There are people with different personalities across the world, who are ideally suited for pursuing specific career paths to attain success in their professional fields. Similarly, DiSC i personality type careers refer to those job options, which are in line with their optimistic, persuasive, and collaborative nature. 

Let us get started to understand what different professions have in store for these individuals –

DiSC I Personality Type Careers

DiSC I personalities are influencers. They know how to make the best use of people’s skills and talents for getting their work done. It becomes possible because of their unique ability to easily gel with others and develop a great understanding of their psyche. If you are unaware of your DiSC personality type, please go ahead to take the online disc personality test.

DiSC I-type individuals are sociable and energetic. Even then, they might look for recognition through verbal approval. They have the great ability to identify positives even under adverse circumstances. Hence, problem-solving is never an issue for a disc I person. 

Moreover, they possess excellent communication skills, which make them thrive while working in professional environments. This disc personality assessment makes us understand that they can easily gel with people and socialize due to their outgoing nature. Therefore, it enables them to develop good interpersonal relationships with their colleagues and can easily manage complex situations.

The DiSC I personality style is such that they enjoy spontaneity, they tend to have problems working in those cultures where routines are predictable and consistent. Therefore, they prefer work environments that are fast-paced and allow regular interactions with individuals. This disc profile allows them to thrive in occupations involving teamwork and collaboration. 

Considering all the above-mentioned points, the following is the list of career options that can help these people grow in their professional fields –

Creative Director

The role of a creative director involves planning the layout and giving visual effects for digital and print products, publications, and advertising. This professional is responsible for creating and maintaining a vision for highlighting the company’s products, hence further enhancing its branding. 

They get to work with a team of creative individuals that produces art as well as designs for supporting that vision. Furthermore, a creative director carries out various other responsibilities, like chalking out plans for converting messages and ideas into visuals. 

They even resort to selecting, and giving approvals for pictures, graphics, art, and designs, and creating and executing a product, publication, or style of a campaign.

All the activities are perfectly in line with the personality of a DiSC I-type individual. The profession not only allows them to work alongside people having different mindsets but also act with spontaneity.


Acting involves playing different kinds of roles in television, stage shows, or across other production units. Thus, when someone acts, he is required to interpret a comic or serious role through body movement, speech, or gesture for entertaining or informing the audience. 

Apart from these, they also need to strike the right kind of collaboration with other actors who form a part of the ensemble. An actor works closely with directors and playwrights to find the right sort of interpretation that is ideally suited for a particular role. 

An actor invests a lot of time into rehearsing dialogues, perfecting their expression of emotions before getting approval from the director. Still, there are unforeseen circumstances, where they might forget some of their lines, yet handle those situations in such a manner so that the audience fails to figure out if anything was wrong. It can only happen through spontaneity, over which DiSC I personalities have immense expertise.


A DiSC I personality type individual can flourish in their career, if they work as a copywriter. They are predominantly artistic, which means that they are original and creative. It gives them a pleasure to work in a setting that helps them in expressing their emotions freely. 

This professional also tends to be quite enterprising. It denotes that they have a natural inclination toward leadership and can easily influence others into doing some work. One can easily relate this characteristic with that of a DiSC I person, who is a great influencer. 

They also possess openness, under social responsibility, and reach out to people, apart from having agreeableness and working based on their conscience. 

Fashion Designer

Another profession that does wonders for the career of this DiSC personality type is fashion design. A fashion designer is an artistic person, which means that they focus on being original and creative. They work extremely well in an environment that gives them sufficient space for self-expression. 

On top of this, fashion designers are also enterprising in nature. They make others follow their ideas and let them implement those for getting desired results. These professionals have the great ability to bring out a realistic picture from any design, hence captivating viewers’ attention well.

Travel Agent

There are people across the world who find great pleasure in serving customers, especially those related to travel. They become naturally inclined toward undertaking responsibilities that help ease out tour-related headaches like booking tickets, accommodations, sightseeing places, etc. 

Apart from offering these services, a travel agent also carries out discussions related to costs and arrangements with customers. They use their sales skills to help travelers make decisions about travel plans. These professionals also assist their customers in taking care of all kinds of travel essentials like carrying passports, visas, and identity cards to ensure a hassle-free journey.

If a DiSC I personality type individual pursues this career option, they would perform extremely well and achieve constant growth. 


