People who carry personality traits of enneagram 7 are extroverted, versatile, optimistic, and act spontaneously. They are always playful, remain high in spirits, and take a practical approach to deal with life’s challenges. These individuals regularly look for engaging themselves in exciting experiences. The problem is that they find it tough to sustain their energy level and often get distracted.

Those belonging to the healthy type can develop a link between their level of expertise and areas of interest. They can invest their time and energy into those activities that enable them to experience life and enjoy large-scale benefits. Every experience gives enneagram seven an opportunity to learn valuable lessons.

There are occasions when sevens can become highly critical of things that seem illogical to them. They express irritation over petty issues, which often convert things into a nuisance, leading to a lack of clarity regarding what they want from life.

Personality Traits of Enneagram 7

Enneagram 7 personality type is an Enthusiast. They show their enthusiasm toward anything that captures their attention. Sevens look into different aspects of life with optimism, curiosity, and a good sense of adventure. These people keep anticipating all the good things they are set to experience in their life. All those who get in touch with individuals of this type of personality show a great amount of determination for pursuing whatever they want from life. The personality traits of enneagram 7 play great role in influencing others and their actions.

Sevens are excellent storytellers with tremendous passion for different kinds of hobbies. They always prefer to adopt a mentality that makes them look at the positive side of life. These individuals are bright as well as expressive and consider this world as a playing arena, where they can bring out the child inside them. People with enneagram seven personality types focus on deriving pleasure and fun to distract themselves from painful facets of life. 

Some people like to face their fears head-on. The same does not apply to enneagram’s seven personality types. They always try to suppress and disregard their fears while savoring positive experiences. These people might seem fearless, but Sevens truly grow in their lives when they learn ways to embrace their fears and focus on experiencing all those positives that are on offer.

Type 7s possess two wings. They include, wing 7w8 and wing 7w6 help add extra dimensions to their core personality type. People with 7w8 wing mainly carry characteristics of personality type 8, while there are subtle traits of type 7. On the other hand, all those having a 7w6 wing primarily possess characteristics of enneagram type 6 and a few features of enneagram 7.

Are you someone with Enneagram 7 personality type? If you are still not sure, take the most popular online personality test, the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator for knowing the type. When the enneagram test reveals that you are type seven, then you would surely have the following personality traits –

1. You Will Be Always on the Move

Enneagram 7 personality type people stimulate their thinking to do some activity or the other on all occasions. Hence, they always remain compelled to be on the move experiencing something or the other in the search of further stimulation.

It does not mean that sevens will adopt drastic steps to fulfilling their desires. They will still adopt a practical approach toward carrying out their responsibilities and fulfilling them in the best possible manner. Therefore, whatever they do, everything makes sense at the end of the day.

2. Sevens Do Proper Planning and Look Organized

Another significant aspect out of the personality traits of enneagram 7 is their ability to plan and organize stuff. People with enneagram seven personality types are easygoing and spontaneous. They will always have a plan for everything in their life, but the plan will keep changing from one stage to another. This problem arises because of their restless nature.

In the first instance, people might think that enneagram seven is all set for handling upcoming projects. Unfortunately, when the time comes for doing them, they might shift their focus to doing something else. It is proof that sevens are fickle-minded and cannot concentrate on one thing at a time. They are never sure of what they truly want from life. These people are future-oriented.

Hence, they always show more interest in making a happy future than enjoying whatever is happening now. Their focus lies on the big picture and not much on the current process.

3. Wide Array of Interests

One knows an enneagram seven for their eternal optimism, fun-loving and charismatic nature. They always remain upbeat and adopt an inventive attitude toward things. There is a great level of eagerness to explore various possibilities. It is because they hate getting stuck in one place and not having the prospect of growth in their life.

Hence, they manage to develop a wide range of interests, which let them broaden their knowledge and hence increase social networking. Those interests play a big role in making their lives better and more interesting. They will stay glued to those activities and frequently shift their focus now and then.

4. Fear of Missing Out Stays Within Them Forever

Enneagram seven personality type people prefer staying tuned to several events and happenings taking place around them. Sevens will hate seeing their friends do something exciting without them not being a part of it.

These people are fearful of missing out on fun-filled moments, having good food along with loads of fun and enjoyment across different phases of life. There is always a chance for them to have numerous exciting things, which fill up their bucket list but they are not able to experience them.

5. Dislike Toward Limited Resources

As an enneagram seven, they do not prefer having limited resources for themselves. These individuals always prefer having a variety of opportunities where they can have numerous options to choose from. Hence, they tend to feel depressed if resources are scarce in some way.

