DiSC Profile I Personality is an individual who receives motivation from engaging in group activities and building relationships. They give priority to acting, collaborating with others, and always expressing enthusiasm. 

These individuals are talkative. They hate focusing on details or spending a lot of their time alone. If you want to know your disc type, take the online personality test for the same. 

DiSC Profile I Personality – Type Description

People possessing DiSC profile I personalities are enthusiastic and always filled with enthusiasm under all circumstances. Due to their people-oriented nature, they enjoy being around them and influence those toward getting any work done.

A DiSC I Personality Type is someone who loves to showcase their influence toward others. They use this quality to make others act as per their wish. Influence has its association with bright, friendly, extrovert and warmth in one’s behavior. These individuals carry great social skills apart from carrying an urge to meet and communicate with others.

Even though DiSC i individuals are socially confident and communicative; everything gets balanced out of their occasionally irrational and impulsive approach toward life. They always carry the urge to relate themselves to everything around them. 

These individuals try to impress people in some way or the other. This tendency can let them act in certain manners, which other less-socially-oriented ones find hard to understand. 

The toughest thing for someone with the DiSC I personality type is to accept rejection from others. They need to have others’ approval. They look forward to carrying out positive interactions with all those around them. Their free-spirited and friendly style usually allows them to maintain relations of this sort. 

There are occasions when these people can lack focus. Then, they can become highly talkative and emotional. These factors can let them over-promise due to their highly optimistic and extreme eagerness toward getting liked by others. 

DiSC type I personality styles always prefer taking up leadership roles in organizations. They thrive in those environments where they can use their verbal abilities for communicating a vision and persuade others into attaining the same. 

These individuals assist people who are far more stubborn or focused on thinking out of the box for finding solutions to problems. They work well with those who know how to quickly build personal connections, offer creative ideas, and invest time in participating in group activities outside work. 

DiSC I personality types are trustworthy individuals. Their tendency to have open discussions with others can make them express their feelings or reveal information, which people with serious personality types would prefer to keep within themselves. Due to this reason, there are times when it might seem as if they lack tact. 

How to Identify DiSC I People?

If you get in touch with an individual of DiSC I personality type, you can easily identify them from their expressive, persuasive, and enthusiastic nature. They will care about getting in touch with others and influence people to act as per their needs and demands. 

A DiSC I personality type builds rapport. One can easily describe this individual as a people person, who enjoys being the leader of a team. Leadership is something that comes naturally to them. They possess both warmth and charisma to bring everyone together.

As these individuals flourish in their lives when they can connect with others, they tend to hate those circumstances where they need to work in isolation. It is one of their major weaknesses which do not allow them to feel comfortable. 

Influencers do not only work for the task at hand. Leaders of these types focus on building relationships to finish off their responsibilities on time. When it comes to working in groups, they show tremendous levels of enthusiasm along with dedication to becoming true team players. 

They feel at their best when they get the chance to express themselves and nurture people’s talents to attain a goal. These influencers can carry out intense communications. DiSC I personality types can easily draw people on board for working on their plans. It aids in their personal growth and development as well. 

When it comes to the negative side, people with this personality profile can easily suffer from distraction or get overwhelmed from having to handle a wide range of tasks. This happens because they always give priority to relationships over carrying out real work. To be productive, DiSC I personalities require working on keeping their focus on the tasks and meeting their commitments. 

DiSC Type I – Their Key Attributes

The behavioral pattern of people with this disc style is guided by some core qualities or attributes. The following are the key ones that exist among DiSC I personalities –

  • They lead their lives in an energetic manner
  • Spontaneous
  • They know how to be persuasive
  • They are friendly and talkative
  • Visible
  • Optimistic
  • Loves to socialize with others
  • Emotional
  • Careless
  • They have a lot of charisma
  • These people work on impulse
  • Inspiring
  • DiSC I enjoy participating in group activities
  • Animated
  • These people love being expressive

What Do DiSC Profile I Personality Type Love?

An individual of each personality type is built differently. Hence, the things they love doing or having in their lives also differ from one person to another. 

