DiSC D personality variations show the other two types of the ‘dominance’ trait that are commonly found in workplaces. 

The variations are the DiSC Di style and the DiSC DC style. Both these variations have the dominant trait as the most significant one in their DiSC profile; yet with some fine-tuned shades of the influence and conscientious working styles.

DiSC D Personality variations

DiSC D-style personalities are dynamic and powerful. They are curious, restless, overambitious, and driven by results and accomplishments. People of this type are also rebellious and aggressive when it comes to getting things done with precision and expertise.

Most people with high D traits are motivated by new challenges and goals. They will influence others by persuasion and boldness, thereby staying on the top always.

Their motto is to win if they are playing, otherwise, there is no point in participating in the game. People with D traits are quick action-takers and believe in success alone. They are never inclined towards mediocrity and rather prefer to excel at all costs. 

The D personality can also have shades of type ‘I’ or type ‘C’ because we are all blends of all the DiSC styles, some more and others less.

It means that most people tend to show the trend of one major type with subtle shades of the other types. Sometimes, if a person’s style falls in the center score on a DiSC personality test, it could mean that he or she is carrying the traits of both types. In this way, DiSC types have their variations and each of these variations has different features that are unique yet related to one another.

Whatever the variations are D style personalities prefer to be in control of their surroundings. They are direct, decisive, and dominant. They also put great stress on time and skill set, without which they cannot work with others. They fear losing control and if anyone oversteps their authority, they may become too aggressive and rebellious.

Let us analyze the two variations of the ‘D’ style personality right here.

The Di Style

According to the DiSC model of personality typing developed by psychologist William Moulton Marston, and referred to in his book “The Emotions of Normal People” 

‘D’ style people can have two variations – they can either be Di style or DC style. 

People with Di style are the initiators. They are also direct, decisive; and prefer to visualize the big picture. They are action-oriented and result-oriented by nature and prefer to think only about the end result. This type carries all the dominant personality traits of the ‘D’ with little inclination towards the ‘I’ type.

In this way, their behavior pattern shows shades of other styles and they differ in subtle ways from the exact ‘D’ style. The Di style carries both the ‘Dominance’ and ‘Influence’ traits.

Owing to these traits, Di types are also direct, energetic, independent, and enthusiastic. They have entrepreneurial qualities and also fear losing control over situations. 

Chief characteristics

  • Creative and innovative
  • Action-oriented
  • Looks for new ideas
  • Excellent focus
  • Keen observer
  • Initiates plans and projects
  • Can manage teams well
  • Thrives in change
  • Fast-paced
  • Dislikes sloppy work
  • Tedious occupations are a big no for them
  • Prefers to stay in control
  • Likes to compete and participate in debates
  • Always remain vocal about opinions
  • Aggressively ambitious

Key motivations

Di Style enjoys authority but they also help others grow in the workplace. They can motivate others by setting good work examples. People with Di style are motivated by new challenges and innovative ideas. They dislike mundane work and want to excel in their job in the finest ways.

As they are motivated by action and results, they may get bored easily if made to work in monotonous desk jobs. They prefer high levels of energy in their task, so momentum and pace are important to them. Di-style personalities are motivated by new possibilities. They believe that no matter what happens, they should always maintain their progress. 

These individuals always want to stand out and feel valuable in life. They have the ability to address issues upfront and can challenge others’ decisions easily. Sometimes, due to their subtle ability to influence others, they can also inspire others to give their best performances in the workplace.

Strengths of Di Style

Di Style people have many personality strengths that define their nature.

  • Can visualize the bigger picture
  • Prefers to work with new opportunities
  • Endowed with positive energy
  • They can boost team spirit
  • They can easily turn hindrances into opportunities for new learning

Weaknesses of Di style

Di-style personalities also have some fine-tuned weaknesses that need to be overcome for their overall personality growth. 

  • Loses details and meeting short-term goals
  • Over-controlling in nature
  • Obsessed with results
  • Jumps into projects only by visualizing short-term goals
  • Cannot maintain a predictable timeline
  • Sarcastic in nature
  • Lacks empathy for others
  • A fast-paced work style that can cause mental pressure on others

The DC Style

People with DiSC DC style are known as architects because of their ambitious nature. Individuals with this personality style score high in Dominance and Conscientiousness traits in the DiSC test. They are direct and decisive and prefer to remain aloof in emotional situations. 

People with DC style are business-like and prefer direct communication. They are assertive and disciplined and prefer admiration from others. They‘re fiercely honest and cannot tolerate fake things in life. Their interaction is serious and purposeful and devoid of small talk and social niceties.

These individuals are determined and love to take charge of the situation. Just like any other D-style person, they also put emphasis on the work done and not on how to do it. Moreover, their social skills are poor, and appear aloof and distant emotionally in most situations.

Chief characteristics

Some of the major signs and typical characteristics of a DC style are mentioned below:

  • Seeks control always
  • Focus on the bottom line than relationships
  • Reacts to the opposition and never has consideration for others’ opinions
  • Their brutal honesty can annoy others, so they have more enemies in line than friends
  • Resists distraction and prefers to remain honest
  • Being conscientious, they refrain from wrongdoings at all cost
  • Always rely on big expectations in life
  • Can abuse and humiliate others’ inferior work quality directly
  • Action-oriented and dislikes passivity
  • They prefer continuous improvement
  • They will take risks just after a thoughtful consideration

Key motivations

DC-styled people are motivated by excellence and perfection. They are motivated by new opportunities and results. In most circumstances, these individuals prefer instant feedback as they believe in constant improvement. DiSC DC types are keen to take action and pursue goals. 

They are motivated to stay focused on their work so that the end result is always the best. Type DCs are driven by their strong will and determination. They are motivated by competitions that are hard and can test their abilities.

These individuals are also motivated by preserving their dignity and social regard. Most importantly, they are driven by their adherence to high standards of work ethics.

Strengths of DC style

Some of the key strengths of the DiSC DC style are as follows:

  • They are competent and want to follow their passion for work
  • Autonomy and self-styled work are their favorites
  • These individuals are excellent problem solvers
  • They are the ones to remain diligent and purposeful as always in their workplaces
  • As leaders, they are assertive and cut-throat; appearing emotionally flat most of the time
  • These individuals are also exceptionally hard-working. They can influence others with their expertise and work efficiency
  • They prefer to speak up about problems and offer solutions to them
  • They have the ability to improve methods of work and processes in an organization

Weaknesses of DC style

People with a DC-style personality also have a fair share of pitfalls that need to be altered or overcome fully for their overall personality growth. 

  • They are over-controlling and forceful while giving instructions to others
  • The DC-style person can change things in the workplace without informing others
  • They are overly harsh and arrogant
  • People with this personality style are inflexible and close-minded. They never allow others to share their ideas and opinions even if it seems justifiable in the present moment.
  • They only see the end goal and never see through the details that make up the overall picture
  • They tend to address conflicts firmly and take the harshest, most direct way that can hamper professional relationships
  • May evaluate others critically without knowing the truth
  • No regard for others’ emotions

Summing Up from ‘ThePleasantPersonality’

To end, we can say that the DISC Dc personality styles are good at making practical and realistic decisions. They have the ability to fetch the best results in an organization. 

However, they should start developing their emotional skills by becoming more flexible and considerate during team meetings. This will allow for new ideas to flow in and also helps them to become assertive yet compassionate leaders.