertive. Coupled with arrogance and dominance, they will always try to remain controlling colleagues whom nobody likes. People with work styles are not supportive colleagues. 

They cannot lend patient ears to others’ woes because they fail to connect to people emotionally. DiSC D styles lack empathy and tolerance. Therefore, they cannot support colleagues emotionally whenever needed.

Workplace Communication of a ‘D’ Style Person

DiSC D-style personalities are those who make sure that the work is done on time and in the right manner. They are committed and dedicated to their assigned task. There is zero wastage and maximum success. These people prefer straight talk. They hate wasting time on too many details and remain focused on the bottom line. 

People with DiSC D style prefer to dominate conversations. They love to speak to the point and hate giving others a chance to others to share new ideas and opinions. When they like an idea, they always try to add more to it so that their thirst to overpower others remains as it is. People with style D traits have an authoritative tone. They lack humility and try to stick to the point that they believe is the right one.

They hate small talk and unnecessary social niceties while an important discussion is going on. Further, they are less receptive and tend to make decisions based on their own ideas and opinions. They are not the ones to take too many suggestions from others in the team. Most importantly, they try to dominate each other in the team in subtle ways.

DiSC D styles like discussing big ideas and visions. They never talk about small details instead put their head and heart into understanding the big picture. Moreover, they also focus on problem-solving more than the problem itself.

So, their communication involves strategies of problem-solving that can take them near the end goal. DiSC D styles are good at stating opinions and never seeking suggestions from other teammates. Thus, they hardly leave room for healthy discussions.

Sometimes while talking to others, they may challenge others’ opinions and try to dominate the discussion fully. Being innovative they always bring new ideas to the table but fail to remain open to what others have to say on the matter.

Communicating with a D-style person is not easy. They are critical and nitpicky and tend to question others’ ideas openly. As they are always interested to know how an idea or suggestion impacts them and the organization, they will always question everyone unless they are satisfied with the answer.

Aligned with their competitive mindset, their communication style is devoid of unnecessary stuff. They abhor wasting time and thus remain to the point and crisp in their conversations in business meetings.

Dos and Don’ts with a ‘D’ Style Person in Workplaces

Most DiSC D people hold higher job roles in the organization. If you are the one who has a ‘D’ style manager or boss, make sure to do certain things and never do certain others for your mental well-being and professional success.


  • Keep your meeting to the point and crisp
  • Have proper eye-to-eye contact
  • Avoid social niceties and unnecessary social gestures
  • Avoid small talk and chatting
  • Make an agenda beforehand for the meeting
  • Written means of communication or an in-person one is liked by style D people
  • Formal communication that is business-like and crisp is meant for them
  • Always provide actionable feedback
  • Praise them as a worthy and important part of the team. You will see the work done in the finest way.


  • In workplaces, it is best not to put them in emotionally charged situations. They will not feel great and may appear cold, distant, and lack of empathy for others
  • Never use an informal communication style
  • Try not to dominate their ideas directly
  • Never evaluate them critically instead give positive feedback whenever possible
  • Avoid repeating ideas and opinions
  • Do not make them hunt for the actual idea; no beating along the bush
  • You should back your opinions and ideas with facts and figures because they will not accept anything without a proof
  • Avoid showing your confident style while communicating with them instead take the path of sensitivity and humbleness

Summing Up from ‘ThePleasantPersonality’

The workplace habits of the DiSC D style are precise and to the point. They are highly ambitious and focused on the end goal. These individuals will put forth effort, dominance, and directness in their workplace. 

They will always take the lead role in the organization and would love to see others following them. The D-style person is a go-getter in their workplace and showcases exceptional excellence and success like none other.