The hobbies of enneagram 6 refer to different kinds of activities or fun-filled endeavors they undertake during their free time to attain relaxation. These activities help in keeping their minds fresh. They can become a lot more energetic after getting back to carrying out their responsibilities. Are you aware of your enneagram type? If not, then take the online personality test to determine the same.

People with the enneagram six personality types are responsible, hard-working, reliable, and trustworthy. These individuals are excellent at troubleshooting. They can sense problems beforehand and ensure cooperation with others to solve them. Serving others’ needs is their motto in life. Hence, they spend their free time volunteering, becoming part of any non-profit organization, chilling out with friends, etc.

The following article will discuss various activities that Enneagram 6s can engage in during leisure hours to achieve ultimate satisfaction.

12 Hobbies of Enneagram 6

The hobbies of enneagram 6 refer to all those interests and activities that let them feel safe, secure, and at ease in their life. They focus on being systematic and maintaining discipline while carrying out their responsibilities.

Enneagram 6s are those individuals who happen to be the most loyal among all other Enneagram types. They show their loyalty toward their beliefs and friends. It is difficult for any individual to influence these people into doing something they do not like. Similarly, all those friends who share a good rapport with them, people with this enneagram six personalities would go to any extent to hold on to these relationships.

Sixes remain loyal even toward the belief that one must always question all kinds of authorities or ideas. Even then, not all these individuals follow this trend. Some of their trust might be extremely rebellious and revolutionary. Still, most enneagram six personality type individuals would strongly follow their traditions. They will protect others more than they protect themselves.

The nature of an Enneagram 6 gains more clarity with the kinds of hobbies they engage themselves in during their leisure hours.

Let us now explore all kinds of hobbies that these people like engaging themselves into doing when they are free –

1. Reading

Reading is an ideal hobby for an Enneagram 6. It helps in the development of one’s personality. The love of books and magazines is at a different level altogether. One can engage in the reading activity at any stage of their life. It is inexpensive and has got a low barrier to entry.

Whoever adopts this as their hobby can experience numerous benefits. It helps to expand one’s horizon. Thus, it will help a person to enjoy something different in their life. There are a whole lot of subjects available. Interested people can read those, learn something new and enrich their knowledge further.

It also helps people stretch their minds and grasp new concepts. A person can even let their mind work well for interpreting images. When one reads any book or a magazine, it improves the functioning of the brain. The brain becomes much more active.

2. Writing

Enneagram 6 personality types can even adopt the hobby of writing articles now and then during their leisure time. It is something that does not put an individual under stress. They can stay away from tension and feel relaxed. Writing enables individuals to nurture their thoughts and ideas. The most significant thing is to find out what works for an individual and follow it.

Over time, the individual would develop their unique approach and writing style. When that happens, he will realize that it involves a lot more fun and help them relax. Once you develop expertise in writing different kinds of articles, it will immensely help you to grow your vocabulary. It happens due to the extensive research you carry out across various sources. You would get accustomed to new words and different ways of implementing them.

Another advantage of this hobby is that it can easily promote creative thinking. Writing forces an individual to slow down and reconsider her thoughts. It can make them reflect more on their personality and thoughtfulness. There is no better way to explore one’s creativity than getting engaged in writing down thoughts and ideas on paper.

3. Volunteering

Volunteering is one way to express gratitude by helping people or putting effort into a noble cause without expecting to get anything in return. Sixes can make this their hobby for rediscovering themselves. Nowadays, people engage themselves in doing different kinds of volunteer work. Each of those carries a purpose, which can be fulfilling.

For instance, one can form a group to keep their nearby area clean by collecting trash and putting them inside the waste box. Someone can even take the initiative of offering food to poor people in this society. Each purpose makes a massive impact. They keep serving the purpose without thinking about their benefit.

When a person becomes a volunteer, it can enable them to engage in community building. They can make new friends, and develop interpersonal skills. Undertaking the role of a guarantor will help grow their image and self-esteem, and find ways to achieve professional development.

4. List-Making

Even though it seems like an odd hobby for anyone to pursue in their free time, list-making is indeed one. Enneagram 6s very often involve themselves in this activity during leisure hours. List-making is all about organizing all those activities an individual needs to carry out during a day into lists. It allows this Enneagram 6 personality type individual to gather all their thoughts in the proper order.

Doing so will prepare these people for facing challenges whenever they decide to carry out their responsibilities. There is an encouraging thing for everyone to consider. It applies to all those who wish to make this activity a part of their list of hobbies. People can derive inspiration from the fact that most of the renowned personalities have followed this method to excel in life. Hence, Enneagram 6s can bring a lot more discipline into their system. Therefore, they can attain significant overall growth.

5. Coaching

An Enneagram 6 does not leave any scope for guiding others in their path by taking up the role of a coach. It comes from their helpful nature. This also stems from their inclination toward helping others in whatever way possible. They derive great pleasure in sharing inputs. Sixes can give people a clear idea as to how one must be systematic in carrying out their day-to-day responsibilities.

