Famous persons with enneagram 6 are those individuals who lead their lives with complete dedication and responsibility. They show a keen interest in belonging to a social group. There is always a desire within them to make a name for themselves in the world. Sixes love spending their time with a close-knit group of trustworthy people. These individuals use their logic to make decisions in life.

They love making strategies. Then, they would implement them to plan for future events. Enneagram Six personality type people protect themselves and their loved ones from all kinds of harm. Hence, these people focus on making practical decisions that help serve the needs of others.

One can always expect them to identify and think from others’ perspectives. When someone reaches out to an Enneagram 6 for them, they will consider their request in both logical and emotional manners.

50 Famous Persons with Enneagram 6

The famous persons with Enneagram 6 personality types include renowned celebrities from various walks of life. They carry characteristics that help make up these individuals. These stars use their responsibility and trustworthiness to excel in their professions.

Enneagram 6s are Skeptics. They always remain committed and faithful toward people close to their hearts. These people love sticking to specific ideas and relationships. They refer to those, which will help protect them against a possibly dangerous world. Sixes portray their kindness and practice caution. They know how to prepare well against potential threats.

They can easily anticipate problems. These individuals remain steady under all circumstances. Sixes adopt a systematic approach to solving problems. An Enneagram 6 is a genuine problem solver. People with this enneagram type are excellent at preparing projects that seem logical. Still, they can sometimes get stuck in their thought process. Hence, they keep worrying about the worst-case scenarios that might occur in the future.

There is a comprehensive list of enneagram six personality types of celebrities. These people are dependable. Sixes show their kind and graceful nature. These enneagrams can remain steady in all situations. They put in the wholehearted effort while carrying out their responsibilities. Even then, they prefer to take sufficient time to complete their work in the desired manner. It is visible in the different roles they play in their professions. Whenever they come across crises in their life, Sixes can act courageously and competently.

Let us now compile an exhaustive list of 50 famous persons with enneagram six personality types -It can present you with a better picture of who they are –

  1. Jennifer Aniston, American Actress
  2. Tom Hanks, American Actor
  3. Woody Allen, American Actor & Filmmaker
  4. Ben Affleck, American Actor
  5. Marilyn Monroe, a Former American Actress
  6. Mel Gibson, American Actor & Film Director
  7. George Carlin, Former American Comedian
  8. Gwen Stefani, American Singer & Songwriter
  9. Bruce Springsteen, American Singer & Songwriter
  10. Jill Phillips, American Musician
  11. James Hetfield, American Guitarist
  12. Eminem, American Rapper
  13. Britney Spears, American Singer
  14. Nas, American Rapper
  15. Dmitri Shostakovich, Former Russian Pianist
  16. Dan Reynolds, American Singer
  17. Thomas Hobbes, a Former English Philosopher
  18. Rene Girard, Former French Historian
  19. Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, Former French Scholar
  20. Carl Schmitt, Former German Jurist
  21. Adnan Ibrahim, Palestinian Imam
  22. Francis Fukuyama, American Political Scientist
  23. Zeno of Elea, Former Greek Philosopher
  24. Montesquieu, Former French Judge
  25. Kevin Durant, American Basketball Player
  26. Kylian Mbappe, French Football Player
  27. Wayne Rooney, English Professional Football Manager
  28. Luis Suarez, Uruguayan Football Player
  29. Mike Tyson, Former American Professional Boxer
  30. Eden Hazard, Belgian Professional Footballer
  31. Rey Mysterio, American Wrestler
  32. Mason Mount, English Professional Footballer
  33. Alexis Sanchez, Chilean Professional Footballer
  34. Mark Twain, a Former American Writer
  35. Joe Biden, President of the United States
  36. Richard Nixon, Former U.S. President
  37. George H.W. Bush, Former U.S. President
  38. Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex
  39. Kristen Stewart, American Actress
  40. Michael Moore, American Author & Filmmaker
  41. Sarah Jessica Parker, American Actress & Television Producer
  42. Rush Limbaugh, Former American Commentator
  43. Julia Roberts, American Actress
  44. Mindy Kaling, American Comedian & Producer
  45. David Letterman, American Television Host
  46. David Sedaris, American Author
  47. Richard Branson, British Business Magnate
  48. Daniel Craig, British Actor
  49. Johnny Carson, Former American Television Host
  50. Princess Diana, Former Princess of Wales


The comprehensive list of 50 famous persons with Enneagram 6 contains celebrities from various walks of life. People know most of them quite well through their work. There are others people do not recognize. Still, they are in no way less proficient compared to well-known stars. They have all made a name for themselves by performing well in their respective professions.

All these celebrities can protect their loved ones from any danger. Over the years, they have displayed their reliable and faithful nature. They are highly competent in carrying out all their responsibilities while dealing with several stern challenges. These individuals will always stay ahead of time. They would take precautions against all possible contingencies that might arise anytime in the future.

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