Enneagram 6 careers talk about job opportunities that help them fulfill their requirements to feel safe and secure in life. These people look for situations where they have anticipation and a tendency to avoid risk. They look for making careers in those fields, which let them get in touch with trustworthy and authoritative personnel.

People with enneagram type 6 personalities show dedication and responsibility while carrying out their duties. They leave no stone unturned to fulfill their objectives in the desired manner. Sixes are desperate to indulge themselves in a social group and make a mark for themselves in the world. Take a personality test to determine your enneagram type. The Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator is the best enneagram test for the same.

The following article will talk of the career options that these individuals can pursue as per the characteristics of their personality –

Enneagram Type 6 Careers

Enneagram 6 careers refer to job options that allow them to work in teams, and receive appreciation from colleagues and seniors, apart from experiencing job security. They will also prefer working under job profiles that give ample chances to serve people.

Type 6, the loyalist. These people get this tag because they show a maximum level of reliability, faithfulness, and of course, extreme loyalty. They are kind, graceful, and carry a good sense of humor. Sixes look for work environments that let them flourish in their careers. If we try to relate these individuals with Myers-Briggs, Sixes are a combination of ISTJ, ISFJ, and ISFP personality types.

People with this enneagram personality type love such job opportunities that let them enhance their skills. Their careers must give great value to their abilities and offer job security. Stability in workplaces is an extremely important criterion for enneagram 6s to excel in their careers. These individuals are not fickle-minded. Hence, they never intend to switch from one job to another at a short notice.

When they get to work in a stable environment, they move forward toward building concrete relationships with their co-workers. These professional relationships help them maintain the sanctity of all the organizations they work for. It also enables these individuals to make influential contacts in the long run. Due to these reasons, Sixes always make thoughtful decisions in their professional life.

Enneagram Type 6s feel energetic to perform at their best across workplaces. Sixes not only do so when they can sense security, but also when they are receiving support from all levels. Their bosses must show trust in them and appreciate their suggestions. These people look forward to their colleagues connecting with them at a personal level.

Career Options to Decide Upon

Let us now briefly discuss some of the most preferred enneagram type 6 careers which ideally match the personality type according to their strengths and weaknesses –

1. Caregiver

The nature and skills of an Enneagram 6 personality type individual are such that they make them ideally suited for the post of a caregiver. One does not require any degree to become a full-time caregiver unless a person opts to provide some medical care. Then, they would need to undergo formal training. An enneagram six can become one if they can do a course in cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

They can enjoy the flexibility of sensing any danger that might cause problems for their patients. At the same time, a caregiver would enjoy the safe atmosphere. It will make them feel completely at ease for building relationships of trust with their clients. There is an option available for an Enneagram 6 to work as a caregiver in a team. They can apply for the same at any assisted living home that does not need any medical background.

2. Teacher

An individual with Enneagram 6 personality type has value for knowledge. Hence, it is one of the most popular enneagram 6 careers. They have creativity and always remain committed to helping others. Due to this reason, these individuals can excel in their profession as a teacher. These individuals not only manage to impart education but also do so in a caring manner. Teaching with great care comes naturally to these Sixes.

Apart from these, another trait within an enneagram 6 works well whenever they take up this teaching profession. We all know these individuals love to ensure the security of their loved ones’ lives. Teachers also make sure to secure the future of their students.

3. Executive Assistant

All those who prefer working with a core group of trustworthy people and do not wish to confront danger in their daily jobs may love the job of an executive assistant. It is ideally suited for a person with Enneagram 6 personality type. This is a low-profile position. Still, it happens to be an integral part of the business. It will make any individual feel they are using their talents with supportive people around them.

The job profile allows these individuals to work across different fields that require undertaking official duties. They include filing, scheduling appointments, and carrying out certain tasks where they report to managers. It neither requires any formal degree nor training, so an enneagram type 6 individual can go ahead and take up this job.

4. Environmental Specialist

Enneagram 6 personalities care deeply for all those they are passionate about in life. Hence, it will make great sense for them to become an environmental specialist. They can invest their time and energy into saving the planet. These individuals can take the necessary steps for doing the same.

This job profile would allow them to work for the great good of society. It is perfectly in line with the thought pattern that Enneagram 6 carries within itself. Moreover, Sixes possess the requisite talent for seeing problems that might crop up in the future. Hence, they take necessary steps to prevent them from taking place. These habits of theirs allow them to develop plans for protecting the planet.

5. Police Officer

Another job profile that can ideally suit the personality of an Enneagram 6 is that of a police officer. They feel comfortable conquering their basic fears and moving forward to achieve their goals. Police officers are responsible for enforcing law and order in a place. These lawmakers also ensure that society maintains them in the best possible manner.

