Enneagram Type 7s tend to be those individuals, who are enthusiastic, fun-loving, and have the willingness to experience whatever life has to offer. There is a lot more to this personality than what seems apparent. Enneagram Type Seven Wings and SubTypes can provide in-depth insight into this personality archetype.

People belonging to Enneagram 7 personalities are energetic and keep their eyes on gathering new information. These individuals keep exploring new ideas to distract themselves from the unwanted aspects of life. Enneagram 7 can strongly correlate with Myers Briggs personalities of ENTP, ENFP, ESTP, and ESFP.

The wings and subtypes of an enneagram seven are the various dimensions inside this personality type. Unfortunately, they do not reveal themselves. They provide additional information regarding their different ways of handling life’s challenges. You can take online personality tests to know your enneagram type and get a better understanding.

Enneagram Type Seven Wings and SubTypes

Enneagram Type seven wings and subtypes inject new dimensions into the personality. They remain under the layer of those traits that lie within the core enneagram type. All these dimensions carry equal responsibility toward formulating different aspects of these individuals.

Wings refer to the additional elements within one’s personality that influence and work simultaneously with the dominant type. It allows them to get different perspectives for a better understanding of society. These point toward two adjacent personality types. They lie on either side of core personalities among the Enneagram practitioners.

These wings can positively influence the core Enneagram 7 personality and the challenges that this combination brings with it. Hence, all these wings allow them to make the most of all the opportunities that come their way. They even help an individual overcome hurdles and fulfill their objectives in life.

Enneagram 7 SubTypes talk about those tendencies which arise out of impulse and play a significant role in forming this personality type. It refers to the combined effect of the primary enneagram number of an individual and their instincts. All those instincts are the primal forces based on one’s body. These instinctive tendencies refer to unconscious forces, which play a part in determining how a person manages to think, feel and act.

Enneagram Type 7 Wings

The wings of an enneagram seven personality type individual are a couple of adjacent personality types that exist on both sides of the core type. It is so because people possess several complications that instill different shades into their personal and professional lives. Thus, considering only the features of Enneagram 7’s core type will not give the exact picture of this personality. Hence, wings come over to explain various aspects.

The wings enable people carrying this Enneagram 7 type to understand different dimensions existing inside their personality. Unfortunately, these people do not pay sufficient attention to all those things. Once anyone places all the nine Enneagram types inside a  circle, their wings will be the two numbers lying on either side of the primary or core type. Therefore, for the enneagram type 7, their wings are 7w6 and 7w8. They support, counter, and help develop a flexible side of the core enneagram type.

Some even state that wings are alternate sides of an individual’s core personality type. They will possess several traits of the adjacent types in their personality.

Enneagram 7w6 characteristics

A person with a 7w6 enneagram wing identifies themselves mostly with type seven. Still, they possess certain traits of type six.

Those people who belong to Enneagram 7 personality types are always energetic and lead their lives with optimism. They are relentlessly curious to enjoy new experiences and information. These individuals wish to avoid dealing with the negative emotions of life by seeking immense pleasure and excitement. Sevens become so motivated to go for positive experiences that they can easily ignore all their fears.

Enneagram Seven personality types lose their mind and become critical of illogical things that surround their life. They even hate having minor issues with people and suffer from irritation due to this reason. These people might even become highly egoistic in how they act and present themselves in front of society.

  • 7w6s always suffer from the Fear of Missing Out. They never want to miss any opportunity to go through new experiences in their life. Hence, these people always prefer to remain in tune with everything around them.
  • These people tend to prove others’ actions. It is because they hate getting into conflicts. They would love to lead their lives in peace and happiness.
  • This wing of enneagram 7 gives value to happiness. They prefer leading a life filled with hope. Therefore, they feel as if nothing is impossible to attain in life.
  • They wish to focus on seeking pleasure and avoid looking into their painful scenarios.
  • These individuals think hard before making any decision. They never intend to do anything in haste.
  • People with enneagram 7w6 personality types are sensitive and care deeply about the needs of others.
  • 7w6s do not consider anything on their face value. They tend to second-guess every aspect of life.
  • When these individuals come under stress, people with this personality type find it tough to stay strong and focus on things that matter.

Enneagram 7w8 characteristics

People with these personality types possess a lot of energy within themselves. They are mentally tough yet proactive. Their mental strength is much more than all other enneagram types. These people constantly live under the fear of missing out on opportunities in their life.

7w8s are independent people. They prefer leading their life under their terms and conditions. These individuals hate if anyone tries to control them.

It is usual for them to rationalize their ill feelings. They prefer to make their lives flourish in joy and happiness. All those situations that seem unfavorable and fill their life with tension tend to make them feel stuck. These people emphasize ways to feel safe and secure in life.

