Enneagram 7 careers refer to those job opportunities that allow them to fulfill their needs for attaining happiness in life. These people receive motivation and energy from looking forward to new experiences, following their authentic ideals, and having an enthusiasm for living. They want to make their careers in fast-paced environments where they can nurture creative ideas.

All those individuals with enneagram 7 personality types always look for new information from different sources for carrying out their responsibilities. They keep nurturing various ideas.

Hence, Sevens love working in those organizations which give them the luxury of using creativity to good effect. If you are not sure of your personality type, take the enneagram personality test to determine the same. Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator is the most popular enneagram test.

The following article will discuss all those career options that these individuals can pursue as per the traits of their personality –

Enneagram Type 7 Careers

Enneagram type 7 careers talk of job options that allow them to use their creativity, generate new ideas, regularly interact with colleagues, and solve problems with ease. They will attain success in those organizations where their bosses allot new tasks and help them to keep their interests alive.

Type 7 is The Enthusiast. They show enthusiasm toward almost everything in life that captures their attention. These individuals look at life with curiosity. Sevens remain optimistic under all circumstances. They carry a sense of adventure for undertaking various responsibilities. Sevens keep their anticipation levels high for all the good things that they can expect to receive in life. When we relate these people with Myers Briggs, Enneagram 7s happen to be a combination of ESTP, ESFP, ENTP, and ENFP personality types.

People with this enneagram personality type enjoy those job opportunities that allow them to try out new things. They are goal-oriented. Whatever career they opt for, it must offer an energetic environment. It must let them be optimistic for things to unfold as per their wish. The work environment should enable them to meet and interact with individuals. It can make them exchange information and enhance their knowledge.

The most important aspect of an individual with the enneagram 7 personality type is that they possess the ability to see various options, which others do not notice. They can adopt different solutions to a problem. Therefore, when others struggle to find a way out of a situation by adopting a singular approach, this enneagram individual can come to the rescue.

Enneagram 7 feels at its best when they manage to learn new skills and upgrade themselves constantly. They even have the great quality of tackling changes in plans and adapting themselves to those with utmost ease. These individuals are quick thinkers and implement creative thinking abilities to work on existing projects. They acquire new ones for the expansion of businesses across organizations.

10 Career Options to Decide Upon

It is now time to briefly discuss some of the most preferred enneagram type 7 careers which can match the personality type according to their strengths and weaknesses –

1. Event Planner

Event planners are those professionals who arrange different kinds of details of various events. Wedding planners happen to be the most well-known among all of them. They even coordinate celebrations like reunions, anniversaries, and other social events. These professionals also arrange corporate events starting from award ceremonies, and gala parties to product launches.

This job profile is perfectly suited for an Enneagram 7. It gives them sufficient opportunities to meet influential people, interact with them, and successfully execute various plans. They are adept at coordinating with different stakeholders who play crucial roles to make each event a grand success.

2. Entrepreneur

Whenever anyone thinks of entrepreneurship, they will likely relate it with an individual carrying an Enneagram type 7 personality. The idealistic nature of these people gives them the potential to dream of a great business plan that would give fruitful results. They possess the ability to attract individuals toward them.

Apart from this, he will use his intelligence and adaptable nature to make good use of the tools that help them attain business success. These individuals will enjoy the thrill associated with being an entrepreneur, whose business might succeed or fail.

Moreover, they will also enjoy the luxury of flexibility associated with this profession. They can become engrossed in their work whenever they feel such compulsion. On the other hand, Sevens can take a break from their busy schedule whenever they start feeling burnt out.

3. Fitness Instructor

As a fitness instructor, one needs to work in sprints. He requires carrying out interactions with numerous people. Doing so makes them feel excited and energetic. Hence, it becomes a perfect career option for an Enneagram 7 to pursue. People working in this profession tend to have flexibility in their schedules. Therefore, it gives them the privilege to work at their convenience.

It is ideally suited for enneagram type 7s, who always remain in search of a healthy work-life balance. It enables them to pursue other interests. These professionals are celebrated across the world for their energy and optimism. Thus, it becomes a truly great pursuit for these enthusiastic enneagrams.

4. Flight Attendant

A person with an enneagram 7 personality type also excels in their career as a flight attendant. The nature of this job profile is such that these people can always be on the move. They do not have time to settle down again at a new location, hence adding to their excitement. Hence, it becomes an ideal gig for the adventurous personality of an enneagram 7. It gives them the excitement of seeing passengers flying to various exotic foreign locations. Apart from this, they enjoy the thrill of interacting with them and getting to know their preferences.

This happens to be a daily routine for Sevens. Even though some routes might seem quite silly for these individuals, still, there is enough for them to enjoy this job role. On top of all these, quickfire shifts along with free flight travels are the perks that keep their enthusiasm alive all the time.