This personality type individual is well-suited to identify the patterns of crimes that are taking place in the region. They need not put any extra effort into doing so. It is because the nature of an enneagram 6 is such that they always remain on high alert. Sixes must check the requirements of the State where they belong for being a Police Officer.

6. Data Analyst

An Enneagram 6 personality type individual can excel in their career if they work as a data analyst. The job profile includes working with all sorts of data depending on specialization. Sixes enjoy solving issues and preventing impending disasters from becoming a reality. Thus, undertaking the jobs of data analysts can give them just the kind of work they enjoy doing.

The best thing about making a career as a data analyst is that it does not always require a degree to become one. One can simply enroll themselves in online courses. Those can make them learn the tricks of the trade. They can make you understand the nitty-gritty of this field within 6 months. Some even offer certificates upon completion of courses. A budding data analyst can start working in this field at an entry-level position after the completion of their course. There are options for further certifications. He or she can enroll in those sometime in the future for better opportunities.

7. Veterinarian

A veterinary doctor is a specialist who takes intense care of animals. Enneagram Type 6 personalities would make great veterinarians. It is because they have the natural tendency to care for others. These people try to keep everyone away from all kinds of danger. They will be ready to go out of their way to find problems lying within pets and cure them.

Sixes will prosper in this profession because working with pets will go a long way toward easing stress and tension. Stress is a significant hurdle in the lives of an Enneagram 6. It comes through due to their habit of thinking about the future. Hence, this profession will give sufficient opportunities to forget the factors that result in stress and tension among Sixes.

8. Paralegal

An Enneagram 6 personality type individual can do very well in their career if they pursue the profession of a Paralegal. The primary purpose of this profession is to assist lawyers in their work. It gives them opportunities to work across various legal areas. They include criminal litigation, civil litigation, employment law, commercial law, consumer law, corporate law, wills and succession, and contract law.

The daily duties of a paralegal vary depending on their area of specialization, their level of experience, and the law firm’s size. Their responsibilities involve filing cases and handling them on behalf of clients.  Sixes can even undertake thorough research on relevant rules and regulations. They can even carry out various administrative duties like inserting data, filing, answering calls, or responding to emails.

The basis of these responsibilities in this career option is to fight for clients and win cases. They will ensure that clients get permanent relief from various legal tangles. Therefore, Sixes can fulfill their purposes of offering safety and security in this profession, which form the basis of their personality type.

9. Dentist

The job profile of a Dentist involves examination, diagnosis, and treatment of injuries, diseases, and malformations of the teeth and gums. The career is fast growing. It gives numerous opportunities for the professional to progress. An Enneagram 6 personality type individual can get their chance to serve patients by curing their dental problems.

It also allows them to offer valuable advice on maintaining proper dental health. In the process, they can guide them with the food items they must avoid and the lifestyle to follow. The dentist can clearly mention the number of times one must brush their teeth in a day, along with other valuable inputs. It is all about protecting and securing patients’ teeth from succumbing to further oral problems.

10. Security Guard

Enneagram 6s love offering security to others as much as they need it. Therefore, they make excellent security guards. The profession allows them to showcase their loyalty and make others realize their reliability.

They need not put any extra effort into fulfilling their responsibilities. Everything comes naturally to Sixes. Hence, these individuals not only perform well in this job but can also start a business, where they can hire security personnel. Once the hiring is complete, they can give them proper training.

Finally, Sixes can let them offer their services across various organizations, like offices, malls, banks, etc. An Enneagram Six possesses the requisite proficiency for handling this business well. They will be adept in training prospective security persons.

Enneagram 6 Careers to Avoid

Enneagram Type 6 personality individuals face problems in controlling their anxious thoughts. Occasionally, they expect the worst to unfold in the future. Considering this fact, they must avoid unreliable, unstable, and inconsistent environments. These people will likely struggle in their careers when their reporting managers do not have time to appreciate them for their efforts.

As Sixes prefer loyalty and cooperation among others, it is less likely that they will flourish in careers having cut-throat competition. Collaboration with teammates is essential for these individuals. Hence, they will always remain on the lookout for those jobs that let them have that.

Let us take a look into the careers for type 6 that they must try and avoid –

  • Programmer
  • Accountant
  • Software Engineer
  • Banker
  • Sales Executive
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Stock Broker
  • Journalist
  • Actor
  • Pilot

Final Words

In this article, we have discussed various job profiles of Enneagram 6, where they can find enough opportunities to undertake responsibilities in line with their personality traits. It has also mentioned the fields of work that these individuals must avoid to ensure their career is free from all kinds of hurdles.

Sixes enjoy working in those companies that give due recognition to their skills and appreciate them for their valuable input toward the growth of organizations. Moreover, they love work environments, which enable them to develop personal connections with colleagues. They will flourish in such careers, where Sixes would get to work in teams and not handle responsibilities individually.