All those who have grown older, such individuals will treat this hobby as their calling. It is their way of giving something back to society. They do this by making youngsters realize the importance of discipline and how conscious effort consistently can help them achieve their goals.

6. Drawing

Drawing is another feasible option for Enneagram 6s to consider as a hobby. It allows them to stay calm and use their creative mindset in the best possible manner. These individuals can gain several psychological benefits by indulging themselves in art therapy. The therapy suggests that when someone expresses their thoughts in a creative way, it significantly boosts the healing process.

There are times when an Enneagram 6 person lives under the illusion of constant danger. Under those situations, the activity of drawing can come to their rescue. It can be a refreshing change for these individuals. They can easily divert their mind toward thinking about beautiful and creative stuff, which Sixes manage to depict through images.

7. Playing a Musical Instrument

Music always acts as therapy. It applies to all those who suffer from stress and tension out of different roles and responsibilities in life. It has a soothing effect on one’s senses and helps calm down their nerves. Therefore, when someone plays a musical instrument, it can have a similar positive impact and result in their overall well-being. Whether a person plays a guitar, piano, or another musical instrument, they ensure good mental health. Music can release Dopamine, a hormone of happiness. Hence, it becomes an instant mood lifter.

Moreover, an individual can do brain exercises. It happens if they use both hands while playing a musical instrument. These exercises will enable them to put both hemispheres of their brain into action. The right hemisphere helps to process images and symbols. On the other hand, the left hemisphere plays a significant role in allowing a person to read, write and speak.

Another advantage of this hobby is that it improves social life. Music has the power to attract numerous followers toward it. Therefore, when an Enneagram 6 plays a musical instrument, it will help them connect with several music enthusiasts. They will share their interests in the same genre and hence let them enjoy an active social life.

8. Listening to Music

Enneagram 6s not only love playing musical instruments. They even enjoy listening to soulful music. It can help these people attain numerous health benefits. Apart from lowering stress and anxiety, it also brings remarkable improvements in mental functions. They include bringing improvement to memory and reasoning ability.

When someone listens to their favorite songs in their leisure hours regularly, it can play a massive role in keeping their heart healthy. On top of this, it can even increase their tolerance level against pain and reduce depression. Slowly but surely, the person would become cheerful. Listening to different genres of music can significantly improve a person’s confidence. It is because the person would easily manage to carry out music-related interactions with other music lovers.

9. Creating an Artwork as Per Their Choice

An individual with Enneagram 6 personality type can take up art as a hobby. The best thing about art is that it does not involve right or wrong. One needs to have the impulse to create something new and appealing. A person must know ways to explore this hobby.

If a person engages in some artistic pursuits, it can turn out to be a great stress-buster. It enables them to forget about problems that cause tension in their life. They can focus all their energy on developing something beautiful. The hobby can improve concentration levels. It can even make people develop good hand-eye coordination, and let them have an eye for detail.

10. Spending Time with Friends

Whenever an Enneagram 6 individual has spare time, they will chill out with their close friends. It would allow these people to look back at some of the fond memories they have made over some time. They will discuss their personal lives. The topic will make them exchange their views on how the burden of life’s responsibilities has made meeting with old friends a rarity.

Sixes would ensure that they hang out with their friends often enough to freshen up all their minds and spirits. These meetups will also allow them to share their thoughts regarding various issues in life. Raising them will help one another find possible solutions to their problems. They can do so both during personal meetups and while interacting with them on any social media channel.

11. They Love Solving Puzzles

Enneagram 6 personality type people can deal with troubleshooting. They know how to find ways out of various problems in their personal and professional lives. These individuals always remain alert. They have the capability of foreseeing situations and planning things ahead of time. Thus, they prevent themselves from getting caught off-guard in precarious conditions while tackling life’s challenges.

This tendency of theirs reflects in one of their hobbies as well. Enneagram 6s will love investing their time and energy into solving crossword puzzles while spending leisure hours. Their natural fascination with simplifying matters attracts them to solve different kinds of puzzles now and then during their leisure time.

12. Making Plans for Events

A person belonging to the Enneagram 6 personality type always loves getting opportunities that let them make extensive plans for upcoming events. It applies to them across their personal and professional lives.

They are the go-to person for any senior member of the family or a manager in the office to make sure that planning takes place with precision. These individuals will always prepare for contingencies they might face in the process. Therefore, you can expect to be a part of any gathering or event without facing any disturbance.

Final Words

In this article, we have talked about several hobbies of enneagram six that ideally fit in with their personality traits of being organized, helping others, enjoying the company of their close friends, working precisely, and focusing on every detail while doing any work.

Hence, they enjoy investing time into those things that let them lead their life in order. These people leave no stone unturned to prepare for unforeseen circumstances. They make fruitful plans to ensure concrete action through the uninterrupted flow of activities.