People with personality traits of enneagram 6 are loyal, trustworthy, reliable, and hardworking. They can sense all those problems that might take place in the future and troubleshoot them. Thus, enneagram 6s are great problem solvers. They bring everyone together to foster cooperation. Nothing matters more to these people than their beliefs and friends. Sixes can go to any extent to keep their relations intact.

These people belonging to the healthy type always show their loyalty toward others. It is so because they do not want to be without anyone’s support, which is their core fear. They stem from their lack of confidence in themselves.

They tend to entertain negative thoughts in their mind regularly. It results in them feeling anxious and fills their life with unknown fear. Hence, they do not like making important decisions in life. Moreover, neither they wish to take responsibility nor prefer anyone controlling them.

Personality Traits of Enneagram 6

Enneagram 6 personality types are known as Loyalists. They present themselves in two different ways, Phobic and Counter-Phobic. They get this name because of being the most faithful, reliable, and loyal among all other types. People can easily depend on Sixes and experience their kindness, grace, and sense of humor. These are angels who guard their loved ones against all kinds of harm. They even carefully showcase their skeptical nature while judging this world. They remain prepared and keep thinking ahead.

Sixes care about the welfare of people and can see things to which other individuals do not pay any attention. Their level of competency and capability are at their highest. They invest a lot of time in upgrading their skills. Hence, it allows them to face challenges and cross hurdles with ease. They put their hard work and invest sufficient time into carrying out their responsibilities in the best possible manner.

Even though Enneagram 6s worry a lot about possible disasters occurring in their life, these individuals possess a lot of courage and competency while dealing with a crisis. On the contrary, Sixes find it tough to trust people when they initially meet them in their life. They cannot get them out of their head and keep thinking about what might go wrong.

Do you feel that you possess Enneagram 6 personality type? You can take one of the most popular online personality tests, the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator, and know your enneagram type. If the enneagram test reveals that you are a Type 6, then you would have the following personality traits –

1. An Enneagram Six Lives in Fear

If you are an individual with Enneagram 6 personality type, you will be fearful and always feel left alone to suffer in this massive world. The fear emerges out of their insecurities. You lack the requisite confidence to confront adversities in life. Doubts are playing on your mind regarding the abilities you possess.

You might cross-check if you have locked the door while leaving the house. These individuals double-check whether they have switched off the television and have not left behind their mobile phone or wallet.

2. Sixes Never Trust Anyone Easily

Enneagram Sixes have the eternal habit of doubting whether everything will turn out as per the plan. They always remain apprehensive and suspicious of proceedings in their life. Due to this reason, these individuals feel as if something adverse will soon happen. Hence, they prepare themselves to tackle that impending danger.

Therefore, Sixes never intend to trust others easily. They would rather understand their personality and build a cohesive unit. Only then an Enneagram Six will trust them to share their thoughts and feelings.

3. They Have Selective Trustworthy Friends

People with Enneagram 6 personalities have a close group of friends. They are the ones who have sustained themselves through testing times of life. Those individuals are loyal. Sixes can rely on them during their times of need.

These Enneagrams face problems in trusting people who are new inclusions in the friends’ circle. Sixes are not comfortable mingling with others across social circles. They remain loyal friends to those who are close to them. Others might reach out to Sixes for assistance, as they know these enneagrams have the requisite expertise to offer the best support.

4. Shows Loyalty and Faithfulness

One of the most popular personality traits of enneagram 6 is their loyalty. An Enneagram 6 personality type individual is fiercely loyal toward others. One can trust them to stay beside you during tough times. Friends matter a lot to these people. Thus, they can go to any extent to hold on to their friendships and become an example of a good friend to someone else. The same applies to their other intimate relationships.

Sixes are also ready to shift mountains for all those who matter a lot in their lives. These people might stay in touch even with those who have gone to another place just because they can find the proper connection. They are excellent when it comes to keeping the secrets of their friends. It is tough to find a person of a different personality type with this level of loyalty. Hence, Sixes must try to maintain the same

5. Sixes Make Their Decisions in a Thoughtful Manner

Enneagram 6s are excellent decision-makers. These people use their logic and rationality to make decisions. They keep an eye on the bigger picture to get an understanding of the individual or any circumstance at hand. It allows them to decide after taking due recognition of various factors which may influence the outcome. Hence, making a hasty decision is never an option for them. It will only increase their tension and insecurities.

Therefore, their priorities lie in safety and security in their life. Thus, if they feel that any of their decisions will negatively impact their life and the lives of others around them, they will quickly decide otherwise.

6. They Want Power and Simultaneously Hate the Same

An Enneagram 6 personality type individual often feels that they are standing on top of unstable ground. Life always feels uncertain to them and the possibility of the worst-case scenario taking place keeps filling up their minds on a regular basis. Due to this anxiety, they yearn for authority in their life. They even remain in search of someone to take charge, reassure them regarding what to do, and the right time to do it or let them understand the true meaning of life.

