Do you know someone who is an I-style person? Are you curious to know the different ways of dealing with a DiSC I personality type? This type of individual always remains on the lookout for social esteem and acceptance. They desire recognition for their creativity.

These individuals are optimistic and know how to motivate and influence others into doing things just the way they want. They want to be around a group of people and love those environments that are positive and filled with fun. Now, the problem arises when they become over-optimistic and try to make others fulfill their unrealistic demands. 

Let us see how one can deal with these people without resorting to arguments and conflicts.

Dealing with a DiSC I Personality Type – General Overview

There are several DiSC types that fall under the DiSC Model of Behavior. It was proposed back in the year 1928 by Physiological Psychologist, William Marston. He had mentioned it in his book title, ‘Emotions of Normal People’.

Whenever you have to deal with an individual of a DiSC I personality type, you need to understand the three principles which govern their life. They include enthusiasm, collaboration, and action. You must base all your judgments and decisions on considering these aspects, which would go a long way toward dealing with these people in their personal and professional lives with ease.

DiSC I personality type individual who always stays upbeat under all circumstances. The minds of these people get filled with excitement whenever they get an opportunity to explore new possibilities. If you give them any chance to voice their opinions, they will do so in an expressive manner and also not shy away from giving creative inputs.

They make for inspirational leaders because of their ability to influence others into carrying out responsibilities as per the requirement. It gives them immense pleasure to work with those who showcase their creativity and express themselves with complete vigor. Still, people must be wary of a few things.

While expressing one’s thoughts and ideas, one must never reject the opinions of the DiSC I type professional. Nothing turns them off more than this. Acknowledgment is key to their progress in both their personal and professional lives. Hence, people dealing with them must adopt these behavior styles to connect better with them. 

When you are working with an ‘I’ style person, your focus must always be on making rapid progress. DiSC I-type personalities hate to do meticulous planning but prefer acting with spontaneity. Hence, if you wish to avoid having problems with them in a professional setup, make sure you act fast and do not waste time in making plans. They love looking into the big picture and you have to comply with it to deliver appropriate results for your business.

It is extremely important to carry out face-to-face conversations with I-style people. If you do so, then they will easily connect with you and help build a good rapport. You must avoid being apprehensive about the result. 

The main forte of an individual carrying this disc profile is to work toward attaining the goal but not worry about the consequence. They have the desired level of confidence and self-belief to turn adversity into an opportunity to do better in the future. Hence, you must always give them the impression that you carry a positive mindset and stay hopeful for a brighter tomorrow. 

Communicating with an I Type in Business Meetings

When someone with a DiSC I personality profile works in an organization, their demeanor spreads positive vibes across every individual. They understand the importance of teamwork, offer creative inputs, and know how to make their team approach any problem with confidence and optimism. This person has great problem-solving potential. Hence, no challenge seems impossible for them to overcome. 

Hence, if you intend to engage in a business meeting with an I-style person, prepare yourself to provide unique and creative ideas for the business to flourish. As they hate stereotypes and stubbornness within individuals and their ideas, make sure to be flexible and think out of the box. 

Let us now take a look into some of the best tips that one must follow while communicating with an I-style person in a business meeting –

  • You must have clarity regarding what you want to discuss and not talk about irrelevant things.
  • Talk casually with a focus on using anecdotes and humor.
  • I personality style people hate having set agendas for their meetings. Rather, they will prefer conducting them with spontaneity.
  • Make sure to use lots of colors in your presentation.
  • Focus on showing enthusiasm and presenting them with an action plan, while explaining the idea to an I-style employee.
  • Avoid indulging in the minute details of any proposal. It is better if you only talk about the outcome.
  • As DiSC I personalities are people-oriented, hence, you must always put them in the forefront. Moreover, as these people are also result oriented, do not forget to state how teamwork can help achieve results. 
  • The use of examples is a must while trying to prove your point. Otherwise, it will not take much time for a DiSC ‘I’ style person to reject any proposal.

Negotiating with an I Type

Someone with I-style personality traits always has their focus on carrying out interactions, developing relationships, and being open-minded. They want everything to be positive, which includes negotiations over purchase, price, or salary. Despite being congenial and relatively easy to deal with compared to other personalities, they are not necessarily as decisive as you would like them to be.

Hence, it is important to form an understanding of the I-Style and what they yearn for, which can help you navigate all your negotiations successfully. In this regard, one must remember to build a positive relationship, maintain friendliness and avoid confrontations at all costs. These things will always put you in a better position to carry out negotiations with this person.

