DiSC I personality type individuals are enthusiastic, optimistic, and can engage with people. They can influence others and make them work as per their need. It would be interesting to check what it is like working with a DiSC i personality type person. 

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Working with DiSC I Personality

Every individual in this world carries some specific characteristics in their personality that make them suitable for specific job profiles. 

The same is applicable to DiSC i personality types as well. The influential nature of these disc profiles makes them fit for those jobs where they can lead others and fulfill their professional responsibilities. 

Moreover, they would command some typical behavior styles from their teammates or colleagues. 

They will make sure that all plans are implemented to perfection. Abiding by those will help create a healthy work environment, but before those, you must undertake thorough disc assessments for understanding the personality of a DiSC I style individual. 

Influencers or motivators usually thrive in those environments which allow them to use their communication skills to express a vision. These individuals love to provoke others into carrying out appropriate actions. 

They will always love to help all those people who are rigid in their approach or more focused on facts and think outside the box for finding the best solutions for problems. 

While working with other individuals of style I personality types under the disc model, they must understand the importance of holding themselves accountable by cutting down on the time allotted for socializing. The whole focus must be on acting spontaneously to solve problems. 

DiSC I personalities usually work very well for those who are good at building personal connections in no time. The sooner they gel with others, the better it will be for the growth of an organization. They would also prefer their colleagues to come up with exciting and creative ideas, apart from taking their time out for participating in group activities.

These people would hate to miss out on meeting the deadline of an important project. Their professional relationships would face hurdles if they cannot invest time to think through a decision. They might even face hurdles if they have to use humor for deflecting attention from the seriousness of any situation.

Rather, DiSC I professionals feel energized when they get to pursue a new opportunity for the team. They also feel good working for a boss, who has an open mind and accepts their ideas for implementing on any project. It gives them great joy when their teammates take time out to know them. These individuals will also prefer having direct reports, who are creative and inspire others to grow. 

DiSC Style I can work across different job roles in an organization. Let us now learn about the DiSC I personality type’s style while working as colleagues, subordinates, and managers.

DiSC Style ‘I’ as a colleague

As a colleague, a DiSC I professional enjoys having flexibility in their work process. They would love to adopt new ways of looking at problems and finding appropriate solutions for them. You would always try to infuse positivity and optimism among your teammates. These two aspects give them the confidence to face and overcome challenges with ease.

Moreover, a DiSC I personality type employee would prefer having those people by their side as colleagues, who will provide innovative ideas that not only create excitement but also force them to implement those while carrying out their responsibilities. 

When you have a colleague with a DiSC I personality, you would find that they will always love participating in group activities outside of work. They do so to strengthen their bond with existing employees and widen the network further through making new connections. 

While playing the role of colleagues, the DiSC I personality type would hate spending time in isolation. Hence, it is important for all those who are working with them to make sure that they work as a unit and not leave them alone.

DiSC Style ‘I’ as a subordinate

When someone with a DiSC I personality type works as a subordinate, they will always remain on the lookout for working on any new opportunity. Thus, it is evident that they hate doing monotonous activities and aim for innovation. These professionals want their boss to accept their ideas, and implement them to gain favorable results for the organization.

DiSC I personality type subordinates aim for having flexibility in the work environments and also in their schedules. They hate to abide by set rules and regulations, where there is no scope for them to show their creativity. Hence, they will prosper in those organizations which allow them to have all of these. 

Their innate nature is such that they will always naturally fit into the role of a leader. They can easily make others follow their instructions and fulfill their responsibilities. Hence, these people struggle to follow the same of their superiors as per expectations, especially if they are not ready to accept their input. 

Moreover, they will not like it if their reporting manager asks them to schedule their tasks formally. Then their spontaneity will be greatly hampered. Hence, it will adversely impact their level of productivity. They will always prefer to work with those seniors who will encourage them to express their vision and influence their team members.

DiSC Style ‘I’ as a manager

As managers, DiSC Style I individuals communicate spontaneously. They have confidence in themselves and do not believe in making meticulous plans and carrying out their daily activities methodically. These professionals use their influential skills to make their subordinates work as per organizational needs. 

When things do not go as per expectations and employees start feeling demotivated, DiSC I managers know how to inspire them and lift their spirits. They make them look forward to a bright future with optimism. These professionals use their intuition and remain open to receiving creative ideas from their subordinates.