5. Blogger

Blogger, as a professional, is like an entrepreneur. He must work hard to make things work out and plan as per his schedule. There is a lot of thrill, excitement, and flexibility associated with this job role. Enneagram 7s can attain the desired level of growth and development if they take up blogging as their career.

The thing that attracts them the most in this profession is the possibility of doing some work, which has a personal touch and is fully authentic. They can use their variety of ideas to good use and implement their gift of creativity. There is nothing more pleasing for an enneagram 7 than to share their stories with others. If they can brag about free items and fancy clothes to their friends and companions, it will be even more attractive for them.

6. Life Coach

Enneagram 7 personality type individuals have the natural tendency to be visionaries. It makes them ideal candidates for becoming life coaches. They look forward with anticipation and hope for things out in their favor. These people always focus on the bigger picture.

Moreover, their enthusiasm toward life along with their potential to focus on the good things that exist in their personality would help them advise others on how to lead their lives to the fullest. These two talents in combination with their spirit of entrepreneurship can offer them everything one requires to become a life coach.

7. Interior Designer

The field of interior design is perfectly suitable for individuals who can develop creative ideas. In this field, there are endless opportunities that one can avail. Therefore, an enneagram 7 personality type individual cannot hope for a better career than interior design. They have the natural ability to implement new ideas from time to time and convert their ideas into actions.

We all know how enneagram 7s love making new connections and carrying out interactions with them on a regular basis. Similarly, interior designers enjoy doing the same.

Hence, it is a perfect match. They will work closely with engineers and architects to make sure that spaces are safe, functional, and beautiful. Their responsibilities will include, placement of bids on fresh projects, and interacting with the client to understand their goals and other specifications for the project. Those duties are, making decisions on materials and various furnishings, formulating an estimate of the timeline and determining the cost of the project, etc.

8. Chef

People with enneagram 7 personality types often resort to cooking in their free time. It is quite evident that they love experimenting with the preparation of different food items. They use their creative minds to mix various ingredients and prepare something special. Therefore, these individuals will shine, if they consider making their career as a chef.

Even though there is a belief among people that the primary duty of chefs is to cook food, the reality nowadays tends to be a little different. They are already on their way up from the cooking position.

Nowadays, chefs do much more than prepare food items. These professionals tend to craft various recipes and dishes. Apart from this, he also looks after the staff’s well-being and manages the process of cooking that takes place in the kitchen.

9. Travel Agent

Another exciting career option for an enneagram 7 personality type individual is that of a travel agent. It offers ample opportunities for self-employment and traveling across different places. The job profile will allow these people to aid businesses and other individuals whenever they make plans for trips or vacations. As travel agents, Sevens can work for package holiday operators, tour operators, independent travel agents, cruise lines, or corporate businesses.

They will get to undertake various responsibilities. These professionals will give quick responses to queries and complaints from customers in an efficient manner. Enneagram 7s, while working as travel agents, will result in the promotion and marketing of the business. It includes preparing promotional materials as well as displays.

10. Sales Representative

Enneagram 7 personality type individuals can excel in their career if they take up the job of a sales representative. He is responsible for the sale of business products and services across organizations and government agencies. The skills they possess along with their confidence level and dedication are essential for every industry across the world. A sales representative is a fast-paced, competitive, exciting, and high-pressure career.

The job role revolves around meeting monthly targets and achieving the desired level of productivity for attaining those targets. Due to this reason, there are occasions when this job profile sometimes struggles to offer job security along with an unstable income. Still, an enneagram 7 can do well in this profession because of its passion for experiencing new things. There is also a desire to meet people from different backgrounds.

Enneagram 7 Careers to Avoid

Enneagram 7 personality type individuals hate getting stuck or feeling bored while working in a particular position. They must work in such a field that keeps their interest alive. Those organizations must make these individuals look forward with hope. Their job profile should not let them do repetitive tasks. They would rather prefer carrying out new responsibilities every day.

Sevens will prefer to explore new thoughts and ideas on a regular basis. They will love working under those bosses who assign them new responsibilities day in and day out. These people would enjoy working with colleagues who would spend quality time with them outside the work environment as well.

Let us look into the career paths Type 7s must avoid at all costs –

  • Doctor
  • Accountant
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Actuary
  • Lawyer
  • Debt Counselor
  • Secretary
  • Administrative Assistant

Final Words

In this article, we have discussed different career choices of enneagram 7, where they manage to find sufficient opportunities for undertaking responsibilities that are in line with their personality traits. It has also brought to light all those fields of work, which these individuals must avoid at all costs for making sure that their career is free from all sorts of obstacles.

Sevens enjoy working in those organizations having fast-paced environments. They must give them sufficient opportunities to think big and showcase their creative side. These individuals will achieve excellence in such job profiles, which enable them to enjoy new experiences and excite their minds. They must explore fresh ideas and where they need not follow a set routine.