Sevens enjoy natural happiness when they notice a lot of possibilities to explore and work with them. They can experience a different level of comfort and convenience from being able to do so.

6. Enneagram Sevens Enjoy Variety

Enneagram 7 personality type people often tend to feel bored now and then. They might feel like getting stuck in their personal and professional lives if there is a lack of opportunities and creative activities to engage themselves in. These individuals require variety in life. It is one of the most fundamental personality traits of enneagram 7. Boredom turns out to be a reason for their agony, and hence wish to avoid it at all costs.

Anything that seems fresh and exciting will always catch the attention of enneagram sevens quite early. Whether it is traveling, socializing, dining, or enjoying music, these individuals will love exploring all the new things that are around the corner. This list will keep growing till they attain the satisfaction that they have tried out almost every possible thing on the plate.

7. They Try and Avoid Conflict

The lives of Enneagram type 7s thrive in happiness. They will do everything possible to avoid getting into disagreements and conflicts. These individuals will always prefer to live in happiness and offer hope for all those who stay with them in the same space. When things become adverse, they might walk out of that environment as it makes them feel restless. Sevens cannot accept conflicts at all as it impacts their positive frame of mind.

As an enneagram seven, they always try their level best to avoid negative situations and individuals. It is because they realize that confronting and resolving conflicting scenarios is not their cup of tea. Hence, it is always desirable to avoid pain from hampering their life in any manner.

8. Hate Getting Trapped Under Any Situation

The thought of getting trapped in a negative situation like an unpleasant relationship or unhealthy workplace might easily make enneagram 7s suffer from anxiety. It can have an overwhelming effect on their personality. They will suffer from uneasiness and start behaving unnaturally. These people will crave freedom and do things their way.

Under that scenario, an individual with this personality type can refrain from making commitments. Hence, they will try not to undertake responsibilities. Sevens may like to take themselves away from any kind of limelight and lead their lives in isolation. It will help them gather their thoughts, gain clarity over what they truly want from life and direct their actions toward achieving those goals.

9. Infuse Life into the Party

Enneagram 7 personality type people are extroverts. They always lead an active social life. Hence, their energy level is always at its peak. Therefore, if an enneagram 7 is present at any gathering, he or she will be the most sought-after person over there. People would naturally get attracted to them for their vibrancy and optimism.

These individuals prefer talking and mingling with just about everyone. It becomes easier for them to make friends and strengthen their relationships.  You are always ready for fun and frolic. Hence, people who are a part of their life, never suffer from boredom.

10. Indulge Themselves in Several Hobbies

People with enneagram 7 personality types have many hobbies to spend their leisure hours well. They love to keep their options open by having different kinds of recreational activities at their disposal. These individuals never wish to do anything repeatedly. It leads to boredom.

This extroverted personality type possesses certain qualities of extroverts, which make them engage in hiking, mountaineering, and various other adventure sports. They also do well in creative tasks like painting, origami, etc. Thus, they give themselves ample opportunities for nurturing their creative minds and exploring several facets of life.

11. They Are Versatile and Spontaneous

Enneagram sevens are versatile in their approach with the ability to tackle several things at a time. They stay relaxed and tend to act spontaneously. These individuals will always stay on the lookout for those things that make them feel happy and cheerful. Sevens have the curiosity to know why and how things happen in their life.

On the one hand, his approach can lead them to gain a lot of information and enhance their knowledge. While on the other hand, they can make decisions in haste. They can lead them to face negative repercussions in their life. Therefore, ideally, these people must take time to analyze various situations, foresee the types of results they might face in the future, and then make logical decisions.

12. Sevens Tend to Suffer from Lethargy

All those with enneagram seven personality types may easily suffer from burnout, under those circumstances, having high-level stress and anxiety. Their active mind and restless approach always make them look for new experiences while suppressing negative emotions. It suggests that these people are not expressive and lack the authenticity to feel their exact emotions.

They might distract themselves from their source of stress by hurting all those who are close to them. When they try to think and feel about their adverse circumstances, sevens will undergo phases of extreme emotions and irritation. These people suffer from burnout whenever they need to undergo the process of emotional cleansing. It can help them vent their frustration over negative feelings and feel at ease with themselves.

Final Words

Enneagram Type 7, The Enthusiast is someone who loves to be on the move, trying out different things time and again during life. They are somewhat whimsical. These people do not have a clear idea regarding what they want from life. Their interests and talents reach far and wide, with active imaginations while tend to soar higher with opportunities that create interest within them.

Due to their ability to remain upbeat and focus on being optimistic in life, they help Enneagram 7 convert their negative feelings into positive emotions. They even try to downplay adverse experiences and watch out for silver linings.