They use their intuition to predict the possible outcome of a project and hence, prepare themselves accordingly for handling the situation confidently. DiSC I-type managers can easily deal with change and positively respond to unexpected happenings, hence resolving conflict. Gradually, it will help reduce conflict and enhance productivity within an organization. 

Due to their great level of enthusiasm, these leaders remain energetic under all circumstances. It rubs off on their subordinates as well. They move forward to accomplish their goals by keeping a good sense of humor. 

These managers encourage others to think out of the box and offer solutions to problems. Whenever a need arises, they do not hesitate to conduct brainstorming sessions for their subordinates. Thus, they allow them to get clarity regarding the organizational goals. 

Workplace Communication of an ‘I’ Style Person

DiSC I-style personalities are highly energetic professionals who bring tremendous optimism and enthusiasm to their work and relationships. They inspire others and use their natural ability to encourage good team spirit. Hence, they help create excitement among others about their ideas and goals. These people always approach every situation with a positive mindset. They remain upbeat even when the going gets tough. 

DiSC I professionals love expressing their emotions and opinions. They remain open to accepting ideas coming from others. These individuals always give great value to collaboration. Hence, they enjoy working on those projects where they can closely associate with others. 

People with DiSC I personalities are outgoing and friendly. They receive motivation from getting any chance to meet strangers. It will help connect them with their teammates who they might not have met otherwise, hence inspiring everyone to do their best. 

I-style employees love the excitement and enjoy being in a fast-paced work environment. They receive energy from using innovative methods. It also gives them great pleasure in working toward achieving creative solutions. 

Despite having these benefits, like every other professional of different personality profiles, I style people also have some blind spots. 

They might be reluctant to give negative feedback. People, at times, might perceive this DiSC personality type’s outgoing and friendly nature as interference with their personal space. 

They must understand that their I-style co-workers are always open to connecting with new individuals and embracing their ideas. 

Therefore, people working with these DiSC personalities must take note of some important aspects for ensuring clear communication. They must talk in terms of people. Moreover, they should look to use plenty of examples to prove their point and offer the assurance of safety to get honest feedback. 

It is also necessary to consider three essential elements that help shape the workplace experience of your DiSC Style I colleague, which include enthusiasm, action, and collaboration. 

Do’s and Don’ts with an ‘I’ Style Person in Workplaces

When you work with DiSC I style people in workplaces, you can face several challenges. You may not come to terms with their influential and outgoing nature, hence might soon have ego clashes. Thus, understanding the dos and don’ts can make dealing with these professionals easier. 

They can even ensure your mental peace and professional success.


  • Try to keep your meetings as informal as possible
  • Make sure not to follow any set structure for those meetings
  • A DiSC I-style working individual does not like having fixed agendas. Hence, one must make the formal set-up light by showing colorful presentations.
  • You will manage to captivate their attention. It will help them easily retain crucial information.
  • DiSC I-style personality type enjoys personal communication. So, you must always make sure to call them or have a face-to-face meeting.
  • While communicating with them over email, attempt to develop a personal touch. Ensure that the mail is not more than one or two paragraphs. Make sure to include emojis to make it look like a casual conversation.
  • Try to remain true to your words.
  • It is also necessary for you to give them sufficient space so that they can express their ideas and opinions.
  • Offer assistance in developing different ways of executing their plans.
  • Provide necessary details in written form and hence, inspire them to follow up on their responsibilities.


  • When you interact with a DiSC I personality type, avoid talking incessantly. Furthermore, try not to tell them how to undertake their responsibilities.
  • Despite having their inclination toward working in groups, try not to force them into doing so repeatedly. It is because a DiSC i professional possesses a creative mind and has the potential to make things work out on their own. 
  • Rejection is the biggest fear of a DiSC I-style personality. Hence, even if you do not like their idea, try not to show your displeasure but offer ideas to prove how implementing them can help them yield better results.
  • An individual working with a DiSC I person must not let them focus on the nitty-gritty of any project. Rather, they must show them what lies ahead by harping on the bigger picture. 

Summing Up from ‘ThePleasantPersonality’

We have discussed how the DiSC i style carries out its responsibilities while working in different capacities. They always focus on collaborating with others, showcasing confidence and optimism toward overcoming challenges while pursuing their goals. 

They will always try to positively influence their work environment by encouraging others to share new ideas and implementing those for making desired changes.