As this youthful and optimistic person flourishes on positivity, hence sharing happy anecdotes, and favorable results from other clients along with a touch of humor can help move things along. A negotiation of I Style personality will always prefer having several choices and might react negatively when faced with a decision that could let them lose their popularity.

Ideally, investing extra time before the actual meeting and after it might be the most ideal way to negotiate with a DiSC I style professional. Due to their inclination toward friendship and positive communication, taking time out to connect with them before and after the actual negotiation would help them see you with a positive frame of mind. Hence, they might become much more receptive to whatever you say. 

Dealing Conflicts and Tension with an I Style Person in Workplaces

It is not unusual to come across conflicts and tensions brewing between teammates and managers in workplaces. Hence, each organization has conflict resolution strategies in place, so that they can negate the extent of disagreements that might occur between employers/managers and employees. 

When you have to confront a conflicting situation with an I-style person, you must adopt a positive approach and start the conversation either with an anecdote or a compliment. While talking about your issues, always maintain your sense of humor and never lose your cool in front of a DiSC I personality type individual. Whatever the situation, always make an effort to go deep and see things from their perspective. 

You can follow the tips mentioned below to maintain peace with your I Style colleagues, subordinates, or boss in the work environment –

  • I personality types enjoy having face-to-face conversations. Hence, if you are having any issues with them while working in an office, always adopt this approach for a quick resolution.
  • The use of emotion can act as a powerful tool for you to convince these individuals and make things work in your favor.
  • When you know that your DiSC I boss’ decision is the root cause of a problem, refrain from making direct accusations. Rejection and loss of approval are two things they hate in their life.
  • Think out of the box to offer creative ideas for sending positive vibes and instantly resolving conflicting situations.
  • You must give them the desired space to put forward their arguments.
  • I style personalities and do not bother about deadlines. Hence, you must not burden them with tasks with short deadlines. They will always prefer carrying out their responsibilities on their own time. 
  • You must devise good time management strategies for maintaining your DiSC I style employee’s level of productivity.
  • Shower praises on them in front of everyone. It is imperative on your part to do so because for this disc-style person; the bottom line is that people must acknowledge their efforts and accept their proposals. 

Managing an I Personality Type Employee Being a Leader

Are you a leader who is looking for tips to manage their I-style employee? Then, you are at the right place. Please go through the tips below to understand the best ways of handling them –

  • They need managers who focus on building good personal connections with them.
  • You mustn’t let them work in isolation. I style employees thrive when they get to work in a team. 
  • Their personality is such that they are always ready to offer creative ideas. Hence, as a manager, you must encourage creativity in the workplace and also think out of the box for creating strategies. 
  • An I-style employee would feel energetic if they are asked to work on a new project, rather than continue with the old one. Managers must make note of the same for increasing their productivity.
  • As a boss, you should have an open mind to accept their suggestions and implement them for getting better results.
  • DiSC I employees love spontaneity. Therefore, as a manager or a boss, you must never ask them to follow any fixed schedule. Their flow of work will get severely hampered. 

Dealing with a DiSC I Personality Type in Romance, Dating, and Intimacy

The understanding of how DiSC personalities conduct themselves in relationships assists individuals in developing a bond that is both enriching and fulfilling. 

In this segment, we will provide you with some tips that your i style romantic partner can follow, so that they enjoy the relationship just like the way you do –

  • If you have a high I personality style partner, they will carry a fun-loving personality. You have to share similar sentiments and ensure that you accompany them in all their fun-filled pursuits.
  • These individuals know how to influence and motivate others. Therefore, if you engage yourself in a relationship with them, do not forget to share words of encouragement and keep up their spirits.
  • You must always try to maintain a positive attitude toward life, even under those circumstances, when things do not work out in your favor.
  • A DiSC I individual would love to recognize and express their emotions. Hence, when you are in a relationship with them and you do not belong to this same personality type, invest time to understand who they are and then give them this privilege.
  • Invest time to plan for the fulfillment of future goals.
  • Whenever you come across any tense situation in your relationship, logically process your thoughts. Refrain from making hasty decisions as they would not be the ideal approach in the eyes of your ‘I’ style partner.

Summing Up from ‘ThePleasantPersonality’

In this article, we have discussed in detail various aspects which people must keep in mind for dealing with DiSC I style personalities. The most important thing that one must carry within them is the ability to read the mind of this person. 

If you can see things from their perspective, showcase energy, and optimism, and mold your actions accordingly to comply with their style, then dealing with these individuals will not be an issue.