Thus, the same is also applicable to someone with DiSC I type of personality. Let us look at the list below to find out what these people love in their lives –

  • DiSC I personality types love taking an enthusiastic approach toward their lives. 
  • They enjoy getting in touch and interacting with others. 
  • While working in organizations, they like to work in teams rather than doing any activity in isolation.
  • Due to their great ability to influence others, DiSC I people love taking up leadership positions in professional setups.
  • These individuals always back their impulse for undertaking all sorts of actions.
  • They love to trust others and want the same from them.
  • DiSC I people like to have loads of fun with their companions and hence enjoy life.
  • They love to obtain approval from others and gradually become popular.
  • An individual with this personality type has a great inclination toward gaining status by way of power and prestige.

What Does DiSC Profile I Personality Types Hate?

We all know that all those people belonging to the 16 Personality Types and Enneagram Model hate or dislike several things in their lives. The same goes for the DiSC Profile I personality type that belongs under the disc model. 

Following are the details regarding certain aspects of life that a DiSC I person hates –

  • DiSC I personality type individuals hate doing their jobs in an organized manner.
  • While working with a DiSC I personality type, one must make sure not to let them work with details. They hate this stuff. It would severely hamper their productivity.
  • These people do not like those circumstances where they fail to go by their impulses.
  • People with DiSC I personality types hate communicating straightforwardly.
  • They struggle to keep their focus for long periods.
  • DiSC type I personalities fail to follow through in a full-fledged way.
  • If they have to deal with too many ideas at a time, a DiSC I would hate the same and suffer from distraction. 
  • As they love talking, hence, DiSC I people do not like to invest much time in listening to what people have to say.
  • These individuals hate spending a lot of time making plans. 
  • They hate making decisions to protect themselves from embarrassment.
  • DiSC I personalities do not like those situations where they have to compromise their time for socializing.
  • These people do not prefer to follow predictable routines.

Shadow Side of DiSC I

A person who possesses a high i personality happens to be outgoing, extroverted, and fully oriented toward others. They are capable of inspiring others, creating impressions in their minds, interacting with them, and always remaining involved in some activity or the other.

All those with High I traits manage to energize other individuals and are popular because of their charm and social skills. 

These people carry certain shadow traits in their personalities. They are as follows –

  • When their ability to influence is not fully developed, a DiSC I person can become extremely disorganized.
  • They can completely overlook tasks and their finer details. These things happen when they try to become the center of attention for getting in touch with people.
  • These individuals suffer from the fear of rejection.
  • They use verbal attacks to respond to pressure situations. 
  • The shadow personality of a DiSC I individual is such that they often get obsessed with themselves.

Learning Style of DiSC Profile I Personality

It is important to understand the learning style of DiSC I personalities for having clarity regarding the behavioral patterns of these individuals. We will know exactly how they interact with the outside world.

On top of this, learning is a constant process. Hence, knowing the learning style becomes even more important to identify how they gather information, assimilate and implement their knowledge across different spheres of life.

  • DiSC I personalities are those learners who prefer having low structure.
  • They do not like having any set pattern to learn.
  • These people enjoy learning by sharing and undertaking group activities. They particularly refer to those, which allow them to interact and socialize.
  • The ideal environment for a DiSC I person to learn involves participating in group activities. 
  • They must have the opportunity to express themselves and get into discussions with others for attaining knowledge in the best possible manner.
  • DiSC I personality style individuals require a whole lot of visual assistance to learn things better. 
  • Teachers or instructors must give these people the luxury of asking questions in their process of learning. 
  • They are extremely receptive to new thoughts, ideas, theories, and patterns of learning. 
  • These individuals always prefer crisp, fast-paced, and highly-stimulating modes of learning to get the best out of those sessions.

Summing Up From ‘ThePleasantPersonality’

DiSC I personalities are lively, optimistic, and love to socialize with others. Their main focus lies in building long-term relationships with people around them. Their strength lies in influencing others with positivity and enthusiasm. 

They love exchanging information with others but hate dealing with details. Their sole purpose, before carrying out any task, lies in looking at the bigger picture.