Apart from these, these people always remain on the lookout for good things that life offers. They are not those who will settle down for just about anything. Enneagram 7w8s look forward to enjoying more enriching experiences. These individuals love to mingle with both known and unknown people. They have a wide social circle.

  • These enneagram sevens maintain their calm even under adverse circumstances.
  • 7w8s are assertive and remain confident of their abilities.
  • They possess good communication skills and can let everyone know about their opinions. It enables them to make a positive impact on the people around them.
  • Enneagram Seven personality type people with wing 8 are true opportunists. They have an open mind and are always willing to get hold of the best available offer.
  • These individuals always remain lively and possess a great amount of charm and energy to lead their lives in the best possible manner.
  • They work on impulse and do not have the patience to wait for things to happen.
  • People with this enneagram personality type have problems following proper plans and rules.
  • They focus a lot on their careers and give others the impression that 7w8s are workaholics.
  • These people do not elaborately want anything. They prefer having specific things to focus on.

Enneagram 7 Subtypes

We know that nine enneagram personality types make up the complete model of the Enneagram. Each of them contains three instinctual subtypes. Hence, there are 27 subtypes. These subtypes point toward one’s core enneagram type along with instincts.

Instincts refer to innate tendencies. They are the primal forces that make someone think, act and behave in specific manners. These refer to unconscious thoughts based on the body that guide their behavioral patterns and actions.

Following are the three instinctual subtypes of enneagram 7 –

1. Self-Preservation (SP) – Connection

2. Social (SO) – Sacrifice

3. Sexual or One-to-One (SX) – Fascination

The time has now come for us to discuss how Enneagram 7s remain connected and focus on these inherent tendencies.

Self-Preservation (SP)

The self-preservation subtype of enneagram 7s attains immense satisfaction when they can meet their needs by creating alliances with people around them. They experience a different level of security due to the presence of like-minded people. It enables them to do proper planning and execute the same with perfection. Sevens feel the best when they can get in touch with people of similar mentalities.

These enneagram sevens manage to create their substitute family within which they carry a position of great privilege. They promise to provide this individual with a different yet exciting input. One good thing is that this personality type is far more logical than all other Sevens.

They keep their eyes open for opportunities that help create a tremendous advantage for themselves. This self-preservation subtype of an enneagram seven is alive to all those resources that come over with some friendships. These people are friendly and cheerful. They keep their focus on maintaining a relaxed approach to life. It enables them to skip connections with much better experiences and strong emotions.

Social (SO)

The Social Subtype of Enneagram 7 is someone who becomes happy from sharing fun and pleasure with individuals, thinking and organizing different ways through which others can enjoy their time together. They often carry a specific quality where they feel it is always better not to have some traits in one’s personality. These individuals know how to avoid certain things for the group’s benefit and all those they genuinely care about.

These Social Sevens lead their lives through the psychological prism of pleasure and abundance, which they feel others are having. It is visible that these people often feel they have some mission to fulfill in their life. They consider that they must help the world heal from its sufferings. This thought can put them under stress and become more concerned than other subtypes of enneagram seven personalities.

Sevens remain in touch with their needs and requirements. Denial of pleasure or not recognizing their demands can point toward getting a bigger future reward. A responsive Social Seven is someone who feels like their prize no longer exists after they manage to sacrifice themselves for some time.

One-to-One or Sexual (SX)

The One to One or Sexual Subtype of Enneagram 7 finds greed and planning about other individuals while pursuing their interests. They inject a lot of magic into life experiences and relationships. These people have the natural habit of injecting sparkle into the lives of individuals who form a part of their life. Their minds keep racing with several ideas on how great the person is and how they execute meaningful things together. They do so upfront while communicating with that individual for the first time.

All those physical qualities that tend to be the source of fantasy stick themselves out to the Enneagram Type Seven. The Seven allows an individual to fit right into the thought process that these people have created for them. Hence, it makes others feel extremely good.

In case of any fascination, one can hold on to the elements for a long time. An individual might suffer from deep shock when, even after a good level of intensity and attention, these Sevens can become fascinated with something different and move on. Similarly, the enneagram seven personality type individual might do some work with great intensity for a year and then move on to do something else.

Final Words

We have discussed in detail how enneagram type seven wings and subtypes play significant roles in framing their complete personality. Wings provide an extra dimension to this personality type. Hence, they help these people go deeper into their uncharted territories. Thus, wings enable them to develop various perspectives on life. The wings of Enneagram 7 are 7w6 and 7w8.

Subtypes are those instinctive tendencies that lie inside one’s body. They connect with the core personality type and carry out their activities cohesively. There are three subtypes of Enneagram 7, which include the Self-Preservation Subtype (Connection), Social Subtype (Sacrifice), One-to-One, or Sexual Subtype (Fascination).