Musicians are those artists who sing or play several musical instruments. They might perform on stage, for broadcasting, or even for video or sound recording. It is an ideally-suited career option for a DiSC I individual as their involvement with music enables them to attract others’ attention and let them dance to their tune. 

This profession also enables artists to modify music, implement their knowledge of harmony, rhythm, and voice production for personalizing presentations as well as uphold the interest of the audience. They have the option of performing solo or in a group.

Public Relations Manager

A PR or Public Relations Manager helps to shape an organization’s viewpoints to their audience. They do so through media releases, interviews, and several other forms of communication. Their work profile allows them to keep track of the trends going on across economic, social, and political arenas, which might impact them. 

This job suits the personality of a DiSC I individual. They love getting in touch with people and carrying out interactions to understand themselves. It gives them great pleasure in expressing their thoughts and influence others through them into believing those. 

Some of the other responsibilities of a PR Manager include the coordination of all kinds of activities in an organization and the development of impactful marketing strategies and tactics for achieving goals. They even keep promoting their organization across video and print media outlets. 

Marketing Manager

An individual who holds the post of a Marketing Manager, they are responsible for planning and coordinating marketing programs and policies in an organization. These things enable them to determine the demands for products and services offered by a firm as well as its competitors. They can even identify potential clients.

This professional is also responsible for developing strategies for pricing to maximize the organization’s profits or market share while ensuring optimum customer satisfaction. They even look after the development of products. He or she will also keep a close watch over the trends that denote the requirement for new services and products. 

Social Media Specialist

A social media specialist creates and administers content across all social media platforms. They include the likes of Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter for building an audience and making sure there is customer engagement. They also keep a close watch over site metrics. There is great expertise in giving responses to the comments made by a reader, apart from overseeing the creative design. 

All these activities are in line with the personality traits of DiSC I-type individuals. This job profile would help him fulfill his desire to interact with people online and persuade them into buying the company’s products or services.

They would be in their comfort zone while working as a social media specialist. It will help them carry out all their responsibilities with ease and grow further in their career path. 

Graphic Designer

When someone works as a graphic designer, they are responsible for creating or designing graphics. It helps them to meet specific promotional or commercial needs like displays, logos, or packaging.

They might use various mediums to achieve artistic effects. People with DiSC I personality types find this career exciting. This happens due to the scope it provides for persuading others and forcing them to act.

There are several other tasks that a professional performs while working in the profession of a graphic designer. They engage in detailed discussions with clients to discuss and determine the design of a layout.

Apart from this, this individual also develops layouts and graphical presentations. They help them undertake illustrations of websites, company logos, and products.

Multimedia Artist

A multimedia artist possesses great skill in technology programs related to graphics and creates effects and designs for the digital space. They work in a particular medium, including, video, television, video games, 3D animation, and many more. Hence, they are highly skilled and specialized in areas of graphics development. 

This expert carries out several responsibilities daily. They create animation, graphics, and illustrations with the use of computer software programs.

These experts even develop storyboards for mapping out storylines and put graphics that go along with them. As a DiSC I personality type individual, the profession of a multimedia artist is the one that suits their style. 


Another ideal profession for a DiSC I person would be dancing. As professional dancers, they will have the opportunity to work with choreographers, directors, and other fellow dancers to form dance sequences for performances. Coordination is the key to becoming successful in this field. This field is not the one that allows you to undertake work on your own. 

The association with a variety of people makes this a perfect career to pursue a DiSC I. They thrive in social settings. Getting in touch with individuals and creating a rapport is something that comes naturally to them. Hence, dancing provides them with the right platform to engage with others and accomplish their responsibilities. 

Other Professions to Pursue

In the previous segment, we discussed various career options that are perfectly suited for an individual with DiSC I personality type.

Now, let us briefly look into some other professions that they can pursue and become successful –

  • Talk Show Host
  • Game Streamer
  • Real Estate Developer
  • Event Planner/Manager
  • Journalist
  • Travel Writer
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Auctioneer
  • Beautician

Summing Up From ‘ThePleasantPersonality

An individual with this DiSC i personality type is confident, trustworthy, and can attract and convince others. Despite having the requisite confidence in their abilities, still, they look forward to getting approval from society.

They are extroverts and enjoy engaging themselves in group activities. These individuals give priority to collaboration and taking the right kind of action for attaining the desired results.