Enneagram Type 6 Motivations & Core Values refer to all those factors that help them regain energy and the ethics that express their life’s ambitions. This Enneagram 6 personality type is responsible, hard-working, reliable, loves safety and security, can foresee problems, and takes necessary measures to prevent their occurrences.

People with this personality type would always fight for their beliefs, no matter what happens in life. They will be fierce in their approach when it comes to defending family members and the community at large.

Enneagram Type 6 Motivations & Core Values

Various factors allow Enneagram 6s to invest additional time and effort in carrying out those activities, which can help attain some objectives in their life. These factors are their core motivations. They help generate an urge among individuals to do something more by going over and above their capacity for fulfilling their responsibilities.

These driving forces can make Enneagram 6s regulate their unusual actions and behavioral patterns. Hence, they ensure that these individuals undertake those activities, which they will not do under normal circumstances, maintain their high standards, and attain their goals.

Enneagram 6 personality type individuals are phobic and counter-phobic. They show extreme loyalty toward others because they do not want to be left alone without support. Hence, the main issue they face is the lack of self-confidence to deal with life’s challenges. These people always feel they do not possess the requisite resources to face and overcome hurdles with flying colors.

Sixes feel energetic when they have the support of their dear ones. They love getting opportunities to make responsible choices in their lives. It gives them great pleasure to recognize others’ perspectives, think about how they would react under specific circumstances, and act accordingly.

Enneagram Type 6 Motivations

Core motivations are those forces that exist in each of the nine enneagram personality types. They help them get through the tough times of life and give them the necessary incentive to carry out their responsibilities. The Enneagram Type 6 Motivations refer to those forces or incentives that allow them to gain energy and restore their originality. They work particularly well when life tests them with stiff challenges. Sixes require going through behavioral changes and molding their approach toward handling responsibilities.

The core motivations of the enneagram comprise two parts –

  • Core Desires or Basic Desires
  • Core Fears or Basic Fears

These core desires and core fears tend to complement one another. People can even consider these aspects as one.

The core desires of Enneagram 6s are as follows –

  • Enneagram Sixes show their loyalty and friendly nature toward others. It is because they always want to feel secure and protected in life.
  • These people invest a lot of their time toward building long-term trustworthy relationships.
  • People with the enneagram number six personality type gain a lot of motivation from their need to attain stability and safety.
  • They always look to receive assurance from others. It gives them an extra layer of confidence.
  • There are instances when they desire to test others’ attitudes and behavioral patterns toward them.
  • Sixes also desire to protect themselves and those close to them from cheating and harm.
  • Enneagram number six individuals always show their urge to build a cohesive unit and work as a team.
  • When it comes to professional responsibilities, they ensure that they upgrade their skills and carry them out in the best possible manner.
  • Enneagram Six personality type people desire to use their patience and tenacity to learn ways to accept their independent nature. It enables them to express themselves freely across the world.
  • When an Enneagram Six is at its best, they intend to forget all their worries and pay attention to things that matter in life. Sixes keep their eyes on those they can change at present.

The core fears of Enneagram 6s are as follows –

  • Sixes enjoy togetherness in life. Hence, they suffer from the fear of being left out or staying without any security and support.
  • These people fear leading a lonely life. It makes them feel insecure.
  • Enneagram 6 personality type individuals always look for guidance and guarantee from others. They tend to feel confident while dealing with their responsibilities in life. Whenever they do not get those, Sixes lose their stability.
  • These individuals fear spending their time in risky and unpredictable environments.
  • People with Enneagram 6 personalities hate to do anything spontaneously. They do not even feel comfortable when there is a sudden change in plan. These individuals might doubt their ability to tackle changes boldly.
  • Enneagram 6s live under the constant fear of being underprepared and exposing themselves during trying times.
  • Sixes fear the worst-case scenario to happen in their life yet possess the mentality of hoping for the best. Thus, their fear does not let them take too many risks, which can prevent them from attaining greater rewards. One can consider it as one of the blind spots in their personality.
  • Enneagram 6s fear making decisions of great importance in their life. It might be because they are not ready to face the negative consequences as they do not know how to deal with them.

Enneagram Type 6 Core Values

The core values based on your Enneagram Type 6 are those principles that guide them in their path of life. These refer to those beliefs that help you act as per their values. Values are critical aspects of individuals whose existence in one’s personality is of immense importance. The primary values that guide enneagram 6’s behavioral patterns are loyalty, trustworthiness, faithfulness, integrity, honesty, and perseverance.

Following are some of the core values of Enneagram 6s –

  • Sixes give immense value to commitment and trustworthiness. They always stay beside those who hold great importance in their lives and focus on keeping them safe.
  • Enneagram Type 6s know the value of belongingness with others. These individuals never intend to leave their loved ones behind but prefer taking them along and building long-lasting relationships. An enneagram six needs to maintain balance and have peace in life.
  • They reach out to others for reassurance and to build their self-esteem. Sixes always prefer to feel significant while leading their life.
  • These people trust those individuals who have successfully passed through the testing times. Their skeptical nature goes hand in hand with the search for security in life.
  • Enneagram Sixes love leading their lives in peace. There are occasions when these individuals can turn out to be people-pleasers. They do so to maintain balance and avoid tussles at all costs.
  • These people earn respect from others due to their faithfulness. People can depend on Sixes to help them get through adverse situations in life.
  • Another core value that exists within the personality of an Enneagram 6 is their ability to keep others’ secrets safe. It plays a significant role in earning the trust of people around them.
  • Sixes are not those who will take risks in their life. They are the ones who will always want to experience stability. It will enable them to focus on things of great importance.
  • Due to the highly rational nature of an Enneagram 6, they can stretch their imagination far and wide to devise the appropriate strategy for dealing with an issue. They use their current resources to plan for tackling future contingencies.

Final Words

We can conclude that Enneagram 6s are committed and secure individuals who focus on their hard work, trust, and responsible nature to undertake all kinds of responsibilities in life. They have the great potential to foresee possible problems that might occur in their life. It is the reason why they are known as problem solvers. Hence, they plan accordingly to prevent those occurrences.

An Enneagram 6 person invests their time and effort into bringing everyone together, keeping them by their side to deal with the ups and downs of life and focusing on working as a team.

Sixes are unassuming in their behavior. Their tolerance level is at its highest. They offer constant support and encouragement to their loved ones. These people understand the importance of togetherness and the ill effects of spending time alone.