Simultaneously, Sixes become highly skeptical of someone who resorts to calling themselves a leader. The Enneagram 6 will start doubting that person as they seem far too assured of their potential and confidence to live up to the same. It is tough for this personality type individual to find trustworthy authority figures because as and when they find one, the Six will begin playing devil’s advocate to them. Thus, ideally, Sixes must learn to trust their gut feeling by ignoring skepticism and finding the truth.

7. Sixes Are Restless

Restlessness also happens to be one of the crucial personality traits of enneagram 6. People with Enneagram personality type 6s always feel they will attain security in life when their problems get resolved and everything is set. Once all those anxieties that keep playing inside their mind are taken care of and they fulfill their tasks, then only they can find time for relaxation. Unfortunately, when they do manage to overcome one problem, several other issues come over in its place.

It results in never-ending work for attaining peace and happiness in life. In the process of doing so, Sixes become even more vigilant and implement great caution while making decisions. The tendency to over-analyze situations propels their anxieties further, which results in giving them mixed signals regarding how they must tackle life.

8. Keep Surroundings Under Their Control

Sixes always want to feel secure in their life. They look for the same for their friends and loved ones. It allows them to remain prepared for facing adversities in life. These enneagrams feel the need to plan things in advance and not execute their plans abruptly. Doing anything in haste will make them feel uncomfortable.

Enneagram Six personality type individuals will feel they are losing grip over situations. If you wish to dine out at your favorite restaurant, you would prefer to book a table in advance so that there is no chance of things not happening as you have planned. They always refrain from taking unnecessary chances.

9. Sixes Express Feelings and Sentiments

Sixes might always consider themselves logical while dealing with the challenges in life. Still, they can also become quite emotional and express their feelings and sentiments. The basis of their emotional expression is fear.

They keep thinking negative thoughts inside their mind and contemplate what might happen if they come true sometime in the future. Hence, sharing these thoughts with people close to them lets Enneagram Sixes find great comfort from their suffering. They even like holding on to their memories, irrespective of whether they are good or bad. It indicates that Enneagram Six finds it tough to let things go by just like that. These people might place a sentimental value on their place of stay and neighborhood. Hence, all these things make them feel emotional.

Sixes will keep contact numbers of their friends and colleagues even when years have gone by. They might preserve their gift, which their parents had gifted them on their 20th birthday. Thus, these individuals love to cherish simple pleasures that life presents from time to time and connect with them emotionally.

10. Hope for the Best but Prepare for the Worst

All those with Enneagram Six personalities always show up in front of others as if they are fully prepared but prepare themselves to handle stuff if things go wrong. This individual will inform someone where they are going before leaving the house, only to stay safe in case their worst-case scenarios come to light. They will have a complete stack of toilet paper ready if anyone fails to refill the roll.

Therefore, when you are with an individual having an enneagram Six personality type, expect that they will always have a plan B in place. Hence, it will reduce the chances of complete failure of plans, as they would somehow manage to make them happen.

11. Hates Spontaneity in Life

An Enneagram 6 will always love to make plans for carrying out their responsibilities in the desired manner. It comes through from their organized nature and wanting to do things systematically. Therefore, even if they must do something just for fun, Sixes will not take spontaneous actions. They want to follow due process, undertake their tasks and finish them within a set timeframe.

When they make plans with their friends, they may call or text them every 5 minutes if they get late to reach the meeting spot. If for some reason, Sixes get delayed for any appointment, an Enneagram 6 makes sure to apologize several times for the same. If anyone tells them to attend a party without giving any prior intimation, Sixes will not hesitate to cancel the same just because they have not had any preparation.

12. Sixes Look for Perfection

Last but not the least, perfectionism ranks on the higher side, when it comes to the personality traits of enneagram 6. Enneagram Sixes seek perfection in whatever they do. They tend to set high standards and expect the same from others. These people connect well with those individuals who can live up to their level of expectations. Their need to achieve perfection makes them plan. Hence, they leave no scope for things to go haywire.

Moreover, these individuals suffer from constant fear and apprehension regarding how things might transpire. Due to this reason, an enneagram six always requires undertaking a proper procedure and having backup plans in place. They do so to seek security in life. Hence, Sixes try to eliminate risk elements as much as possible and lead a peaceful life.

Final Words

Enneagram 6, or The Loyalist, focuses on being safe and secure. They can predict problems that might arise in the future and take precautionary measures to ensure smooth progress. These individuals intend to build a cohesive unit and work as a team.

Sixes look for attaining perfection in life. They are skeptical. Hence, these enneagrams always feel like something untoward will happen in their lives. Moreover, people with this enneagram type hate doing things without preparation or a set plan. It makes them feel as if they are losing grip over their proceedings. An Enneagram 6 will always try to avoid risks at all costs.